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Kyzer appeared in a flash of green and white light on the far side of theDenTech Net.

"Wow, this net looks amazing!"

The net was lit up like a class room and futuresitic tech lined the walk ways that criss crossed in a unitarian fashion leading off in all directions. The path to the north had a sign posted "message boards".

"Nice, I guess thats we are head right, Ittou?"

"It looks like it, and I told you to call me Zero, Kyzer."

"Sorry, its a force of habit. Well lets go see if we find something to do."

"Just be on guard, it is a new network, you never know whats going to happen or whats going to show up."

"You got it."

Kyzer went forward crossing bridges, going under underpasses, and climbing up and down stairs. Eventually Kyzer passed by a little dark alley. At the end of the alley was something shiny but Kyzer couldn't make out what it was.

" I think I found something, but i am not sure what it is. I gonna go pick it up." Kyzer started walking towards the object.

"No, wait, its probably a trap!"

But it was to late, a group of viruses appeared out of the shadows.
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Kyzer reached down towards the shiny object in front of him, noticing it had a rich yellow color... maybe Zenny? Unfortunately he guessed incorrectly as the object moved, and more of it was illuminated. Instead of a nice packet of cash, it was the yellow and green helmet of a previously sleeping Metool. The virus seemed to yawn as it awoke, stirring two others from their slumber in the small alleyway.

The Met's groggy expression very quickly changed to alarm at the sight of the Navi, and it quickly materialized its trusty pickaxe, as its allies did the same. All three glared at the Navi, hoping to get rid of the intruder and get back to resting.

Viruses Identified!

--Near the back wall of the alley--
MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal [Note: alley way 2 panels wide and 6 panels deep. The walls are too high to jump over, and too solid to break through.]

Kyzer.EXE: 150HP

-(Battle #1: Between a Met and a hard place! Ready, Fight!)-
"Oh no, Zero, it wasn't zenny. It was a Metool, and he brought some friends along."

"I told you so, but get ready for battle, Shotgun slot in."

Kyzer rolled back to get some space between him and the enemy in the little alley way. He aimed down the alley and shot straight into the group of viruses with his Shotgun Zero just slotted in, hopefully hitting them.

"Don't stop now Kyzer, hit them with your Buster Spear!"

Kyzer stood up and put his left arm on his buster, took aim again at the closest Metool, and shot off one of his signature attacks. His buster glowed with green light and crackled with energy as it fired off an energy spear down the narrow alley.

"Get ready, this might not be the end of the battle."


Kyzer bent his knees and prepared to dodge anything the Metools had left.

{Shotgun(50 Spread1)-Metool C
{Buster Spear(20 Null[1TCD])MetoolA
Rolling back after spotting the Metools, Kyzer got off a good shot with his Shotgun, deleting two of the Metools in one sweep. The other Metool raised its pickaxe in response to attack, and nearly got a spear in the face as a present, managing to dodge it at the last second. It then sent a shockwave running through the ground towards Kyzer, though that was also evaded easily.

--Near the back wall of the alley--
MetoolC: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal [Note: alley way 2 panels wide and 6 panels deep. The walls are too high to jump over, and too solid to break through.]

Kyzer.EXE: 150HP
"Alright Kyzer, there is only one Metool left take it out and lets get on our way."

"Ok, but I kind of feel sorry for it. All it was doing was sleeping till i woke it up. It wasn't like it was hurting anything or anybody."

"Even if it didn't start the fight, it is still a virus, and it needs to be deleted."

"I know, but still, it just doesn't feel right to just delete it for no other reason than it is a virus. I mean you humans use viruses to make vaccines, so why does this virus have to be deleted."

"Cause, it isn't going to stop attacking till you are deleted. You can't talk sense into a virus, just bust him so we can go get some work!"


"Cannon, slot in!"

Kyzer shook off his feeling of empathy and got ready to finish the job. He straffed left and right, firing a quick buster shot to soften up the Metool. Then Kyzer took aim and shot shot off his cannon, hopefully finishing off the Metool quickly.

Buster shot-(2 Null)
Take Aim-(+1 Accuracy)
Cannon-(40 Null)
Moving to the left and right to position his attack, Kyzer put up a small buster shot to test his aim before letting loose with a Cannon battlechip, which immediately deleted the Metool before him. The virus disintegrated into junk data, leaving only a small helmet to remember it by.

--Near the back wall of the alley--

Terrain: 100% Normal [Note: alley way 2 panels wide and 6 panels deep. The walls are too high to jump over, and too solid to break through.]

Kyzer.EXE: 150HP

-- BATTLE 01, VICTORY!! --


[Guard1] Battlechip, 160z
Kyzer collected the chip and zenny data left from the battle. He picked up the left over Metool helmet and brushed off the dirt and grim. Kyzer piled up some rocks and placed the helmet in the corner of the alley where light shined through cracks in the ceiling.

Rest peacefully, little guy.

Kyzer walk out the alleyway and continued on toward the message boards. After a few minutes he finally found them. The messager boards appeared as huge chalk boards with stone boarders. Kyzer walked up to the nearest board and started searching for work.

Lets see what we can do?

The message boards have all kinds of missions, ranging from low level lost and found missions to high level personal escort missions. Kyzer found one he like and told Zero about it.

"It a simple mission to find a missing Navi that disappeared yesterday, over on the other side of the Dentech Net. They probably just took a wrong turn and are lost."

"Well what is the reward for finding this lost navi?"

"I don't know, it just says; a reward will be delivered on the safe return of the navi."

"Why, not? It doesn't sound that hard, we should be able to finish this up quick. I have got class tomorrow morning."

Kyzer nodded his head in understanding and started off for where the message stated the navi had gone missing. The place where the navi dissapeared was the seedier side of the Dentech Net. It wasn't as well keep or as well lit as the other parts of the net.

"I think a read about this place, it's a part of the old Dentech servers. They say it is a breeding ground for viruses and a hidding place for bad navis, they called it the Oldtech Net."

"Be on your guard then, this place is dangerous."


Kyzer walked down the dimly lit paths of the Oldtech Net. The path itself was made of cobblestone but parts of the road were broken and cracked. Candles lined the walls and gave off enough light to see the path ahead.

"Hey, is anybody down here!"

Kyzer's voice echoed down the dark hallway, getting quieter and quieter until it became silent again.

"Huh, nothing."

Suddenly Kyzer heard a quiet echo in response.

"Help, I'm lost."

"Hold on, I'll be right there!"

As Kyzer turned a corner, getting closer to the source of the echo, a group of virus ambushed him from the shadows.
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((I noticed you didn't update your signature with your Guard1 chip and zenny - make sure you do so for them and future rewards.))

As Kyzer turned, a three-pronged arrow flew by at high speed and kept going until he couldn't see it anymore. He dodged out of the way as another arrow passed before moving out to see what was attacking him. Two Bunny viruses, crackling with electricity, were standing near a pair of menacing Piranha viruses, presumably the ones that nearly speared him a moment ago. It was an odd combination of viruses, but they seemed more focused on Kyzer's demise than their incompatibility.

Bunny A: 50HP
Bunny B: 50HP
Piranha A: 60HP
Piranha B: 60HP

100% Normal

Kyzer.EXE: 150HP

Battle 2 Start!
Kyzer readied himself for battle, running a quick systems check before engaging the enemy.

"Zero, got two mean looking fish and two sparky bunnies that I just ran into. I really don't think they wanna play either, considering I almost just got skewered."

"Right, I got your back. Slot in, Rageclaw1!"

Kyzer rushed into battle, strifing and dashing closer to the nearest Piranha. When he finally got close enough Kyzer leaped into the air and slashed his sharp claws at the fish. He jumped back some and rolled sideways and to slash his sword twice at the closer bunny.

"Don't stay to close, give yourself some room to move!"

Kyzer listen to Zero's advice and put some distance between him and the viruses. With more distances from his enemies he found it easier to evade oncoming attacks.

{Rageclaw1-(60dmg[40 slashing/20 impact]); Piranha A}
{Double Slash-(40 Null)Multi-Hit; Bunny B}
((The description for RageClaw lists it as having 40/20 because it can be slashed with for 40 or used to throw enemies for 20. So a slash is just 40. Also, "uses" simply refers to how many times it is attacked with, so you get 6 uses over however many turns. Not 6 turns.))

Taking immediate action, Kyzer dodged another arrow before receiving a RageClaw from his operator. He lunged at the Piranha that had attacked him before and tore through it, leaving it in somewhat dire straits. Not giving the viruses time to recover, he proceeded to cut a Bunny viruses on his way out of the throng. The unharmed Bunny retaliated, but Kyzer dodged the speedy electric projectile with relative ease.

Bunny A: 50HP
Bunny B: 10HP
Piranha A: 20HP
Piranha B: 60HP

100% Normal

Kyzer.EXE: 150HP