The battle of NetCastle D-119.

A lone gateway (Yes, a full gateway and not a telepad.) stood on a stone platform at the end of a dirt road. This gateway was the only way in or out of this server, and was large enough to accommodate plenty of traffic. Certainly more than this server had seen in a long time...

The path stretched on ahead of the gateway, crossing a large grassy field on its way to the stone walls surrounding the castle in the distance. Swampy terrain dotted the fields, and the occasional cracked panel could be seen along the path. Trees were everywhere in varying states of being, ranging from perfectly healthy looking to gnarled stumps and hollowed logs felled long ago. This server had obviously not been granted the maintenance it really required in a long time. This extended not only to the terrain itself but also to the net structures, mostly collapsed into rubble, that clustered about the walls near the dilapidated fortress gates. Gates that stood quite a ways away from the Gateway here on the stone dais, and were apparently just tall enough that the castle that should lay beyond wasn't visible over them.

It would be quite a hike to get to the gate, and generally up-hill the whole way. Visibility wasn't exactly the greatest either. It was night-like here, as the program that would have served for an illumination source had degraded to the point that it resembled a moon high over head. Picking out the finer details of the area would be very difficult without getting a lot closer to whatever it was one intended to inspect.

Two Navis would soon discover these facts for themselves...


It was a dark and stormy night. The air reverberated with a crescendo of thunder, shaking the very earth with its pulsing drumbeat. The rain came down in sheets, blanketing the world in gray mist. Each drop beat hard upon the wet earth. The splish, splosh of each moisture laden tear cascaded a symphony of sound. The trees bent, drooped over under the heavy burden brought to bear against them. The leaves and branches soaked and sagging.

The swamps bellowed and gorged on the rain. They inflated and overflowed, belching forth great swaths of muck. Rotted and waterlogged foliage floated here and there, clinging to whatever mud embankments they rutted against. Frogs croaked and grunted boisterously, to be heard over the intensity of the showers. Any other sound was muted in its all-encompassing presence.

The moon was waning and dim. A quarter of Luna was in darkness. The rest of the sphere shone pale, sick. It was as if it was being devoured by an unseen force. As if nature itself was dying in the presence of the viral threat.

It was into this bogged landscape that a single beam of bright light flashed. A burst that illuminated only briefly a massive stone gateway that barred entrance to the ruins beyond. Shadows danced across the carved structure, playing a dangerous tag with the umbra, before being absorbed once again by its toothy maw. A single figure emerged from the fading fluorescence. The figure was a slightly taller than average man. And he was garbed in a loose-fitting doublet and a pair of breeches over a linen undersuit, durable gloves and boots, and topped off with a hardened Tricorn hat with feathers drooping out of it. All of which was quickly drenched and discolored by the environment, clinging to his body like a second skin.

The navi clicked his tongue and tipped his hat a bit to brush off the rain getting in his eyes. His flintlock rifle was not covered and would be rendered useless by the weather. It was not starting off well.
That deep dark cloudy sky did little to hide the next burst of light that appeared, blazing like a falling star the fireball crashed down into water and mud nearby. There was no showy flame as the little navi rose from the slight curled up pose she had arrived in.

Lucia's arrival was much like her others, but this time no brilliant flick of her fiery locks was given, no delicate dancer's twirl upon toes as she sprang to life. Sadly this time that delicate fire flower was far from charming as first step upon this new terrain brought on a loud "Bleh!" from her. Shortly after she arose atop toes of other foot. Tugging the now mud coated barefoot from the wet terrain, only to have second sink right back down into the gooey setting all about her.

Soft pout followed as soon she gave up trying to escape the muck under toe and stepped towards her awaiting partner. The various fires about her form seemed dulled and dwindled down to near nothingness, but despite it all, thin wisps of steam could be seen rising from bare skin about her. the soft hiss of cold water striking something hot and instantly vaporizing meant the little torchlight in the night was none to quiet in her approach.

Whine was given when finally she was close enough to bring about her distaste and voice complaint to more than just the falling droplets. "SINNie, can't we come back another time, it's cold and wet! And icky!!" All the same navi shifted and crossed arms before her chest, the tight cream tube top and biker shorts already darkened by the pouring rain, though perhaps by the heat of her programming or just by design, they remained as concealing as they'd always been. "Did I mention it was wet!"
Lucia arrived and began complaining about the weather. SINNBAD could think of little to console her. He didn't have any way of making her more comfortable. There was also no way to know if this weather would abate on its own or was around because of the viral infestation. Thankfully, Destin chimed in.

"I've been expecting weather phenomenon on the Net for a while now."

The two navi could hear Destin over the rain because he was tapped into their ears directly. SINN reached up and tapped his right ear with a rain-soaked glove. The cool water from his robed fingertips dribbled down his skin and dropped off, to join the millions of other parcels of liquid that was pouring down around him.

"As such I have been adding clothes and other such stuff that would help out SINN. It wouldn't be too hard to duplicate them for Lucia... aaannnddd, here."

The operator stated as a new file emerged in both Navis' equipment program.


SINN activated his and was shortly draped over by a large, dark sheet, devoid of any markings. Thankfully it had a hood and holes for his arms, as well as fasteners to close the sides. SINN took a minute to adjust the poncho over his garments. And was soon as snug as a bug in a rug, with his currently untrustworthy rifle slung over his back.
Lucia and Vincent both listened on curiously as Destin explained the new clothing, and in seeing how successful it was in keeping the other navi safe from the elements, Vincent went ahead and activated the new item from the listed inventory.

Just after it's activation, Lucia would light aglow as the new clothing downloaded around her form, soon fading down into that dull dark blanket. Drawing it up good and tight she seemed thrilled to be out of the rain, showing such as hood was drawn up to hide her further, "Alright! Let's go then SINNie!"

First several steps the navi's mood definitely improved greatly now that she was free of the falling rain, but as she moved that dark poncho would start to lighten, slowly at first, before several glowing spots about it started to appear. Finally, after just several moments of her dawning it. The poncho erupted into flames and fell away, bringing a loud squeak of surprise from the little fiery thing. True the rain had put the blaze out quickly as the charred remains lay upon the ground a moment before being sent back to her operator's PET.

Low dulled look came upon Lucia's face then as she slowly turned and trudged through the mud, muttering darkly. "Let's just go.."
SINNBAD jumped back in surprise as Lucia turned into a fireball for a moment, before revealing Lucia again, sans one poncho. His eyebrow arched under the hood. How do the rest of her clothes stay intact? As this and other questions began to form themselves inside his head, Destin cleared his throat. SINN started trudging at the sound, thinking that Destin was telling him to hurry. It wasn't so.

"Huh? I guess I didn't take into account a fire navi who couldn't control her fire. I'm going to try and mess around with this program for awhile. SINN, give me periodic updates."

"Aye, aye sir."

SINNBAD gruffly acknowledged, giving a two-finger salute with his index and middle finger, tapping the top of his hood. He then followed Lucia towards the gate some distance away, uphill, through the marsh, in the pouring rain.

[Battle 1: Wandering in the Rain. Ready.]
Vincent would only give soft shrug of his shoulders as he opened com links with the other operator. "Don't worry to much about it, I'll have a look at the coding and adapt it to Lucia's unique programming. Thank you for the gift."

Lucia on the other had was still grumbling and muttering, more about the mud now then the rain as they walked on.

[Ready For Battle 1/whatever comes]
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x3 x2 x1

As they trudged onward through the mud and foul weather, SINNBAD began to slowly notice that Lucia was looking more bedraggled with every step. Her skin was paling, sizzling with each drop that struck her body. Like a campfire in the rain, she seemed like she was dying out. This caused him some concern. After all, even in this rapscallion form, he was still a being that was concerned with his comrade's health.

SINNBAD's feet rose from under the muck to tip toe across the slippery surface as if it were solid, dry ground. Once more he found himself using the FloatShoes program, for it was insanely useful. The heavy rainfall cleaned off his boots quite quickly, shedding the caked on mud. His boots were clean, but damp, within moments.

He caught up to Lucia and placed his hand on her bare shoulder, stopping her so he could turn her around to face him. His hand burned, even through his thick glove, as he held on to her. He gritted his teeth a little as he looked at her. She was beautiful, though sick. He lifted his hand off her shoulder, relieving the pressure, and touched her chin.

"Bare with me."

He said as he gently turned her head a little from side to side as he examined her. He frowned and a flash of lightning illuminated the road ahead of them. SINN spotted the group of viruses in the momentary brightness, coming over the hill. His head then scanned the surrounding area, seeing little that was helpful, being surrounded by rubble and useless ruins. However, he did catch a shattered building with a partial roof from the corner of his eye.

He removed his hand from Lucia and pointed her towards the building [House Ruins2].

"You should take cover over there. We have company and you don't look well. You can leave this to me."

He stated as patted her on the shoulder again as he walked passed her toward the viruses, slightly pushing her towards the direction of the house. As he entered range he drew his rifle. He struck the ground with the butt of the rifle and swept it across him in a half circle. The badge on the left side of his chest, his navi symbol, sparked to life and glowed white hot. The air rippled and the water was thrown back as an invisible force bubbled outward from his body, pushing the elements away. His skin and leather jerkin hardened and turned gray, as if he was calcifying right there on the battlefield.

He reached into his belt, in his poncho, and pulled out a small paper-wrapped cylinder no bigger than a cigar. No longer did he have to worry about the rain getting his equipment wet with a barrier holding the water back. Drawing the envelope to his mouth, he bit off the end, tearing the package open a little with his teeth. With his other hand holding the rifle he pressed the hammer to a half-cocked position with his thumb. He then clicked open the flash pan an inch further down the barrel, pouring a small amount of powder into the flash pan. Closing the flash pan securely, SINN turned the rifle barrel upwards to stuff the rest of the cartridge down the muzzle. With both hands on the rifle, he slid out a thin rod made of metal from its sheath on the underside of the rifle. Using the ramrod, he pushed the cartridge all the way to the base inside the barrel. Then returned the ramrod to its sheath.

All of this was done in a matter of seconds. He trained himself to be able to fire three shots in under a minute.

"You are in my way."

He growled as he shouldered the weapon, aiming his rifle at the lead viral cloud. He sighted along the barrel as he began to chant.

"The one who soars in the heavens. The one who burns away imperfection..."

He said with some reverence. The rain drowned out most of his words.

"Bring them a new beginning. I summon you, Phoenix!"

He called out as he pulled the trigger. When released by the trigger, the spring loaded hammer lurched forward, causing the flint to strike a piece of steel called the "frizzen" that was right before the flash pan. At the same time, the motion of the flint and hammer pushed the frizzen back, which opened the cover to the pan, which contained the small helping of gunpowder. As the flint struck the frizzen, it created a spark of hot metal, which fell into the flash pan and ignited the powder. The flame burnt through a small hole into the barrel of the gun and ignited the main powder charge in the barrel, causing the weapon to fire.

And fire it did. The puff of flame that escaped the end of the rifle's barrel expanded into a raging inferno only moments after it left the muzzle. The gout of fire blazed through SINN's barrier and rocketed across the sky towards the cloud-like viruses, taking the shape of a soaring bird. The cloud of smoky discharge blinded the area around SINN, before seeping out of the barrier. The phoenix given form climbed quickly, ascending from the muddy terrain to attempt a collision with the viruses. The rain pelted the devouring conflagration, most likely weakening it before it struck. But the phoenix was a powerful force that would not be stopped by mere bad weather.

SINNBAD then took off from his position, heading wherever Lucia went. He hoped she would take his advice and head for the building he had pointed out. Regardless, if he managed to catch up to her, he pulled out a small drought of clear liquid and offered it for her to drink.

"Here, drink this. It should help dull the pain."

1: Mantle of Self-Defense1 [Signature]: (One instance of 20 HP Barrier) + (One instance of 2-Hit Shield) + (One instance of 20 HP Casing) to SINNBAD.
2: PhoenixShot1 [Battlechip]: 70 Fire Damage + Wide Attack to Cloudy group.
3: Tactical Movement: Run to Lucia, trying to avoid attacks if possible.
4: First Aid1: [Signature]: One instance of Heal 30 to Lucia.

Signature Cool Downs:
1: Mantle of Self-Defense1: 2 Turns.
2: First Aid1: 1 Turn.

Other Effects:
1: FloatShoes [NaviCust]: Ignores effects from panels except broken/missing.
Lucia definitely wasn't enjoying the current weather conditions at all, her form was cooler to the touch despite the constant wisps of steam rising as each heavy droplet fell upon her, slowly sapping away her energy. Still she tried to keep faint smile when SINN touched her shoulder to draw her dulled look face to his attention. Blinking those pink eyes up at him at yet another touch to chin and gentle words.

All seemed to help as she eased away and started to look towards where he'd directed her, giving soft nod in agreement after as she took a slight step forward.

"You've a new defense Lucia, use it to keep the rain off." Vincent was none too happy with the setting himself, but challenges exist for those who seek power. So while navi tended herself he'd opt to study up on those virii that had presented themselves before them.

Taking long deep breath, if such a thing was required of a program upon the digital plane, Lucia drew herself into a slightly curled posture, eyes closed tightly as exhale came with low growl. Her form would begin to shiver and tense up tightly as she drew upon her fiery systems. Finally letting out a soft cry as she erupted in brilliant display of form consuming fire. Those flames grew out as hair started to take it's glow once more, the flames about wrist and ankles slowly returning to their full burning glory. Even rain, despite its continued fall seemed to no longer reach her, droplets burst into vapors just shy of the navi's frame, as bubble like dome appeared with the steamy mist.

Slowly the navi would draw back up and turn those glowing pink eyes towards her goal, starting to reach back for quiver, at least until operator stopped her. "Don't bother, the rain would probably dissipate your strike to quickly, besides only slashing can hurt those shadows. Use this and secure the ruins." With orders came soft snap of chip being inserted into PET navi took charge through the mud towards her goal. With firm sweep of arm she flicked out to the side, the fire extending from her wrist before the glare of twin sinister blades took form above her hand.

Quite growl followed once more as she made strike towards the axe formed shadow, trying to slice it down as she grew close. The strike was followed with slight bounce as she took to heavy step into the broken rubble and kicked off to bring second follow up strike to her same target, wanting to thin down the ranks as quickly as possible and escape this rain.

Still with aid of her ally coming to her side once more, she gladly accepted his quick aid via the smell energy mixture, helping to ease some of her rain brought pains.

* Blaze Aura [Signature] Passive 20HP barrier around self
1. Tactical Movement: Charge towards pile of rubble and Shadows near it.
2. Rageclaw1 [Battlechip] 40 Null Damage + Slashing @ ShadowA [5/6 Uses remaining]
3. Rageclaw1 [Battlechip] 40 Null Damage + Slashing @ ShadowA [4/6 Uses remaining]

Lucia.EXE: 117HP [+30HP heal via SINNBAD]
Rageclaw1: 4 of 6 uses remaining
((Encounter Theme))

The two Navis raised barriers to protect themselves from the weather, as well as the viruses. It seemed to work at first, as the expanding globes of barrier energy did indeed push the elements back... but only for the short span of time it took for the Barriers to fully materialize and stabilize. The rain began to wash over the two of them once again just after. Apparently barriers and casings were about as effective at stopping the rain as they were at keeping a swimming Navi dry....

Well, no matter, the Navigators acted swiftly against their foes regardless. Lucia ran through the mud at her best pace towards the enemy while SINNBAD raised his flintlock rifle and prepared to fire it at the viruses before the rain ruined his chance. He managed to pull it off, and got off one gunshot before the rifle was too soaked to fire again without being dried. And what an impressive shot it was, as the two Cloudy viruses floating over the grass field were suddenly swooped upon by a Phoenix, and deleted.

The remaining Cloudy, which hadn't been near its two now-toasted-comrades, retaliated by jumping into the sky and launching a raincloud over SINNBAD. Unlike the weather, this rain was stopped by the barrier, but destroyed the barrier at the same time. The rain cloud then moved off on it's own, and SINNBAD walked out of the zone the cloud was now patrolling before it could return to attack him again.

Lucia, meanwhile, managed to reach the virus without slipping and falling on her face. She slashes at it with her rageclaw, and connected solidly with the immaterial virus. The virus responded by trying to chop her in half with an overhead axe cleave. If failed, as the blade of the axe bouced harmlessly off of Lucia's Barrier. The fire Navi then finished the virus off with a second raking claw attack, causing it to dissipate into the net.

Lucia was progressively losing HP all the while... That is, until SINNBAD ran over to her and administered a little healing. A temporary measure to be sure. While SINNBAD administered first aid, something poked his armor in the back, damaging it. Neither Navi saw the source of this attack, but that quickly became a trivial matter as a thunderbolt flashed out of the sky to turn the panel next to the two Navis into a crater, courtesy of the Remote Bit.

What would they do next?


SINNBAD.EXE: 150 HP [on Mud] (5 HP Casing) (Equip: 2-Hit Shield)
Lucia.EXE: 120 HP (Heavy Rain: HP -3/Action) [on Mud] (5 HP Barrier)
--Learned Info: The weather is not subject to the defenses employed thus far.

CloudyA: Deleted
CloudyB: Deleted
CloudyC: 80 HP [on Mud]
ShadowA: Deleted
ShadowB: 80 HP [on Mud]
???: (It's out there somewhere.)

Remote Bit: Hovering high overhead. (Invincible.)
Trees: Scattered about. (Too many to keep track of. They have 80 HP, each.)

Gateway: 4 moves behind. (Firewall UP)
Fortress Gate: Still far ahead. Don't worry about it now.
House Ruins1: Down a muddy path to the left.
Pile of Rubble: Ahead, to the right of the main path.
House Ruins2: Just beyond the Pile of Rubble.

Mud: 26% (Path)
Grass: 39% (Fields)
Normal: 10% (Ruins)
Sea: 3% (Flooded pools)
Poison: 21% (Swamps)
Broken: 1% (Crater)

---Weather--- (affects everyone)
Rain (Heavy): ???
Thunderstorm (Light): ???
Lucia gave a soft huff of aggravation when she started to realize that her defense did nothing to stop the rain beyond the initial summoning of that bubble. Still her foe was vanquished and thanks to her ally she was at least healthy once more. She wanted to offer a small thanks for his kindness, but a sudden flash, crash and slight tremor stopped her words in her throat. Peeking passed her well defended friend at the newly made crater, she quickly turned gaze skyward. Scowling at the floating red satellite hovering close by.

"Little bugger.." Faint shift in stands followed as navi lowered down to a faint crouch, her fiery spirit starting to slowly emanate from her once more as the rain took on a faint swirl in the air about her. The reason would be quickly known as navi kicked off firmly with sudden burst of air that would leave SINNBAD feeling the thrown droplets towards him. Sailing upwards into the sky, the navi finally blazed once again in flaming glow, which soon faded once again, leaving only the faintly glowing barrier about her.

Her goal was quickly coming in range as he let out a low growl. "Go away!!" Words were screamed out as she pulled herself into quick rotation, spinning round as right leg drew up. Slight speed increased to send the falling droplets scattering about before finally her target was within reach. Heavy strike was aimed towards that floating bit in the sky, hopefully impact would follow, which if was the case would cause the rain to suddenly blow in all directions as the impact should send the little thing flying.

Whatever the outcome happened to be she'd start her decent back to the network below. Soft muddy splash followed as navi touched down close to where she'd just left, only to let out a quiet whine and wave towards her partner. "Last shadow's yours, I want out of this rain!" With such she turned round and started heading for the shadows of that roof covered ruins.

1. Tactical Movement+Airstep: Leap skyward towards Remote Bit
* Blaze Aura [Signature] Passive 20HP barrier around self
2. Eek! No Touchy! [Signature] Microburst + Movement @ Remote Bit
3. Tactical Movement: Make way towards House Ruins 2

Lucia.EXE: 120HP [-9HP due to rain]
Eek! No Touchy!: 2 TCD
Rageclaw1: 4 uses remaining
SINNBAD drew back as Lucia launched herself into the air, splattering his clothes with mud. With his weapon once again ruined by the rain, and the mud, SINN had to change tactics. Unsheathing a dagger-like bayonet from a belt-sheath on his left side, he affixed it to the rifle. The bayonet had a ring guard that fitted over the muzzle and so did not deny the use of the firearm while equipped. But it would take him a moment to screw it on properly so it wouldn't fall off.

So as Lucia began her move toward the ruins, SINNBAD was ready. He took off also, heading toward the location of the other Shadow. As he rushed across the ground, the bayonet began to glow. The gleaming metal shone as bright as a lantern as the rogue closed with the ruins. He slid down the side of the road, down the path, and charged the virus. The darkness danced away from the illuminated blade as it struck out at the demon Shadow.

SINN shifted after he struck, sliding on the muck as if it were frozen over and he an ice-skater. He tried to outmaneuver the virus, hounding it with another strike at its core. The blazing sword sizzled in the rain as it flashed about like a viper. Fangs bared. Sending sparks cascading as it swept across the stone wall.

When he withdrew from the searing attacks, he kept his body guarded by the rifle. Stepping slightly to his right as he watched the Shadow's movements. It was unclear if it fell to his onslaught. His defenses had held so far. His barrier was gone, his navi symbol grayed out, no longer shining. But his ablative scales, though shredded considerably by an unknown source, was still more-or-less intact enough to provide some scant protection.

1: Tactical Movement: Charge ShadowB.
2: Sword [Battlechip]: 80 Null Damage + Slashing to ShadowB. [5/6 uses remaining.]
3: Tactical Movement: Stay with ShadowB, hedging it to the ruins.
4: Sword [Battlechip]: 80 Null Damage + Slashing to ShadowB. [4/6 uses remaining.]

Signature Cool Downs:
1: Mantle of Self-Defense1: 1 Turn.
2: First Aid1: 0 Turns.

Other Effects:
1: FloatShoes [NaviCust]: Ignores effects from panels except broken/missing.
2: Mantle of Self-Defense1 [Signature]: (2-Hit Shield) + (5 HP Casing).
3: Sword [Battlechip]: 4 uses remaining.
A beam of light tore through the sky, landing gently onto the ground, notably in the center of the poisonous swamps.

A weezing, hacking cough echoed out from the pale green light, and notably the aroma of the area became significantly worse.

The Navi, in addition to being waist deep in poisonous sludge, was wearing some sort of strange armor, but whether it could still be considered protective wear was questionable. It was rusted, pitted, corroded, and all around junky. It seemed to be leaking out some sort of noxious fume that would make grown men's chest hair curl. He was additionally covered with strange bottles and vials that were filled to the brim with sickly shades and colors of liquids and semi-liquids. He turned his hooded face upwards, and the only thing showing from within it was a glowing orange light source. In his hands were a 'rifle' that seemed to resemble a water gun than a real one: it had a large tank of goop attached to its top, for one.

The strange Navi waded up out of the goop, seemingly unfazed by it's sinister nature. "Well, hello there, good sir and madam, what can ToxicMan do for you today?" he said in a greasy, mocking tone. "I know. How's about you get out of my way and I'll send these turds back to the compost heap?" he said, pulling up his rifle.

"Don't get in my way, newbies." he said as he lined up his rifle to his visor. From within the rifle came a wide array of glowing lights, which he reached up and grabbed the whitest light and attached to the barrel of the rifle, suddenly, a white hot bead appeared on the Shadow virus. "Later, gator." he croaked as a shower of flechettes flew from the gun barrel.

Not skipping a beat, ToxicMan reached and pulled off of his armor a number of the small vials and loaded them into his rifle where bullets would traditionally go. Swinging his arm around wildly, he fired a multitude of gooey shots into the air, raining them down on the remaining viruses around them.

PASSIVE.} Toxic Aura: 10 damage to five closest active targets. (ShadowB, CloudyC, SINNBAD, Lucia, ----)
1.} Laser Sight (White) @ ShadowB: Slashing, 40Damage
2.} Rapid Buster Shot @ ShadowB: 5*5*2Damage+Splash
3.} Rapid Buster Shot @ ShadowB: 5*5*2Damage+Splash
4.} Toxic Warfare (Paralyze) @ CloudyC: Stun, 40Damage
5.} Rapid Buster Shot @ CloudyC: 5*5*2Damage+Splash
6.} Rapid Buster Shot @ CloudyC: 5*5*2Damage+Splash


Toxic Warfare (Numb): Ready
Toxic Warfare (Paralyze): Used (2TC)
Toxic Warfare (Blind): Ready
Toxic Warfare (Mute): Ready
Toxic Warfare (Craze): Ready
Toxic Warfare (Sleep): Ready
Laser Sight (Red): Ready
Laser Sight (Orange): Ready
Laser Sight (Yellow): Ready
Laser Sight (Green): Ready
Laser Sight (Blue): Ready
Laser Sight (Purple): Ready
Laser Sight (White): Used (1TC)
Chemical Cocktail (Clarity): Ready
Chemical Cocktail (Restore): Ready
Chemical Cocktail (Disrupt): Ready
Chemical Cocktail (Stimulant): Ready
Toxic Aura: Passive

((ToxicMan.EXE has 750HP and is Cursor Type))
Lucia leaped high into the air, and hit the Remote Bit with a very strong push. The Bit resisted this effort somewhat, but was still sent flying backwards a decent enough distance. As the Navi began falling back towards the ground, the Remote Bit began hovering slowly and silently forward once again. She had bought them a little time.

Upon landing, Lucia took off for the remains of the ruined building that still had something resembling a roof over it. SINNBAD, his bayonet now properly affixed to his rifle, dashed after his companion. He was just drawing near the first virus when his armor mysteriously turned to rust and fell off. The Shadow he was going to attack turned into a sword and took a swing at SINNBAD just as the Navi executed his attack. The nightshade blade met the bayonet with the clashing ring of steel meeting steel, and the two blades rebelled each other.

ToxicMan entered the fray, and lit up the Shadow with his laser sight. The white beam struck the black virus, and slowly turned it to gray. Less than a second later, a pair of high powered sniper rounds slushed past SINNBAD's ear and right through the virus with no apparent effect. The laser, on the other hand, had dome something evil, as the virus was moving so slowly that SINNBAD was able to dispatch it easily with his next bayonet attack. Wait... were sniper rounds supposed to sound like liquid?

The sniper rounds hit the house with a splash as Lucia arrived, her barrier having turned a sickly shade of purple as it started to... melt. She caught a glimpse of the Twisty virus inside the house, which appeared to be an unhealthy shade of it's normal color and not really reacting to her presence. Whatever the bullets had been made of, it had eaten through the walls and was now splashing upon the interior of the house. The house itself also turned an interesting shade of toxic green before collapsing in on itself, putting the poisoned virus out of its misery by crushing it.

ToxicMan then lit up the remaining Cloudy virus, and hit it too with something that probably violated every real-world biological warfare treaty in existence. The paralyzed virus melted into deletion.

If there were any other viruses in the area, they were likely fleeing in the other direction as quickly as they could. After all... Who wouldn't....



SINNBAD.EXE: 150 HP [on Mud] (Equip: 2-Hit Shield)
-- GET: LilCloud, 230z

Lucia.EXE: 111 HP (Heavy Rain: HP -3/Action) [on Mud] (10 HP Barrier)
-- GET: Shadow1, 230z


ToxicMan.EXE: 750HP [Toxic Aura]
-- GET: RemoteBit1, 250z

CloudyA: Deleted
CloudyB: Deleted
CloudyC: Deleted
ShadowA: Deleted
ShadowB: Deleted
Twisty: Deleted

Trees: Scattered about. (Too many to keep track of. They have 80 HP, each.)

Gateway: 4 moves behind. (Firewall UP)
Fortress Gate: Still far ahead. Don't worry about it now.
House Ruins1 Toxic Waste Dump: Down a muddy path to the left.
Pile of Rubble: Ahead, to the right of the main path.
House Ruins2: Just beyond the Pile of Rubble.

Mud: 26% (Path)
Grass: 39% (Fields)
Normal: 10% (Ruins)
Sea: 3% (Flooded pools)
Poison: 21% (Swamps)
Broken: 1% (Crater)

---Weather--- (affects everyone)
Rain (Heavy): ???
Thunderstorm (Light): ???
SINNBAD coughed a little, dropping his rifle and holding a hand over his face. When he brought his hand back, the palm was spattered with silver. Datum? His vision blurred slightly and he doubled over onto his knees, lightheaded. His hands moved to the ground in order to steady himself.

His head pounded and his face paled as he turned to look at the newcomer. A haze was built up around the strange navi. The fumes seemingly toxic. Was it a new virus that SINN had not encountered before? The plagued soldier's, rusted, pitted form was hideous to behold. Boils burst out all over its skin. Its power was overwhelming.

SINNBAD fought to keep conscious.

"Who... Who are you?"

He said meekly.
Perhaps it was a matter of distance, or exposure, but Lucia seemed to be doing better than her partner in arms with the presence of this new.. thing. But for the moment it wasn't her focus, before her was the remains of what may have been her only means of escaping this horrid rain. Muttering softly once she realized it's where the remote's base was, "Figures.." Giving a soft kick of the rubble she'd finally turn back towards the others, only to give a start.

Quite surprised at the sudden condition of SINNBAD, she'd start making her way towards him through the stinging rainfall. Though thanks to this new navi a slight change seemed to be taking place. Instead of the rain cutting down her flames to near nothingness, they started to burn all the brighter. Hair flowing about as untamed as a forest fire rampaging through the land, while wrists, hands, ankles and feet were all but cloaked within their respected blazes. Steam from water vapors had grown as well, some droplets no longer reaching parts of her, turning to that hot mist as it reached the flames ever burning about her instead. Though she still looked as if she was growing weaker by the moment. Or would if not for the faint stop once she was closer to SINNBAD. "Hey, you ok?"

Navi soon blinked before scowling and reached up to hold her nose, frowning. "Jeeze, something over here smells horrible!" Other hand rose to point towards the new comer, expression hidden behind other hand. "Who are you, you look horrible, all old and slimy! So gross!"
ToxicMan centered his orange visor on the pair of Navis.

"I'm ToxicMan, and I just saved your asses." he said, totally unfazed by Lucia's less than tactful statements. "And if you'd like to help me help you, you'd best go home to momma before you scrape your knee and go home cryin'." he croaked.

Noticing the chip data he had received, he picked it up gingerly. "Useless." he muttered, opening one of the canisters on his chest, which, surprisingly, did not add to his overall odor. Tossing the chip in, a slight hiss could be heard as it sagged, deformed, and finally dissolved into nothing as he snapped the lid shut.

"Well?" he added, looking at the Navi pair.
At those words SINNBAD raised himself up onto his feet. How he seemingly was shrugging off the effects of the toxic cloud that permeated his surroundings was unknown. Probably through strength of will, as his skin was still pale and he was visibly sweating. The water dripped from his poncho over his face as he spoke. His vision was still clouded.

"T-This is our mission. We c-cannot fail again."

He stated as he scooped up his rifle. He used it as a crutch. The butt of the rifle dug into the wet earth as he leaned heavily on the barrel. The whole thing slightly leaning at an angle. The attached bayonet pointed away from his face so as not to accidentally stab himself.

"So... You either help us or leave. We are 'going' to the castle."

He stated defiantly.
Giving a faint scowl at such a blunt claim over saving them, she wasn't aware they were in any real risk of danger. Still navi lowered hand from nose, mostly so she could look herself over. Those flames were burning brightly once more, wither her systems were starting to adapt to the falling rain, or maybe the fumes this toxic navi were putting off were flammable, whatever the reason she looked normal. Though beneath those burning flames skin still paled coolly, And she was starting to show signs of weariness. "Saved us? You destroyed the one piece of structure that I could have safety in! You old junky asshole! Go away before you cause us anymore grief!"

"Calm yourself Lucia, I may have found means to keep the rain off." Came voice spoken into the navi's ear as Vincent went over system designs and what all the rain had bypassed so far. Still he'd draw out a chip and slot it into the PET.

Down below Fiery navi would blink in surprise as upon left arm a glow started to expand from the flames, soon bright yellow formed in an ever growing dome. "Wait, your sending me a shield? Why?" exclaimed navi as she blinked at the large met-hat like guard now resting upon her arm. "Hold it above your head Lucia." came quite dulled response from operator as he shook his head. "It's a physical barrier, should help, though this rain definitely brings a weakness to light. One we'll deal with in the future."

With a grunt Lucia shifted that shield up over her head, turning focus back upon the others around her. "Anyway, yeah what danger, we were getting along just fine thank you. So uh, what SINNie said, help us or leave." with final rant the navi stuck out little pink tongue towards Toxicman, though only for a moment before re-pinching her nose with a disgusted look upon her face.