Aim/MC Mission: Corn's Farm

"Mm-hm. Ayep. Heh heh heh." A navi in a straw hat and a set of farmer's overalls sat on the porch of his little shack in the more natural-looking part of Netopia Net, surrounded by fields and grass and muttering contentedly to himself.

He took another bite of his cob of corn, leaned back in the rocking chair, and then chuckled again. "Heh heh." Off in the fields the sounds of some kind of impact could be heard, repeating over and over. Someone was smashing something...
In a silver beam of light, SharpMan appeared at the specified location, arms folded and eyes closed. He didn't even seem to notice the noises around him, though it was hard to imagine that anyone with hearing couldn't catch them. Instead, he silenty waited for his unknown partner to show up...
Exorcist and troupe appeared in a compact arrangement of three beams, leaving each of them in their full robes for once. "I thought I was never going to see this thing again," Bhikkhuni snarked, checking to make sure her chest protector was actually in place and she was not just hallucinating. "It's been a crazy time!"

"And it looks like the craziness isn't over yet," Exorcist commented, observing the bizarre scene in front of them. I mean, that farmer could have a pretty good reason for laughing to himself and eating corn out in the open, and that sound in the distance could be nothing... but in her experience, both the former and latter were probably unlikely. Furthermore, what was with that bizarre, pointed, metal scarecrow... She whispered to Mary, indicating as much.

Mary has long since identified it as their partner, and thus chuckled lightly. "Exorcist, that is no scarecrow. That is our partner," she pointed out, to the surprise of both. She'd had her eyes closed, so they were surprised she even knew what they were observing.

"Really? I-I was thinking it was some scarecrow crafted out of scrapmetal!" she whispered back, not wanting to offend her new ally. Quickly, she ran over to greet him; both allies followed with less observable enthusiasm.

Quietly, Mary spoke to herself: "You should learn to identify the scent of a man, Master..."

"What was that? Are you sure you weren't peeking?" Bhikkhuni asked, screwing up her eyes with suspicion.

"Me? Never," the nun laughed in response, flapping one arm of her robe in a non-committal gesture.

While the two SPs bickered, Exorcist moved over to offer their new chum a polite bow. "Hello, you must be SharpMan! My name is Exorcist. Let's do our best to get along and see the mission through," she suggested, raising a tentative smile. "And along the way, you may learn a thing or two about Counterinfectualism as well!"
The sounds of whispering caused SharpMan to open his eyes, allowing him to see just what it was that made him go through with all of this...or not. He couldn't quite tell through all the robes, though what he could see seemed promising. He remained otherwise motionless as Exorcist ran over to introduce herself. "Yes, I'm SharpMan...the one and only! And we'll be fine, so long as you don't get between me and the enemy. We can't have a pretty little Navi like you getting shredded like the viruses, now can we? Heh heh heh!"

"You smooth operator, you."

He wasn't sure which directed he needed to do so, so the bladed Navi glared off in a direction where no one was, hoping that his fury would transcend worlds to his operator even if he wasn't looking directly at his one window to the other side. "Well now, since we're acquainted, perhaps we should check in with the mission requester. Ladies first, of course!" He motioned towards the farmer, seeing as how it was a very safe bet that he was the one they needed to talk to.
"You don't have to worry about me, SharpMan. I've had a lot of practice thrashing viruses in the name of Counterinfectualism!" she proclaimed proudly. "Now, as for certain things getting shredded, I actually have a history of that too, so I'll try to be careful..." she added enigmatically, remembering back to her last couple of missions.

"What a gentleman," Mary chuckled, smiling at Bhikkhuni and covering her mouth with one sleeve, hiding her expression as though she ever did anything with her face but smile mischievously.

The little SP looked back, raising one eyebrow. "I dunno, seems kinda sketchy. You heard him say 'pretty little navi,' right? He's already shmoozin'!" Bhikkhuni hissed, emphasizing the word shmoozin and all of its very clear connotations. Mary giggled with amusement, following close behind Exorcist now.

"Just so you know, these are my SPs, Mary and Bhikkhuni. They're very helpful, so feel free to ask them anything," the yellow-robed navi encouraged SharpMan. Both navis bowed to greet him with contrasting high and low enthusiasm respectively. "Now, let's see what that farmer has for us to do."

Exorcist and gang walked up to the farm's porch; the central figure waved her robed arm above her head to get his attention, as he seemed strangely fixed on whatever was going on in the distance. He also didn't seem terribly distressed, despite what his message had said...

"Ahey there!" the farmer navi said, taking another bite of the corn cob in his mouth. "You all are here for the mission, I take it?"

After the requisite round of nods, the navi continued.

"Well see here's th' problem, lasses and laddies. Yeah, y'too, Mister Blachnard! I liked the cut o' yer jib on the messageboards, ahee hee hee hee!" The navis spends a moment laughing a little dementedly to himself, coughs, and then takes another bite of corn. "See, I grow a very special kinda corn here. Now, don't go givin' me that look, it's perfectly safe. I've just always been crazy!"

There is a pause.

"Anyway, this corn makes ya grow, fer certain, but it also makes ya stronger! Makes ya tougher!" He grins proudly, taking another bite of his corn, "And most importantly..."

"Some goll-darned viruses got their wee little hands into it, and are out there eatin' up a storm!" He fumes, rocking back and forth quickly in the chair. "I need ye all tae go out there n' show 'em the real power of corn! To that end..." The navi-- Corn, presumably, flicks his hand outward four times, and four cobs of corn go flying into the hands of the gathered team. "Eat these, then go kick some butt! Oh, and if'n ye need more corn, just grab some off the stalks out there!" He points out at the field, and the small path leading away from the farmhouse through the countless stalks.
...So, let's see if he had this straight. There was a giant horde of viruses eating a type of corn that powered Navis and viruses up. To that end, they were to eat it to get stronger themselves, then rip them apart. Was that it? But more importantly..."What, no butter?"

Well, not really, but you'd think he'd have cooked it or something for them. Not like raw corn wasn't inedible, was weird. "Well, I suppose we should go handle this before things get too out of hand, eh Exorcist?" SharpMan never was much for small talk when there were things he could be tearing up with his blades.

Still, he looked down at the corn, a bit wary of it. Any food he got during a mission was automatically met with suspicion...still, if it actually was making the viruses stronger...he took a bite out of the ear after shucking it, even though it went against all logic. "Hmm. Not too bad!"
Burt grinned awkwardly on the other side of the PET. Hypocritically, he thought to himself how happy he was that he didn't have to interact with some gross, unwashed, crazy guy. "Good luck, Exorcist!" he reassured his navi, then returned to explaining his logic towards aligning his religion with a criminal organization to his niece.

Back in the net, Exorcist gulped and took some corn, then handed some around to her SPs as well. Bhikkhuni regarded it very suspiciously, while Mary went ahead and bit into it delicately. "Mmm... I've almost forgotten how it feels to eat food with texture~" Mary chuckled after swallowing her bit.

Exorcist shrugged, then followed suit with her SP, biting into the yellow corn. Finally, the two of them peer pressured Bhikkhuni into eating hers as well. "Just because I'm the one-with-nature girl doesn't mean I have to like corn! This is hick stuff. I want good food," she whined, crossing her arms across her chest and speaking while she munched. The other two shared a girlish laugh at her sulky expression.
There is a brief, gurgling noise from each of the programs'.... torsos. They don't have stomachs, right? So why-

Suddenly, Sharpman's armblades extend. He finds himself holding one up curiously, to inspect it, and then it goes shooting half a mile into the air, about the range of a gun. At that his body also fills out, becoming bulkier and more muscular, feeling like he could put enough force behind a sword-swipe to cut something into two-- or impale something from fifty yards.

[Sharpshooter Temp Buff: Swords can now be used at gun range, +20 strengthen each turn to apply however you like]

Exorcist, Bhikkuni, and Mary find themselves wondering for just a moment what exactly will happen to each of them-- and then it happens. There's a trio of loud shrrrip noises as each of their forms fills out, becoming more curvaceous-- Bhikkuni actually HAS A CHEST!-- and their respective uniforms strain, just a bit, to keep it all contained, creating revealing tears in horribly inconvenient places. They really need to convince Burt to upgrade the material of these things...

Individually there are some changes as well; Exorcist finds her voice has a strange lilt to it, harmonious and yet... edged. Entrancing.

[Chants of the Exorcist Temp Buff: two passive Imbue Stuns to apply however you like, +20 passive strengthen]

Mary and Bhikkuni find themselves pulsating with power; as if they had just overfed on bugfrags, and then some, and yet it is... different. More earthen, somehow.

[Mary Temp Buff: +1 Action, +10 passive strengthen]
[Bhikkuni Temp Buff: +1 Action, +10 passive strengthen]

Corn laughs to himself as he looks the trio over. "See there, I told y'all ye'd be likin' me corn!" He waves them off. "Now g'on, get over there and blast them viruses back tae th' loch!"
"Bwahahaha!" Okay, he really needed to snag some more of this corn. After all, the only thing better than slicing things apart was being able to do so from a distance, so that he could admire his work as it happened.

...Wait, what was that? Sounded like three ripping noises...and there were three ladies with him...this couldn't end badly. Looking over at them, he noticed that all of them were now...bigger in certain places, and with alluring tears around those places to boot. This mission was officially awesome. "Well, seems we've all been...strengthened! Rest assured, farmer, between my blades, and Exorcist'" Another glace. Plenty of nice things to see, but what he was trying to check had no signs. "...whatever it is she attacks with normally...the viruses are as good as deleted! Come, you three! We have destruction to attend to!...That is, when you're ready. But if you have to prepare, make it quick! I can't wait to test this out!" Obliteration and well figured women...this was turning into everything he had hoped for. And even if he DID have to wait a bit, at least he had something nice to draw his mind from mindless destruction in the meantime.
Exorcist was at first embarrassed, thinking that her gurgling stomach was going to lead to flatulent gas, which would not be at all polite around someone she'd just met, or even her friends. Social awkwardness turned to dismay as she watched SharpMan transform into some steroid-pumped, cackling muscleman shortly after he'd eaten the corn. The star pupil of Counterinfectualism dropped the corn and wrung her hands in worry, desperately attempting to wipe away the image of herself and her two SPs each as flexing bodybuilders.

As the first to begin eating, Mary was the first to notice her already stupidly glamorous body becoming even more stupidly so. "Oh! That's not good at all," she chuckled, pressing one hand to her cheek and looking more intrigued than concerned. "Strange, Mr. Corn; your vegetables appear to affect us women differently than they do men. Was that intentional?"

Bhikkhuni spoke up next, even though Exorcist had begun to grow before she did. "B-B-B-Boobs! Look, look! I've got boobs!" she pointed out, although it was sort of hard to tell; the chest protector she wore restricted any kind of ability to make out what she was talking about. Grunting, she ripped the chest protector off to show where her ordinarily saggy robe had filled out. "Look!"

Burt did a little jig, jumping into the air to clap both feet and nearly knocking down his niece and nephew as he did. "Whoopee! I'm going to have to get some of this for the road," he cackled. "Tell me the truth, Bhikkhuni: is this the stuff you used when you sent that original photo to the classified site?"

"That was just photo doctoring!" Bhikkhuni answered uninterestedly, doing a few test jumps to feel the bounce of her new breasts. Her shakujo rings rang together loudly as she hopped, but she didn't even seem to notice or care, despite the proximity of the noise to her own head.

Exorcist crossed her arms across her chest, where her black bodysuit was now visible through a newly-formed boob-window in her robe. "Well I don't know about you, but my outfit was already pretty fitted to my body size," she sobbed, trying in vain to draw the collar up tighter. "A-Anyways, if we're stronger, that's what's important!"

"Is your voice a little different, Master?" Mary asked, tilting her head slightly.

"Maybe. They do say your voice changes when you grow! Although I think it's usually supposed to get deeper," she laughed weakly. "But I'm with SharpMan; we ought to get the mission over quickly if possible." She pressed on in front of the others; Mary walked behind with unintentional bounciness, while Bhikkhuni hopped along with very intentional bounciness, enjoying the new pair.
Exxy, Sharpman and company head out through the rows and rows of corn, full ears meeting their gaze every which way. Is Corny there lazy at harvesting, or do they just always look like this...?

At either rate, the trio eventually come across first a few destroyed stalks of corn, then a few more, then an entire clearing of downed ears. Sitting in the middle are some viruses and some... heelnavis?-- Their bodies are all hulked up, and bulky with muscle in an unsettling way-- All of which are munching idly on some corn. Off in the distance, the pounding continues...

The group sitting here, at least, does not seem to have noticed the newcomers just yet.

Heelnavi A: 300 [???]
Heelnavi B: 200 [???]
MetoolEX A: 100 [???]
MetoolEX B: 100 [???]

Exorcist: 120 [Chants]
Sharpman: 150 [Sharpshooter]

Mary: 70 [Power]
Bhikkhuni: 40 [Power]

Terrain: 20% Corn (clearing), 80% blocked (surroundings)
(The Corn terrain acts as grass; you get the feeling Corny will be a little upset if you burn his fields, so fire is a bad idea, as are terrain changes. The Blocked terrain is effectively impassable for the purposes of this battle, but can be hid in and leapt out of with an action.)
For certain...reasons, SharpMan was trekking through the corn backwards. The reasons, of course, would be obvious to most; there were exactly 6 of them, including a pair that were absent just a few minutes ago. Of course, he knew enough not to just stare at the reasons. He wasn't programmed yesterday, after all. "Hopefully your battle capabilities are...ample." "As other areas of you" was mentally added to the end, though the bladed Navi wasn't nearly dumb enough to say that out loud.

The mission's sole male participant spun around, as he noticed that the corn was providing less and less resistance against him, until he was standing at the edge of an artificial clearing. It was pretty clear that the source didn't double as the source of the noise, but...well, they were hired to clear things out. Besides, when was 'not cutting things' better than 'cutting things'? The answer was 'just about never'. Looking over at his partner in missioning, he gave her a nod (sneaking another peek at the corn enhanced breasts in the process), then focused on the virus twins. Perhaps taking them out would instill a little bit of fear into the HeelNavis. Or at least make them more irrational and angry and easier to read. To prepare for the initial attack, and signal to Hector that he was ready, he reared back slightly, setting himself up for a slash attack...

"Yeah, don't worry. If I sent over CornShot now, you'd probably jump out of the PET screen and stab me in the eye." One definitely not CornShot chip, coming up. "BattleChip, Sword! Slot in!"

SharpMan's blades became a bit more polished, reinforced by the weapon data. Utilizing all of his might, as well as that of the ingested corn, he sent one of his enlarged blades forward, in an attempt to crash it down on the head of the light green helmeted Mettaur, and end it in a single blow. Still, he couldn't help but notice that it seemed a bit...sturdier than a normal MettaurEX. The corn's work, no doubt.

With that in mind, he elected to try and pierce a HeelNavi, instead of going for the second virus like he first planned. The execution was simple, as he simply needed to point his blade at him, and thrust it forward, to give him a nice new conversation piece of 'hey, how'd you get that hole in you?'. Despite the offensive maneuver, however, SharpMan restrained himself slightly, to allow himself the ability to shift left or right, and avoid a bit of counterfire. Of course, after any possible evading, he needed only to raise his arm, and he would basically have a second chance to impale the foe on his edge. Impaling was nice.

But, sensing that he wasn't about to get any new data, the bladed Navi once again hung back, though this time he simply raised his arm, and waited. He just needed to wait for an enemy to strike, and once they did...POW. One more blade attack for the road. That was always fun.

[Order of Turn:
0a-Sharpshooter corn induced passive (20 Strengthen)
1-Sword chip on MetoolEXB (80+20, A, Slashing)
2-Sword chip on HeelNaviB (80, A, Slashing)
2a-Swordplay subtype ability (passive dodge)
3-Sword chip on HeelNaviB (80, A, Slashing)
4-Razor Shield sig move on SharpMan (1-hit shield; 20 + Slashing to whoever hits the shield)]
"You might be surprised, SharpMan! The three of us have already had a lot of training out in the field. Slowly but surely, we are becoming masters of our craft," Exorcist answered seriously, despite the ridiculous situation they'd gotten into. "I am quite certain that you'll find us capable of keeping up."

"We'll be keeping our eyes on you as well," the blind nun suggested ironically, following the jingle of Bhikkhuni's staff as the formerly little SP hopped around.

Exorcist sighed, placing her hands on her fellow Counterinfectualist's shoulders to keep her from jumping. "You'll wear yourself out before the battle if you keep doing that," she warned the pouting SP. "Speaking of which, it looks like we found our targets... But they're...!"

The appearance of the enemies had certainly surprised Exorcist, although the other two hadn't given it much thought. The metools she could understand; he had said there would be viruses out here, munching on his product. The heelnavis were a little more disturbing, though. Certainly they wouldn't just pass through and start eating the stuff, especially not while mutant viruses and crazy pounding both lurked nearby. With that in mind, it would seem like they'd have had to been lurking in this corn for a while now... And they weren't running, nor even engaging the viruses. "Maybe I'm worrying over nothing, but these really could be fields of brainwashing corn...! That sounds like something out of a science fiction movie," she pondered to herself.

The weirdest part of it all was that they were still so far away from the pounding source. The metools and the heelnavis were not only ignoring each other, but also ignoring the pounding. "Just what on earth...?"

"Exxy! Get in the game!" Bhikkhuni encouraged her ally, shaking the shakujo up and down in hard jerks right in front of her master's face. If the enemies hadn't noticed them yet, that would certainly alert them. "Anyways, I know that we've got a lot of corn going on here already, but I'm going to use a CornShot. Is that okay?"

"Sure, that's fine," Exorcist responded. Regardless of why the creatures and heelnavis were sitting in the cornfield, eating the farmer's crop, they were clearly breaching his property and destroying his livelihood, so she felt little remorse in attacking them. "Burt, I'll take a skully and my bambooknife. Let's take care of them quickly so we can find the source of that noise!" the yellow-robed navi requested. "Mary, you stay on the defense and be prepared to heal whoever needs you."

"Absolutely, master," Mary replied wistfully, staying at the back of the pack while Burt sent the other two their chips. She cheered Bhikkhuni on as the little navi made good use of all of her newest assets, both powers and otherwise.

Bhikkhuni waved her shakujo in the air, producing a louder and louder jingle. The sound would work to transfix her target onto the ground as she attacked. "Nirvana Ground Wave isn't my only power, you know! Now it's time for... head-exploding enlightenment!" she cried out, pointing her staff towards one of the heelnavis. "There's bigger things than corn out there, you know! Way bigger things!" An explosion of light triggered at the end of her rod and then moved forward in a flickering chain towards the enemy's head. "I'm one of those things now, haha~" Feeling giddy, she hopped around the cornfield to keep out of the way of counterattacks.

Letting Bhikkhuni enjoy herself, Exorcist dashed on ahead, inscribing a long talisman as she did. "This will give us a little edge to start out with," she reasoned, completing her work and rolling up the paper. With a flick of her wrist, Exorcist released the talisman towards the heelnavis, allowing the roll to spin mid-air. "This talisman seeks out evil! You two will have time to repent on your actions, but these manifestations of evil have no such privilege." Her voice singing out sounded a little unlike her own, and furthermore, a little melodic, despite the fact that she was just trying to focus her thoughts.

Putting her warning into action, she moved towards the two Metools, raising up her index and middle fingers together. The two glowed green, then projected chi outwards, forming a small knife. With the speed that can only come from using one's own arm as a weapon, she drew two lines across the enemy metool, hoping to leave it in four quarters thanks to the cutting power of her most intuitive tools of exorcism: the sword hands.

Once she'd finished up there, she jumped back over to give the HeelNavi a taste of the sword hands as well. "Begone, and think about the evil you've committed! Stealing corn is wrong! Even if growing this kind of corn is questionable in and of itself, that doesn't make it alright to steal it!" she lectured, her breasts flailing wildly as she cut at her foe.

*)Chants of the Exorcist to next attack [imbue stun x2, strengthen 20]
1) Skully1 @ HeelNaviA [120 damage, C accuracy + homing + confusion + stun x 2]
2) BambooKnife @ MetoolA [75 wood, boosted A accuracy + slashing]
3) BambooKnife @ MetoolA [75 wood, boosted A accuracy + slashing]
*) Sword subtype Swordplay [dodge]
4) BambooKnife @ HeelNaviA [75 wood, boosted A accuracy + slashing]
5) BambooKnife @ HeelNaviA [75 wood, boosted A accuracy + slashing]

*) Ground subtype Anchor @ HeelNaviA [prevent flight]
*) Temp Buff @ CornShot2 [+1 action, strengthen 10]
1) CornShot2 @ HeelNaviA and others? [85 wood shot, A accuracy + Trick Shot Spread 1 for 65]
2) Dodge
3) Dodge

*) Temp Buff @ Bhikkhuni's CornShot2 [+1 action, strengthen 10]
1) Dodge
2) Dodge
3) Dodge
The group of combatants, Sharpman notices as he gets a little closer, seem to be having a lighthearted conversation with each other. He can't hear what it is about at this range, and after he delete-cracks one of the MetoolEX over the head with his sword, it is most certainly too late to try. His first attack against the Heelnavi doesn't miss, exactly-- the heelnavi simply ducks straight out of the way, grumbling and murmuring about something, and then hucks a Bomb toward Sharpman and Exorcist. "See how you like this!" He yells, shortly before Sharpman impales him anyway.

Exorcist, meanwhile, hurls a scroll at one of the Heelnavis and gets to work on the first MetoolEX, barraging the thing with a duo of knife-enhanced strikes that quickly dispatch it. She moves next for the Heelnavi...

As Sharpman tries to dive out of the way of the bomb, he finds himself boxed in by the corn to either side! He tries to dive forward at the last second, but only succeeds in getting his shield up in time to block the hit. The counterattack, unfortunately, misses the Heelnavi, who is by now well acquainted with stabbing and none too keen on it happening again.

The fallout of the blast, however, is bigger than expected; it goes wide, fanning out unexpectedly in a cross shape, and hits Bhikkhuni. [50] She is sent back to the PET in a stream of data just as her Cornshot goes off, sending the little piece of corn hurtling at the Heelnavi-- which it manages to hit, much to his chagrin, sending him cursing and launching a little side-attack that his buddy dodges--

--sending him right into Exorcist's stun. He reels, frantically firing off a cannon at Exorcist, and she is sent hurtling away before she can take any of her swipes at him! [40 + Knockback + Microburst]

A second later and the Heelnavi attacks again, firing off another cannon shot that Exorcist has no time or ability to dodge [40+Knockback], completing her journey towards the corn behind her and Sharpman and knocking her into it entirely.

The second Heelnavi, meanwhile, boots up what appears to be a healing signature, giving him a little of his old vitality back. [100] "Oi!" He yells, as his cohort's statuses kick in and he begins to wander around like a lummox, "Th'frag are you comin' in here and bustin' us up for?"

Meanwhile, the pair of MetoolEXs rise up, ghostly and ethereal, and look around confusedly...

Heelnavi A: 180 [???] [Stun x2] [Confusion]
Heelnavi B: 135 [???]
MetoolEX A: DELETED [Spirit]
MetoolEX B: DELETED [Spirit]

Exorcist: 65 [Chants] [BambooKnife] [Hiding in corn near Sharpman: Cannot be targeted or seen by targets outside of the corn] [1 action to exit the corn]
Sharpman: 150 [Sharpshooter] [Sword]

Mary: 70 [Power]
Bhikkhuni: Recalled

Terrain: 20% Corn (clearing), 80% blocked (surroundings)
(The Corn terrain acts as grass; you get the feeling Corny will be a little upset if you burn his fields, so fire is a bad idea, as are terrain changes. The Blocked terrain is effectively impassable for the purposes of this battle, but can be hid in and leapt out of with an action.)
Ah shoot, one of his partner's SPs was wiped out by that bomb blast. Oh well, at least it was the one incapable of setting up an entire corn farm on her tracts of land. He'd manage without her. Oh, and the Navis were wondering why they were attacking them. Ha. "I COULD tell you why you're about to be sent back to your PETs in agonizing pain,, I don't care enough! You'll be brought to death's door without knowing a thing!"

"Of course, thanks to the emergency jack out system, you won't be pushing them through said door."

"I know! Two perfectly good sources of BugFrags, and yet they get to keep on living their undoubtedly useless lives!"

"Well, that's life. Oh, and before you go on another cutting rampage, two things. First, switch targets. Second, use this beforehand." Too bad SharpMan's blades were so huge...otherwise he'd let him handle it on his own. "BattleChip, AquaNeedle! Slot in!"

While SharpMan was perfectly fine with the first part, the latter remark made him impatiently tap his foot, as three water-based spikes descended from the sky, and attempted to air strike the weakened HeelNavi. At least he potentially got to see needles stick through the enemy. That was always good for a laugh.

However, now was time to get down to work. Ordinarily he'd need to get close in order to go to town, but since his blades were much, much bigger he stood in place, he began to manically tear at the purple Navi, repeatedly slashing and ripping the disabled opponent with his lengthened edges. During the assault, he did appear to move a bit, to ensure he wasn't a total sitting duck as he continued his slashing frenzy. Over and over and over again with the slashing...

...Eventually, however, the shine of his blades dulled a bit. They still gleamed in the light, of course, but they seemed less daunting. Less impressive. Realizing this, the bladed Navi backed off the offensive, though with any luck, there wouldn't be much reason to continue it at this point.

[Order of Turn:
0a-Sharpshooter corn induced passive (20 Strengthen)
1-AquaNeedle1 chip attack on HeelNaviA (20, Aqua, B, hits 3 times)
2-Sword chip attack on HeelNaviA (80+20, A, Slashing)
3-Sword chip attack on HeelNaviA (80, A, Slashing)
3a-Swordplay subtype ability (passive dodge)
4-Sword chip attack on HeelNaviA (80, A, Slashing)]
With Exorcist having been knocked into the corn and Bhikkhuni having been knocked a even farther, all the way out of the net, Mary was the only one around to hear SharpMan and the heelnavis talking. "Poor Bhikkhuni! Maybe this is God's punishment for her materialistic wants... I should be careful myself," she murmured, reaching into her robe to pull out a few flasks of water. "Master will be needing these..."

"Pffft! Stupid Bhikkhuni!" Burt grumbled from the other side of the PET, secretly pleased that he'd managed to reclaim his SP's data. "That'll teach you what happens when you fail to take Counterinfectualism seriously! What part of sacred practice doesn't she understand? Man, some people are just irreverant," he sighed, switching his view screen around to get a better look at Exorcist as she tried to make her way out of the cornfield.

Exorcist had never been hit by another navi's cannon, let alone one right after another. In a way, she was glad that the HeelNavis had responded violently so that she didn't have to feel bad attacking them, but darn if those attacks hadn't hurt... And cornfields were not lovely places to be shot into either. She made her way out as quickly as she could, with stalks batting her in the face and reeds tearing at the already questionable threading of her clothes. By the time she'd made it out, the makeshift boob window showing her skinsuit had expanded, to the point where her skinsuit was beginning to become covered in holes like stretched pantyhoes and her robe was now random, hanging tatters.

...On top of all of that, corn was dirty; even if it wasn't, the soil she'd landed in was. Looking exceptionally aggravated, she finally stumbled out and back towards the heelnavis without saying a word, just puckering her lips in an angry frown and tensing her eyebrows above her deceptively cute blue eyes. At her side, however, the green chi blade was still extending about 1/2 a foot from her hand. "Now you two have eaten the corn, put me in the corn, and injured two agents of Counterinfectualism! You two are really in trouble!" she warned them as she approached. Talking didn't seem to be at the forefront of her mind.

"Oh dear... If you're going to go in like that, at least take the blessings of God with you," Mary chuckled, chucking her master two vials simultaneously. Exorcist caught one in each hand, but the larger of the two ended up turned upside down, thus spilling down over her head and chest. Sopping wet, Exorcist closed her eyes, pulled off her black cap, wrung it out, then replaced it. The situation was beginning to try the last of her saintly patience. "Oh my! Please don't be moody, Master..."

Exorcist dabbed the rest of the water onto her hands, rubbed it into her face to finish washing it off, then kept the bottle in her free hand. With that accomplished, she pointed her blade at the feet of the one right-minded heelnavi and shot forward a thin beam of chi. Vines began to rise up beneath his feet, attempting to ensnare his legs. "I'm not angry at you... It's the evil inside of you! I don't know if this is the way yet, but forgive me if I'm a little experimental!" she cried in her new, more melodic voice, going at the enemy angrily with her chi knife in a series of two powerful swipes.

1) Move out of corn
2) Move back towards navis
2) Rope @ HeelNaviA [65 wood melee, A accuracy + hold, recurring for 3 turns]
*)Chants of the Exorcist to next attack [imbue stun x2, strengthen 20]
3) BambooKnife @ HeelNaviB [95 wood, boosted A accuracy + slashing + stunx2]
4) BambooKnife @ HeelNaviB [75 wood, boosted A accuracy + slashing]
*) Sword subtype Swordplay [dodge]

*) Temp Buff @ Exorcists's [+1 action, strengthen 10]
*) Recover subtype IV @ Exorcist [Attach IV w/ 5 HP recovery per action]
1) Baptism of Faith @ Exorcist [Boosted 72 HP recovery]
2) Dodge
3) Dodge
Under the renewed onslaught of attacks from Sharpman and Exorcist that are really redundant to describe here because we all know how this turns out folks, the Heelnavis are destroyed!

As the battle ends, Sharpman, Exorcist, and Mary suddenly return to their normal sizes, the buffs wearing off. Perhaps they only last for a single battle? Explains why the viruses and heelnavis would still be here munching away; maybe they were trying to cram enough down to make the effect last longer?

Regardless, the battle is won, as all the living foes are dead before the spirits have a chance to do anything that Twi had intended for them to pull off this turn, and thus disappear in twin poofs of smoke. A close call! And also one hell of a way to perform an exorcism!

Heelnavi A: DELETED
Heelnavi B: DELETED

Exorcist: 120
Sharpman: 150

Mary: 70
Bhikkhuni: Recalled


Rewards: .....?

Instead of dropping chips, or zenny, the quartet of enemies drop a quartet of corn pieces!

Rewards: [Corn] x4
And as expected, the HeelNavis and Mettaur were destroyed by the various blades. But what truly drew SharpMan's attention was that his blades were back to usual size...which meant they only looked somewhat ridiculously big. Somewhat alarmed, he looked back at Exorcist and Mary, only to see that they, too, were back to normal. Not that normal was bad by any means, but...yeah. "Hmph, the corn's worn off."

On the other hand, there were four ears of corn, just waiting to be grabbed by them. Racing over to where the Navis and viruses had been destroyed, he grabbed a pair of the vegetables, tossing them lightly in each hand. "We'll split this evenly! I take two, you take two!" One ear, however, was whisked away to his PET, presumably for some other time. "I'm waiting a little bit before eating it again...who knows what'll happen if we eat another ear before the previous one's completely out of our systems?" Unfortunately, that mean he had to settle for his companions' base sizes, but eh. Again, it wasn't like that was a horribly bad thing.
"Phew... I let myself get a little worked up that time! I guess I used up all of my mental reservation dealing with our mission earlier," Exorcist sighed, placing her hands across her breasts. Patting her palms up and down curiously, she soon realized that they'd returned to normal size. "Oh, it looks like the effects have subsided. We'll have to rely on our own strength from here on out-"

Just then, SharpMan tossed her and her SP each another ear of corn; divine providence had seen fit to give SharpMan another glimpse of heaven, apparently. "Y-Yes, let's hold on to these for a while," Exorcist agreed, secretly hoping that perhaps they wouldn't have another occasion to use the mutant corn. Then again, whatever was making that pounding in the distance certainly didn't sound adverse to violence.

"Heeey, don't be stingy! Look at that guy, keeping two pieces for himself!" Burt whined, tapping at SharpMan on his screen with one index finger. "What's the matter with you, huh?"

"I don't know that I'd want to see what happens when you ingest two at once regardless..." Exorcist responded with a small laugh. Having returned to her regular size, what was formerly a boob window in her clothing had turned into a simple hole, now hanging just about below her breasts.

"I think SharpMan may be just as disappointed as you, Burt," Mary suggested from nearby, now sticking close to the others since she didn't have Bhikkhuni's ringing to follow. "Then again, I may just be making assumptions... but I have a sense for these sorts of things."

Exorcist's eyes widened, then she smiled with admiration. "You really know a lot about interacting with other navis, Mary!" she complimented her SP.

"No, there are just certain personalities that are easier for me to read than others," Mary chuckled cryptically. The SP and her master followed SharpMan along as he headed through the corn, towards the source of the noise.