MeleeMan and Djinni Take a Mission

With a hurricane of flames and smoke, disturbing the lungs and stinging the eyes of all nearby, MeleeMan blasted down onto the net. He cracked his neck and took a look around at all of the people signing up. "Hmph. These guys must be really starved for members or something. Looks like they'll take any geek or nerd that applies," he grumbled, disapproving of all of his compatriots as usual.

"What do you think about Djinni? Are you going to give her a hard time like you did Anyis?" Damascus asked, moving to his side with her sheath tightly wrapped around her body.

"Nah, I mean, really, she's designed pretty much straight up how a woman should be. That is, she's got a superb rack and doesn't bitch nearly as much as you do, from what I can tell," he responded seriously, giving an approving nod. "Let's not forget that her outfit's better than yours too. Likin' that top, it looks like easy access, heh," he chuckled, pressing one fist to his chin thoughtfully.

Damascus continued glaring, but her expression stayed otherwise the same. "Truly a disgusting master," she muttered as the two approached the desk to sign up.

MeleeMan moved up to the desk, pounding his fist for service. "Hey! Service over here! I need to sign up for the NP. I'm signing up for the Department of Justice and my friend, who's not here, is signing up for the Department of Public Safety. Yes, I'm sure I'm not here to sign up for the Mafia, dammit!"

((Taking a recruitment mission for NP. MeleeMan's applying for Department of Justice, Djinni for Department of Safety.))

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Miss Djinni.EXE and Mr. MeleeMan.EXE,
We're actually looking for a couple of Navis of your particular talents to provide security for a political event, harumpumpum. If you do perform well enough, we'll consider integrating you both into the force. If you're interested, please let us know, harumpumpum.


BrassMan.EXE, NetPolice
Department of Internal Affairs
"Huh... Security? That's not really what I was thinking, but I guess I can handle anything they throw at me. It's just gonna be a pain, hanging out with all of those stuffed-shirt politicians. I don't give a damn about government," he sighed heavily, failing to even get out of earshot of his employers before he did so. "Yeah, we'll do it. Where are we supposed to go?"

"Hmph. I have a hard time imagining you in the role of anything but a public menace. Do you really think you can make yourself useful in a proactive role?" Damascus asked, raising one eyebrow. "You seem more like the type to cause problems then solve them."

"Heh. Who knows, maybe if things go south, we'll get to try a little alternative conflict resolution. By which I mean beating the crap out of somebody!" he chuckled, rubbing one fist into the palm of his other hand and creating an annoying metal grating noise.
The NP Navi sitting at the kiosk, apparently a younger officer or new recruit, was somewhat taken aback by MeleeMan's gruff demeanor. He started looking at more of the info note, trying to explain the situation.

Um, you'll be getting more information from IcicleMan.EXE in ElectownNet. The coordinates are below.

He pushed the note towards MeleeMan, wanting him to take it.

GET: Mission Coordinates
"IcicleMan? What kind of dumbass names himself after something brittle, glassy, and cold like an Icicle? Maybe he's just got a stupid operator," MeleeMan grumbled, taking the coordinates and transferring them to Rania. "ElectownNet, right. Guess that's where we have to head."

"Be sure to tell your partner," Damascus muttered, pointing her eyes towards where Djinni had pressed herself against the PET's monitor.

"Oh yeah, sure," he responded, trying to stop himself from looking up as well so that he didn't become stupefied by her impressive breasts again. "I'll get Rania to tell that bald guy. Let's just head there ourselves for now," MeleeMan told his SP, holding his arms at his sides and swaggering back over to the gate out of the kiosk area.

((Headed to Electown Net))
MeleeMan reappeared at the kiosk, still wearing his suit pants, loosened tie, and button-up white shirt. "Well damn, that took a while. Went better than I thought, though. Those NP have some good heads on their shoulders; and now, they're bringing a few other choice body parts to their ranks as well," he snickered.

"Master, you should lay off such comments if you're trying to get in good with your partner," Damascus told him, thinking he was bringing up Djinni's breasts again.

"Hey, she likes my fists; I can tell," he responded, smirking and crossing his arms. Confidently, he strolled up to the recruitment kiosk and beat on the desk to get the attendant's attention. "Hey! I finished the junk for IcicleMan. He said I'd be part of the NP now; me and my partner, Djinni. Can you put that in the computer or whatever?" he asked, making some fiddly motions with his meaty, gloved fingers to imitate a nerd typing in data on an old-fashioned keyboard.
The kiosk Navi looked up at MeleeMan, and seemed to look at him incredulously at the large Navi's claim to be a part of the NetPolice. He pulled up MeleeMan's file, and gave a surprised "huh," when he saw a battle report and a rather shining recommendation from IcicleMan.EXE.

Hm, indeed you are. You have been accepted into the Department of Justice, led by Montag.EXE, and your partner... Djinni is now under the roster of the Department of Public Safety, run by Patcher.APP. Both of you should be getting an email shortly with your registration numbers and in-processing itineraries. I would try to schedule a meeting with the vice-leader of your respective departments soon, Janus and DimensionMan are quite busy most of the time, so finding a spot in their schedule may be difficult.

Other than that. Welcome to the NetPolice.

The Navi stood up, and somewhat reluctantly reached out to shake MeleeMan's hand.

((MeleeMan is now a member of the NP Department of Justice))
((Djinni is now a member of the NP Department of Public Safety))
"That's more like it!" he laughed, grabbing the navi's hand in a way-to-strong handshake; he'd learned nothing from the previous encounter, where he'd nearly broken PolicyMan's hand while trying to be formal. "I'll give Funbags the good news, whenever I see her again." From the way he said it, the navi behind the counter could only assume that Damascus, surprisingly, was not "Funbags."

"Don't worry about scheduling a meeting or whatever. I don't want to waste anyone else's time any more than I want em wasting my time," he finished, retracting his hand and turning his back. "I'll be back to help Justice out some times, though." After stating his own terms, MeleeMan led Damascus back towards the exit and then jacked out.

((Jacking out))