And so, via self-jack in, SplashMan appeared in Yoka's Net...next to a virtual hot spring. "Ooh, that looks nice!"

"Looks as nice as the real world version! You should relax there for a little while!"

"Nope, I complained about it in ACDC, so I'm going to cut to the chase!" The Navi moved out into the main part of the area's Net without delay, already looking left and right for future foes. "This time I won't complain one bit!"

"...Yeah..." Sometimes he just couldn't take a hint. "Well, go ahead, I'll just sit here while you get to it..."

"Yep! You just sit back and relax, and leave it to me!" He was already out in the Net, so he started his usual routine of 'search for viruses, then destroy with extreme prejudice'.

(searching for Battle #1)
Two Shrimpies lie ahead, moving back and forth sideways. There is also a Kettle sitting nearby. It has some weird grin and two eyes painted on its front, indicating that its an enemy and not just some weird appliance lying around. However, it has a temperature rather than HP floating above it when scanned.

ShrimpyA: 100
ShrimpyB: 100
Kettle: 0 Degrees

Terrain: 100% Normal

Splashman: 200

Battle 1 is a Go
Two Shrimpy and a Kettle...SplashMan liked his odds for this battle. "I like our chances against these guys!"

"Hey, focus! We'll never be better than the 3rd best Jetto NetBattler with an attitude like that!: Sabrina forced her hand to exit the hot spring water long enough to move a chip featuring a purple virus with a large hammer over to her Navi. "Battlechip, BigHammer! Slot in!"

Suddenly, a Gaia virus appeared, as if from nowhere, in front of one of the Shrimpy. Without hesitating, it lowered its hammer, then vanished without a trace. "...That's BigHammer? Have we even used it before?"

"Uh...I forget!" Hmm...maybe that could be a theme for them? Sabrina dragged over another chip picture, this one containing data for a certain chip featuring two sharp, pointy objects. "Battlechip, DoubleNeedle! Slot in!"

SplashMan's forearm's data structure was suddenly rearranged, taking the form of a buster-bow...or something to that effect. He'd seen some pretty odd gun shapes in his time, but DoubleNeedle was probably tops on the list so far...ah well, couldn't argue with its power. He positioned it towards the remaining Aqua virus, and fired two harpoon-like needles its way. Now all that was left was the Kettle..."Hey, Sabrina? I have an idea for that Kettle."

"An idea? It's not like we need a lot of strategy for it..."

"Yeah, but you're probably sending me Magnum for it, right?"

"...What? Of course not!" The operator hastily stopped moving a chip picture over..."What, you have something in mind?"

"Yep! How about IceWave?"

"IceWave? ...Yeah, you can use your power-uppy skill and make it do enough!" And a chip featuring a Pengi virus was sent over...and definitely didn't replace a Magnum chip. Definitely didn't. Anyone that thought it was, was a suspicious moron. "Battlechip, IceWave! Slot in!"

What looked a bit like a snowball appeared on the Navi's recently reformed hand, and he gently tossed it forward. It quickly expanded into a hexahedronal snowflake, and snaked its way over towards the Kettle.

And it was then that Sabrina realized something. "Hey, you didn't use your power-uppy thing on IceWave!"

"I didn't need to! Watch!" SplashMan looked over at what was a trio of viruses at the beginning, to see if anything had managed to avoid the attacks. But he was especially keeping an eye on that Kettle, what with what he just said and all.

[Order of Turn:
1-BigHammer1 chip attack on Shrimpy A (160, Break)
2-DoubleNeedle chip attack on ShrimpyB (50, hits twice)
3-IceWave1 chip attack on Kettle (80+20, Aqua)

(EDIT: Oh, what the expletive...it cut off the first couple paragraphs for some reason. That's what happens when I do it on Notepad, apparently...)
Splashman's summon manages to make quick work of the Shrimpy, crushing the virus under a large hammer. He then sends a pair of needles at the other shrimp, which both hit and delete the virus. He sends an Icewave at the remaining Kettle, which oddly enough, causes its temperature to rise up to 100 degrees. With this, it ceases movement and after a few seconds boils over and disappears.

ShrimpyA: DELETED!
ShrimpyB: DELETED!
Kettle: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Normal

Splashman: 200

Rewards: 400z
Just as easy as he expected. SplashMan headed over and obtained the reward money left over from what was once a trio of virusion. "Easy!"

"Yep, I didn't even have to stop relaxing for a second!" A confirmation screen flashed in front of Sabrina for a moment, before fading to reveal her Navi once again. "Oh yeah, I traded away that Magnum, what with you not liking it that much and all."

"Really? what'd you get for it?"

"Probably not as much as I could've...another shot at the chip trader, and one called WaterLine. I looked it up, and it looked pretty good. Definitely something we'd use! And don't worry, I can change folder chips from here, so it'll be in when you get in another battle."

"You know, you definitely sound like you know what you're doing now!" The Aqua Navi started continuing on his way, in search of more viruses. "You're still you, but now it's almost like someone else is operating me!"

"Uh...thanks? I got bored during all those airplane rides between Electopia and Netopia, so I looked stuff up. Plus, there's that training we did with Dad before we left. It'd probably be weirder if I wasn't better by now..."

"I guess..." And with all that cleared, the search resumed.

(searching for Battle #2)
Three fish sit lines up diagonally before Splashman. There are also two bug-like enemies wandering about the field. There are a few scattered puddles around the area.

PiranhaA: 60 (sea)
PiranhaB: 60
PiranhaC: 60 (sea)
MagneakerA: 70
MagneakerB: 70

Terrain: 88% Normal 12% Sea (scattered)

Splashman: 200

Next up...two Magneaker, and three fish viruses he had a feeling he'd seen before, but couldn't remember anything about. "Well, there they are...how do you want me to delete them?"

"Um...well, there's 5 of them, and you can make 5 moves. So if we're smart, we can finish this really quick! So...first, we should focus on the Magneaker things. And we need to be absolutely sure we get them, so you don't get zapped or anything!" And so, two chips notable for their high accuracy were swiftly executed. "Battlechip, MarkCannon! Double slot in!"

SplashMan's forearm faded, becoming a green and gray cannon in its stead. Its usual crosshairs formed in front of him, and began sweeping the area for targets to nail and subsequently delete. It didn't take too long before it beeped, signaling that it had located something in the area of one of the insect-like viruses, and the cannon auto-aimed and shot what it had picked up...preferably the actual virus. It resumed its search afterwards for all of one second before doing the same with the other Magneaker. And that, hopefully, was that for the electrical duo. "That should be two down! What about the others?"

...What about the others indeed. They'd be easy enough normally, but with those two over the water...and they couldn't take advantage of that terrain...or could they? "Uh...wait, I've got an idea!" Sabrina selected and used a chip featuring an obligatorily cute penguin virus. "Battlechip, IceWave! Slot in!"

A ball of ice appeared in the Navi's hand, which actually surprised him a bit. "Two battles in a row?"

"Yep! Just make sure you use it on one of the viruses over the water!"

"If you say so..." He gently tossed the ice ball forward, causing it to expand into its larger snowflake state, and slide along towards the Piranha virus. "What about the other two?"

"Well, let's focus on the one not over the water for now." A chip featuring what resembled a tiny man in a tank was used. "Battlechip, TankCannon! Slot in!"

Some chips required the user to temporarily sacrifice their hand for it. Some required the forearm, as well. And some required no sacrifice at all. However, TankCannon was the only chip SplashMan knew that required to give up his ENTIRE arm, as he watched it fade in order to form a ridiculously large black cannon. "This thing is really huge..." He somewhat questioned why it had to be so big...but at least it was no harder to use than any other chip with 'Cannon' in its name. Well, unless he had to do that spread shot thing, but that wasn't necessary. So, he simply pointed the enormous cannon towards the fish virus, and let loose with a single concentrated shot. "There, like shooting fish in a barrel! ...A really, really big barrel that's as big as the Internet, anyway..."

"No offense, SplashMan, but witty remarks just aren't your thing..."

"Sorry...what about that other Piranha? Any ideas to make sure we nail it?"

"Kinda, but you're not gonna like it..."


"I got a chip from the chip trader that might work, but...well, I'll just send it over, 'cause that's what you're using anyway." For hopefully the last time in the battle, a chip was transferred to her Navi, this one featuring a blue bunny virus. "Battlechip, ZapRing2! Slot in!"

Most of the Aqua Navi's am reformed, only now with a pink base near the wrist and two long, thin, wire-looking arcs coming out of it. And like most Navis that noticed that their operator had acquired a version 2 chip, he...sighed? "Now I know why you didn't think I'd like it...and you're right..." Still, he took care to properly aim the apparatus at the fish virus, and let loose a ring of electricity towards it. "You've got this on the trade block, right?"

"Of course! Though I kinda wish you'd learn to like Elec chips more...oh well, we can talk about that another time!" Sabrina shifted slightly in the water, in order to acquire maximum relaxation from the hot springs. "Right now you need to focus, and make sure everything's blasted into nothingness!"

Now that was a good idea. SplashMan looked over the rest of the battlefield, to see if any enemies still remained.

[Order of Turn:
1-MarkCannon1 chip attack on MagneakerA (70, locks on)
2-MarkCannon1 chip attack on MagneakerB (70, locks on)
3-IceWave1 chip attack on PiranhaA (80+20, Aqua)
4-TankCannon1 chip attack on PiranhaB (80)
5-ZapRing2 chip attack on PiranhaC (60, Elec, stuns)]
Splashman fires off two Markcannons right in a row and thus manages to take down both Magneakers with minimul effort. Splashman then sends a large snowflake at one of the Piranha which would have probably frozen it had it not outright deleted it. Splashman fired a large blast of destructive might at another one of the fish which deletes it and, using its weakness to kill it twice over, he hits the last virus with a Zapring.

PiranhaA: DELETED!
PiranhaB: DELETED!
PiranhaC: DELETED!
MagneakerA: DELETED!
MagneakerB: DELETED!

Terrain: 88% Normal 12% Sea (scattered)

Splashman: 200

Rewards: Magbomb1, 300z
Once more, SplashMan wandered over to where the viruses had been, and started analyzing and sending over the data. "Well, there's the cash data...and there's chip data! But the data signature's similar to a Magneaker..."

The screen in front of Sabrina instantly revealed the chip: MagnetBomb1. "Yep...it's an Elec chip. A really inaccurate Elec chip...not that strong, either..."

"So, you're not gonna use it? Er, I mean, so you're going to just keep it around for the next time you head for ACDC Town?"

"Pretty much. I mean, I don't even see anything I'd ditch for it, anyway. So, ready to move on?"

"Yep! Moving along now!" And so, having disposed of the villains, our hero moved deeper into Yoka Net, in search of viruses...what? He's not your hero? Well, dang.

(searching for Battle #3)
The area Splashman enters is comepletely submerged, perfect for aqua types. Three bees hover above the water while two Raingears float on the water like buoys. Two Larks move steadily over the water, closing the gap.

ElebeeA: 90
ElebeeB: 90
ElebeeC: 90
RaingearA: 80
RaingearB: 80
LarkA: 100
LarkB: 100

Terrain: 100% Sea

Splashman: 200

Battle 3 Go
And there they were...another group of viruses. But these seemed tougher than the previous ones, and aside from the Lark, they didn't even look familiar...

At least, they didn't look familiar to the Navi; Sabrina felt otherwise. "Why do I feel like I've seen that Raingear before? ...Oh!" She pulled out a chip, which incidentally featured its very image. "That's the virus that gives out WaterLine!"

"Okay...but what does that do, exactly?"

"We'll find out in a sec, but first...let's take out those bee viruses!" And so, she took out a chip featuring a clothespin looking thing holding an L-shaped thing, and inserted it into her PET. Or performed actions that resulted in roughly the same effect, at least. "Battlechip, Boomerang! Slot in!"

SplashMan's hand vanished, replaced by something that could be described as a boomerang dispenser, among other things. Almost instantly, a boomerang formed from inside it, which was soon flung towards the trio of Elec viruses in a blatant attempt to captialize off their element. It moved around and around, before eventually making its way back to the place of its creation, which caused both it and the dispenser to vanish on re-entry. "Well, it's been a sec, and that should take care of the bee viruses...so come on! Let's use that new chip!"

"Right!" A chip featuring the very RainGear that her Navi was facing was used. "Battlechip, WaterLine! Slot in!"

A mini-RainGear appeared on the Navi's right hand, and the innards of its mouth began to glow blue. He pointed it towards the pair of viruses it strongly resembled...causing three geysers to erupt from below them. Of course, since there were only two viruses in that area, at least one missed no matter what. "That...was not what I expected..."

"Well, what did you expect?"

"I was expecting a beam or something...but making geysers come up is cool, too!"

"Good, because it's too late to un-trade for it! Now...the Lark. You can do that yourself, can't you?"

"Well, I could..."

"Then I'll leave you to it! Have fun!"

SplashMan sighed, but obeyed his operator, and prepared to make good use of his water cannons. First, he decided to give the first Lark a good ol' fashioned blast of water, causing him to bend over a bit before blasting the fish virus with a mighty aqua shot. Now, for the other one...he had little choice but to flat out drill. And while he couldn't literally drill it, he could cause water to blast from the rears of his cannons, causing him to rush forward and give it a powerful tackle. So...he triggerered the water propulsion, using it to race forward at a high speed for maximum ramming power. And once that was all done, he managed to gently land on top of the water. Sometimes, he wished he wasn't an elemental Navi. Times involving using water to shoot off tackles and standing on top of a pool of water wasn't among them.

However, getting attacked when he wasn't paying attention would be a total mood killer, so he looked over the group to see if anything remained, and to take appropriate evasive action if necessary.

[Order of Turn:
1-Boomerang1 chip attack on ElebeeA, ElebeeB, and ElebeeC (60, Wood)
2-WaterLine1 chip attack on RaingearA and RaingearB (80+10, Aqua)
3-Water Splash sig attack on LarkA (140, Aqua)
4-Aqua Ram sig attack on LarkB (110, Aqua)
A Boomerrang whips around the lake. Two bees are quickly cut down though one dashes out of the way. Before getting a chance to attack, both Raingears get destroyed by fountains of water. After that, Splashman shows off his special moves, blasting one Lark with water while ramming the other. The final bee flies right at Splashman though the navi moves well in his natural element and gets out of the way in time.

ElebeeC: 90
RaingearA: DELETED!
RaingearB: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Sea

Splashman: 200
One Elebee left...it just had to be annoying and not get deleted with the others...ah well, he wasn't one to dwell on things like that. And so, SplashMan eyed it, waiting to hear the plan to eliminate it.

He didn't have to wait long; Sabrina quickly sent two pictures of chips his way. "Go ahead and end it! Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, AquaSword! Double slot in!"

The Aqua Navi instantly vanished from his spot, to reappear in front of the eletrical bee virus, and now wielding a water-based sword of considerable power. And he knew what to do with it: SLASH! SLICE! CUT! Well, to be precise, he SLICEd, then SLASHed and CUT, but his mission of killing less-than-helpless insects via cutting them down remained. And if he didn't, well, at least he knew how to run away on top of water.

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab chip to in front of ElebeeC (teleports user)
2-AquaSword chip attack on ElebeeC (80+20, Aqua)
3-AquaSword chip attack on ElebeeC (80+20, Aqua)
4-AquaSword chip attack on ElebeeC (80+20, Aqua)
Splashman teleported in front of the remaining virus and slashed through it before it had time to begin thinking about reacting.

He then sliced through it a few more times as it disintegrated into data.

Splashman was then available to reap the rewards of the battle!

RewardData: Arrow1, 600 zenny
Once he had finished with his practice swings, SplashMan let the AquaSword fade, and started analyzing the reward data. "Let's see, what'd we get this time...ooh, chip data! And it's..."

"And it's?"

"...It's got a very similar data signature to an Elebee..."

"...What? You mean we got another Elec chip?" As if to rub it in, the image for an Arrow1 chip appeared on Sabrina's screen. "Sheesh, two in a row...not exactly our lucky day, huh?"

"Yeah...well, I gotta ask. Are you adding it to the folder?"

"Hmm...well, it's pretty strong, and it even has a homing effect. So yep! But don't worry, for now we're only going to have 1 Elec chip in our folder at a time!" After some fancy finger waving, ZapRing2's image faded from the list of folder chips, and was replaced with a picture of an Elebee. "And it's in! Now, let's keep going!"

"Okay!" And with that single word, he moved along even deeper into the Net, in his usual search for viruses.

(searching for Battle #4)
Splashman runs accross three groups of three. First and foremost is the line of Cannondumbs in the front. A few puddles sit scattered about the field and every once and a while, they seem to form hands. There are also some Walla sitting around. Once sits on either side of Splashman, about seven feet away each. The other sit farther back, a good distance away from the Cannondumbs. It seems content just to watch.

CannondumbA: 50
CannondumbB: 50
CannondumbC: 50
MistyA: 100
MistyB: 100
MistyC: 100
WallaA: 100 (left)
WallaB: 100 (right)
WallaC: 100

Terrain: 80% Normal 20% Sea (in the direction Splashman came from)

Splashman: 200 (Sea)

Battle 4 is go
Aside from the Canodumb, SplashMan couldn't recall having ever seen any of the things he was presently seeing. "Uh...any idea on what to do, Sabrina? I can't think of anything..."

"Well...never seen the water hand things, but the walruses are the virus that gives out TwinFang! Not really sure how that helps, but it's something..." Hmm...come to think of it, that WAS something... "...Hang on, that does help!"

"How so?"

"It means we can wait to attack them!"


"You'll see in a sec! First off, let's get those Canodumb out of the way!" First up on the chip list...one featuring a ray-like virus with a propeller on its head. "Battlechip, WideShot! Slot in!"

The Navi's hand faded to make room for a wide-mouthed gun...which vaguely resembled a mouth, no less. He pointed it towards the trio of cannon viruses, and let out a blast of water wide enough to potentially hit them all. Nothing fancy, just going for the good ol' triple delete. "So, what now? I take it we're going for the watery ones?"

"Yup! But I have a feeling we need to be careful with what we use to attack them, so we're going with chips that stay close to the ground!" And naturally, what did one think of when considering chips of that sort? Levitating snowflakes. "Battlechip, IceWave! Slot in!"

The icy crystal formed in SplashMan's newly reformed hand, which he gently tossed forward, allowing it to grow into a three-dimensional snowflake and undulate just above the ground towards one of the water hands. "...I guess that'll work! What about the others?"

"Just sit back and relax for this next one! You don't need to do anything!" A purple virus with a large hammer suddenly appeared in front of another of the Misties as another chip was remotely inserted. "Battlechip, BigHammer! Slot in!"

WHAM! The sound of a hammer echoed throughout the area, as one was lowered onto the ground, and hopefully hit a hand made out of water in the process. "You were right...I didn't need to do anything just then..."

"Told ya! And for that last one...let's take down water with water!" One final attack was sent over to the Navi. "Battlechip, WaterLine! Slot in!"

A RainGear formed over SplashMan's hand, and immediately opened its mouth. After a moment of getting some extra energy into the attack, he let it do its thing, causing three geysers to erupt in the area of the third Aqua virus. It then vanished, allowing him access to his hand once more. "So, we hit the Canodumb and hand things...what about the walruses?"

"That...is something that can wait. Look down!"

The Aqua Navi did so, and noticed he was standing on water. Weird...he hadn't noticed. "Yeah, so?"

"Take a dive!"

"Oh!" He looked over at each of the Walla trio, then crossed his arms. "Sorry, but you can't hit me!" And as if someone suddenly took out the floor from under him, he fell into the water, and began biding his time, fairly confident in his safety.

[Order of Turn:
1-WideShot1 chip attack on CanodumbA, CanodumbB, and CanodumbC (60+10, Aqua)
2-IceWave1 chip attack on MistyA (80+20, Aqua)
3-BigHammer1 chip attack on MistyB (160, Break)
4-WaterLine1 chip attack on MistyC (80+10+15, Aqua)