Balloon Partners

Flying through the air, heading straight for the ground, was Djinni's fiery meteor entrance. The flames played around happily through the air all the time until the crash occured. A gust of wind was whipped up accompanied with dust as a figure stood up in the middle of the crater. Djinni coughed loudly after a few seconds having stood still and proceeded to walk out of the cloud of dust. "This is way too overdone!" Djinni screamed and immediately started to cough again. Using one hand to cover her mouth and another to wave away the dust, she eventually emerged from the cloud and immediately slammed her fists against her hips. "At least I didn't fall on my face," Djinni said proudly and kneeled down with a smile, tapping the ground with her enormous staff. "Will you play with us, Fhyre?" she asked merrily while from the ground a ruby appeared.

Golden rings and fire were created around the ruby and bracelets to contain the fiery hands in their form. Fhyre simply gave Djinni a thumbs up, lacking a voice, and walked around a bit on her hands to stretch her ethereal limbs.

Djinni looked around quickly, realizing Shisho was still not around and brought a system window into her sight. She tapped a few buttons, causing a vertical hoop of flames to be made in the air, and pushed the window away as soon as she was finished. "Battlesuit Graphic Model Override, execute!" Djinni exclaimed while jumping through the flames. Entering at one side with her regular outfit, she left it with an entirely different outfit which was supposedly to hide her feminine curves in case others would be offended. Looking down at herself, however, she realized it only hid the curves of her upper body. "T-This is better, isn't it?" she asked Fhyre, only her eyes visible which showed mixed emotions.

Fhyre however, simple as she was, just showed Djinni a thumbs up. After this she walked over to Djinni and sat down next to her while the two awaited Shisho's arrival.

- Fhyre.SP Summoned.
- Battlesuit.GMO Activated.
As if to mimic the earlier entry into the network, a form flew through the sky before crashing onto the ground. From the looks of it, however, a particular Navi landed face-first. Thankfully, it did not look like he was that much harmed... In fact, it seemed like as if the Navi was doing it on purpose. An obnoxious giggle could be heard from the intercom with Rini, and Shisho knew that the act was a success.

... At the expense of his own embarrassment, of course.

At the sight of Djinni and another entity, he quickly got up and dusted himself off, wiping hard at his nose to remove the dirt from his face. When Shisho looked up to the woman... He found her to be in a different form. "... That..." he started, biting his lip. "... Is more tolerable. Thank you." he finished simply, turning away to hide the red plastered on his face. "Woohoooo! Success! CHAAAAAAAAAAARGE!" Rini instructed, to which Shisho saluted comedically and began to move.

By floating.

[Battle 1, Ready]
With Djinni and Shisho ready for their team-up, the two strode into the Netopian network without further delay. Their travels did not go very far without coming across some enemies: a couple of Cragger golems slammed their fists in front, while three Spooky flanked them from left, right and back. Behind the Craggers, a lone Powie bounced around. The terrain around them seemed to be scattered with various terrains as well, with some glowing panels, some swamp, and some damaged.

Cragger A: 120 HP (Normal) (In front)
Cragger B: 120 HP (Normal) (In front)
Spooky A: 30 HP (Normal) (Left)
Spooky B: 30 HP (Normal) (Right)
Spooky C: 30 HP (Normal) (Back)
Powie: 60 HP (Normal) (Behind Craggers)

-- ALLIES --
Djinni.EXE: 180 HP (Normal)
Shisho.EXE: 150 HP (Normal)
Fhyre.SP: 70 HP (Normal)

80% Normal
10% Holy
5% Poison
5% Cracked

"OK, Shisho!" Djinni began, turned to him and held her hand out towards the enemies, "They're all yours!"

"No," Na'im immediately replied to Djinni's statement, "No, no, no. This is way more than he could handle at this point. Even as teacher and student, in battle we are joint. Play a supportive role in this fight, so that Shisho can demonstrate his might."

Djinni pouted childishly behind her mask, crossing her flaming arms across her vest and turned her eyes to Shisho. "You heard the bald man in control," Djinni jokingly told him, pointing upwards with her thumb while keeping her arms crossed, "We want to see what you can do. For that purpose, I'll remain in a passive stance." With these words, she swung her arms to her sides and, as she shouted out a fierce battlecry, plummeted one of her fists against the floor underneath her. A crack was made, but hardly worth mentioning, and started absorbing fire from her gloves. Once again she yelled out with a battlecry and plummeted her other fist against the ground. The same scene occured and Djinni stood up again after which she turned to look at Shisho with a serious look on her face. "Totally passive!" she exclaimed, her wide eyes showing confidence in her ability. She then turned back to look at the ground and, once again, slammed her fist fiercely against the ground. Once again it was just enough to make a small crack which was used to drain some fire. She stood up again, maintaining the serious look of a master watching over her student, and turned to Shisho. "Passive as can be!" she exclaimed again, then turned away and laughed playfully.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, at the holy panels, similar cracks appeared from which the flames came pouring out. The flames collected in one point, solidifying into a ruby with flames to spare. A second one was created close to it, both also generating a pair of golden rings around the core. Both rubies also acquired a magical shield fit for them, which they promptly pointed at each other and did the shield version of a fist bump. A third stream of flames came from the floor, flowing over the first Meteor Knight which caused him to grow even stronger. They then pointed the shields at the Craggers and shot a meteor out of the shields' middle point. As they did this, the golden cross of each shield lighted up and sent forth an energy wave that created a protective barrier around Djinni and Shisho. Both knights then twirled their shields around and, as if putting a revolver back into its holster, swung them to the side of their core.

Fhyre, meeting her brothers for the first time, waved at the two knights before putting her three hands together to prepare for the attacks. Putting her hands into a quick circulation to create the fireball needed to strike. Once the first was finished and shot at one of the Cragger viruses, following the knights' lead, she immediately continued work on a second. This one was also shot at the same targets, followed by Fhyre waving her hands around wildly to make them 'cool down' despite being made of flames. If anything, it was just a figure of speech.

With a quick jump Djinni was above the surface, causing her fire boots to ignite and keep her floating. "I'll go passively play with those guys!" Djinni shouted, while nodding at the Spooky viruses. A quick thrust of flames sent her towards the viruses, while strafing from left to right in order to dodge any possible incoming attack. As soon as she reached the viruses she wanted to tease she swung her arm playfully at them, causing small harmless to fly at them. As if bouncing or dancing, she kept going around and in between the Spooky viruses while throwing around flames to make them think that any of those flames could have been an attack. But most of all it was just to keep Djinni busy and happy while she couldn't bring out the big guns.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Summon] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +25 FIRE; Multiple Targets +15 FIRE]
F = Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield] [2 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +15 FIRE; Multiple Targets +10 FIRE]

D1. Meteor Knight I [40 HP Fire Element Object; Passive 40 Fire DMG At Specified Enemy; Blast 1; Passive 20 HP Barrier At Self Or Ally; 6 TCD] @ Holy Panel
MKI. ATK [40 FIRE; Blast1] @ CraggerA; Barrier [20HP] @ Shisho.
D2. Meteor Knight II [40 HP Fire Element Object; Passive 40 Fire DMG At Specified Enemy; Blast 1; Passive 20 HP Barrier At Self Or Ally; 6 TCD] @ Holy Panel
MKII. ATK [40 FIRE; Blast1] @ CraggerB; Barrier [20HP] @ Djinni.
D. Masterwork [Object's Max HP +20 +Level(21)] @ Meteor Knight I.
F1. ATK [20] @ CraggerA
F2. ATK [20] @ CraggerB
D3. Dodge.
D4. Attempt to distract Spooky viruses.
"A-All mine?! You can't be serious," Shisho said anxiously, not having been in an actual battle before. "It's a game, Shisho!" Rini shouted with sparkling optimism, cheering for her Navigator in the first battle. Shisho blinked at Djinni's line, his worry forgotten for a moment there. "... I guess there's no harm trying," he sighed finally, clasping his hands together underneath his gloves in an attempt to warm it... or was it to remove imaginary sweat?

Once his hands were free, he swung both arms at his sides backwards, and the two yellow-metallic cables behind him seem to come to life. An aura seemed to sweep in a circle on the ground outwards, away from the Navigator. The cables found it's way towards the solid ground beneath Shisho, sinking into them before solidifying and becoming one with the earth beneath.

"mmmmmm there's no fire but still sorta cool," Rini pondered, her lips puffing out in contemplation. In her hands, she held the three chips. On her lap, the PET. She staaaaaared down at the three tiny pieces of plastic, as if willing for something to come out from them. When Rini did so, she finally got a careful look at the pictures stuck on the chips. "Shishoooooo, I don't know which to chooooose," she huffed, blowing up her cheeks in childish irritance. "Keep them for now, then," Shisho said with a smile.

The floating Navigator's scanning systems bursted into activity only then, when the connections were firm between himself and the ground beneath him. He instinctively looked to the enthusiastic Djinni, who was summoning fire elementals to her aid... and generally having fun about it. A quick scan revealed that Shisho had a loooooooong way to go before he could even compete with the other Navi. Snapping his attention back to what was before him, he took a gulp and lifted both his arms once more, this time to designate a target location.

The earth spoke, it's words soft.

'ghastly silhouette'

Then almost as if with instinct, Shisho's right index finger lifted, though hidden from view by the gloves. It's command ready, the Navigator's desired signal was transmitted from the cable down to the panels underneath. A tiny crack appeared on the panel beneath one of the Spookies, before melting and turning into hot coal... and eventually into molten lava. As Djinni's fire elementals did their chaotic work on the golems, Shisho had his eyes locked onto the Spooky above the terrain he just shifted. Restraining his left arm, he drew a giant circle before him with his right, leaving a glowing mark in it's wake...

... An invisible portal opened, and a shrapnel of an icicle materialised from the portal. The blue glow of the circle surrounding it shifted and blended with the icicle, before Shisho sent it flying at the lava-infused territory of the Spooky. There was a huge puff of steam emanating from the contact between extreme heat and cold, but Shisho did not wait for the outcome. He turned, his ear-wing extensions following his direction in a gentle, swaying manner. Once again, Shisho submitted to the will of the earth beneath him, a finger pointed at the lone Powie.

The earth spoke, it's words soft.

'unnatural constraint'

Almost as if out of nowhere, the panel's properties beneath the Powie changed, the normal, sturdy composition shifting to a more... magnetic nature as it threatened to hinder with the virus's movements. The Navigator stopped, then, as if to admire his work on the battlefield for the first time.

The Operator remained oblivious as to the degree of coolness that her Navigator may, or may not, have portrayed. "... Nope, not really cool. You should be more like Djinni, you know!" she commented, pouting and kicking at the air before her.

Summary of actions
1) Conjuration: Terra [Lava] - Small Terrain - Panel beneath Spooky A
2) Conjuration: Ice Needle - 20 Aqua Damage - Spooky A (+ Terrain advantage)
3) Conjuration: Terra [Magnet] - Small Terrain - Panel beneath Powie
With Djinni taking a 'passive' stance, she began summoning her Meteor Knights, which attacked the Craggers golems in front. Even though the damage seemed less than normal, the golems were less than happy. They proceeded to attack the Knights by slamming their fists into the ground and creating a shockwave around them. The first Meteor Knight succumbed to the shockwave, while the second survived it, as it was slightly out of the golem's range. Fhyre assisted her master, attacking the golems as well, but only one of her shots hit. With Djinni's assistance, Shisho proceeded to work his magic, transforming the ground beneath the Spooky into lava. Then, taking advantage of the lava's properties, he shot a sharp icicle at the Spooky, deleting it quickly. Next up, the Powie in the back was constrained with a magnetic panel, but that didn't stop it from leaping into the air. It was only when it leapt into the air and was about to come down did the magnetic effects take place, freezing it in the air. The Spooky felt that it was about their time to attack, but were distracted by Djinni's weaving in and out. They tried to attack, but the genie was just far too nimble for them.

Cragger A: 100 HP (Normal) (In front)
Cragger B: 90 HP (Normal) (In front)
Spooky B: 30 HP (Normal) (Right)
Spooky C: 30 HP (Normal) (Back)
Powie: 60 HP (In the air) (Above Craggers)

Meteor Knight I: DELETED
Meteor Knight II: 40 HP (Holy)

-- ALLIES --
Djinni.EXE: 180 HP (Normal) (20 HP Barrier)
Shisho.EXE: 150 HP (Normal) (20 HP Barrier)
Fhyre.SP: 70 HP (Normal)

70% Normal (Everywhere else)
5% Magnet (Where the Powie was)
5% Holy (Under MKII)
5% Poison (Somewhere on the battlefield)
10% Cracked (Where MKI was)
5% Broken (Near CraggerB)
"As expected. Only the chips of a beginner," Na'im thought, not having paid attention to the time where Rini showed her chips to him, "I suppose I can give them a hand." Na'im started to slip chips out of the pack he had up to a total of three chips and pushed them into the PET one by one in a specific order. "Shisho, take the chip data from Djinni. Give Rini the fire blast she wanted to see," Na'im said as he tilted his head towards Rini's PET to convey the message properly.

Still in her dancing mood, Djinni graciously jumped towards Shisho and loaded the Magnum chip data into her right hand. A kind expression on her face, her eyes closed, she put her hand on the back of Shisho's sleeve to transmit the chip data. "Use this to destroy those rock heads," she said and her eyes flashed open with mischief in them as she increased the intensity of the flame she had held Shisho with with the intention of setting his sleeve on fire for fun. Eventually letting go of Shisho's sleeve, her eyes showing an amused expression, she turned to the Powie and raised her right hand towards it. "Warriors of Djinni, strike the foe!" she exclaimed while the flame embracing her right glove turned into the shape of a basic buster.

As response to Djinni's call, Fhyre brought her three hands together and began to create a fiery ball in the center of them again. Glancing to the side she could see the remaining Meteor Knight had raised its shield towards the same opponent Djinni had her weapon aimed at. Both creations shot their projectile at the Powie after Djinni fired the first shot.

Spreading the flames of her gloves to the size of wings, albeit small ones, Djinni took a strong jump towards the Meteor Knight while fire from her boots boosted her further along her aerial path. Flames coiled across the cracked ground as Djinni landed just above the ground, making the flames of her boots on top of the floor, and over the panel the first Meteor Knight had been created on. "Accept his sacrifice," Djinni said to the remaining Knight and drew flames from the floor, one would say they were from the fallen Knight but the truth was that the flames were just dramatical graphics for the scene. "And grow stronger than before!" she exclaimed, punching the core of the Knight with her fist to transmit the gathered flames onto its being.

With a quick spin Djinni turned to the Spooky viruses and slammed her fists together with a smirk behind her mask. "And for dessert, white sheets," she said teasingly at the Spookies. Pulling her fists away from each other, she created a string of flames between the two. Opening her hands, she brought them together again to form the string into a large ball while the light of the flames danced in her eyes. "So beautiful, don't you think?" she asked herself and any nearby. With a quick twist of her head she snapped her eyes towards the Spooky viruses and brought the fiery ball to her side, still embraced with her two hands. "No reaction? You should see it..." she started and shouted out as she pushed the ball forwards, "Up close!" A wave of flames emerged from the ball, speeding towards the location of the Spookies, but the ball still remained as flaming as it was before. With the attack executed, Djinni threw the ball into the air to catch it again and then spotted Fhyre who was doing nothing again. "You too!" she shouted and threw the source of the attack at Fhyre.

Pulled out of her day dreams, Fhyre spotted the ball but was a bit too late. A loud metallic sound came from Fhyre as the ball hit one of the golden rings, causing Fhyre to slide across the ground with her three hands ahead of her. After a while she stopped and raised herself, rubbing her core with one hand and using the other hands to walk back to the fiery orb. Realizing, however, that if Djinni could hit her the opponents wouldn't have much trouble with that as well. Taking this cue as a hint, she started to throw herself around with her hands in order to dodge attacks.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Summon] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +25 FIRE; Multiple Targets +15 FIRE]
F = Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield] [2 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +15 FIRE; Multiple Targets +10 FIRE]

D1. Hand Shisho a Magnum chip.
D2. Heatshot [40 FIRE; Splash; A Accuracy; Ranged] @ Powie.
F1. ATK [20] @ Powie
MKII. ATK [40 FIRE; Blast1] @ Powie; Barrier [20HP] @ Self.
D3. Dodge towards Cracked Panel.
D. Masterwork [Object's Max HP +20 +Level(21)] @ Meteor Knight II
D4. FireBurn1 [50 FIRE; Strikes Up To Three Enemies; A Accuracy; Ranged] @ Spooky Group
F2. Dodge.
Shisho turned his head from his position, thanking the senior Navi closely, ready to channel whatever that was passed to him into good use. The greenhorn battler closed his eyes and focused, feeling the heat and warmth from the point of Djinni's contact with his sleeve. He analyzed the data that was coming through...

A very strong weapon indeed, with high potential for more power if focused extensively prior to firing. And so, Shisho did exactly that; clearing his thoughts, empowering the data until the heat could be felt almost realistically radiating off his one sleeve. "Oooooh! Shisho's glowing!" Rini cheered, pointing at her PET excitedly, looking for Na'im's reaction. "Look! Look! He's playing with fire!" she giggled, holding up the PET and shaking it gently before her.

Waaait a minute.

Shisho slowly opened his eyes amongst the fiery aura he was consolidating, he saw that his arm was on fire.

Panicking, he waved and flailed his arm in an attempt to smother the fire, hoping that it would go off just like that. He might have let out a few yelps, but face didn't really matter to him at that moment-- just anything to douse the fire will do, really. Throwing a pleading look at his partner and her subordinates, he was almost as if begging for help before...

... Well, seemed like his focus stopped then, and his flaming arm had apparently found it's way to point at the group of Craggers. There was a huge bang, and the offensive program known as Magnum was launched. Shisho, taken aback by yet another set of surprises, was pushed backwards from the impact, in between the two cables securing him to the floor, about to continue on his unexpected trajectory before being pulled back by those very cables. The force was enough that Shisho was sent spinning, or somersaulting, back to his original position before the cables, his head spinning from the high speed action that just happened.

Rini enthusiastically clapped, asking for an encore.

Summary of actions:
1) Charge Magnum
2) Charge Magnum
3) Magnum1 - 120 Fire damage, Breaking, Panel Breaking - Cragger A, B, and any other surviving targets
((I noticed you didn't add in your elemental bonuses to your attacks, Shur, but I added them in for you))

After handing over the power of MAGNUM to her ally, Djinni, used her heatshot to blast the enemy Powie out of the sky. Fhyre's attack ended up being inconsequential, but she was probably more upset by Djinni picking on her. The fireburn caught one Spooky, but the other teleported out of the way in time. It tried to nail Djinni with its tongue, but unfortunately missed, sparing Djinni the rough, slimy surface.

The magnum proved to be just the trick to take out Craggers; both were annihilated, their heavy bodies being unable to dodge the shot.


Cragger A: DELETED
Cragger B: DELETED

Meteor Knight I: DELETED
Meteor Knight II: 60 HP (Holy) (20 HP Barrier)

-- ALLIES --
Djinni.EXE: 180 HP (Normal) (20 HP Barrier)
Shisho.EXE: 150 HP (Normal) (20 HP Barrier)
Fhyre.SP: 70 HP (Normal)

70% Normal (Everywhere else)
5% Magnet (Where the Powie was)
5% Holy (Under MKII)
5% Poison (Somewhere on the battlefield)
10% Cracked (Where MKI was)
5% Broken (Near CraggerB)


Djinni GET: 550 Zenny, Quake1, 2 FXP, 19 Bugfrags
Shisho GET: 450 Zenny, Recov10, 2 FXP

BONUS: +1 FXP for effective chip sharing
Head still spinning, Shisho let himself down onto steady ground before detaching the cables in a puff of smoke. He took a few wobbly steps before falling face first on the floor, much like how his Operator did earlier. "G-Give me a break..." Shisho mumbled from face-down on the panels, using his two sleeve-covered arms to push himself up to a sitting position; face red from both the embarrassment and the falling impact.

"Goooooood job, Shisho! You beat the monsters! You're so cool! The fire thing was really awesome!" Rini cheered, jumping non stop in her seat. "Can't wait for the second one! I'm ready! I'm ready! Go go pumpin'!" she giggled, brandishing the three chips in front of her.

At that motion, Shisho (crawled a bit before) floated to his spoils of the battle, which was a sum of zenny and chip data. Almost dutifully, he opened a transfer link to deliver the goods to Rini's PET.

A window popped out to inform Rini on the progress of the download, as well as to inform that it was done downloading and whether Rini wishes to transfer the data to an external chip.

"Ehhhh? What's thiiiiiis? I can't see Shishooooo," Rini groaned, annoyed that her screen was blocked mostly by the new pop-up.

[[Battle 2 Ready]]
While Shisho had fallen to the ground, picked himself up and transferred the scattered data of the enemies, Djinni could only stare at him with big sparkly eyes. Turning away from him in secrecy, she opened an audio link with Na'im and excitedly moved her fists up and down in front of her chest for some time until she accidentally hit her massive chest and stopped. "Hey hey!" Djinni shouted over the private link, despite messing up her motions she was still excited, only she and anyone outside of the PET could hear, "Let's give him that chip again!" Bringing the spinning motion Shisho had made back into her thoughts she turned her sparkling eyes to him again, but her eyes had a sense of mischief and excitement in them that could've been seen as good or bad.

Fhyre crawled around the floor, picking up remnants of the viruses for team Djinni and was just being lazy. Once she was finished she dragged herself towards the remaining Meteor Knight. The knight raised its shield, bumping it against Fhyre's fist before vanishing in a flash of fire.

Na'im leaned over towards Rini in the real world, hoping it wouldn't be seen as an awkward gesture and explained to her what was going on on the screen of her PET. Guiding her attention to his PET, he showed a similar scenario was going on and showed her an empty chip. Having a few spare ones, he handed one to Rini and showed her how to get the chip data onto the chip. he had ignored Djinni's previous requests, figuring the scenario was not something Shisho wanted to repeat.

Happily Djinni jumped at Shisho and, after removing the flames from her right glove, took hold of his sleeve while dragging him forwards. "Let's play some more, student!" she exclaimed excitedly, holding Shisho behind her as she dragged. Without the possibility of Shisho having his eyes on Djinni's face he had no chance at seeing the malicious intent twinkling in her eyes.

[[Ready for Battle 2]]
Dragging Shisho along, Djinni progressed through the network for a while until they came across more viruses. They were located across a fair stretch of rough looking terrain, where a wary Moloko was investigating the cracked panels. Two more of the virus stood behind it, waiting as their friend tested the panels. A small virus sporting a hat and sunglasses strolled up behind the sheep and waited there as well. A moment later, the Moloko pawing the cracked panel let out a cry as the terrain collapsed and subsequently noticed the approaching Navis.

The virus's cry also managed to attract a pair of Volgears from the Navis' side. All of the viruses had now noticed Djinni and Shisho, but the Molokos and BigHat across the cracked terrain seemed somewhat reluctant to cross for the time being.

MolokoA: 60HP (Fleece: 10HP) (Across cracked panels)
MolokoB: 60HP (Fleece: 10HP) (Across cracked panels)
MolokoC: 60HP (Fleece: 10HP) (Across cracked panels)
BigHat: 100HP (Across cracked panels)
VolgearA: 80HP
VolgearB: 80HP

Terrain: 70% Normal, 29% Cracked (all in one large section dividing the area), 1% Broken

Djinni.EXE: 180 HP
Fhyre.SP: 70 HP
Shisho.EXE: 150 HP

Team Battle 2 Start!
The transfer over and done with, Rini was satisfied that she had learnt another new function of her PET today. Then she silently watched and observed the two Navi interacting, very interested to see anything related to Shisho, really. She watched the glint of excitement emitting from Djinni's eyes.... And thought nothing more of it, of course.

Shisho, however, was stumped.

"U-uh, aren't you getting a little bit too overenthusiastic about this?" he started, unsure how Djinni will respond. Before he could get an answer, however, he was cut short and was dragged off to another location. "Wait just a mo-" he was about to say, before being pulled along much like a floating cushion towards... wherever they were heading next. "I can move on my own, really!" he added, more like a reassuring statement for himself rather than for the more experienced Navi.

Thankfully (?) for him, though, he spotted virii during the dragged session, and so did Rini. "Are those..." Rini breathed, wiping at her mouth as if there was drool. "SHEEP! Fluffy fluffy sheep!" she exclaimed enthusiastically again. Apparently, the child was mistaking the network as a zoo. "D'awww they're so cuuuute! I wanna get one! Maybe be friends with one!"

Then a sheep pawed and something broke.

Rini squealed even more audibly.

Somehow knowing that Rini would have that kind of reaction, Shisho made a mental note to leave the sheep-like virii at the last. Perhaps even convince one of them to be Rini's pet, or something. ... Was Rini getting into his head? No wait, she's been doing that all this while already. What was he thinking?

Amongst the commotion, though, Shisho turned and saw the pair of Volgears approaching from he and Djinni's sides. Now, that wasn't really good news. Absently, he tried to see what Rini was doing-- apparently too busy squealing for the sheep-like creatures. "Well, at least I'm free now... right?" Shisho said, eyeing the arm where he was being dragged around with earlier. Once he was sure that they were free, he went into action. Both hands lifted and aimed at the nearest Volgear, the Navigator secured both his back cables to the ground once more, ready to send and receive terrain information.

The earth spoke, it's words soft.

'false security'

And the earth glowed beneath a particular Volgear's feet, gaining extra texture before giving way into a tiny pool of magma, welcoming anything to take a dip into it. Before the terra conversion glow died down, the familiar-looking magic circle appeared once more before Shisho briefly before disappearing. An icicle hovering before him, with a wave of a hand, it was flung at high speed to the lava-laced spot of the battlefield, it's target the Volgear that was within it's vicinity, hopefully.

Then Shisho turned back to the sheep-like virii, himself attempting to resist the temptation to pet them.

Summary of actions:
1) Conjuration: Terra [Lava] - Small Terrain - Panel beneath VolgearA
2) Conjuration: Ice Needle - 20 Aqua Damage - VolgearA (+ Terrain advantage/Elemental advantage?)
3) Keeping mind in check (doing nothing)
Na'im did not share Rini's reaction to the images of the enemies at all. In fact he found her reaction to them annoying rather than cute. If anything, viruses were not cute creations and were there to be defeated by the Navigators. "I'll have to eliminate the distractions," Na'im thought to himself, going through his pack of chips to see if there was anything to use against them. He did not know much about the sheep-like viruses, never having met them, but luckily the terrain offered him a different approach. "Djinni, use this," Na'im said as he slotted a single chip into the PET.

Djinni had let go of Shisho after he inquired about it, smiling beneath her mask, and patiently looked at him while loading the chip data. "Changing the terrain again? So indirect," her voice chimed in her mind, but then noticed the chip she was given and realized she was supposed to do the same. "Na'im, this is lame!" she shouted at him, but realized there was no other option. "Fhyre, take care of Shisho," she told the Support Program who had been resting next to her. She closed her hand and executed the data, causing a small metallic sphere to appear in her hand as she opened it again. With a great swing she launched it into the air, where it grew and grew and eventually returned to the earth like a meteor. The metal made a loud 'clang' as it reached the ground again, as Djinni had not been targetting any of the enemies but rather the already broken panels the sheeps were standing on.

Fhyre just kept her sight on the cable-attached Navi, resting on one hand while putting the other two hands together. Paying attention to the path of the icicles Shisho had created and thrown, she put her third hand to her other hands and quickly generated a ball of flames. She pushed it away from her, at the Volgear, then nodded her core in approval of the attack. However no other attacks were launched at the enemies, except Djinni who had received more chips from Na'im. Turning to Shisho, she saw the Navi simply do nothing at all. Fhyre was only a Support Program, but even she realized just standing still was not a bright idea. Grabbing the earth below her, Fhyre swung herself at Shisho's front and put herself in a guardian's position as her three hands tactically formed a web to get all attacks towards herself.

While Fhyre guarded, Djinni attacked as she was given two extra chips to mess with. Slamming her fist into the panel below her, she reached out to a chunk of it which was swiftly reformed the moment she pulled her hand out again. The bits and pieces of the panel that she had grabbed formed canister of lava rock around her hand which was going to be the cannon used for the next attack. Flames started emerging from the cracks of the canister until a wave of fire erupted from the Lava Cannon chip had executed. But she was not finished yet as she took a jump to her left while slamming her fists together, causing the make-shift cannon to break apart and fall to the ground. Once she landed she immediately reeled her right fist back and literally punched a wave of flames at the Big Hat virus. As she reeled her fist back again, she passed her left hand along it to refuel the flames and immediately struck again at the same virus. Flames teared the air apart in front of her and Djinni panted quietly through her mask. Despite her energetic movements, even she had limits.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Summon] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +25 FIRE; Multiple Targets +15 FIRE]
F = Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield] [2 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +15 FIRE; Multiple Targets +10 FIRE]

D1. Quake1 [100 DMG; Impact; Medium Cracked Area; C Accuracy; Ranged] @ the Cracked Panels the Molokos are on.
F1. Attack [20 DMG] @ VolgearA.
F2. Protect Shisho.
D2. LavaCannon1 [90 FIRE; +40 FIRE If On Lava Panel; B Accuracy; Ranged] @ VolgearB.
D3. Firehit2 [90 FIRE; Impact; Double Attack; A Accuracy; Ranged] @ BigHat.
D4. Firehit2 [90 FIRE; Impact; Double Attack; A Accuracy; Ranged] @ BigHat.
Starting off, Shisho turned to the Volgears beside his team, and started working on getting the Volgears out of his sight, while Djinni turned to the Moloko group. Both were relatively successful in doing their part, with Shisho taking out one Volgear assisted by Fhyre. The Moloko were surprised by the increase in cracked paneling, and two of them accidentally fell into a hole made by the cracking. The rest were huddled up in a corner, not knowing what to do. The remaining Volgear opened its maw to attack, but was interrupted with a SURPRISE CANNON from Djinni. The BigHat from the other side of the cracked flooring threw a bomb at the group before being pummeled into bits by Djinni's fiery fists. As the sphere rolled across the floor, it beeped intermittently, anxious to release its contents.

MolokoA: 60HP (Fleece: 10HP) (Across Cracked panels)
MolokoB: 60HP (Fleece: 10HP) (Fell into Broken)
MolokoC: 60HP (Fleece: 10HP) (Fell into Broken)

Flash Bomb: 20 HP (Near Djinni)

Terrain: 55% Normal, 40% Cracked (all in one large section dividing the area), 10% Broken

Djinni.EXE: 180 HP
Fhyre.SP: 70 HP
Shisho.EXE: 150 HP
Taken aback by the need to be defended by Fhyre, Shisho just shook his head at the support program. "You need not worry about me; I'm fine on my own," the Navigator said, accidentally tuning into the action of the other fiery Navigator on the field. There was much red, fire and destruction going on there that he couldn't really grasp what happened.

How different from his approach.

Of course, not everything moved slow to suit Shisho-- as a sphere-like object rolled near Djinni. "Oh, hey, look Shisho! Have one of these!" Rini hollered, slotting in a chip suddenly out of nowhere, herself getting preoccupied and giddy still at the fact that she was doing something interesting together with her Navigator. And the chip she slotted in was...

... A Rageclaw...

... That Shisho didn't really like. In fact, he did not favor anything related to close combat... Or anything combat-related, for that matter. Not knowing what to do with the chip data, but not willing to let it go to waste, Shisho's eyes flickered over to where Djinni was. Almost without a thought, he waved a hand towards his ally's direction, the RageClaw data transferred via the underground (under panel?) connections to the fiery Navigator. "Whatever it is, be sure to make good use of it!" Shisho called out, his attention slowly turned to the virii once more. He saw that some of the Molokos were stuck in holes, and decided it was best to end the virii's lives.

Perhaps an instinct of a Navigator was kicking in, because that wasn't what Rini wanted-- she wanted to keep one of those fluffy sheep as a pet. He felt somehow that he was going to regret the decision made now and today, but it is best to remove the virii from being a threat to the network, first.

... That was cheesy.

Both hands lifted in concentration once more, the floating figure tuned out everything save for the trapped Molokos, and the complicated network flowing beneath him. His intention was simple: To seal those holes housing the virii. Shisho emitted a quick, blue glow before it was carried down the cables and disappearing into the unknown beneath the panels.

The earth spoke, it's words soft.

'Watery grave'

... And the panel in which one of the Molokos were trapped in started to shift, the broken pieces dissipating into nothingness. There was a very brief moment of silence or solace before the panel was replaced with a sea terrain.

'Nourishing Soil'

The other trapped Moloko's panel also started to seal up, but instead of water replacing the emptied contents, mud threatened to spill and overflow from the fixed network panel dimension. However, much like all the other terrain changes Shisho had done, it raised quickly... but stopped at the right volume that it didn't seem to overflow.

It was something magical to behold, indeed.

On the other hand, way out of the network and in the real world, Rini was frustrated, annoyed, irritated, and was chewing on a cushion.

Turn summary:-
1) RageClaw1 chip transferred to Djinni
2) Conversion: Terra [Sea] - MolokoB - 50DMG from terrain change?
3) Conversion: Terra [Mud] - MolokoC - 50DMG from terrain change?
"Let's increase the temperature some more," Djinni said as she playfully tossed the flames from one arm onto the other. The fire embracing her hands and feet kept flying around before vanishing while the source remained eternal and strong. But then she saw Shisho's hand wave out towards her and before he had spoken his words, Djinni's thought pattern realized it was a command for her to attack. "Who does he think he is for commanding me... Well, I'll show him what I can do!" Djinni thought and began a sprint towards the enemies but quickly tripped over the piece of data Shisho had sent, hearing his words in her fall downwards, and slammed with her face against the floor. Remaining in this position, her flames having vanished, she muttered inaudibly to herself and eventually slammed her fists on the ground to get herself up. After she got back onto her feet, she turned to the chip data and loaded it into her right hand. Flames wildly emerged and took the form of a claw while Djinni's database gave her the info about the chip she had just received from Shisho. Looking at the claw she remembered the time where she had relinquished the thought of using close combat chips, but with Efreet having worked on her system she felt like she could go through with this. "It'll be fine, Shisho!" she exclaimed, waving the claw around happily at him, also suddenly realizing his 'command' was just a way of sending the chip data.

Fhyre, still at Shisho's feet, looked up at the Navi after he had told her he didn't need the protection. While reluctant about this, she decided it was better for him to figure out things on his own without relying on others. One of the three hands formed into a thumbs up, while the other two hands dug into the ground to drag her core back towards Djinni.

"OK, time to get close and personal with this here chip!" Djinni exclaimed after Fhyre reached her position and once again began a sprint towards the viruses. But as if fate wanted to pick on her, she quickly managed to trip over the Flash Bomb the hatted virus had thrown. The only thing that got 'close and personal' were Djinni's face and the ground. In a quick move, Djinni stood up again after tripping and stared at the bomb. "Screw this!" she shouted and grabbed the bomb fiercely with her clawed hand, "I'll try this close combat thing later!" And with these final words she effortlessly threw the bomb in an arc at one of the sheep viruses.

Having seen the awkward moves of her mistress from behind, Fhyre decided that while Djinni was busy with tripping over things she would commence the attacks. Fhyre's three hands slammed their wrists together and formed a cylinder which quickly started to spin around. Fire from her hands collected in the center and formed a ball, which was then launched at one of the enemies by a quick thrust. Shortly after this, Fhyre commenced to form another which was launched as well but with a different target.

Still in a furious uproar, Djinni angrily hit the ground twice with her foot. "This time I won't trip, OK!" she exclaimed, "My face does not like the ground at all!" Realizing, however, that her previous actions would've made her look rather stupid and dumb she turned her eyes towards Shisho and pointed at him. "Don't you dare laughing!" Djinni shouted at her ally, before turning towards the enemies again.

"Are you finally going to attack, Djinni?" Na'im asked, having seen his Navi continue to stumble around the battlefield. He had already taken two chips from his pack in order to send the data to Djinni, but was waiting until she was in any state of listening to him. "Get to them so you can only see one," he told her, thinking she wouldn't have trouble figuring that out.

"Ah right!" Djinni exclaimed, then raised her hands in a way that hid two of the sheeps behind them. She remained in this pose for a few more seconds before realizing this was dumb. It was only at this point she realized Fhyre had attacked before she could do anything. "Who is the master here..." thought, somewhat annoyed, but then, "Wait! Maybe she did it so I could perform the final strike!" Grinning wide behind her mask, she waved away the flames of the claw and turned on all flames from her outfit. With a strong blast of flames from her boots, she launched herself in an arc around the Moloko viruses until she could only see one of them, figuring that was the point she would have to be at to be aligned to them. "I can figure it out if I think!" Djinni exclaimed at herself, then loaded the first chip Na'im had sent her. Raising one hand towards the sky, holding one finger upwards, she created a fiery meteor floating above her. A beam emerged from the meteor, piercing the floor before Djinni's feet, and swept across the panels ahead of Djinni. Lava started to emerge from the chasm the beam had made, eventually covering the entire panel along the line the beam had attacked. With the meteor having ended its assault, Djinni slammed her fist directly into it. The crag-like exterior of the meteor surrounded Djinni's hand in a cylinder, containing and focusing the flames between them, while she aimed her weapon at one of the sheep-like viruses. "Vanish in my flames," Djinni muttered to herself and fired a blast of flames from her weapon at the Moloko.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Summon] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +25 FIRE; Multiple Targets +15 FIRE]
F = Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield] [2 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +15 FIRE; Multiple Targets +10 FIRE]

D1. RageClaw [40 DMG; Slashing; Can Throw Objects] - Throw Flash Bomb at MolokoA.
F1. Attack [20 DMG] @ MolokoB.
F2. Attack [20 DMG] @ MolokoC.
D2. Align self in a line with the Molokos.
D3. ElementFlare [40 FIRE; Line Attack; Ground Attack; Creates Lava Panels; B Accuracy; Ranged] @ MolokoA/B/C.
D4. LavaCannon1 [90 FIRE; +40 FIRE If On Lava Panel; B Accuracy; Ranged] @ MolokoA.
Put off by the weapon transferred to him by his operator, Shisho gave up the RageClaw to his comrade, who was more than willing to let off a bit of steam with the offering. Throwing back the bomb from earlier with gusto, Djinni landed a hit on the lone Moloko on the field, knocking off its fleece and essentially turning it into a bald... whatever it was. Anyway, Shisho got to doing what he did best and filled up some of the broken terrain with a little water-- and nearly drowning the viruses in the process. Fhyre helped a bit by firing some attacks, too. The last Moloko, now bald, could do nothing as Djinni's performance reached its peak, and turned it to cinders.

Rini's cushion would have been deleted as well if the girl had been in cyberspace, but all it could do was endure the torture. THE TORTURE.


Terrain: 55% Normal, 40% Cracked (all in one large section dividing the area), 10% Broken

Djinni.EXE: 180 HP
Fhyre.SP: 70 HP
Shisho.EXE: 150 HP



Shisho: 450 Zenny, 3 FXP
Djinni: 500 Zenny, 22 BugFrags, 3 FXP
Fhyre scurried around the surface, collecting the fallen remains of the viruses, while Djinni walked over to Shisho. "You did good there, kid," she said once she was standing near him. "We had better not keep dawdling and get a move on!" Djinni exclaimed happily, but then the Navi started to emit a sudden ringing tune. She was, however, not bothered by it as it was standard for her and simply turned towards Na'im while a window appeared on the PET's screen.

"Huh," Na'im started as he read the message, "Is it time already?" He checked the time and suddenly realized they had begun with NetBattling later than expected. "Djinni, let's leave the Network. Shisho, you should too," Na'im said to his Navi and her companion, then turned to Rini in the real world. "It's already time for your nap, Rini," Na'im said as he initiated the process of jacking Djinni out and into the PET.

Djinni merely pouted, thinking that they had only started, but then she turned to look at Shisho. "You two should know enough to be alright on your own," Djinni told her ally and, after she removed all flames from her outfit except the flames from her circlet, pointed with her thumb at the area behind her. "There's enough proof there," she continued and lowered her hand, "But there's a large space for development. Improve yourself and, who knows, maybe we'll fight each other one day." Fhyre caming hopping to Djinni's side and once they were reunited the Navi slammed her fists together to embrace the two of them in flames as they flew into the air and out of the network.

[Jack Out]
"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!" Rini pouted, throwing the tortured cushion aside as she saw the cute little virii drown and deleted under the attacks. "Why did you guys do thaaaat? So evil and baaaad," she whined some more, before calming down slightly. "Shisho! Djinni!" she pointed at the screen, "It's puuuuuuuunishment!" she shouted, then was stopped by Na'im. "... Eeeeeh? Nap time already?" Rini noted disappointedly, with Shisho looking on the spectacle with helplessness. While the Navigator did feel bad on not granting his Operator's wish, he felt that it was best to made it clear that they do not go along well with virii. "Leaving the network?" Shisho blinked, checking the time. It was, indeed, Rini's nap time.

"... While this may be my first attempt at this, I believe I am confident enough to try this on my own with Rini in the future," Shisho replied to Djinni at her comment. "Though I'm not really sure if I would ever want to pick a fight with you, Djinni," he added with a tiny smile.

Giving a wave to the pair flying away, Shisho just closed his eyes as he dissolved into mist.

[Jack Out]