It all began tonight.

I don't like them.

You don't have to. You have to work with them.

I'm not going to enjoy working with them.

You're hopeless.

Titania and Oberon spent their last moments as stray Navis folded deep within themselves, conversing in silent speech that flowed between the invisible minds contained within one body. It was Titania that they took the shape of at this moment, so in a way, it was Titania who had the honor of meeting their new Operators first, although Oberon was present and aware. To become human-operated Navis again would be a great change, to be sure, but was there so much of a difference?

It might have been the first time in the history of the Net that a PET was used to establish a link to a stray, "Rogue" Navi who was already standing in place. The link was invisible, but Titania stiffened and made a small noise of surprise as she felt her data suddenly being bound to an external machine: Their new home, a PET shared by two siblings.

A video link appeared in the air, and Titania stared appraisingly at her new human masters, her blank-eyed stare piercing the barrier between the real and Net world. They were young, but not so young by NetBattler standards. Both of them were wearing headphones, so that they could hear her better, but only the girl had a matching microphone attached to her set. Titania's bleached face moved only slightly as she said her first words to them as a Navi under their command:

"Why did you ask us to meet you here instead of at your own home's network?"

[ "I wanted to go for a test run. I have a strong chip folder for you, so don't worry. Now go north until you find something to fight." ]

I told you I didn't like them, said a voice somewhere within Titania's data.

[[Battle 1 start!]]
The dual navi came across a somewhat civilized beach in the network. With the sands under Titania's feet along with the calm sea waves coming up and down, everything felt peaceful...Until things got out of hands, like always. Viruses emerged from the waters and onto the sands, looking straight at the navi. It was the Larks and they were extremely violent for some odd reason...Was it that Titania passed their territory?

LarkA: 100
LarkB: 100
LarkC: 100
LarkD: 100

Terrain: 50% Sand, 50% Aqua

Titania / Oberon: 210 HP

[[ Titania, viruses to the- ]]

"I see them!" Titania shot back as her bow materialized in her hands. She nocked an arrow but did not draw-- she had nothing to fire. "Give me some BattleChips!" She demanded. Rachel's shock at taking orders from her Navi was practically audible.

[[ Uh ... Shotgun slot-in! ]]

Titania's feet dug into the sand just slightly as she spread her feet into an archer's stance and eyed her targets one by one. The arrow nocked in her bow suddenly surged with Chip power, but she still did not appear ready to fire. "Elec chips if you can," she said calmly, seemingly ignoring the looming threat directly in front of her. Her eyes were locked firmly on the group of viruses, yet it seemed like Titania would refuse to move from where she stood unless the need was dire. "I can't do much damage with this chip," she stated matter-of-factly.

[[ What the hell are you waiting for? Shoot! ]]

It's like she can't even hear us. What a bi-- "Shut up." Titania cursed both voices in her head as she broke from her stationary stance and darted sideways, her pale boots spraying sand in her wake as she went from a dead stop to a full sprint. <Give that one an opening strike for me,> she said to Oberon, before pivoting on her heel and charging directly into the enemies, aiming for the two that were closest to each other. Before she collided with them, she leapt into the air and crossed her arms across her body, as if ready to use her bow and arrow as melee weapons. Instead of clobbering the Larks with her bow, however, she vanished into thin air. Her outline blurred suddenly, and then it was Oberon diving forward to attack the first enemy with a cross-slash of his blades.

Oberon was only in view for a half-second before he, too, vanished-- and was not replaced immediately by Titania. Titania was standing a short distance away, with bow fully drawn and Shotgun chip loaded, ready to unleash a deadly point-blank shot into the two grouped Larks.

[[ ZapRing slot-in! ]]

Titania didn't even spare Rachel a roll of her blank white eyes as she nocked, drew, and fired another arrow, this one crackling with electricity, before Rachel's words had even left her mouth.

1: Circle around (dodge)
2: Predator's Gaze [ 10 damage, Slow 40, Take Aim, Strengthen 20 ] LarkA
3: Unison Flow [ Teleport, Take Aim, Strengthen 20 ] to LarkB
4: Shotgun + Strengthen 40 [90 damage LarkB, Splash to LarkA ]
Afterburner action: Zapring [40 Elec] LarkC
Titania paced about, sizing up her enemies as she waited for weapons. As she was thus engaged, a Lark fires a burst of water at her, though she somehow managed to get around it despite the sand making movement tricky. Then, staring down the enemy, the navi pair warped to another part of the field, lining up their enemies for the next attack. Firing a pimped out Shotgun at a pair of Larks, severally wounding the pair. Then, using an extra burst of speed, TO also nail an enemy with a Zapring, stunning it. The rest of the larks take some time to try and process what just happened.

LarkA: 40
LarkB: 10
LarkC: 20
LarkD: 100

Terrain: 50% Sand, 50% Aqua

Titania / Oberon: 210 HP
[[All right, now get ready to--]]

"Skip it and insert chips, Rachel!" Titania barked back at her operator as she dismissed her bow in favor of a shimmering energy shield, levitating several inches in front of her body. "Now listen to me," she continued while her operator recovered. "We have offensive and defensive capabilities the likes of which you've never seen before, not on any NormalNavi--"

Her speech cut off briefly as she took a quick side-step, noting that a powerful BattleChip had been sent as expected.

[[Vulcan-2... Um...]]

"--And not even on a CustomNavi. It's curious that you never seem to have even encountered a Unique Navi--"

As Titania's features faded and were replaced by Oberon's, her voice trailed off as well. The shield, however, remained, while Oberon rooted his feet into a fighting stance, his twin fist-blades raised to match his sharp smirk.

"Just me to deal with now. You're welcome. And by the way, this chip sucks. Don't worry, don't worry! I'm happy to use it anyway."

Oberon's fists pumped and cut, and the pale edges of his weapons left streams of white in space as he used them to launch a salvo of small force bolts, extensions of his furious cuts, slicing air and data with equal ease. The chip expended now, he broke from his rooted position and circled.

"Come on! Give me something with a little more balls this time!

There was no response from Rachel.

1: Double Aegis [Shield x2]
2: Vulcan2 [10x5 LarkA, attempt to use spread to delete B and C]
3: Dodge
[Action 4 lost]
As Titania/Oberon set up a duel shield, the untouched Lark sends up a wide wave of water, crashing into, and destroying, one of the two shields that had been set up.

They then pull out a rank two Vulcan chip and shooting five times, hitting the targeted Lark thrice as it dodges out of the way of the other two shots, only for those to hit the weakest of the Larks, deleting it, as the splash from the fourth shot, and the fifth bullet, hit and delete the other Lark, ending it's pathetic existence as the targeted Lark counters with a wide shot attack, but Titania/Oberon dodge out of the way, keeping their second shield intact as they land in a small area of water.

LarkA: 10 (Sea)
LarkD: 100 (Sea)

Terrain: 50% Sand, 50% Sea (Aqua isn't a panel type goroke!)

Titania / Oberon: 210 HP (ShieldX1) (Sea)
"Screw it, I can't wait for ya." Oberon pivoted from his circling and leapt powerfully across the water, blades held high, ready to use the momentum from his jump for an overhead smash on his unfortunate target.

[[W-wait! I, um... Hold on!]]

"The hell? You're a guy now? Explains a lot-- ERAGH!" Oberon kept talking all the way across his flight path until he met the weakened enemy and brought both his weapons smashing down on the Lark from above, his body flickering between forms for a moment as Titania lent her strength to the hit. Oberon's attention, however, was much less upon the success or failure of this opening hit, and more on scoping out his next target. Titania was conscious, and could worry about things like precision: Oberon was ready to rebound off the surface of the water and whirl towards the other, undamaged enemy. He did so furiously, spinning into a fury of feints and rapid steps, sometimes splashing into the water and sometimes skipping across the sand, harrying the Lark relentlessly as he waited for his Operator to get it together.

"Pretty clear... yer not Rachel..."

Oberon leapt backwards onto the sand and paused for a moment to talk to his Operator before hurling himself back into the fray.

[[ I'm Guy. ]]

"I knew that already, but what's your *name?*

Oberon dove back at his opponent with a fresh set of techniques to confound it, snickering to himself the whole time.

1: Boundless Strike LarkA [10 damage, Microburst, Take Aim, Strengthen 20]
2: Dodge
3: Dodge
4: Dominance Gambit LarkD [4x Stun, Self Slow]
Oberon jumps over the water and attempts to finish off the weakened Lark but it manages to dart out of the way, evading the blow. The navi then moves about until finally, right before the unharmed virus attacks, when Oberon stuns it with a series of weird movements, though the navi himself is also slowed by the endeavor.

LarkA: 10 (Sea)
LarkD: 100 (Sea) (Stunx4)

Terrain: 50% Sand, 50% Sea

Titania / Oberon: 210 HP (ShieldX1) (Slow) (Sea)
[[No, I mean... my name... it's Guy. Why are you talking? You should be concentrating on fighting!]]

Oberon flew out of the water after his final feint and landed on the shore, spraying a fine mist of water in his wake. He let out one last retort as he started to fade: "Why are you talkin'? Shouldn't you be givin' me BattleChips?" At that, Oberon's shape reconfigured into the feminine form of Titania, already with bow drawn and aimed.

"... It is quite clear to me that Guy Tholmes is too inept to be of use to us. We will finish this ourselves, won't we, Oberon?"

"... Oh, yes." Oberon's voice faded over Titania's as his form re-appeared, superimposed upon Titania's, already with blades bared and poised to leap. They made their final assault together, a strange multi-headed figure, a mass of whirling blades and flickering arrow shafts, two Navis lashing out together with equal furor.

1. Arrow Shot (Strengthen 20) [22 damage LarkA]
2. Tandem Surge [Strengthen 120]
3. Kick (Strengthen 120) [121 damage LarkD]
4. Swim to shore
Titania fires an arrow at the nearly dead Lark, finishing it off. Both halves then combine their power and finish off the stunned Lark with a kick.


Terrain: 50% Sand, 50% Sea

Titania / Oberon: 210 HP (Sea)

Rewards: 550z
[[Okay, we made it. Now stay safe while- What are you doing? Rachel's gonna-]]

It was as if Oberon had turned off his voice link. He ran deeper into the net, weapons glinting in the balmy simulated weather.
[[ Forgot to say, battle 2 ]]
Oberon dashes up the beach and hits a grassy hill, the sand's behind him now, but it seems he can't progress any further.

Some lounging viruses perk up as they spot Oberon. Three Mushys bounce around the grassy field while two Killplants pop out of the ground, spitting seeds to the side. Apparently they just finished a watermelon eating contest or something.

Overseeing this group seems to be an Elemperor, standing brazenly on the only Lava Panel on the field. I guess he brought his own picnic blanket.

Anyway, these guys are up for a fight.

MushyA: 80 HP
MushyB: 80 HP
MushyB: 80 HP
KillPlantA: 100 HP
KillPlantB: 100 HP
Elemperor: 100 HP (Lava)

Terrain: 79% Grass (Everyone, unless otherwise stated), 20% Sand (Behind), 1% Lava

Titania / Oberon: 210 HP

[[I... um...]]

"Awaiting orders, sir." Oberon spat the last word with mocking emphasis, intentionally spending several precious seconds standing at attention, vulnerable to attack, wasting valuable time. "On your command, sir!"

[[What are you doing!? Don't you know what to--]]

"Gimme chips, stupid! Fire would be nice!"

[[I'm looking! I'm looking!]]

Guy's panic was plainly audible to Titania and Oberon as he frantically tried to decide which of the many BattleChips before him would be useful. Guy had seldom even seen so many BattleChips in the same place, much less had to decide which one to input at this exact moment. He spent several more seconds paralyzed by indecision even as Oberon broke into a strafing pattern like before, waiting for the perfect time to close in on the enemies and make his attack run.

"Time's up! Decide! NOW!"

Oberon found his angle and took it without hesitation. Titania's figure appeared superimposed with his for a split-second, watching his back, ready to help him to ward off any stray attacks as he sprinted across the battlefield, focused on his target.

[[HERE! Is this a strong chip? This is a strong chip, right?]]

"Beginners' luck! Get creative, amateur!"

Oberon's body was a blur and his words seemed to be spoken by the very air itself as he hit his top running speed and then smashed bodily into a virus. With the rebound from the blow, he pivoted and charged at the next, looking to impale it on the blade protruding from his outstretched fist. As he ran, the blade ignited with a shimmering glow of power, a glimmering flame that blended seamlessly into Oberon's hazily defined features.

[Buster Crash turn 1 ends]
1. Dodge
2. Double Aegis [Shield x2]
3. Boundless Strike KillPlantA towards lava [10 damage + Microburst + Take Aim for action 4 + Strengthen 20]
4. Sword +Strengthen 20 KillPlantB [100]