White Guard.GMO

Navi: Broadside.EXE
Purpose: Form Shift disguise.

Name: White Guard.GMO


When Broadside assumes this form, his overall appearence changes to that of an Official Navi with a Custom Style back-unit. He becomes only slightly taller than average height for a Guard Navi, but not by much. His body-armor color is white with grey and silver accents, and black or gun-metal gray joints, though in a standard Guard Navi configuration (not a mecha-style configuration at all).
Broadside performs all necessary tasks with his right arm while in this form as if his left arm were useless, and does so with relative ease. His left arm (which would have been his Weapon Arm in his normal form) is held in a sling, as if he were injured and his arm broken (though it really isn't broken at all). He is able to accomplish some 2-handed tasks with only one hand.
His lower legs are encased in the same White Armor, but feature jets in the bottom of his feet for jumping purposes.
His helmet still features the ear-covers with his Navi symbol emblazoned upon them, and the antennas that angle back from them, though they are much smaller than in his normal form. Also, unlike most Offical Navis, his entire face is visible, and is quite expressive. His eyes are visible through a clear-glass visor, and are a deep-blue color.


Broadside must shift back to his original form to use most of his Sig Attacks. The rest of his abilities, however, manifest themselves in their own way.