Los Viruses

In a beam of light, Netopia Area got just a tad sharper. Mainly due to the various blades of its newest occupant. "Been a while...at least it hasn't changed since I last saw it!"

"You do realize you were here last week, right?"

"Of course I know that! But then I was just playing errand boy. Now I'm here to do what I do best...shred other data to pieces!"

"Well, I advise getting to it. I'm going out to supper, so we don't have a ton of time."

"Whatever, I'll make sure this doesn't take long!" Telling him to hurry it up...if it wasn't for the fact he had the folder and stats of a new Navi, he'd be insulted. Actually, he still was somewhat insulted about it, but he wasn't going to let that ruin his fun. As such, he smirked as he trekked into the Net, in search of aforementioned data to rip through.

(Searching for Battle #1)
Two billies approached slowly, tapping their impressively sharp (but not sharp enough) points together. This seemed like a pretty weak challenge, but before SharpMan could set down upon them, a round satellite virus came floating by, apparently intrigued by all of the metal in the area. It could be dangerous if not dealt with.

BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
Sparky: 100 HP

SharpMan: 150 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Two Billy and a Sparky. Not the most fearsome of foes, but unfortunately, he couldn't take them lightly. But he could still take them. "Looks like these guys need to learn what sharpness really is!"

"Mmmhmm. Just tell me what you need sent over, I'm seeing what Electopia has for TV choices. Though if it's anything like Yumland, I'm not sure I'll be doing it for long..."

"...Oh, sure. The viruses probably can't understand a word I'm saying, and you aren't listening. What's the point in acting all menacing, then?!" Blah, might as well get down to business. "Whatever, just send over Sword."

Sword, Sword...ah, there it was. "And...there. BattleChip, Sword! Slot in!"

The four large blades on the Navi's arms ceased to serve as mere decorations, extending by nearly 90 degrees to form four highly capable weapons. The side edge on his right arm, however, seemed ever so slightly shinier than the others. With a grin, he rushed the pair of lightning rodded viruses, who dared to think they could even begin to compete with his sharp sense of style. In an attempt to prove them wrong, he delivered a single horizontal cut with the extra shiny blade to one of the Billy, to show it who the truly edgy figure in this fight was. As fast as anything other than lightning, he spun around, performing a brutal stab attack on its twin, ensuring that it also got the point.

Once everything was made abundantly clear, SharpMan reversed the direction of his stab by pulling his arm back, using it as momentum to get some extra distance between him and his opponents, some of which might've survived via sheer luck. For the moment, however, he focused on the Sparky. This being his native Net since Whazzap tended to 'borrow' Netopia's area, he knew its kind well. They weaved back and forth as they moved along, managing to be just quick enough in the process to be annoying to evade. However, they did have one quirk that potentially made them total pushovers...and he had a way to make that quirk work for him. "Heh heh...time to put a slice of genius to work! Dawn, quit flipping through the channels and gimme AquaBalloon!"

"Electopia's shows sure are...hmm? What'd you say?"

"AquaBalloon, now!"

"...But aren't all your enemies electrically based?"

"Yes, but that's not going to matter! Send it, pronto!!"

One blue squid looking thing with an angry looking balloon, coming up...though the operator didn't do so without giving her Navi a rather funny look, unsure of his intentions. "...BattleChip, AquaBalloon! Slot in!"

A blue dot appeared in front of the bladed Navi, which quickly expanded into a large balloon, complete with angry yellow eyes. Slowly but surely, it began to float forward, with a purpose apparently unclear to all but the user. Now he just needed to sit back and wait for the Sparky to try to attack, and get within the object's proximity...

[Order of Turn:
1-Sword chip attack on BillyA (80, Slashing)
2-Sword chip attack on BillyB (80, Slashing)
2a-Swordplay (free dodge)
3-AquaBalloon chip attack towards Sparky (10, 200 HP Aqua Object, Mobile, absorbs damage taken, To-All explosion after 3 turns, Elec attack destroys on contact)]
Whoop, whoop, and two Billies' heads were lopped off. No, wait, just one, the other got off easy somehow. Its attack with a slow-moving thunderball was way too easily dodged, though. The Sparky was about to attack him, but when SharpMan released the AquaBalloon, the Sparky had a sudden urge to orbit the little thing and completely ignore the Navi! How weird.

BillyA: 50 HP
Sparky: 100 HP

AquaBalloon: 200 HP (Orbited by Sparky) (3 Turns Left)

SharpMan: 150 HP (Sword 4/6) [Incoming Thunderball!]

Terrain: 100% Normal
Grr...he missed. And his blades didn't exactly help with electrical balls that homed in on him. Still, so long as he was mindful of it, it wouldn't be an issue. "Fine, you lived. but don't worry...I won't make that mistake again!"

"Yaaaaaawn...oh, excuse me!" Operators yawning...that was never good. "I guess I'm more tired than I thought...SharpMan, you can finish this on your own, can't you?"

"What?! Well, sure I could, but more chips would make it easier!"

"Oh...then I guess I'll give you something else first." Without even bothering to look, Dawn grabbed a chip, and placed it in her PET. "BattleChip, MeteorKnuckle! Slot in!"

Three levitating fists appeared above the bladed Navi, who looked up at them with a sigh. Oh well, it'd work in this instance. "...Meh, whatever." He pointed at the remaining Billy, causing the trio of weapons to launch forward, and try and smash apart the virus with the might of rocket punches. Granted, it wasn't sword-based, but...not bad. Not bad at all.

Once that was finished, he turned to the Sparky, which was still spinning around the balloon, just as he expected. His blade was still extra shiny...this shouldn't be all that hard. He took a moment to get the satellite's orbit down, then walked over to just beyond its range. He reextended his blade, and simply waited for the virus to make another pass...


He powerfully tore at the electrical foe, then quickly stepped back to a safer space. From there, he simply awaited another revolution...


SharpMan slashed at the Sparky once again, to free his AquaBalloon of the satellite. Strangely, however, he allowed the momentum of the attack to carry him a bit, in an attempt to avoid the incoming Thunder attack...preferably without getting into the path of the other virus in the process. Sure, it wasn't the flashiest technique ever, but it tended to get the job done.

With a sigh, he turned and looked things over, to see if he had missed anything. He was tired, but...not physically. Having to come up with so much stuff on his own was a real headache...

[Order of Turn:
1-MeteorKnuckle1 chip attack on BillyA (30, Impact, Break, Knockback, hits 3 times)
2-Sword chip attack on Sparky (80, Slashing)
3-Sword chip attack on Sparky (80, Slashing)
3a-Swordplay subtype ability (passive dodge)]
Using some levitating fists might not have been the best of ideas, since, well, SharpMan was a sword dude. The fists just sorta lodged themselves in the ground next to the Billy. On the other hand, equipping the Sword allowed him to cut the Sparky to pieces easily. The Thunderball was dodged pretty easily, and the Billy shot out another one for him to jump around. It was kind of amusing.

BillyA: 50 HP

AquaBalloon: 200 HP (Orbited by Sparky) (2 Turns Left)

SharpMan: 150 HP (Sword 2/6) [Incoming Thunderball!]

Terrain: 100% Normal
...Carving up the Sparky, good. Somehow completely missing the Billy again? Not so much. "...Oh, damn it! You gotta be kidding me!"

"Ngg...keep it down, SharpMan..."

"Oh, I'll keep it down...right after I tear this thing into tiny pieces!!!" All four blades on SharpMan's arms were now completely extended, and oddly enough, all gleamed with the power of the BattleChip still within him. "EYAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!" He lunged at the electrical virus, his left arm oddly crossed across his chest. The reason for this became apparent as he approached the foe, as he unleashed a reverse slash to cut it apart. He then raised his right arm high, and attempted to bring his lower edge down upon the head of the Billy, just in case it managed to avoid that, too. Besides, completely piercing it for having the nerve to still live was always fun. But the last attack was too much for the data infused in his innate weapons, and the blades became slightly less shiny. Not less sharp, though...he had his name for a reason.

And on top of that, if it STILL managed to exist, he now had a nice point to pivot, or even launch himself away from incoming balls of electricity. Even though he probably deserved to get shocked if he had failed at that point.

[Order of Turn:
1-Sword chip attack on BillyA (80, Slashing)
2-Sword chip attack on BillyA (80, Slashing)
2a-Swordplay subtype ability (passive dodge)
Sliced up Billy good. Sliced up Billy not very delicious, but still good. The Thunderball didn't hit.


AquaBalloon: 200 HP (Orbited by Sparky) (2 Turns Left)

SharpMan: 150 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

-- BATTLE 01, VICTORY!! --


[Satellite1] Battlechip, 250z
SharpMan extended his hand to access the remaining data, relieved that he hadn't continued to embarrass himself. In addition to a trivial amount of cash, it seemed he had acquired a new chip...Satellite. Interesting. Unfortunately, he'd have to wait to use it, since he certainly couldn't proceed on his own. Gathering it all, he sent it to the PET, followed shortly by himself...