Okay... I'd like to change a few things about my navi. Now that I've actually thought things out, having my new navi named Ayumi is just well, really confusing. As such, I'd like to have the current 'old Ayumi' look be my level 0 GMO, and the new stuff below be the default. I'll bold the changes.

Name: Illumina
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Type: Break

Normal: Illumina is a petite female Navi standing about 5'6", with short brown hair falling roughly to her jaw. Her hair is natrually straight, but she generally has it combed so that her left eye is covered by her hair emo style. Her bodysuit is mainly a dark orange color, with white gloves, high-top shoes, and a shimmering belt. She also has black pinstripe-like lines running from her neck down the outside of her arms to her gloves, from her gloves, along the inside of her arm and down her sides to her belt, and from her belt down the outside of her legs to her shoes.

Personality: Illumina is very energetic and outgoing, much the opposite of her operator. She is a bit bi-polar though, and can go from loving to hating in a matter of seconds. Having a bit of a complex about being a hand-me-down Navi, she is also obsessed with becoming stronger and proving to herself, Leon, and everyone else her worth as a Navi and as a woman.

Background: Illumina was originally a Recovery-type Normal Navi named Mia that belonged to Leon's classmate Jon. When Jon bought a new Navi, he asked Leon if he wanted to have Mia, as Leon had been unwilling to buy a new Navi since Ayumi had been killed. Using the experience he had gained from modifying Ayumi, Leon took Mia and modded her extensively and changed her name to Illumina. She developed a slight inferiority complex from being a hand me down, and also from being partly based on Leon's previous navi.

Custom Weapon: A small lance, only 4 feet in length including the one foot handle. It is lightweight and thin, allowing her to wield it easily with one hand. Due to it's short nature, it is rather inferior to a normal sized lance when it comes to piercing attacks, but makes up for it with it's speed and the ease that it can be used. When energy is stored in the lance it can use the energy to lengthen itself and become roughly 50% longer, quickly dispelling the electrical energy and returning to normal size. The downside is that this enlarged state is slightly more unwieldy, resulting in slower less accurate attacks. Chip data can manifest itself through the lance or through her hands, depending on the type of chip used.
Do I hear a plot hole closing?


Joy. I'll explain the changes IC after the event :3

-hears angry plotholes plotting my death in the distance-