Chilling in Yoka

As the snow crystals seemed to fall from the sky of Yoka Net at a quick pace, they quickly formed into the body of a female navi before breaking off revealing Yuki-Onna.EXE. Taking a few moments to stretch and ready herself, she felt a bit more energetic than usual. It was likely the upgrades Aoi put into her, but it was a welcomed change.

As she put on her new goggles, she was surprised as they seemed to be showing symbols and numbers for a bit before they faded. "Ummmm, Aoi..? What did you do to my goggles?" Aoi chuckled at the chance to reveal his work. "I upgraded them! Say hello to the Support Neuro-Optic Wear Goggles. S.N.O.W. Goggles for short."

Yuki rolled her eyes at the joke. "Think of it like a battle field manager. It helps run trajectory stuff and aiming routines allowing you to focus on combat." Yuki blinked at the rather smart idea.

"Well, I guess we will have to try it out, shall we?"

<<Battle 1 Ready!>>
Yuki sailed forth into the Yoka networks in search of things to beat up. She came across something that looked like a nice, big pool. Some clouds were filling it up quite nicely, which wouldn't be strange-looking, if not for the fact that the clouds were hanging about five feet above the pool and that they had faces. The faces turned to look at Yuki and didn't look too happy about the intrusion.

CloudyA: 80HP
CloudyB: 80HP
CloudyC: 80HP

Terrain: 60% Sea (Pool), 40% Normal

Yuki-Onna.EXE: 170HP

As Yuki continued her search of the area, she came across the rather scenic looking pool. It kind of looked like one of those hot spring pools Aoi talked about as she saw some clouds of steam... at least until she realized that they were viruses. As they continued to rain into the pool, Yuki kept away from the edge of the pool. "Hmmm... 3 Aqua Cloudy Viruses. What should we do Aoi."

Aoi hummed as he sipped on his soda. "Well, we do have the zap ring. If we aim it right, it should instantly delete one. I heard these guys can go high, so Sword, Rage Claw, and Shockwave would have very little effect. Though we can ground them one at a time with snowman down. Like wise, we can electrocute the pool and hope they get shocked for being so close. Still, it's pretty iffy all around if we can get them all at once."

Yuki nodded as her goggles began to act up. By the looks of it, they were analyzing the data Aoi talked about and running various calculations. For some reason, shockwave and zapring seem to show up a lot. "Say Aoi, you said the problem was related to reaching the Cloudies, right?" Aoi nodded. "Yeah. Even if we electrify the pool, there is the chance that it won't hit them in time." Yuki nodded as she took a good look at the pool.

"If we were to splash the water up, do you think we can strike them before they get into range?" Aoi slurped his drink a bit more and nodded. "It's worth a shot at the very least. I'll down load the chips, but be ready to dodge. We don't know if this will work as planned."

As the electric ring formed in her hand, she quickly threw the electrified object at the pool of water right as the shockwave data seemed to be downloaded into her body. She needed to strike quickly and before the effect of the zap ring on the water wore off. As the goggles looked over the trajectories and data, Yuki quickly delivered a judo chop to the ground causing the shockwave to head right at the pool of water. Either way, she made sure to avoid the pool and be ready for any developments in the situation.

She had to admit, this IS a good way to test out her new gear.

*Passive Aim for shockwave part of combo.
1 and 2: Zapring1 the pool of water(sea panels) and quickly use the passive Aim imbued Shockwave to splash the Cloudie group with electrified water(??? damage. Elec?)
3: Dodge.

Note: Yuki is on the NORMAL panels. NOT the sea panels.
(May I get a bump please?)
The Zapring hits the water and the Shockwave skims across the surface affecting nothing and wasting two chips. The middle Cloudy retaliate with a downpour on top of Yuki's head despite her dodgy movements.

CloudyA: 80HP
CloudyB: 80HP
CloudyC: 80HP

RaincloudB: Active [40 damage: 2 turns]

Terrain: 60% Sea (Pool), 40% Normal

Yuki-Onna.EXE: 130HP
"..." "..." "O-kay... maybe not the brightest move there." Yuki nodded as she whapped her goggles. "Alright, going to stay away from using these as tactical analyzers since they DO NOTHING in that part. Still, it was more accurate. On another note; WHY DOES THIS RAIN HURT?!"

Aoi chuckled quietly as Yuki finally managed to recover from... getting hit by rain. How rain water can hurt someone on the net, he'll never know, but at least their attack method was obvious. Since they need to be above them to attack, grounding them would remove their attack method.

"Yuki, do you think you can ground one of the cloudies with the shotgun? If we can keep them from getting above us, they can't rain on your head. Also, use the goggles to aim the snowman at one of the non grounded cloudies." Smiling at the thought of smacking down the cloudies with her own downpour of pain, she targeted at the one cloudy close to her and hoped to send it crashing down as she began to calculate to see where to target the cloudy that was right behind and who hopefully got a taste of the spread.

As the the aiming system finally flashed green, she quickly whistled as what looked like a shower plug made of snow began to fall towards the second cloudy. Hoping to plug up it's rain hole and pull it's plug at the same time.

Still, even if she did managed to do what was planned, there was still the third Cloudy who would likely try to rain on her parade. Making sure to keep an eye out for the pain rain, Yuki prepared herself and got into a dodging position. If she wanted another shower, she'd just jump into the water and have a bath.

<<...*munches sammich* huh? wha? Oh. ACTION?>>
1. Shotgun Cloudy A with grounding property and Cloudy B as the secondary spread target. (50 damage and spread shot.)
*passive aim
2: Snowman Down Cloudy B with Aim imbued.(40 aqua damage drop move. 1 TCD)
3: Dodge the rain.
Yuki's Shotgun hit one of the Cloudies, causing it to drop like a rock and splash into the pool below. The anchoring effect was so great that it pulled the virus under, submerging it completely. It was still alive as a trail of bubbles breaking the water's surface seemed to imply. The second Cloudy was struck by a snowman that dropped right through the virus, punching a hole in its cloudy frame. However, it endured and continued to float about. The third Cloudy that had gone unattended expelled another raincloud over Yuki's head as she tried to dodge the first one. It was too hard to avoid both and she suffered another painful drenching courtesy of the second attack.

CloudyA: 30HP [submerged/grounded]
CloudyB: 40HP
CloudyC: 80HP

RaincloudB: Active [40 damage: 1 turn]
RaincloudC: Active [40 damage: 2 turns]

Terrain: 60% Sea (Pool), 40% Normal

Yuki-Onna.EXE: 90HP
She had to admit, watching the cloudy plummeting to the bottom of the sea was rather therapeutic. Of course, when the uninjured cloudy rained on her parade, she was rather P.O.'d. "Aoi, Cannon. Now." Aoi gulped as he quickly slotted it in. Deciding to use the goggles for a rather different purpose, she aimed the cannon to try and knock the offending Cloudy in the sea with her grounding properties. It was a odd maneuver on Aoi's side. They would be under water, but they were still aqua viruses. It wouldn't hurt them.

Then Yuki began singing what seemed like a remake of singing in the rain.

As the ice began to cover things up, Aoi realized what she was trying to do. Terrain change always had a odd effect when you are underground or submerged. It always seems to rejects all those submerged and causes them some pain. Yuki was probably trying to damage and delete the cloudies that are submerged before they rose up again.

Almost like a prop, she used the guard1 like a umbrella as she sang. It was a interesting idea, but she really needed to stay away from remixes that sounded like "Freezing in the rain".


*passive aim used to try and get the CloudyC to fall in the sea tile with the Cannon.
1: Grounded Cannon at CloudyC to try and sink it into the sea.(40 damage + knockback)
2: Winter wonderland to change entire terrain to ice for the benefits and to damage all submerged Cloudies. 2 TCD
3: Guard1 aimed upwards like a umbrella.(reflects up to 60 damage for 1 hit.)
Yuki took careful aim at the hovering cloudy virus and blasted it with her cannon, which sent it tumbling backwards and splashed in the water below. The cloudy viruses just about made their way back to the surface before they were frozen solid as the very water surrounding them was turned into ice. She quickly put her shield above her head just as the last cloud passed over her head, which consequently sent a bolt of energy to the remaining cloudy and blasted it to bits.



Terrain: 100% Ice

Yuki-Onna.EXE: 90HP [Rewards: 450z]
As the final Cloudy managed to get beaten by it's own game, Yuki smiled and tapped at the frozen cloudy. As she got a quick recharge from a sub energy chip, Aoi pondered the situation. "You know, it's kind of odd seeing rain clouds frozen solid in ice. Isn't that mixing a solid, liquid and vapor in odd ways?"

As the energy washed over her, she shrugged and downloaded the zenny data. "Aoi, this is the net. We faced walking shrubs, electric bunnies, and the world's tiniest construction workers. I hate to say it, but logic doesn't work so well here." Aoi nodded and sipped his drink.

"The goggles did well though." "Oh of course."

<<50 heal for 140 hp and ROUND 2 READY!>>
Yuki's travels brought her deeper into the Yoka network, where the waters were a little calmer, and there were no rogue rainclouds about. Schools of fish swam about on the open water, and- Hm? Whassat? Oh, there aren't supposed to be any animals? Oh, okay, they're probably viruses, then.

SenbonA: 80HP [Submerged]
SenbonB: 80HP [Submerged]
PiranhaA: 60HP [Submerged]
PiranhaB: 60HP [Submerged]

Terrain: 100% Sea

Yuki-Onna.EXE: 140HP

Yuki smiled as she saw the nice relaxing water around her. It was a nice change of pace from Cloudy skies. Makes her just want to take a rest and float on the current. Of course, with what looked like viruses swimming all around her, that would likely have to wait.

"Alright Aoi, what are we up against?" Yuki said over private chat. Aoi started working on a second drink as he went through the scans. "Well, they seem like fish viruses. 4 in total. All of them are submerged and the strongest have 80 HP" Yuki nodded as she looked at the entire sea area. One zap ring to the water would make a very good meal of boil fish. But then it would just cause trouble for her too.

"Hey Aoi, could we try that trick we did before on these guys? I could likely hit all of them." Aoi shook his head. "No, it wouldn't do enough damage to them. Besides, I'm pretty sure freezing the area so the viruses have a chance to freeze us would be a bad idea."

Yuki groaned and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Then what do you suggest? We can't dive or they'll have the home field advantage and a zap ring would fry me too." "Then defrost the area." Yuki blinked a bit at the rather weird comment. The fat old guy probably destroyed a bit of his sanity. "Come again?"

Aoi rolled his eyes and took a sip. "You have a built in defrost system right? Well, let me put it this way; it now has more power." "...More power?" "MOAR POWER!" Yuki gulped a bit as Aoi shouted at her with enthusiasm. Sometimes she worried about the kid.

Still, since it was worth a shot, she breathed in and out and readied the program. Almost on cue, the defrosting program formed in moments and released itself in a pure white burst. The panels underneath her seemed to turn into normal, prestine panels beneath her. There was even enough room to move around a bit! Yuki smirked at the development. As she got the zap ring sent right to her. "More power eh? Then let's amp up the ocean then!" Giving a calm smirk, she shot the zap ring right into the sea panels and readied a guard. This should be fun.

1: Quick Defrost (Nova 2 knockback and a Med Normal panel terrain change centered on her.)
*Aim Passive
2: Zapring the sea panel + aim.(40 elec damage+ stun)
3: Guard1/Watch the fireworks on the safety of her island of normal panels.
Water, electrical.
It is the angry look
that I see
striking with three
Fish out of water
leaping in grace
as a spike hit
and I not.
I thank the Metool's
as it leaves my

SenbonA: 70HP [Leapt out, on Normal]

Terrain: 80% Sea, 20% Normal

Yuki-Onna.EXE: 140HP (Normal) (Guard Broken)
"Wow." Yuki nodded in response to the display. 3 of the fish were electrocuted almost instantly to the point Yuki had to tint the goggles to avoid staring directly at it. Still, it was quite a shocker to say the least as the one senbon flew out to spit a needle at Yuki to only be countered by the guard.

Still, there was the matter of that one fish that was now out of the water in front of her. Yuki scratched her head. It was kind of a gutsy move on the fish's part. It deserved something special for having the sense to avoid electrocution. Thinking it over, Yuki began to activate her goggles. "Aoi, may I please have a sword chip?"

Aoi nodded as he slotted it in. "Go ahead. Going to finish it off?" Yuki smirked as she gave a cold look at the Senbon. "Not quite..." she smiled as the cuts were analyzed and she readied her rather sharp blade.

"I'm going to make you some sashimi."

*Passive Aim
1: Sword SenbonA with the passive take aim(80 slashing.)
2: Sword SenbonA
3: Sword SenbonA
(3 uses left)
Order: One (1) Senbon platter, coming up.


Terrain: 80% Sea, 20% Normal

Yuki-Onna.EXE: 140HP (Normal) (Guard Broken)


Rewards: 330z, [AquaNeedle1] Battlechip
Yuki-Onna smiled as she looked over the work of her carving skill. It was a nice piece of food she had there and she had to admit, the new ability was handy with such a large terrain effect. Aoi grinned as he took another sip, "You know, we could open a net sushi place if you could cut up fish that well." Yuki chuckled as she removed the blade from her arm. "Maybe, but a chef should always sample her wears first."

Smiling, she took a piece of the sashimi into her mouth, chewed, and swallowed. Half way through as she gagged on the piece. Could it be possible that it had bones? Maybe it was poisonous? "Oh Hey! We got a Aqua chip and some zenny!"


Yuki's short snack over, she walked along until she found the sea come to an end at a shore of sorts. Wasn't any sand around for some reason, though. Looking around, there could be seen some viruses playing around near the shoreline. They spot her. The manta-ray Lark began to approach her, while the Handy situated safely on shore stayed where they were.

LarkA: 100HP (Normal)
LarkB: 100HP (Sea)
LarkC: 100HP (Sea)
HandyA: 80HP (Normal)
HandyB: 80HP (Normal)

Terrain: 70% Sea, 30% Normal (Shore)

Yuki-Onna.EXE: 140HP

As Yuki continued to cross the sea, she finally got a chance to see what seemed like the shore. While a beach break would be nice after that... interesting situation, it looked like she wasn't alone. From the looks of it, there were 3 manta ray like viruses and two giant hands. While the Manta rays had more energy, something seemed off about the handys. Why would a virus be based around a hand? A fist maybe, but it didn't look like it was designed for back handing.

"Aoi, should we use the zapring for this?" Aoi shook his head. No. Right now we'll just hurt ourselves if we do that. The way it looks right now, it's better if we try some hit and run tactics. I'll download shockwave and shotgun to you. We don't know if we will hit the Larks, but at the least we can do some damage."

Giving a calm nod and getting into a battle stance, Yuki received the shockwave data first. However, she didn't release it just yet. The last time she haphazardly let it loose, it left her rather vulnerable to the enemy's attack. Taking her time to use her goggles to adjust the angle, she focused on hitting the handys. The Larks were a secondary target at the moment, but at least seeing if the shockwave hits one would tell her if the electric ocean tactic would be useful. As she quickly pounded the sea and unleashed the shockwave upon her Handy-capable foes, she quickly raised her shotgun to fire at the two Handys in hopes of finishing the job before they retaliated.

Once her two chips were sent, she decided to take the run part of Aoi's advice and began to dive underwater. If she submerged herself into the sea, she could likely avoid a few of the linear attacks. Hopefully, none of the enemies have ground moves or electric attacks, otherwise this would be very awkward for herself. It would also hurt. Alot.

*Passive aim for shockwave.*
1: Shockwave at the Handy group with any larks being secondary targets.(40 damage + take aim)
2: Shotgun Handy A with Handy B being the secondary target.(50 damage plus spread)
3: Dive underwater to avoid retaliation.
The Handy kicked back and relaxed, laid a few bombs, and basically took a chill pill. Unfortunately, their rest wasn't appropriately timed, as they were interrupted by Yuki's attacks and were deleted instantly. The Lark simply went on forward and blasted their attacks to no effect, but one illustrious ray tried to mimic Yuki by diving, and succeeded!

LarkA: 100HP (Sea)
LarkB: 100HP (Sea)
LarkC: 100HP (Submerged)

Terrain: 70% Sea, 30% Normal (Shore)

Yuki-Onna.EXE: 140HP (Submerged)
A = Real B = Dud
BombA: 100HP [[2]] (sea)
BombB: 100HP [[2]] (sea)
Yuki froze as she saw what was above her. Aoi was right into worrying about the handys. Even though Yuki managed to delete both of them, they already unleashed their payload... two time bombs. Both at the same energy level as the Larks. If those things went off, Yuki would be in great danger and they don't have much time to deal with them. She needed to destroy them quickly before they reached zero... but how? Sword would require two strikes to destroy it and none of her moves are that powerful. She needed to get to the shore.

But how? There was a Lark underwater as well and it probably doesn't like the idea of being left alone. One way or another, she was going to get hit, so Aoi downloaded a guard for her first as a precaution. Wasting no time, Yuki quickly swam as fast as her legs could take her underwater. Just get to the shore and avoid the Lark. No fancy movements, just get there as quickly as possible. She neither had the time or place for anything unique. As soon as she saw the shore, she quickly jumped out of the water and readied her blaster.

"Aoi, I need a zapring NOW!" Aoi was confused. "But the zap ring might not work on the Larks if we target the wat-" "My target isn't the Larks, it's the bombs." Aoi just gave a even more puzzled look. "But, even if the sea does amp up the damage, it won't delete them." Yuki sighed and nodded. "I know. However, hopefully the electrified water would fry some circuits. Delay the counter, fry them outright and make them useless, even having them explode with less of a radius would be better, but right now we need to do SOMETHING."

Facing the possible explosion at hand, Aoi decided to put her trust into Yuki and gave her the zap ring which she fired at the sea. Both of them hoped this work, other wise she may need to run.

1:Guard1 self(1 hit shield that can reflect up to 60 damage.)
2: Move and emerge to the shores.
*passive Aim
3:Zap ring the ocean in hopes of frying the bombs and hopefully, the Lark viruses.(40 elec damage plus stun, plus take aim, plus a possible x2 from sea panels.)