Killing a bit of Time

Junior appeared on the net and looked around, "So I just bust until they show up. But... that means that we'll be the ones keeping them waiting then."

"Not so. Once they show up, I'll ask them to jack in as well and help you finish things up. After that, we can all make our merry way into the Colloseum and finish our exam." Wes replied.

"Fine, whatever..." sighed Junior, dashing off.

((Batle 1))
Did anyone order... Shrimp? With a side of... Met?

ShrimpyA: 100
ShrimpyB: 100
MetEX: 70

Junior: 120

Battle 1
Ready, Steady, GO!
"My brain.... it's telling me something. It's saying that since we have no Elec chips, we probably shouldn't have come to a net populated with primarily Aqua types. Whoops." Wes said.

"You do realize you're an idiot, right?" Junior sighed, "Good thing I don't think these guys are going to be much of a problem. Observe." His hands glowed as power coursed through them. As each finger gained power, it began to sparkle. As his attack finished prepping, he observed each of his targets. The one Shrimpy was in the middle, so it would make the best target, "Soul Finger Shot: Full Power!" he yelled as he launched a large blast of energy at the foe. The power from each individual finger combined into one, making the attack look all the more impressive. Now to take care of the other aquatic life. He gathered his own energy and centralized it in his body. Sadly, his power was all he had access to right now, so it wouldn't be given any special powers, but this would be enough. Taking some of his spare strength, he increased the already large cache of energy before pouring it out of him in a dull, bland beam of light. The Soul Assimulation was never that impressive while in his normal form.... how disappointing, "Okay, that should hopefully delete the shrimp. Now, Give me something that'll take out that stupid Met yet."

"Might as well go for the sure-fire kill. Sending Markcannon1." Wes said, slotting it in.

A cross hair projected itself from Junior's arm. As long as he could point and click without suddenly jerking his arm off target, he could definately land this. Pointing it at the Met, he tried to line it up just between its eyes. He then fired the blast, hoping that it would stay on target so that the twerpy enemy would be taken out, "Well, I'm not making another attack until I see what's left. I'll tell you when I'm ready for something else." Junior then tensed up, ready to evade any attacks.

((1.) Soul Finger Shot, 120, ShrimpyB
2.) Soul Assimulation, 90+10 (Untapped Power used), ShrimpyA
3.) Markcannon, 70+lock-on, MetoolEX
4.) Dodge
5.) Dodge))
The Met hides... Coward.

ShrimpyA: dead
ShrimpyB: dead
MetEX: 70

Junior: 120
"That's.... really annoying. Send the Sword." Junior requested.

"Sending Aquasword, "Complied Wes

Junior walked up to the met with his now transformed arm and poked the blade at the helmet's base. He tried pushing the tip under the rim and then bringing it up to flip it. He then started slashing it a few times.

((1.) Flip
2-5.) Aquasword, 80 aqua, MetEX))
Mets gone... Poor Met.

You get
200 zenny, one guard2 chip
Junior deactivated his sword, "Easy. I'm heading deeper in." And off he ran.

((Battle 2))
It seemed like a massive bird came out of nowhere... and landed on a Cannondumb

Firephoenix: 110

Junior: 120

Battle two
Ready Steady GO!
"Well, damn...." Junior muttered as the group appeared. This was going to be a bit more tricky, "Put Areagrab and the Aquasword on standby... I'm going to try and take care of a few of these things quick. First, he'd try something bland again. Focusing his power towards his center, he prepared to fire the beam of light. He released it at one of the blue cannons before concentrating on his next strike. He gathered energy again, though this time it was different. Intense light surrounded him as he focused. He opened his eyes as his power reached its peek. Now was the time to strike. The energy left his body through his central emblem and raced off towards the enemies. The intense brightness flooded the area in light as it rocketed away. Now that he had done all he needed, he would require some chips from his Netop, "Wes, ready for the chips."

"Okay, sending Areagrab, Aquasword... I think that's right." Wes said.

"Yup, that is correct." His arm then transformed into a blue blade that glowed softly in the sun light. He then vanished, popping up again behind the bird and row of canodumbs, "Surprise!" He yelled as he took a large, upward swing at the bird, a blue after-image trailing the attack. He then whipped around towards the Canodumb. Since it was stationary, it would be an easy hit, but not a fatal one. He needed some power behind this. Drawing out some hidden energy and focusing it into his strike, he thrust the blade forward, hopiing to end the enemy's exsistance, as well as the battle.

((1.) Soul Assimulation, 90, Canodumb2A
2.) Soul Flash, 90+lowers accuracy, Canodumb2B
3.) Areagrab behind enemies/dodge
4.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua, Firepheonix
5.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua+10, Canodumb2C, untapped power used))
Darn it, you got a OTKO.

Zenny: 450
"Well, well.... we're gaining quite a cache of cash here. Wanna keep going?" Wes asked.

"Sure." replied Junior, walking off.

((Battle 3))
Suddenly strange viruses that Junior had never seen before came up to him.

Quote ()

A small virus, about two and a half feet tall by Real World standards. Its fur is grey in colour, and black rings wind around the circumference of its round body. Its limbs are short and stumpy, tipped with tiny black claws. A huge bottlebrush tail hangs behind it, often curled into the shape of a question mark. It looks to be more adept at rolling rather than walking, but it waddles about regardless. Its entire face is hidden behind a huge red festival mask, covered in decorative beads, hanging tassels and soft feathers.

But they're not alone.

BandcoonA: 50 HP
BandcoonB: 50 HP
BandcoonC: 50 HP
SwordyA: 60 HP
SwordyB: 60 HP

Soulman Junior.exe: 120

"Well there may be more of them.... but they're weaker. Let me take care of a few quick." Junior said. He pulled off his glasses and waved at the enemies. Once he was sure he had the attention of each, he gave them an overplayed, innuendo filled Wink to mess with their thought routines. That ought to make things easier. Now for the real kicker. Charging energy into his hands, his fingers began to glow. He spread his arms apart and pointed each hand at a Swordy. He relased a shining beam from each hand, which both shot forward in a lovely laser light show at the opponents. For the moment, he had done all that he could.... or at least all he felt like doing. Now he would need some support, "Okay, send whatever you see fit."

"Kay, sending Shotgun, Powershot." Wes said, downloading the duo of chips.

"This should work nicely..." Junior mumbled. The power for the Shotgun manifested itself in his palm. Outstreching the hand towards the new oddities, he tried to aim so that the blast might strike two of the creatures. When he felt he had it right, he fired the blast with a bang. Now for the other attack. Bringing his hands together to concentrate the attack more fully, Junior focused the energy sent to him. Then, he fired it at the one virus he had neglected in his assault, a large collum of power expelling itself from his hands. He hoped that he'd be able to end things in one massive salvo but in case he couldn't... he better take evasive actions. He prepped himself to dodge, looking to see where the attack would come from.

((1.) Sexy Wink, stun or lowers accuracy to all
2.) Soul Finger Shot, 60 to Swordy A and B
3.) Shotgun, 50+splash, BandcoonB
4.) Powershot, 50, BandcoonC
5.) Dodge))
Well, the swords were taken out, and before Junior could fire that shotgun, one of the Bandcoons totally stole it, and fired it back... But missed because of Junior's sexyness. The powershot took out one more, and the last one started sniffing Junior.... Seems they are Female Bandcoons...

BandcoonA: 50 HP
BandcoonB: 50 HP
BandcoonC: dead
SwordyA: dead
SwordyB: dead

Soulman Junior.exe: 120
"So they can steall attack data.... Well then, let's see what happens when.. Eh?" Wes opened up his e-mail and his eyes got wide, "Junior, we're ending this now. Sending Cactball1, Rinlog1, Areagrab, Aquasword. We need this to end now. Ambridge and Capuchin need help! I'm heading off now, so if this doesn't work, use your remaining specials to finish things, then head to ACDC via the net and find Capuchin, got it?"

"What? Understood. Hurry!" Junior shouted. He glared at the enemies, "Grrr...... You're wasting my time! Eat these!" In one hand, a pricky green ball appeared and in the other, a chunk of wood formed. He hastily whipped both at the enemies before vanishing. Those would serve as his distraction. If they wanted to steal them, that was just find. Reappearing behind their position, he immediately slashed at the one he'd figured be the most likely to survive. He hastily swung at the other one's genereal position, making a wide sweep to eliminate any threat remaining. He needed to go and fast! These two were a waste of his time.

((1.) Cactball1, 20x3 Wood, BandcoonA
2.) Ringlog1, 50 Wood, BandcoonB
3.) Areagrab behind group
4.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua, BandcoonA
5.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua, BandcoonB))
The Bandcoon's were to interested in Junior's sexy to do anything.

Reward: 450Zenny + Pickpocket1
Chip data can be found here
"Gah! Wasted to much time! ACDC now!" Junior raced off to the square and found the link he needed. He was out of there!
Junior walked back into the area and looked around, "It seems so empty..." He sighed before walking off.

((Battle 1))
It seems like some birds are trying to catch some lunch.

FirephoenixA: 110
FirephoenixB: 110
Shrimpy: 100

Junior: 140

Battle one
((Two things wrong with this: 1.) I should only 120 HP
2.) You stole my thing. Ya know, the one where I open a battle with a line from an anime opening? You fiend!))

"Back to basics, I suppose... This far in doesn't offer that much. Okay, take out that Shrimpy and then slice down the birds. Sending Areagrab, Aquasword." Wes said.

"Fine. This should be easy enough. I'm not wasting anything big on that stupid shrimp, though." Junior commented. He charged some energy. A slight glow appeared around his emblem. He reached the peak of his preparation before pouring in a bit more power. He then fired a dull beam of light at the enemy. While unimpressive, it should be enough to put that shrimp in its place. Now for the fun part.

Holding out his arm and taking a step forward, he vanished. he reappeared above the enemies, his limb now blue and pointy. He pointed the tip of his sword downward in an attempt to take one of the birds down. As he finished his strike, he landed in a kneeling position, then pivoted. He leapt out at the other foe, hoping to skewer the bird. He then spun around, slashing at everything around him before taking a few steps back and observing his surroundings. Did that do it?

((1.) Soul Assimulation, 90+10 (untapped power used), Shrimpy
2.) Areagrab above enemies
3.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua, FirepheonixA
4.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua, FirepheonixB
5.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua, whatever's left))