DruidMan: MoneyGrinder

A gust of wind blows across the net, bringing in leaves that swirl to form... Druidman. With a small burst of flame, Simurgh manifested in the material plane and settled herself on Druidman's shoulder as he stood up.

"Where is this, dude?" Druidman asked, looking for some familar landmark, and failing to find any.

"Dentech." Was Steve's reply.

"The school, man?" Druidman asked again. "Why did you send me to a school network?"

"Well, I figured a school net would be a bit more orderly and well organized. Can't have you getting lost. This is a strictly business situation. We need to delete as many viruses we can in a short a time possible." Steve explained.

"Well, I think I can give that a shot, man!" Druidman replied before he barreled off into the net.

((Battle 1))
Dentech Net looked very prestigious with all of its fancy architecture, statues and decorative fountains. It was very well built but felt completely unnatural. Druidman did not approve. Fortunately the young female navis roaming the campus seemed to make that feeling go away. However, before Druidman could utter his first pick-up line, there was a scream that drew his attention. Several navis fled past him and he quickly saw the source of the panic: Viruses.

Through a large crack in the floor, Spidey viruses were pouring out like a horror movie. While the terrain was mostly normal, there was a weird avant-garde sidewalk made of glass between Druidman and the bugs and a large statue of a battlechip being slotted into a turtle. Whoever designed this place was retarded.

SpideyA: 80 HP
SpideyB: 80 HP
SpideyC: 80 HP
SpideyD: 80 HP
SpideyE: 80 HP

Statue: 200 HP

Terrain: 70% Normal, 20% Glass, 10% Broken

Druidman: 250 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
((Note, Sim should be out. She has 40 HP.))

"Whoa! Bugs, man!" Druidman yelled, rather obviously, and frankly, after the point. "Gotta get 'em squished!" Sim launched off of his shoulder and flew away, low to the ground.

"Sure thing, Druidman." Steve said, picking out a few powerful chips and slotting them in. "Give 'em hell!"

Druidman drew his scimitar and focused. the faintest smell of ozone wafted down into his nostrils as a audible crackle began to echo outwards. Druidman's sword began to vibrate ever so slightly in his hand...

Then, with a mighty crack, a massive amount of electricity pulsed out of the blade, wrapping it up like a cocoon of thunder, a swaddle of lightning. With a quick horizontal slice, the pulse of energy raced outwards, expanding wider and wider as it approached it's target...

Druidman quickly made a dash towards the sidewalk. He didn't plan to leave much to chance. Twirling his scimitar as he ran, he pulled his in towards his chest, and then, across his whole frame, flung the warped weapon through the air, where is spiraled around like a guided missle towards the spiders. The blast of natural energy through Druidman's body spilled outwards and onto the landscape.

Taking a huge leap to duck behind the large retarded statue, Druidman hefted a medium sized ironwood shield to protect himself.

1.) ElecReel1 Battlechip to Spidy group (80ElecAll)
2.) Dodge/Move towards Glass terrain
3.) Terraform: Boomerang2 Battlechip to SpidyA/B/C (80+15Wood/80+15Wood/80+15Wood, Grass terrain created around DruidMan)
4.) Dodge/Get behind Statue
5.) Guard2 Battlechip to Self (120Reflect)
T.) Grass terrain: HP Regen

1.) Dodge
The wave of lightning from Druidman's Elecreel cackled along the floor and promptly diminished in strength as it crossed the glass path. Apparently the sidewalk didn't conduct electricity very well and that totally screwed up what would have been a decisive victory. Instead, what few remaining sparks that remained after crossing the road only shocked a single Spidey and deleted it, but just barely. The others turned towards the flash of light and began to swarm in that direction. Druidman was quick to meet his opponents head on and dashed over the path and launched a powerful Boomerang. Three of the Spideys were cut down by the spinning blade, leaving small beds of grass where they fell. Druidman then dove behind the awkward statue and shielded himself. He passed a quick glance at his attackers and noticed one more Spidey than there was earlier. Wierd.

SpideyE: 80 HP
SpideyF: 80 HP

Statue: 200 HP

Terrain: 50% Normal, 20% Glass, 10% Broken, 20% Grass

Druidman: 250 HP [Guard2]
Simurgh: 40 HP
"What the?" Druidman grunted. He'd never had problems like that when Seraphim would make glass coated ground...

"Don't worry about it, Druidman." Steve said calmly. "More of them just means all the more moolah. It's not like you can't handle it." he added, as well as a couple of chips.

"Yeah, I suppose so." Druidman replied. "Hey, this is a new one, dude." he added as loaded out the chip data.

"Yup. I think it'll be effective, though." came his operator's reply.

Druidman merely shifted his shield to his other hand, and then held up his gauntlet. Two of the decorative leaves had elongated and hardened, it was almost as if they were coated in an enamel-like substance. Druidman pointed his hand at the spot where the remaining Spidies were swarming. "Look out! It's the munchies, man!" Druidman cackled at the twin fangs launched free of his arm.

However, he was far from done. The rapidly regrowing leaves were already hardening once again, only this time they had a curled, tapered off appearance. They bore a slight resemblance to rockets or missiles. "Ha!" Druidman exalted as he jutted his arm forward again, and two of the leaves broke off, and, sure enough, spiraled off, leaving smoke trailed similar to a sidewinder towards the spiders.

Druidman continued to use his shield and the statue for cover, only peeking once he had heard the attacks connect with something.

1.)TwinFang2 Battlechip to SpideyE and SpikeyF (100Norm, 100Norm)
2.)Charge Magnum1.
3.)Magnum1 Battlechip to SpideyE/F (120Firex2?/120Firex2?)
T.)Grass Terrain: HP Regen

Druidman's TwinFang easily dispatched the two Spideys that were crawling out, but there seemed to be more on the verge of emerging from the hole. Fortunately, the explosive blast from his Magnum infused leaves crumbled the hole and caused a massive cave-in of whatever duct these viruses were crawling out from. Judging from the general direction of the fissure, the tunnel seemed to pass under the glass path and led somewhere off the campus and into the uncivilized areas of Dentech net.


Statue: 200 HP

Terrain: 50% Normal, 10% Glass, 25% Broken, 15% Grass

Druidman: 250 HP [Guard2]
Simurgh: 40 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 720z + 24 bugfrags
"Alright!" Druidman danced, while Sim landed and looked dignified.

"Keep at it, and we'll have enough in no time!" Steve encouraged.

"Right on, dude!" Druidman added as he bounded around looking for more trouble.

((Battle 2))
Clearly uninterested in investigating the odd tunnel, Druidman simply walked until he found some viruses. He found a fairly spread out line of Gunners backing up behind a trio of Zemons. Exciting.

ZemonA: 100 HP
ZemonB: 100 HP
ZemonC: 100 HP
GunnerA: 60 HP
GunnerB: 60 HP
GunnerC: 60 HP
GunnerD: 60 HP
GunnerE: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Druidman: 250 HP
Simurgh: 40 HP

[Battle 2 - Begin!]
"Oh!" Druidman said. "There's some, dude!"

"Oh, yeah." Steve said, looking up from his notebook. He was jotting down some plans and strategies for their next match. "Need some chips?"

Druidman nodded.

"Well, I don't think that those Gunners should bother you too much, since they can't really move." Steve said, thumbing through his chips, "Those Zemon things look nasty, however, so I'm gonna pop in a chip or two to take care of them first. Use whatever's left on the stationary ones, okay?"

"No problem, man." Druidman replied, drawing his scimitar and setting Sim free.

At first, nothing seemed to happen. But then, a noticeable pucker in the surface of Druidman's blade began to form. The metal drooped, and started to loose cohesion. Knowing what this spell was, and smiling to himself because he knew it was very powerful, he swung the handle forwards, and, thus, slung the gooey blade all over the path of the deadly Zemons.

As the blade quickly reconstituted itself, Druidman spun it around, and, just as it's tip curved back into existence, slammed it into the soft earth around the Dentech campus. Muttering a word of power, heat roiled off of his blade, making the air around him shimmer and haze to the naked eye, and a burst of flame pulsed into, then through, then explosively upwards, from the ground at the hapless Gunner's posts.

Still embedded in the ground, Druidman put his foot into the center of the blade and kicked with all his might, bending it. As he charged his natural energies into the weapon, plant life burst out of the small dimple in the ground, spanning outwards as Druidman swiftly threw the blade at more Gunners, then he started moving around like crazy to make sure no survivors got a lock on him.

1.)MetaGel2 Battlechip to ZemonA/B/C. (130Aqua+Slow/130Aqua+Slow/130Aqua+Slow)
2.)FireTower1 Battlechip to GunnerE/D/C. (70Fire/70Fire/70Fire)
3.)Terraform: Boomerang2 Battlechip to GunnerA/B/C. (80+15Wood/80+15Wood/80+15Wood)

The molten sword coated one of the Zemons, deleting it, but the others caught on and moved away before the splash could hit them as well. Being spaced so far apart, the Flameline and Boomerang only hit two of the Gunners each, leaving one still alive. It locked onto Druidman and fired but the navi was able to avoid the hits easily. He did, however, find some difficulty avoiding the two Zemons that has teleported close to him and began hacking and slashing with their swords. Each of them only managed to score a single hit before warping back to a safer point.

ZemonB: 100 HP
ZemonC: 100 HP
GunnerE: 60 HP

Terrain: 85% Normal, 15% Grass

Druidman: 220 HP
Simurgh: 40 HP
"Bummer! Finish them, Druidman!" Steve declared, popping in a fresh set of chips.

Druidman started to do just that, as he hefted his gauntlet, he loaded the first sent chip data, the strongest fire based chip he owned. The leaves on the gauntlet began to harden and taper, and Druidman found himself in a braced fighting stance. Focusing with all his might on the three remaining viruses, Druidman watched as three of the leaves detached and went careening towards their destinies.

While the Magnum was an accurate chip, Druidman didn't want to leave much to chance in the ways of survival, so before he could even see whether he had actually hit the viruses or not, he held his scimitar horizontal and in front of his chest. Running two fingers along the back of the blade, Druidman sent a wave of water crashing outwards from it's opposite edge. Running the fingers back along the length of the blade rendered a slight hiss of steam as a V-shaped blast of fire issued after the water.

1.)Charge Magnum.
2.)Charge Magnum.
3.)Magnum1 Battlechip to ZemonB/C/GunnerE. (120Fire/120Fire/120Fire)
4.)Wideshot Battlechip to ZemonB/C/GunnerE. (60Aqua/60Aqua/60Aqua)
5.)Heat-V Battlechip to ZemonB. (70Fire, Spread2)

While Druidman charged his Magnum, the Gunner switched targets and fired some rounds at Simurgh. One of the shots was dodged but the other two hit. But then Druidman finished charging and things died.

...Quite horribly.

...Several times over.


Terrain: 70% Normal, 15% Grass, 15% Cracked

Druidman: 220 HP
Simurgh: 20 HP

[Battle 2 - Victory!]

Get: 840z + 30 bugfrags + MachineGun1 battlechip
"Druidman, wait there for a second. I have to run over to Scilabs and buy something." Steve said quickly.

"What? Lame, dude." Druidman whined.

"It's not that far from the Colosseum. Trust me, this is worth it." was the NetOps reply as he was out of the door.


"Okay, I'm back." Steve said happily. "Feel any different?" he asked excitedly.

"Actually..." Druidman replied, "YEAH, dude! I feel like I can take on the world! What'd you give me, man?"

"I nearly doubled your health." Steve said proudly. "All that hard work the past few weeks have been for this. That tournament won't know what hit them, now!" he said excitedly.

"Should I jack out?" Druidman asked.

"No, I want to try and get Sim powered up, too." Steve replied cooly. "I doubt we can fill her up on Bugfrags yet, but maybe we can sate her appetite a little."

"Got it. Thrash viruses." Druidman commented as he stalked off into the net once more, ready to squash something.

((Battle 1, 450HP!!!))
Druidman and Simurgh come across some slippery terrain while traversing across Dentech Net. Whoever thought making glass floors was a good idea was a retard, as there was clearly little to no mobility with such things.

Five things barreled past the two, almost knocking the navi and SP over. Circling around, the tumblers appeared to be Armadills, which were still attacking.

A peppering of bullets came down from the sky, indicating the presence of FighterPlanes. This could get tricky.

ArmadillA: 100 HP [Attacking!]
ArmadillB: 100 HP [Attacking!]
ArmadillC: 100 HP [Attacking!]
ArmadillD: 100 HP [Attacking!]
ArmadillE: 100 HP [Attacking!]

FighterPlaneA: 140 HP
FighterPlaneB: 140 HP
FighterPlaneC: 140 HP


Druidman.exe: 450 HP
Simurgh.SP: 40 HP

"Vwoop!" Druidman vwooped while he slid around on the glass. "What is this garbage, man? I need some NATURE."

Druidman's word was spoken like a command, and, in a feat of sheer strength and tenacity, Druidman reached up into his previous modpost, grabbed the letter 'l' and bent it around into an 'r'. He shortly thereafter heard the distinct sound of a wall crumbling to dust.

"Druidman, what on earth did you just do?" Steve said, slack jawed. "I just slotted in the GrassZone chip and..." he trailed off.

"You know, I don't know, man." Druidman said. His head hurt. For a moment he felt like he was a fictional character for some reason. What a scary thought!

Back in reality, Steve added in some more strong chips. "Sim, get out of the way! Druidman, those Armadills look too tough to crack while they're balled up like that. Go for the planes."

Druidman nodded and raised his sword as his animal companion scampered away. Druidman had an idea. He'd used the next two chips he had separately on many occasions, but he never had the notion before to combine them together. He wasn't sure that it would work, to be honest.

Well, no reason not to try. Druidman bent his scimitar into a familiar boomerang shape, and charged it with his own personal brand of natural magic, giving it a pale green glow.

Now, instead of hurling it through the air, Druidman shifted gears and started to channel the second chip into the blade. The bent shape became a slight more amorphous, and it almost seemed that the metal itself was puckering under some unknown solvent. Knowing that time of of the essence, Druidman slung his arm hard and around, similar to a lacrosse player, sending a swirling, spiraling disk of nature and technology, slinging globs of metallic goo everywhere in it's wake, streaking across the path of the mad bombers.

Then Druidman turned to face the Armadills, ready for them to charge.

1.)GrassZone Battlechip. (Zone sized Grass terrain, centered on Druidman)
3.)>>> Boomerang2+MetaGel2=METARANG2 Battlechip to FighterPlaneA/B/C. (130Aqua+95Wood+Slow/130Aqua+95Wood+Slow/130Aqua+95Wood+Slow)
4.)Dodge Armadills.
5.)Dodge Armadills.

1.)Dodge Armadills.
The fusion chip thinly sliced the buzzing FighterPlanes in just a flash, but the Armadills rolled straight towards DruidMan in a ridiculous speed. Thankfully, the navi focused entirely on evading the attacks and none of the virus made a hit!

ArmadillA: 100 HP
ArmadillB: 100 HP
ArmadillC: 100 HP
ArmadillD: 100 HP
ArmadillE: 100 HP

FighterPlaneA: DELETED
FighterPlaneB: DELETED
FighterPlaneC: DELETED

Terrain: 55% Glass, 45% Grass

Druidman.exe: 450 HP
Simurgh.SP: 40 HP
"Okay, Druidman. I think that now these guys will rest, so you can go all out on them without worrying about counterattack." Steve said. "Just make sure you hit them hard so they don't get the chance again." he added as he slotted in some of his most powerful chips.

Druidman wasted no time. If he was really gonna get some serious attacks in, he may as well go all out! Drawing his scimitar, Druidman focused on the fire school of magic. His eyes flashing a brief red, he watched as visible heat ripples began to ooze off of his weapon and some slight smoke as the edge began to smolder. With a quick flourish, Druidman sent a flying V of flame into the enemy ranks.

Letting sword drop to the side, Druidman raised his left arm, revealing two almost milky looking leaves nestled amongst the rest. They appeared to be quite sharp and quite hard. Of course, they were, because of the second chip that Steve had slotted in. With a punching motion that was abruptly cut short halfway through, the twin fangs surged onward after the fire.

"Gotta make sure they're busted, man!" Druidman added as once again he pulled up his blade to charge with magic once more. A cool feeling of peace washed over him, and a small tidal surge of water washed out of the flat side of the blade.

Waving his trusty scimitar away from him to flick any last droplets off of it, he continued to focus on new and better ways to scrape through this. All the thinking was making his hair stand on end. Or possibly that was the swirling mass of electricity clinging to his sword and lower arm. Either or. Regardless, with and almost casual flick, the bolts bolted into the mass of viruses ahead.

Druidman was starting to get himself whipped into a right aggressive mood, so he started to run flat out towards his prey. Putting his scimitar away as he ran, he held up a single fist high, but it was charged with so much power straight from the earth itself it seemed to have swollen to immense proportions. Druidman started swinging.

Sim kinda scraped at the ground and occasionally pecked at the grass.

1.)Heat-V Battlechip to ArmadillB. [70Firex2Terrain, Splash2 (ArmadillA/C)]
2.)TwinFang2 Battlechip to ArmadillD/E. (100Normal/100Normal)
3.)Wideshot1 Battlechip to ArmadillA/B/C. (60Aqua/60Aqua/60Aqua)
4.)ElecReel1 Battlechip to Armadill Group. (80Elec, All)
5.)Golemhit2 Battlechip to ArmadillE. (190Normal, Break, PanelBreak)
T.)Grass: HP Regen.

DruidMan was completely unforgiving with his attacks as the poor Armadils didn't even have the energy to retaliate. What was left after was after the attack was a smoking crate that left no trace of the virus that once was.

ArmadillA: DELETED
ArmadillB: DELETED
ArmadillC: DELETED
ArmadillD: DELETED
ArmadillE: DELETED

FighterPlaneA: DELETED
FighterPlaneB: DELETED
FighterPlaneC: DELETED

Terrain: 55% Glass, 45% Grass

Druidman.exe: 450 HP
Simurgh.SP: 40 HP

850z + 46 Bugfrags
Druidman scooped up the refuse into his bag and continued on his merry way, Sim flapping in his wake.

"Wait a second, Druidman." Steve said "Round 2 just finished. I think this is as much as we'll get. We'll come back after the next round so that we'll be ready for the semifinal." he said confidently.

"Okay, dude. Peace Out!" and with that, his body burst into thousands of leaves, which were quickly scattered on the winds.

((You forgot bugfrags, but I'm assuming I get 49 since there was 980 total HP from the viruses.))