Tennisman beamed into the network and found himself somewhat lost. The horizon seemed shrouded by a mysterious darkness as if night had fallen. His best guess would be some kind of power failure or latency problem.

"Where am I?" Tennisman asked.

"Science Labs" Desmond said, "I thought you could go find someone there who knows a lot about support programs."

As he continued to look around, his eyesight adjusted to the dimness and he could recognize the landscape as being reminiscent of the Science Lab Network. He couldn't shake an ominous feeling but it was probably just the lack of lighting.

"...Is it just me or is it really dark there?" Desmond wondered aloud.

"No, it's much darker than before." Deuce replied, "Something strange is going on and I'll bet you just can't wait to investigate, can you, Tennisman?"

"Oh, before you go anywhere, lemme jack-in Fifteen." added Desmond.

Deuce seemed indignant about that news, "What? I thought you reset him!"

"Yeahhhh... And I redid him. Seriously not that hard. Customization is really user friendly."

A second beam of light pierced the darkness of the network and dissipated to reveal a strangely familiar flying saucer.

"...Deuce?" Tennisman said under his breath.

His racket replied, "What?"

Upon closer inspection, he could see a Mr. Program sitting snugly in the cockpit of the saucer. A blue, wide-brimmed ridge extended from his forehead, making it look like he was wearing a cap.

"Hello! You must be Tennisman." He said cheerfully, "I'm Fifteen."

"Hello... Fifteen." Tennisman greeted back.

The support program hovered up a little and added, "I'll be acting as umpire for this match so let's have a good clean game!" before producing a sharp whistling sound. Tennisman expression soured slightly at the odd personality quirk of his latest ally and waited for his operator to justify it.

"...I'm sure it'll be fine." Desmond shrugged, "Go find something to fight."

((Summon Fifteen))
((Battle 1))
The deep dark void that was Chaos Net. The brave souls that ventured into the powerful space of the Internet would meet either death, or great glory. That was the place that Tennisman and his team had ventured into, albeit not by choice. They walked (or floated) along through the network, looking for any sign of activity. They had not come far from their point of origin, when the low hum of an alarm sounded. A few clanks could be heard around Tennisman's position, as three CannonGuard turrets flew up from some of the metal tiles that made up the ground, surrounding the Navi and his Support Programs by 12, 3 and 9 o' clock positions. Whirring sounds emanated from the turrets as they charged their blasters.

CannonGuard3 A: 230HP (front)
CannonGuard3 B: 230HP (left)
CannonGuard3 C: 230HP (right)

TennisMan.EXE: 550HP
Deuce.SP: 200HP
Fifteen.SP: 100HP

Terrain: 10% Teleporter (Fixed), 90% Metal

Tennisman found himself surrounded but quickly noticed the open gap at his rear position. As he bounded backwards to escape the ambush, Fifteen shot up high into the air to a safer distance and began to commentate, "We have a good Doubles Match between Tennisman and Deuce and the CannonGuards and... What's this? Three against two?"

The Support Program whistled sharply and produced a large yellow card from one of its ear-like appendages while announcing, "OPPOSING TEAM FOUL. TOO MANY PLAYERS ON SITE." He then dropped the card over one of the viruses.

"What is he doing?" questioned Deuce.

"I dunno, I just programmed him to support Tennisman." Desmond answered sheepishly, "I don't really care how he does it."

Tennisman didn't particularly mind either as this wasn't an official tennis match, though the totally biased justifications left a mildly bitter taste in his mouth. He only hoped that Fifteen would be okay on his own up there as he dealt with the viruses in his own way.

"Deuce, Overwrap. Desmond, Airstorm." Tennisman ordered with absolute directness in his words.

His racket erected a small barrier as Desmond slotted in a chip, Tennisman readied his own defenses against the trio of viruses. His guard seemed to have strengthened since installing the recent set of upgrades and he felt secure in his ability to defend himself. However, his operator had a different mindset.

"Yo, screw Airstorm! I'm dropping the Holy Panel!" Desmond remarked.

The ground below Tennisman and Deuce gave off a bright glow that illuminated the pair against the shadowy haze of the network. The contrast between himself and everything off of the panel seemed intense, much greater than any other time he had used the chip and he felt thankful for what little peace of mind was offered to him simply by standing there. Desmond wasn't one to completely neglect his navi's requests and quickly slotted in the Airstorm in right after.

The data flowed down Tennisman's arm and infused Deuce's barrier with a thin aura of wind. With a simple sweep of his arm, powerful gales produced a vacuum to purposely draw in the turrets from their spread out positions. The air continued to churn, producing a set of small tornadoes that quickly spread out before dissipating into nothing.

"ElecShock!" Tennisman added with urgency.

"ELEMENTAL BONUS!" Fifteen added with another whistle, "ADVANTAGE: TENNISMAN."

A green card was dropped from overhead onto Tennisman as the chip was slotted in. The card dissolved in data fragments that were absorbed into Tennisman body, providing an immediate boost in energy. The electricity building up in his chest charged faster and was expelled with much more force than he expected. The terrain resisted the devastating side effect of his attack while arcs of lightning danced across the metallic floor in a wild display of sparks.

With his navi out of breath, Desmond made some more snap decisions, "Got this new chip called Avalanche. Just make a loud noise and it should activate. Then, finish up with a Windracket."

Tennisman could only manage a nod as the new chip was slipped into the PET. He tried to think of the loudest sound he could produce on his own and came up with something unpleasant. He didn't have time to second guess himself and simply said to Deuce, "Brace yourself."

His racket seemed confused, "What? Why would you-"

Before he could finish his thought, Tennisman raised his racket over his head and slammed it onto the metal panel just ahead of himself. The loud clang that resonated out was much greater than he expected and caused a sudden rumble.

"...OW?" Deuce snapped.

The rumbling culminated in three enormous heaps of snow dropping down from the sky over the viruses. Tennisman activated his final chip and let another wind sheath coat his racket. Air spiralled in from all directions to converge around Deuce's face before Tennisman unleashed the full fury of his attack with a wide swing of his arm. A wall of wind blasted outwards, clearing away the snow and everything else that stood in his path.

"Alright, but seriously, a little more warning than that if you do it again." Deuce muttered.

((Deuce's Team Subtype splits damage between himself and Tennisman equally))
1 - Dodge back
Deuce - Dodge back
Fifteen - Fly up
* - Debuff CannonGuard3A (-27 damage)
Fifteen - dodge
Fifteen - dodge
Deuce - Overwrap (40 HP barrier)
2 - Rally Defense + Reinforce (7-hit shield) ((yes, seven hit))
3 - Holy Panel (5% Holy terrain)
Deuce - Airstorm CannonGuard3A, CannonGuard3B, CannonGuard3C (50 damage + pull)
* - Buff Tennisman
4 - ElecShock (80 damage + cone) x2 from terrain + Buff (+27 damage to A)
5 - Avalanche CannonGuard3A, CannonGuard3B, CannonGuard3C (60 damage + 10% freeze)
6 - Windracket CannonGuard3A, CannonGuard3B, CannonGuard3C (100 damage + wide + microburst)
Jumping backwards, TennisMan barely managed to leap away from one of the cannon blasts, only to be on the receiving end of two more. Fortunately, however, his parrying techniques kept the shots at bay. One of the cannons got Fifteen's yellow card, and was more than a little ticked off at this. Swiveling its turret top, it went to aim for the umpire SP while the other two continued to attempt deletion of the other two programs in front of them. Sending down a HolyPanel, Tennisman and his SP proceeded to lay down the hurt on the viruses, with Deuce producing a vacuum that pulled at the turrets and sending them flying towards the Navi. The cannon that was going to shoot for Fifteen was interrupted by this action, and its shot went astray. Afterwards, an expulsion of electrical power incinerated one of the turrets, as well as damaging the other two severely. After that, a simple Avalanche chip attack was all that was needed to delete the tumbled cannons.

CannonGuard3 A: DELETED
CannonGuard3 B: DELETED
CannonGuard3 C: DELETED

TennisMan.EXE: 550HP [3-Hit Shield] (Holy)
Deuce.SP: 200HP [40HP Barrier] (Holy)
Fifteen.SP: 100HP

Terrain: 10% Teleporter (Fixed), 85% Metal, 5% Holy


Rewards: [MarkCannon3] Battlechip, 1100z, 36 BugFrags
"Game, set, match. The winner is Tennisman!" Fifteen announced, descending from his aerial perch.

"I think we may have wandered outside of the 'normal' network." Deuce noted, "Those CannonGuards were much more resilient than their basic incarnations."

"Hey, at least we got a chip and no one was hurt." said Desmond, "What'd we get anyways?"

Scanning over the chip data, Tennisman quickly identified it, "MarkCannon... Three."

"Three?" repeated Desmond, "That's weird, we only just started getting twos. Did we skip something? What's going on? How do you even get threes? Are there fours?"

Tennisman didn't know the answer to any of those questions but by his best guess, he had somehow stumbled onto some kind of alternate high tier network. The only variables that had changed since he had last jacked in were the recently installed upgrades. Perhaps the network had placed him here as a result of adequate progress. It was strange but not too ridiculous to imagine the network itself actively screening for capacity. Had he been a weaker navi, those cannons would have destroyed him instantly.

"Hey... HEY! TENNISMAN!" Desmond shouted, "Come on, we gonna move or what?"

Tennisman snapped out of his introspective thought and nodded. If this place was going to throw stronger enemies at him, he gave one more passing thought to whether he would be up to the challenge.

((Folder Edit:
-MarkCannon1 out
-TwinFang1 out

-BoyBomb2 in
-MarkCannon3 in))
((Battle 2))
Moving on through the darker parts of the Science Labs network, TennisMan and his team (HA.) ended their trek on the metallic terrain, and encountered something that looked as if it used to be a main road through the network. Now abandoned, the glowing solar-paneled path marked a way littered with random bits of junk data. Suddenly, as they walked along the path, Tennisman's foot accidentally knocked aside a piece of junk data. The data made a loud clanking sound on the road, which then caused a cry to emanate from somewhere in the scary network. Moments later, a duo of Swordy came into sight, carrying electrified blades. However, they were also accompanied by the rather odd sight of two floating cubes, red and purple. The newcomers proved to be rather hostile, when the cubes flashed red and shot crimson lasers right over their heads, and the Swordy shrieked their battle cries as they charged.

QUADCUBE A: 340HP [Flashing Red] (Solar)
QUADCUBE B: 340HP [Flashing Red] (Solar)
Swordy-E3 A: 240HP (Solar)
Swordy-E3 B: 240HP (Solar)

Terrain: 65% Solar, 35% Normal

TennisMan.EXE: 550HP (Solar)
Deuce.SP: 200HP
Fifteen.SP: 100HP

"And the next match is underway!" Fifteen blurted out, quickly soaring out of range again. Somehow, his voice still managed to clearly permeate the distance between himself and the rest of the combatants, "The challengers: Two Swordy viruses and a pair of Quadcubes. This looks to be an exciting match-up!"

As the support program weaved over the landscape, surveying the unfolding battle, Deuce and Tennisman simultaneously bolstered their respective defenses against the oncoming threat. Deuce's small barrier seemed remarkably outclassed by the threat that the Swordys posed but Tennisman's able reflexes practically compensated for that shortcoming. At the very least, Deuce braced himself, ready to shunt incoming damage. Tennisman considered his opponents and had faced Swordys before, but the large block-like viruses were something new. He vaguely recalled encountering them once and noted how they changed their attack patterns after being struck. Until he knew how they attacked in this form, he thought it best to simply focus his attacks on the Swordys instead.

Tennisman's train of thought was derailed as Fifteen unleashed his signature ear-piercing whistle and said, "Swordy! Improper Conduct! Yellow card!"

A yellow streak shot down from above onto where one of the Swordy was standing. Tennisman hadn't noticed any change in the virus but couldn't be bothered to justify his support program's judgments. Instead, he took note of the yellow tint in the Swordy's armour and assumed it was an elec element. As he only had one wood chip in his folder, it was in his best interest to use it quickly. Lowering his body down to the ground, he touched the ground with an open palm, still keeping his other arm ready to deflect incoming attacks.

"Court Change." Tennisman uttered, issuing a change in the panels around himself. The shiny solar panels flickered before shutting off as their power source was cut out from beneath them. They were replaced with an organic substitute that spawned from the cracks and expanded over the old terrain. Without skipping a beat, he gave his chip request, "Spice."

The greenery went hostile, spewing a cloud of hallucinogenic spores into the air. Yellow and purple molds passively corroded everything that Tennisman recognized as an enemy.

"Home court advantage - Tennisman!" Fifteen announced with another whistle.

The support program dropped another card onto Tennisman, causing another surge in strength. With an attack was already being executed, the energy was redirected instantly, causing a sudden jet of spores to shoot up around one of the viruses.

"HolyPanel." Tennisman added.

"Again?" groaned his operator, "You should go on the attack more."

Tennisman hadn't moved since activating his Spice and he was going to continue to work from his kneeling position. The floor beneath him underwent another shift as the grass withered to make way for a glowing white square. The protective charm of the panel was well appreciated by the navi as he thought about his next action. While he was still integrated with the floor, he figured he`d continue the streak of ground based attacks.

His next request didn't come as a suprise to Desmond, "Flameline2."

The Spice had not yet fully disipated before Tennisman unleashed his fiery attack. The grass was incinerated instantly, adding to the ferocity of the firewall that burst out unexpectedly. Tennisman maintained his stance and vigil; one arm acting as a conduit between the chip data and the blazing arc ahead, the other still prepared to defend himself and Deuce should the need arise. The fire susbsided with a wisp of smoke while the haze from the intense heat lingered. Tennisman rose to his feet and prepared to change his tactics.

((Deuce's team subtype splits damage evenly between himself and Tennisman))
Fifteen - Move to high altitude
Fifteen - dodge
Fifteen - dodge
* - Debuff Swordy-E3A (-37 damage)
Deuce - Overwrap (40 HP barrier)
1 - Rally Defense + Reinforce (7-hit shield)
Deuce - Brace (block one attack for half damage)
2 - Court Change - Grass (1/3-2/3 grass terrain)
* - Buff Tennisman (+37 damage against Swordy-E3A)
3 - Spice1 (80 damage + confusion to-all on grass) x2 from element?
4 - HolyPanel (5% Holy terrain)
5 - Flameline2 Swordy-E3A, Swordy-E3B (120 damage + wide) x2 from terrain?
6 - Reflex Volley (80 HP barrier)
As TennisMan and his crew prepared for battle, a single swordy was the first to act in the battle. However, it wasn't going for an head on attack...It lifted its electric sword up into the sky and placed it against his head, suddenly generating an ungodly amount of magnetic energy all around it self. Before they realized, TennisMan and his SPs began their futile attempt at fighting against the magnetic pull.

In the end, the Swordy pulled the the team RIGHT beside him, leaving the guarded navi's back open for an attack! The 2nd Swordy teleported just behind TennisMan and Deuce, while Fifteen still struggled to get out of the pull in mid air, and laid a clean cut with its sword along with a QUADCUBE's laser. [100] [80]

The meditating Swordy was still going at it, successfully managing to pull Fifteen into a desirable position, and the other virus took yet another fatal swipe with its sword [100]. Fed up with all these attacks, TennisMan immediately laid down the new set of court and blasted everyone within the range with his lethal spore. The attack affected the Swordies immediately, placing them in a powerful daze, but the QUADCUBEs didn't have to much trouble with it as one was protected by a barrier it created and the other simply moved away.

The confused Swordies both held their swords up, eventually releasing the navi from the magnetic pull, and swung it randomly in any given direction. Fortunately, in some degree, TennisMan managed to place the holy panel beneath him just in time to lessen the damage [50] and one Swordy actually managed to delete its comrade with its attack. The QUADCUBEs began their assault once more, but this time was towards the SPs. Firing their purple lasers one by one, they hoped to shoot them down to cut off support for their prey, but it only managed to lay a single shot on Deuce. [80]

TennisMan began his counter-attack with the FlameLine, which easily took care of the helpless Swordy, and placed a barrier over himself for later use. However, before he could receive the chips for the next assault, something changed about TennisMan...

QUADCUBE A: 340HP [Purple] [Grass] [20 HP Barrier]
QUADCUBE B: 340HP [Purple] [Normal]
Swordy-E3 A: DELETED
Swordy-E3 B: DELETED

Terrain: 20% Solar, 25% Normal, 20% Grass, 5% Holy, 20% Soil

TennisMan.EXE: 385HP [7-hit Shield] [80 Barrier] [Holy] [Silence]
Deuce.SP: 1HP [Barrier Destroyed] [Silence]
Fifteen.SP: 1HP
-What happened to Brace and the Team subtype ability?
-What did Deuce's barrier block?
-Why didn't Tennisman block anything with his shields?))
((Totally forgot about the team ability...My bad. This will be how it'll look like with the team ability turned on. Also, it will hopefully explain the 2nd question as well.

-100 Swordy Wide = 500/150(barrier block)
-80 Quad @ Tennis = 460/110
-100 Swordy Wide = 410/10 (-50 Team / -50 Braced Swordy attack)
-50 Swordy Long/Holy @ Tennis = 385/1
-80 Quad @ Deuce = 385/LOLMISS (1)

For the next question, the Swordy-E3 has a special ability to use the MagCoil chip attack, which has the Magnetic Pull property. The first one pulled TennisMan right at the Swordy using it and the other one simply teleported behind and wide-attacked along with the QUADCUBE's laser. The next two attack also involved the teleport-to-the-back attack as well.))
((Only Impact attacks deal excess damage past a barrier's HP. Deuce should be on the Holy Panel as well and also be protected by Tennisman's shields from frontal attacks. I don't know if you took into account Fifteen's Debuff or how it was hit at high altitude without seeking with two/three dodges.))

"HITTING THE UMPIRE! FOUL! FOUL! RED CARD! MISCONDUCT!" blurted out Fifteen as he zigzagged across the sky erratically with smoke bellowing from the ruptured underside of his saucer.

Tennisman had other concerns to deal with as he and his racket were both gravely injured as well. He had never expected the enemies to strike with such force or from his blindspot. At least the Swordys were gone and he could deal with the large cubes. As far as he could tell, they didn't teleport but he was still being flanked by them. His first priority was to cover his rear by erecting a tennis net behind himself as he focussed his attention on the virus in front of him. The flimsy obstacle strengthened at his command and stood as a staunch defender against sneaky back attacks. He still didn't want to leave the minute protection offered by the small piece Holy terrain despite the savage beating he received. Deuce was content to repair himself slowly, but the damage was extensive and this would take a while.


"I cannot defend against attacks I cannot see!" Tennisman snapped back.

"Damnit, I should have kept some Guards in the folder..." Desmond muttered.

Tennisman was about to call for a chip when he realized that his chip channels had been shut down. It felt as if a secondary airway had been constricted, stifling his ability to accept battlechips. There was no point in asking for something from Desmond and he figured it was the cubes' doing. Deuce had been struck by the same beam and there was no way for him to channel chips either. They would have to make do until the effect wore off, if it wore off.

Meanwhile, Fifteen was still leaving a winding smoke trail overhead while spouting random phrases. It was clear he wasn't going to be of any help and it was time to send him away. With a subtle mental nudge, Fifteen blinked out of existence leaving behind a bloated snake-like cloud in his wake. Deuce's reconstructive measures were starting to dwindle as the animated strings weaving through his frame began to decrease in activity and number.

Tennisman had no other ideas except to strike back at the viruses. It seemed logical to bring them down one at a time and he was already staring down one of them. He readied a tennis ball from his clip and made a quick serve to try and bring down its clearly visible barrier. Another ball popped out from his buster and was served with just as much force as the one before it.

"Yo, what are doing?" Desmond asked, "Use a chip!"

To Tennisman, it seemed like a wasted effort to try and explain his situation and made a passing request just to sate his operator's impatience, "MarkCannon three."

There was a click and a buzzing error just as Tennisman suspected while he continued to serve single tennis balls at the blocky virus.

"What the hell? It's not going through." Desmond said, his voice followed shortly by another rejection noise, "DAMNIT!"

His clip apparently emptied, Tennisman activated his signature program, instantly reloading the clear tube over his cannon. The line of tennis balls were scattered from the weapon into the air and the entire cluster was served one after another with lightning speed and a sudden burst of strength.

"Wait... Wait... I think it's loading." noted Desmond, slotting in the chip without any follow up sounds.

Fifteen - Dodge
1 - Netplay to block off QUADCUBEB (4-hit shield + 20 HP object + heal 60)
Fifteen - Dodge
Deuce - RestringEX Deuce (heal 45)
Fifteen - Dodge
2 - Unsummon Fifteen
Deuce - Restring Deuce (heal 30)
3 - Buster Attack QUADCUBEA (20 damage)
4 - Buster Attack QUADCUBEA (20 damage)
5 - Buster Attack QUADCUBEA (20 damage)
6 - Ace Serve QUADCUBEA (4 x 30 damage)
Moving to recover their losses, TennisMan and Deuce started putting up defenses and patching up wounds, while Fifteen whirled around in panic or whatever. The QUADCUBE didn't care a bit about this, and started their attack once more, blasting their purple lasers towards TennisMan's net, shredding its defensive protection down to half. TennisMan acted fast, unsummoning his umpire SP as the QUADCUBE blasted through the net's shielding with their powerful lasers. After that, TennisMan suddenly threw out his barrage of serves, one knocking out its barrier. The next missed, the third was dodged, but then his Ace Serve came up, and that really made the Cube spin around in a flurry of balls. The other Cube just kind of dodged around after firing those two shots, afraid it would get hit as well. Of course, that was unfounded, so its efforts were useless.

Tennisman then felt his chip channels clear up, freeing up his main thoroughfare of attacks once more.

QUADCUBE A: 220HP [Purple] [Grass]
QUADCUBE B: 340HP [Purple] [Normal]
Swordy-E3 A: DELETED
Swordy-E3 B: DELETED

Net: 20HP [0-Hit Shield]

Terrain: 20% Solar, 25% Normal, 20% Grass, 5% Holy, 20% Soil

TennisMan.EXE: 445HP [7-hit Shield] [80 Barrier] [Holy]
Deuce.SP: 76HP
Fifteen.SP: Unsummoned
Taking note of one of the cubes' positions and its approximate health, Tennisman attempted to finish it off with a decisive blow.

"Magnum." He stated, directing his arm cannon to the virus.

Desmond slotted in the chip without adding any sort of quip, which was unusual for the talkative operator. Tennisman let the data load and unleashed the round hastily, trying to hit his target before it managed to move away from the patch of grass.

"The other cube... is still active." Deuce huffed.

The navi could tell his support program wouldn't be able to take another two hits and released the grip on his racket. As Deuce slipped away from Tennisman's fingers, his frame quickly deteriorated, allowing the racket just enough time to blurt out, "Wai-"

"YO! WHAT THE HELL?" Desmond snapped.

"I cannot defend both of us," Tennisman replied, pausin only to add, "Binder two."

Desmond seemed to be rended speechless again, albeit for an entirely different reason. He complied with the chip, unsure of what to make of the situation. Meanwhile, Tennisman unleashed his own pseudovirus upon his enemies, letting his Hellody wreak havoc with what little influence it had. Dropping down from the sky, it bounded over the mixed up terrain, repeatedly smashing the floor with its deceptively nimble and heavy body. As it attacked, Tennisman readied the second phase of his plan.

"Airstorm and FighterSword." he requested.

Two more chips queued up in the navi's memory as he tracked the second Quadcube's movements. He took note of its speed and turning ability, anticipating its destination before it arrived. As he glared down his target, he swept his arm inwards, summoning a sudden gust of wind in his direction. Small twisters buffeted their way to his isolated glowing sanctuary and bringing dirt and blades of grass along with them. His hand, which had drawn in that wall of air, shifted and extended a tremendously long blade of energy that he immediately lashed out with in a powerful backhand stroke. With a quick snap of his wrist, a second swing of his sword cleaved through the space in front of him again before shattering into a cloud of shinging shards.

((Deuce's team subtype splits damage evenly between himself and Tennisman))
1 - Magnum QUADCUBEA (120 damage + break) x2 from terrain
2 - Unsummon Deuce
3 - Binder2 QUADCUBEB (4 x 80 damage)
4 - Airstorm1 QUADCUBEB (3 x 50 damage + pull)
5 - FighterSword QUADCUBEB (100 damage)
6 - FighterSword QUADCUBEB (100 damage)
Blasting off a surprise Magnum towards a certain cube virus, Tennisman caught it off guard and deleted it quickly. The other cube started going all aggressive and stuff, but all that stuff was parried off. Sending Deuce away to make a last stand, Tennisman went all-out with Binders, Airstorms, and Fighterswords. Naturally, the virus died after such a barrage.

Swordy-E3 A: DELETED
Swordy-E3 B: DELETED

Net: 20HP [0-Hit Shield]

Terrain: 20% Solar, 25% Normal, 20% Grass, 5% Holy, 20% Soil

TennisMan.EXE: 445HP [5-hit Shield] [0 Barrier] [Holy]
Deuce.SP: Unsummoned
Fifteen.SP: Unsummoned



2400 Zenny
"...That was rough." sighed Desmond.

Tennisman felt exhausted even though this was only the second group of viruses he had encountered since entering the network. He didn't feel up to exploring any deeper in his current condition and decided it was time to jack out.

A beam of light engulfed his body as he disappeared in a flash.

((Jack-Out to ACDC Town))