DruidMan.EXE VS Red.EXE

As the Navis jack in, their Net Operators are shown a 3-D model of the arena their Navis will be fighting in with various features labeled and highlighted as the presentation runs. At the end of the presentation, the environmental statistics for this arena are displayed for reference.

Quote (The Greenhouse)

Sweltering heat and oppressive humidity awaits those who step foot in The Greenhouse. An expansive dome spreading out an impressive one hundred-forty feet and standing seven stories high, the Green house was designed to keep its exotic inhabitants nice and comfortable. Within its lush environs one can expect to find any number of plants, from the near tame Netfrican Tangle Root to the carnivorous Tree-hanging Cage Plant. In the center of the glass-domed building is a circular area, about 70 feet across, which has been cleared of a great deal of vegetation, resulting in an ideal location for the fighters to duke it out. Broken stumps and trunks lie scattered across the battlefield, as well as a smattering of still healthy trees, all of which allows for moderate cover as well as improvised weapons. While the use of fire in a green house might seem a bad idea, the outright saturation these plants have undergone while gorging themselves on water, sun and soil rich with flame retardants have made these hardy plants near impervious to burning, allowing for unfettered use of fire attacks while battling.

Within the center of the arena is The Greenhouse's crown jewel, the rare and rather entertaining Electopian Whiplash Lily. This plant's petals are known for their extraordinary elasticity and are more than capable of propelling contestants upward 40 feet into the Skyvine Exhibit. While the higher vantage point may give an advantage, the Skyvines are thick and unruly, making movement difficult. Of course, should contestants wish to return to the ground, a healthy supply of Propeller Fruit awaits at the edges of the Exhibit.

Please note: While the flora surrounding the arena may look beautiful, they are in fact quite dangerous and can cause quite a hindrance to Navis unfortunate enough to enter their reach.

Soil Terrain: 54% (Main Arena Area. Neither bonus giving nor penalizing terrain. Just dirt.)
Skyvine Exhibit: 38% (Above Center of Arena. Navis can attack through the vines, but take a one rank penalty to accuracy due to the vines' unstable nature. Vines inflict slow on any Navi in the exhibit, flying or otherwise. )
Propeller Fruit Tree Branches: 8% (Overhangs Soil Terrain and surrounds Skyvine Exhibit. No bonuses. Ending a turn in this terrain without grabbing a Propeller Fruit will result in a sudden, if predictable, meeting with the ground.)
Thick Vegetation: While not accessible terrain, the arena is surrounded by a staggering amount of plants, most of which are dangerous. Ending a turn on the edge of the arena, either by choice or otherwise, will result in a "Trapped!" status. Navis that are "Trapped!" must spend one action to break free, after which they will be on soil terrain far enough away to avoid another tangle.

Boulderbark Stumps: 300 HP, Immobile, Grounded, Immune to Microburst, Extremely Heavy, Damage Reduction 50. As if the point wasn't already clear, these things aren't moving, no matter how hard you try. Provides minor cover, whether through ducking behind or taking advantage of a hollow stump. Six Boulderbark Stumps are evenly staggered throughout the arena.
Glitchfruit Trees: 50 HP. Bears fruit, which when eaten will produce one instance of the Glitch effect. Those who eat a Glitchfruit cannot eat another, forced or otherwise, for the rest of the fight. USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!!! Also, tree provides minor cover, but will not appreciate it. Three of these trees grace the battlefield, their locations as random as their effects.

Wall-in-Log's-Clothing: 75 HP, Damage Reduction 25, Heavy. Physical contact will cause this seemingly normal log to spring up into a four foot wall. Moving away will cause the wall to revert to its natural shape. Using the Wall-In-Log's-Clothing as a weapon will result in a one rank accuracy penalty. Four of this deceptive plant can be found within The Greenhouse, two to each side of the arena.
Propeller Fruit: 10 HP, Immune to outside sources. Allows non-damaging movement from Skyvine Exhibit to the Main Arena. Can also be used as an Improvised weapon, in which case it gains the Homing attribute, cannot gain any more abilities, deals no more than 10 damage and explodes upon contact into a pulpy mess. A disgraceful way to receive a final blow. Eight fruit are equidistant around the upper level. Should one become destroyed, another will appear to take its place after one turn.

Electopian Whiplash Lily: 100 HP, requires direct attacks to overcome the elastic nature of the plant and damage it. This gigantic flower, its diameter easily reaching five feet, has the power to launch Navis into the Skyvine Exhibit. Should the Whiplash Lily be destroyed, it is replaced with Soil Terrain, any Navis in the Skyvine Exhibit are forcibly ejected as the vines retreat to the ceiling, and the one who delivered the fatal blow will have earned the scorn of botanists and nature lovers the world over. Navis who are kicked out of the Skyvine Exhibit take falling damage at the moderator's discretion. Only one Whiplash Lily is on the field, claiming the center of the arena as its domain.

Once the information is relayed to the Operators, they are given a few moments to strategize with their Navis before the match begins...
A gust of wind blows across the net, bringing in leaves that swirl to form... Druidman. A shower of embers and a lick of flame bring Simurgh to the material net.

Druidman started to look around the arena, pacing around checking things out. "Heeeey!" he commented. "Now this is my kinda pad, man! I can dig this gnarly greenhouse, dude." he recognized a few of the plantforms, but many were completely new to him, which led him to believe that they were custom coded grown, and didn't exist in the 'wild'.

"So, we're fighting Red?" Steve commented. "I think I've heard of her before, I'm fairly certain she's like, a little girl looking Navi. I don't know much else about her, except that she's obviously stronger than she looks to be this far, so don't let your carefree attitude bring your guard down, okay, Druidman?"

"A little girl? I doubt that's gonna be much of a problem, man." was his Navi's confident reply. Sim, however, gave a more cautious chirp.
Two crimson beams crashed down on the battlefield, revealing the figures of Red and Myun. The former blinked, glancing around at the jungle-forest-like scenery, slightly confused.

"Uh... Shin? Didn't we just leave Yumland?" Red inquired, raising an eyebrow inquisitively at the abundance of plant life in the stadium.

"Yeah, but it seems they're going for a plant theme this time anyway. Way to disconcert," Shin grumbled, scanning over the arena. "It's... pretty interesting though. I mean, think of all the random nonsense you could do in this place. It's practically limitless," the self-proclaimed ace commented.

"Hmmm... these plants are pretty well grown. They must be the pride of Netopia!" Red exclaimed, examining some objects, tapping a log, and gasping in surprise as it turned into a four-foot tall wall. When she backed away, however, it seemed to return to its natural shape.

"Yeah! This place seems all sorts of fun!" Red cheered excitedly.

"Hey... did you... do something to me?" Myun wondered, patting her muscles. "It seems I got a little... tougher."

"Must have digested some of those Bugfrags into more endurance, Myun, not my doing, really. I did kind of direct the digestive flow," Shin replied, examining his competition. "Well, we might as well introduce ourselves. Come on, Red."

"Hmm... cool," Myun mumbled idly as she and Red walked up to Druidman while Shin walked up to Steve.

"Steve Furok? I'm Shin Fujiwara, nice to meet you. Let's have a great match," the netOp introduced himself, holding out his gloved hand for a handshake.

"I'm Red Riding Hood.exe! You can call me Red! And this is my partner, Myun! Nice to meet you Mr. Druidman! Let's have a great match!" Red yelped excitedly, doing her side of the introductions while giggling and holding out her hand for a handshake.
Steve took Shins hand tightly and shook. "Shin, huh? I'm pretty sure I've heard that name once or twice in NetOp circles, but other than that, I've got no clue who you are!" Steve said brightly.

Druidman, however, was less than pleased with his opponent. "Oh, man." he moaned. "You're my opponent? Bogus. If I lose, everyone will make fun of me, but if I win, everyone will think I'm a jerk, dude!" he exclaimed, clearly mortified as he leaned over to bring his large frame and arm down to take the comparatively small hand of Red for a shake.

Sim twittered excitedly, however. "Why you... laughing at my misfortune, birddude?" Druidman said angrily, but it was too late, Sim had tucked her head into her wing and started to snooze. "Featherface." Druidman commented in a tone that implied finality, as if he had shown her.
"Ah, is that so? Well all the better for me then," Shin replied, shaking firmly and giving a bright smile. "I promise to give you a match you won't forget then." And so he took his stand.

"Don't worry Mr. Druidman! If I give it everything I got, no one will think you're any of those things! So let's go for it!" Red exclaimed cheerfully, shaking Druidman's hand before returning to her position.

"Ready when you are, MC!" Red shouted to the heavens, ready to start. Myun was at her side, already stretched and ready for the battle.

"Let's burn," Myun mumbled enthusiastically, hiding a small grin.

((Ready for battle commencement))

[Red_Riding_Hood.exe: 210 HP]
[Myun.SP: 100 HP]
Druidman looked up blankly. "Oh yeah, I just remembered." he mumbled, "I don't really care what people think about me, man!" he sauntered off a distance into the jungle. "Run interference, Sim." Druidman ordered as he turned back to face Red.

((Ready, Druidman Four Hundred Fifty Hit Points, Simurgh Eighty Hit Points))

((Also, I will be out of town from the 13th to the 17th. I will PM my actions regardless of a modpost before I leave, but I may possibly be a day or so late on the actual post, if that's alright.))
Both combatants stood at the ready, and there to commence the match was... nobody? DruidMan, Red, Sim, and Myun could all do a thorough search of the arena, but there wouldn't be a single trace of their judge. Just when it looked like whoever they were waiting for wouldn't show up, though, suddenly:

"Alright, sorry for the wait! Time to get this fight started!"

So said a voice coming from some unknown location. Eyes darted around the arena in search of the Navi speaking, but once you found the source, all you'd see is... the Electopian Whiplash Lily?

"This is the ONB Tournament Quarterfianls, match 2, DruidMan vs. Red! Surely this will be a battle to remember!"

Yeah, that plant was definitely twitching whenever that voice spoke. Was the judge hiding under the plant? Was the plant actually carinverous and it ate the judge? Or was that plant just talking, period?

"Are all contenders ready? Good! Then let's get this party started!"

Yeah, whatever, good idea plant-judge-thing. Battle Start.

DruidMan.exe: 450 HP
Simurgh.SP: 80 HP

Red.exe: 210 HP
Myun.SP: 100 HP

Terrain: 54% Soil, 38% Skyvine Exhibit, 8% Propeller Fruit Tree Branch, Thick Vegetation around walls


--Boulderbark Stumps (On ground level, evenly spaced around arena)--
Boulderbark Stump A: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump B: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump C: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump D: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump E: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump F: 300 HP

Glitchfruit Tree A: 50 HP (Growing out of Thick Vegetation on the arena's far wall)
Glitchfruit Tree B: 50 HP (Toppled on the ground next to the Electopian Whiplash Lily)
Glitchfruit Tree C: 50 HP (Growing on top of Skyvine Exhibit, has poor stability)

--Walls-in-Log's Clothing (All an equal distance from each other and the Electopian Whiplash Lily)--
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing A: 75 HP
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing B: 75 HP
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing C: 75 HP
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing D: 75 HP

Propeller Fruit x8: 10 HP each (on upper level, evenly spaced around arena in Propeller Fruit Tree Branches)

Electopian Whiplash Lily/Judge?: 100 HP (On ground level, in center of arena)

(PM me your summaries by Friday the 17th at 3:40 PM EST, 12:40 PST)
"Ah, MAN!" Druidman complained. As much as he tried, he couldn't shake away his conscience. "I can't fight a little girl!"

"I know, I feel too guilty about it, too." Steve said, clenching his hands together.

"It's too bad that I had to fight her, man." Druidman pouted. "If only a Navi who had a severely poor grip on reality was fighting her, I wouldn't have this problem."

"Yeah." Steve agreed. "One that was so messed up that he could bullshit some reason that it was okay to beat up a girl..." he trailed off.

Steve and Druidman paused, before exclaiming together; "SERAPHCROSS."

Steve quickly fumbled into his pocket to grab his Cross activation chip. Double checking that it was the right one, Steve popped it in and yelled, "Roll your ability scores, Druidman!"

Druidman stood tall and let an aura of energy envelope him from underneath. "LEVEL... UP!" he screamed as his armor glowed and blew apart into dark, tight leather with larger than necessary metal shoulder pads and wrist guards. Bright green druidic runes began to etch themselves brightly through his armor and skin, as well as a single blue rune on his left palm. The wind began to die down, the few small stones and dust began to settle, but his hair was locked in place, billowing upwards.

Swinging around a gigantic sword that could cleave the heavens, Druidman shouted: "Scores are as follows: STR:17/CON:19/DEX:15/WIS:24/INT:12/CHA:15. Please turn to page four in your players handbook to apply ability modifiers, man."

"Er, done." Steve lied. "Anyway, Druidman I'm..."

"A HA! Now I see, dude! This girl is clearly some demon or beast with an illusion spell on her!" Druidman declared. "Obviously, loot is in abundance in her evil lair, loot that I shall liberate, dude!"

Steve was speechless. He just silently slotted in a trio of chips for his now messed up Navi.

"Oh! I feel an inner power within me, refreshing my spells per day, dude!" Druidman said, enthused. "I must now simply roll my check and make a double movement action to where I need to be!" And with that, he was off at the speed of light, moving so fast it was almost like he didn't move at all.

"Let's see your AC protect you from this, villain!" he yelled as he strapped his giant sword onto his back and pulled out a small, ornate, green colored dagger and made a quick lunge forward with his attack roll.

"I guess I'll have to break out some of my divine magic, too, man!" Druidman exulted as he stood his ground firmly and kept his stance wide. The runes on his armor flashed blue for a moment, and then he channeled the powers he held through his hands. "NOURISHING FLOOD FORCE ATTACK!" he yelled as twin torrents of water poured from his open faced palms downwards into the ground, swirling in eddies around the various boulders and trees that line the field, knocking branches and flotsam loose from the trees and adding them to the massive mix, which let off a cool mist that seemed to increase Druidman's Hit Dice.

"Of course..." Druidman mused, "I assumed that you were a demonic entity of the Fire Domain, which could clearly not be the case, as demons can exist on various planes of existence. If I were incorrect in my assumption, then what would happen to the result? I'm fairly sure that I'd suffer a roll penalty, as per table 34.1b on page 67 in the Dungeon Masters Guide. That would possibly make the attack roll fail against my opponent's significantly bolstered Armor Class, which could easily make me fall into an attack of opportunity..."

Druidman's words seemed to form a beam of some sort, that was fired from his mouth with a bright orange intensity that could only be described as a Complicated Math Force. The gods themselves facepalmed at the very sight of it, which caused Druidman to shift slightly on the temporal plane, resulting in a change of position.

Now standing off a ways, Druidman pulled out of his sack of holding a large steel shield and announced: "Your demonic power cannot penetrate this sheild of blocking, dude! It will block one spell per day and boost my AC to the point that any losses of dodge bonuses will be nulled! Ha HA!"

Steve began to feel the twinge of a migraine forming in between his eyes.

"Oh, yes. Simurgh, my faithful animal companion." Druidman added, "Quickly, attack his own companion with the power granted to you by the goddess of nature!" And Sim, unusually serious, carried out her orders.

1.)Activate SeraphCross. (+40HP, +1Speed, +20 Null Element, Element Change: Normal, Subtype Change: Cursor)
2.)AreaGrab Battlechip; to melee range of Red.
3.)BambooKnife Battlechip to Red. (60Wood+Slashing)
4.)Nourishing Flood Force to Red. [(10Aqua+5Wood)x6, 15Recovery+StatusHeal to Druidman]
5.)Complicated Math Force to Red. (8Normal+Stun, Druidman moves away from Red)
6.)Guard1 Battlechip to Self. (Reflect60)

1.)Attack Myun. (10Fire)

((And yes, those ability scores are indeed the ones on my DnD druid that Druidman is based on, coincidentally, also level 20. XD))
"Whoa! That plant just talked!" Red yelped in surprise as the match started.

"Hey hey hey, don't lose your focus now, the match just started," Shin remarked, slotting in three chips.

"Oh! Going with our original plan? I bet it'll work really well here!" the crimson crusader piped up, beaming at the chips she had received.

"Hehe, well we'll find out, this guy's a tough cookie at any rate," the self-proclaimed ace replied, adjusting his sunglasses. "Besides, we can just... have fun."

"My thoughts..." Red started, fiddling around for something in her picnic basket before continuing, "exactly! There!"

With no prior warning, the fairy-tale fighter plucked out a giant spoon from the inner depths of her dimensional pocket and... scooped off a heavy section of the ground. What was she doing?

On closer inspection, it seemed the red-caped wonder had rolled something into the indent she created with her spoon and replaced the dug up soil back to its position. Patting it flat, the crimson crusader threw away the large eating implement, put her hands on her hips and nodded firmly at her work.

Pointing accusingly at Druidman, Red pouted, "Hey you! Mr. Druidman! Don't attack that pile of dirt with water, whatever you do! You'll regret it!" With that taunt out, she stuck out something else... her tongue, at her opponent.

"I dunno, is he a Druid anymore? He seems to be spouting some random complicated math expressions," Shin commented, examining Druidman's new... form, whatever it was.

"He's Druidman right? So that makes him a Druid regardless," Red replied, cartwheeling playfully over to a Wall-in-Log's Clothing and drawing out a pistol for her next move. "Let's do this!"

"Soak 'em up!"

And on that signal, the red-cloaked fighter launched a surging blast of water from the pistol she just drew out, making it head straight toward the uprooted soil she planted a Treebomb in. Hopefully this would cause its latent effect to activate, grow roots, spread across the underground, flourish with the sun, and grow taller, taller, TALLER...

...and become pointy wooden spears of devastation that marched their way toward Druidman.

Of course, by this time, something else was marching its way toward Druidman, and that was Myun. Invigorated by the challenge the Netop, Netnavi, and SP team faced, the rabbit couldn't hold back her attacks. Her steps carried the boxing bunny within melee range of the powerful Druid. Pulling her right fist back, Myun felt like the up and coming underdog in the global boxing championships, so she let loose like one, delivering a strong uppercut to her master's opponent before beating on him with her ears. Then, twirling in the air, she charged her foot with powerful smashing energy and bounced a kick with all her might at Druidman, trying to slam through any protection he might have on at the moment.

Flipping backward in the air in recoil from her last attack, Myun decided to scram for a safer location until the next move.

"Get to the choppe- I mean, Lily!" Shin yelled pointing in the direction of the judge, plant, thing which could supposedly bounce Red up to the Skyvine Exhibit, giving her cover, even if it was against Ground based moves only.

"I'm moving it already!" Red called back, giggling as she jumped on top of the transportation plant. "Whoa!" The Whiplash Lily sure wasn't named for fun. It launched Red straight into the Skyvine Exhibit, where she landed right on her butt.

"Agh... that hurts," the crimson crusader pouted, rubbing her behind. Satisfied that no clothes were damaged in the process, she procured a pastry out of her picnic basket.

"Is that a croissant?" Shin inquired, raising an eyebrow at his navi's cosmetic choice for the chip.

"Not just any croissant, Shin! This is filled with all natural jelly filling and contains 40% of your necessary helping of iron! Look at it's curvature! This Boomerang-like shape can only come from the best ingredients around the world!" the childish navi boasted, twirling the pasty around.

"Oh, I hear ya. Then let's give it to Druidman for fighting with us using all he's got," Shin recommended, winking.

"One Jelly Croissant, freshly baked!" Red called, twirling the dangerous pastry once, before sending it spinning at her opponent, ready to deal some heavy damage on contact. It was hard to aim through the vines, but the path she sent it on would have to make do.

"And now for some Hide & Seek! I love this game!" Red giggled, dancing among the plants in the Skyvine Exhibit, trying to get cover behind the vines and maybe psych Druidman out.

It looked like a nice day out, and the sunshine was always healthy for a young girl's skin.

Red's Actions:
1. Plant Treebomb1 in Soil [60 +15(Element Advantage) +10 (To One Target) = 85 Wood DMG + Group Attack + Ground Attack (next turn) / 60 +15(Element Advantage) +10 (To One Target) Wood DMG + Group Attack + Ground Attack + Aqua Boost 30 (if hit with water) = 85 Wood DMG + 30 DMG]
2. Cartwheel next to a Wall-in-Log's ClothingD [Movement/Dodge
3. Bubbler1 to Treebomb1 [Set it off for the second effect listed, may do 50 Aqua DMG + Splash to nearby target]

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Get in Melee Range of Druidman
1. Attack Druidman [40 DMG]
*Rhythm Boxing to Druidman [2x10 DMG]
*Smash: Add Break to next attack
2. Break attack Druidman [40 Break DMG]
3. Dodge

Red's Actions: (continued)
4. Get on Whiplash Lily and go to Skyvine Exhibit
5. Boomerang1 to Druidman [60 +15(Element Advantage) +10 (To One Target) = 85 Wood DMG]
6. Hide amongst the vines? [Dodge?]
*Sunshiny Day: Heal 15 to Red
The battle took off at a leisurely pace, with DruidMan assuming the form of his nerd-tastic SeraphCross while Red showed off a little of her green thumb by planting a seed in the ground with a giant spoon. What happened next...

"Complete and utter chaos!"

Or so would shout the plant-judge-thing after the fact. In a play by play: Red takes cover behind the nearest Wall-in-Log's-Clothing. DruidMan AreaGrabs behind her. Myun sees DruidMan and chases after him. Simurgh sees Myun and chases after her. Blissfully unaware of the mass-converging on her position (and the opponent right behind her), Red shoots a Bubbler at the planted TreeBomb. DruidMan takes a swing at Red with a BambooKnife, but totally whiffs it as Red moves to shoot the Bubbler. Myun rushes up to DruidMan and makes a clean jab at his side (40 damage to DruidMan). Simurgh rushes up and gives Myun's fur a nice little char (10 damage to Myun). The TreeBomb absorbs the water from the Bubbler and bursts into a series of big spiked wooden towers that barrel towards the nearest target. The nearest target is DruidMan, who is right behind Red and right next to Myun, who is right next to Simurgh. The TreeBomb goes totally freaking insane with so many targets, splits the Wall-In-Log's-Clothing clean in half, and crashes head-long into all 4 combatants, sending DruidMan and Red flying up into the air, and wiping out Myun and Simurgh on the spot (105 damage to all).

"Now that everyone's caught up, let's- mmpfhghmghmf!" so said the Electopian Whiplash Lily as the heel of Red's foot landed square on its "face". Both DruidMan and Red managed fairly safe landings from the attack, with the hero-infused man of nature landing on the soil not far off, while the lighter little lady flew far enough to land right on the judge commentating for their match. Fighting relentlessly, DruidMan unleashed Nouroushing Flood Force towards Red, who was already bouncing high up into the Skyvine Exhibit, leaving the plant-judge-thing to take the brunt of the attack and nearly drown in the process (90 damage to Electopian Whiplash Lily/Judge, +15 HP to DruidMan).

With Red sitting amongst the tendrils of the Skyvine Exhibit and DruidMan planted firmly on the ground, the two Navis launched one last attack for now. Red armed herself with a Boomerang that deftly flew around all the plants towards its target, while DruidMan babbled some nonsensical kind of laser from his mouth. Naturally, the attacks intercepted each other and exploded in midair, resulting in no change to either fighter.

Now weary from battle and rampaging TreeBombs, Red hid herself away in the Skyvine Exhibit and healed a little (+15 HP to Red), while DruidMan raised a Guard, only to have it hang in his hand waiting for an attack that didn't come. Oh, and the Electopian Whiplash Lily/Judge was still wheezing and coughing up water.

DruidMan.exe: 360 HP (On the ground, a good distance away from the center and Red, nearly KILLED THE UMPIRE)

Red.exe: 120 HP (Hiding amongst Skyvine Exhibit)

Terrain: 54% Soil, 38% Skyvine Exhibit, 8% Propeller Fruit Tree Branch, Thick Vegetation around walls


--Boulderbark Stumps (On ground level, evenly spaced around arena)--
Boulderbark Stump A: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump B: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump C: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump D: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump E: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump F: 300 HP

Glitchfruit Tree A: 50 HP (Growing out of Thick Vegetation on the arena's far wall)
Glitchfruit Tree B: 50 HP (Toppled on the ground next to the Electopian Whiplash Lily)
Glitchfruit Tree C: 50 HP (Growing on top of Skyvine Exhibit, has poor stability)

--Walls-in-Log's Clothing (All an equal distance from each other and the Electopian Whiplash Lily)--
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing A: RAMPAGING TREEBOMB'D
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing B: 75 HP
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing C: 75 HP
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing D: 75 HP

Propeller Fruit x8: 10 HP each (on upper level, evenly spaced around arena in Propeller Fruit Tree Branches)

Electopian Whiplash Lily/Judge?: 10 HP (On ground level, in center of arena, wheezing and coughing)

(PM me your summaries by Friday the 24th at 9:40 PM EST, 6:40 PST)
"What? That stupid NPC got in the way!" Druidman screamed, clearly fuming. "THAT DAMN DM IS AGAINST ME, DUDE!" he roared.

"Chill out, Druidman, you just missed, is all." Steve said as he slotted in a couple of chips. "Now, why don't you try..." but he was cut off again.

"I'll try to kill the DM!" he announced, drawing his massive buster sword and, promptly attacking the Electopian Lily.

"Druidman!" Steve said, shocked, "Not only did you not listen to me, but you're trying to destroy a rare and valuble plant! What's gotten into you?!" he demanded.

"Well, you see, this isn't a REAL Electopian Whiplash Lily." Druidman countered, "It's artificially made for this greenhouse. So that makes it okay." Druidman explained with perfect game logic.

"Whatever. Just don't waste any more attacks, okay?" Steve begged. He was starting to regret using SeraphCross, his Navi might end up throwing the match by being a moron.

"Mage Armor! This will improve my AC greatly!" Druidman enthused as he activated the BattleScroll that Steve has scribed for him, surrounding him in a pale blue glow. "Now I'm ready for anything, man!"

Still, he supposed that Steve had a point. He was supposed to PROTECT nature, not destroy it. "I suppose I should bring new life to this area to replace my hasty mistake. Thankfully I have such a spell prepared for today, dude!" And with that, he cast his magic "Rampart Growth Force!" he announced, sending a wave of lush, but sharp, grass surging outward from his feet like a wave of green across the sea of brown.

"But wait!" Druidman commented, "While I've been doing this, my opponent gains an upper hand! Where is she?" He started to look around the arena for the demon in little girl's clothing. "A HA! There's the beast!" he exulted, clearly succeding in his Spot check roll. "It's a good thing I have such high WIS, man!" he announced, as he cast a simple fireball spell to strike her down.

"Hm, that was a rather simple spell, it only does 4d10 damage... he mused to himself. Perhaps I should follow up with another spell? I have a few left, man..." finishing his external internal monolouge, Druidman cast a simple windwork spell after the fire as well.

Druidman was starting to get real confident. He felt like his luck was overflowing out of him. It seemed like there was no end to his considerable magical arsenal.

1.)RageClaw Battlechip to Electopian Whiplash Lily. (40Norm+20, Destruction causes Red to fall from Skyvines, causing damage to her.)
2.)Barrier Battlechip to Self. (10HP Barrier)
3.)Rampart Growth Force to Red. (1Woodx80, Large Grass terrain)
4.)Heatshot Battlechip to Red. (40Firex2Terrain)
5.)Snipe: Airshot1 Battlechip to Red. (20Norm+20+Seeking, Microburst off of Grass into Soil/Vegetation.
6.)Random Luck Force to Self. (Three Sig Chills, all applied to Rampart Growth Force.)
"Myun! And The judge!" Red gasped as her inadvertent fall on the plant, caused by rampaging wood towers that had deleted both support programs, had placed the Electopian Whiplash Lily in the direct path of Druidman's flooding signature attack. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" the red-caped wonder apologized, sniffing a little as tears began to swell in her eyes. A bright beacon of sunlight healed her current wounds in the meanwhile.

Slightly taken aback as the Boomerang collided with an unintelligible string of words, Shin was forced to come up with another idea. Slotting four chips into the PET, the self-proclaimed ace shouted out his orders whilst slurping some noodles he had gotten as takeout from the net café.

"Red *slurp* you need to *slurp* *munch munch munch* get out of there *slurp* *nom* and do some *slurp* close *nom* combat."

"Er- Alright! Here I go!" Red declared bravely as she sent another Boomerang flying in Druidman's direction. It had weak aim, but would probably be headed close enough to the opponent to possibly stall a little bit in order for Red to prepare her next move. If it did hit, well, lucky for her.

"To infinity... and beyond!" the crimson crusader declared, her cape billowing dramatically for no reason than a freak draft of wind. Pointing in a random direction that was neither infinity nor beyond that and entirely unrelated to where she was going, Red activated the Areagrab chip, warping from her current location to behind Druidman.

"Woohoo!" Shin cheered, chewing on a mushroom.

Ignoring her netop for a bit, the fairy-tale fighter quickly drew out what appeared to be the sharp end of a Bamboo Spear used in medieval Japanese warfare. This was procured from her bottomless picnic basket of course, and the intention was clear. With one quick thrust imbued with the power of the elements, Red tried to shank Druidman in the back. She thought Mr. Pianissimo would be proud.

"Good job! Now finish him!" Shin complimented, regardless of the actual results.

"With what? He probably has like a billion HP left," Red retorted, reaching out with her left hand. She smiled as the latest chip activated, her power over wind being utilized to the fullest extent. "Let's take a little break," she suggested to Druidman before releasing a powerful burst of compressed air out of her left hand at her opponent that was amplified by a mighty gust, hopefully knocking the Druid back far enough so she would be uninterrupted with her next maneuver.

"You can just... stay there!" the red-cloaked battler yelled, slamming a metal canister into the ground, causing it to quake for a bit before giant waves of caramel erupted from underneath Druidman snatching at his arms and legs to hold him still. The sticky, sugary sweetness would be a powerful adhesive to hold Red's opponent in place and she hoped to whatever deity that watched over everything that it would be successful.

Taking no chances, Red dashed behind the nearest Log and tapped it gently, causing it to produce a giant defensive wall in front of her. Hopefully this would protect her from any oncoming attacks for a while.

"Whew! I'm stuffed," Shin announced, satisfied with his food and rubbing his belly.

*Sunshiny Day [Heal 15 to Red]
1. Boomerang1 at Druidman [60 +15(Element Advantage) +10 (To One Target) = 85 Wood DMG] (Mainly used for distraction)
2. Areagrab behind Druidman [Teleport, Dodge, Movement, +1 Accuracy]
3. BambooKnife to Druidman [60 +15(Element Advantage) +10 (To One Target) = 85 Wood DMG + Slashing]
*Gust: Imbue Knockback to next attack
4. Airshot1 to Druidman [20 DMG + Microburst + Knockback (Gust)]
5. Caramel Stickiness to Druidman [Stunx3]
6. Run behind the nearest Wall-in-Log's Clothing and activate it.
Red may have been ashamed, yet still seemingly chosen by the gods under shining light (+15 HP to Red) for stepping on the judge, but that was nothing in comparison to what DruidMan was about to do. While Red threw a Boomerang as a distraction, which she didn't really need to do, DruidMan drew his RageClaw. With big claw-turned-sword in hand, the "heroic" Navi cut the weakened Judge-Lily down right at the roots, causing it to shrivel up and disappear into the ground with a groan (40 Slashing damage to Electopian Whiplash Lily/Judge).

With the central plant gone, the Skyvine Exhibit supporting Red and a lone Glitchfruit Tree came completely undone, allowing its inhabitants to freefall down towards the ground. In the turbulence of the collapse, a Glitchfruit came loose from its branch and smacked Red in the face, exploding in a burst of juice and turning Red... Turquoise? Clothes, skin, and all, Red was now a bright mix of blue and green, and renamed accordingly. While surprised, Turquoise gave higher priority to not crashing to the ground, and with one well-timed AreaGrab, she appeared behind DruidMan. During all this, said druid cast a Barrier (10 HP Barrier) around himself.

With the element of surprise now on her side, Turquoise drew her BambooKnifeSpearTip and struck at DruidMan... to successfully remove his Barrier and little else. DruidMan, meanwhile, invoked Rampart Growth Force to appease nature, but alas, nature had forsaken him for destroying the Electopian Whiplash Lily! He summoned his grass, but the razor-sharp edges of each individual blade were completely dull, almost like... normal grass! Rather than brutally shred Turquoise's feet like planned, the soft turf welcomed the nature-friendly girl and began healing her (+5 HP per action).

At this point the battle turned into a quickdraw competition, where DruidMan pulled out a HeatShot, which was very dangerous in the situation, while Turquoise equipped an Airshot. Both Navis fired in unison, and nature once again took its course as the strong blast of air snuffed out the flame attack in an instant and crashed into DruidMan, sending him flying off the grass and skidding to a halt on the soil a ways away(20 damage to DruidMan).

Roles were now reversed as DruidMan drew an AirShot, powered up with help of his SeraphCross, as Turquoise took out her diabolical jar of caramel. Before she could get the jar properly buried in the ground, though, DruidMan fired, striking Turquoise with incredible accuracy and sending her and the caramel container flying through the air in different directions (40 damage to Turquoise). As Turquoise landed on a patch of soil, she saw her caramel land in the center of the arena... where the Glitchfruit tree fell. Some caramel was leaking out of the jar, some juice was leaking out of a fruit on the tree, and through some strange means or another (something about birds and bees and whatnot, maybe)...

... The Electopian Whiplash Lily/Judge revived. Apparently caramel contains a vital nutrient to that specific plant species, and the power of the Glitchfruit actually gave the sweet goo the strength to revive the talking flora from the roots up. The more you know? Anyway, with the central plant back in action, the Skyvine Exhibit quickly reweaved itself back into place, although the Glitchfruit Tree that was up there before laid lifeless on the ground.

"Alright, time for some action!"

So shouted the Electopian Whiplash Lily/Judge, but unforunately the battle was about to enter a very quiet period. Turquoise resumed cover behind a Wall-in-Log's-Clothing, while DruidMan invoked the power of his luck to restore his magic points.

DruidMan.exe: 340 HP (On the Soil, a good distance away from the center and Red, KILLED THE UMPIRE x1)

Turquoise.exe: 105 HP (On the Soil, a good distance away from the center and DruidMan, behind Wall-in-Log's-ClothingB)

Terrain: 14% Soil (Far edges), 40% Grass (Center), 38% Skyvine Exhibit, 8% Propeller Fruit Tree Branch, Thick Vegetation around walls


--Boulderbark Stumps (On ground level, evenly spaced around arena)--
Boulderbark Stump A: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump B: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump C: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump D: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump E: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump F: 300 HP

Glitchfruit Tree A: 50 HP (Growing out of Thick Vegetation on the arena's far wall)
Glitchfruit Tree B: 50 HP (Toppled on the ground next to the Electopian Whiplash Lily)
Glitchfruit Tree C: 1 HP (Lying on the ground)

--Walls-in-Log's Clothing (All an equal distance from each other and the Electopian Whiplash Lily)--
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing A: RAMPAGING TREEBOMB'D
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing B: 75 HP
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing C: 75 HP
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing D: 75 HP

Propeller Fruit x8: 10 HP each (on upper level, evenly spaced around arena in Propeller Fruit Tree Branches)

Electopian Whiplash Lily/Judge?: 100 HP (On ground level, in center of arena, REVIVED THROUGH THE POWER OF CARAMEL)

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And that was the vulgar yell that coursed through the entire area as netop and netnavi screamed in unison, both reacting exaggeratedly and adversely to the events that had just transpired.

"Oh no," Red, or Turquoise as we shall know her from now on, began, eyes widening in horror at the terrifying monotone palette swap she had just received. "Oh no..." she continued, gazing terrified at her hands, reflecting her skin color being the same as everything else, her shoes, her skirt, her cape, HER CAPE, "Oh no, oh no oh no oh no OH NOOOOOOOOOO!" the blue battle literally screeched, putting her hand on her head and crouching in a fetal position behind the Wall-in-Log's Clothing, screaming like she never did before.

Too shocked to speak up until this moment, Shin snapped out of his reverie and glanced around at the spectator stands and expected the raised eyebrows and whispered voices. Sighing, he checked his PET display, which had officially registered his navi as "Turquoise.EXE" for the remainder of this fight. Sighing heavily, Shin raised an eyebrow as his navi continued to scream.

"Uh Red-?" Shin began, his own left eyebrow raised pretty high, but was cut off by the constant, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" playing through his navi's audio link. Grumbling about something or another, Shin attempted again.

"Earth to Re-" the ace started, but all he could hear was "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" through the link. Getting slightly irritated now, Shin couldn't help but grimace as tears the same shade as his navi dripped down on the floor while she cried and screamed persistently.

"Myun, a word of advice?" Shin asked the support program that had been sent back to the PET earlier. Shrugging, Myun opened a comlink with Turquoise.

"Boo." the rabbit spoke, in the creepiest, scariest voice she could.


"Wow, good jo-" Shin started, but was interrupted by something completely unexpected.

"..kill him."

"Huh? Uh... Tur-quoise?" Shin wondered, examining his navi, who had her eyes completely covered in the shadow of her hair and hood. "You okay?" Shin was starting to get slightly worried now.

"Oh... I'm perfectly fine," a sickly sweet voice piped up from the other end of the microphone. "Just give me some chips and I'll keep fighting," Turquoise giggled, turning around to face Druidman's direction, back to her operator.

"You su-" Shin started, but fate really liked interrupting him.

"I said chips NOW, please."

Whether it was a combination of shock and fear, Shin couldn't tell, but he knew he was in trouble if he didn't comply. "R-right away," the netop stuttered, clearly taken off guard as he sent four chips into the PET. "Er- Go for it, I guess."

"Thank you Shin, I do hope Red recovers soon," Turquoise giggled as she crouched low, the sun shining on her and giving her some much needed healing.

"Oh, uh... I hope she does too," Shin replied, sweatdropping. She's definitely cracked, the ace thought despairingly. He could only watch his "new" navi take action.

"This is very unladylike of me, but battles cannot be won without getting yourself dirty," Turquoise concluded, standing back up before dashing out from the side of the wall, taking a short leap forward and rolling on the grass. Taking quick and precise aim with a previously drawn pistol, the blue battler stopped rolling and fired a Cornshot, with an extremely loud *BANG* sound, from her pistol. Her shot sailed right at Druidman's legs, attempting to hit one of them at an angle that would no doubt splash back on her foe's body.

Realizing she was open, Turquoise was pleased to find the next chip provided a quick, yet efficient defense as she activated the barrier. An eyebrow of hers twitched instinctively at the blue shade, but the blue battler paid it no mind. She took this chance to pick herself up and hurry behind the nearest Boulderback Stump, where she would no doubt avoid some other sort of artillery fire.

Examining her revolver, Turquoise stifled a laugh as she registered the next chip. Ironic, I was at the tail end of this almost a minute ago, the palette-swapped crusader reminisced, smiling wryly at the situation before turning the barrel toward Druidman and pulling the trigger.

A blast of heat erupted from the gun with as much noise fireworks made on important holidays. The fiery bullet gained warmth and power from the grass it passed over, and would practically incinerate any Druidman was standing on if it every came in contact with the fighter from nature. It was content with its power, but was itching to see the full extent of it by striking Turquoise's opponent.

"I think I'll cool down for now. Tea, Mr. Fujiwara?" Turquoise offered, as she threw down a GrassSeed next to her, spreading the reach of the Grass terrain even further. It seemed she could use it to brew her tea, which she sipped earnestly and happily, giving off a look that she was refreshed due to nature's gifts.

"Uh, no thanks, I'll stick with water," Shin replied, holding up a bottle of the said liquid. He looked again at the Electopian Whiplash Lily in the center and scratched his head.

"How the hell did that thing come back to life?" Shin wondered, weirded out by what was going on, but going with the flow for the heck of it. He gulped down some water for the moment, trying to cool down and keep his head straight.

*Sunshiny Day: Heal 15 to Turquoise
1. Get low and roll out of from the side of the Wall [Movement]
2. Cornshot1 to Druidman [50 +15(Element Advantage) +10(single Target) =75 Wood DMG + Trick Shot Spread 1]
3. Barrier to Turquoise [Generates 10 HP Barrier]
4. Dash behind nearest Boulderback stump
5. Heatshot to Druidman [40 fire DMG +100%(Grass Terrain) = 80 Fire DMG]
6. GrassSeed right next to self [Create Medium Size Grass Terrain]
*Regenerate 5 HP per action on Grass terrain
"Damn! Now, as she shows her true form, she hides behind that log, granting her a cover percentile defense bonus! Evil, dude!" Druidman announced, slamming his fist into his open other palm. Meanwhile, Steve slotted in two more chips that might be useful.

"Ah, excellent thinking, player guy!" he further commented as he felt the new data enter his system. "Now you're in trouble, man!" he called across the battlefield. He felt safe spending time talking, since, after all, speaking was a free action.

Druidman hefted his massive blade onto his shoulder. Focusing his upper arm strength to untold heights, he lifted the blade high above his head, and began to spin it around like a propeller. Then he slashed downwards, sending a blast of twirling wind at the wall that was protecting his adversary. Then he rolled a few checks to make sure the attack didn't fail.

Not even bothering to check if his attack succeeded, since that was something NPCs should worry themselves with, not him, Druidman felt something strange happening in his left arm. Looking down, he let out a yelp as he saw it crystallizing, and oozing a strange golden fluid. "What is this devil magic?!" he cried "I didn't even hear a somatic component! Where was the spell focus? Where was the XP penalty?"

"Calm down, Druidman, it's just a RiskyHoney." Steve explained "It's like a shield, only better. A swarm of bees attacks what hits it."

"Oh, I see, dude." Druidman said, nodding and raising his arm defensively ahead of him. "I'm so lucky my player is a metagaming bastard with no regards to IC/OOC universe rules!" he added kindly. Steve, however, remained painfully silent.

"Oh? I guess that's all the help per day I'm allowed, man." Druidman commented. "Now I'll have to use up some of my own spells." he decided. "It's too bad, I'm starting to get towards the bottom of the barrel, man."

Making a five foot adjustment, Druidman cast the spell that the gods had refreshed for him a mere moment ago. "Rampant Growth Force!" he announced, and once again, razor sharp grass shot up out from the ground, re-carpeting everything with a fresh layer of grass.

Now he began to cast a new spell. Raising his blade high in the air again, heat waves began to roil off of it and, with a blinding blaze, burst into flame. The ground itself, well, maybe just the plants, seemed to reach up to touch the glory that was a level 20 epic character, and then running towards his opponent, He swung the blade down with a crash and explosion that would rack the planes with awesome power. "Entangling Heat Force!" he added as an afterthought.

The big burn scar on the ground seemed to leave a small cleft in the ground from the large sword strike. Pointing the tip of the large blade down towards this crack, Druidman began to cast another spell. "Encroaching Earth Force!" he yelled as he slammed the blade downwards, causing the cleft to become a massive gash, swallowing up all that was left in it's path. The roots of the grass still in the ground still seemed to be pushing upwards, desperate to survive the encounter.

Druidman was starting to tire slightly. He needed to get an energy boost, so he readied one last spell, certain that he would slay this evil beast. Raising his hand upwards, he emitted a long, green beam that arced towards Turquoise, and then he said the word of power: "Sanctified Recovery Force!" and then began to try and siphon off the power left in the demonic child.

Then, with a flurry of sounds of hard plastic hitting wood, he began to make all the rolls necessary for his attacks. Spellcraft, Knowledge (nature) Concentration and Attack checks were all on the agenda.

1.)Snipe: Airshot1 Battlechip to Log in Wall's Clothing-B. (20+20+Microburst+Seeking, knocking the wall on top of Turquoise.
2.)RiskyHoney1 Battlechip to Self. (Block+5WoodX10+Homing)
3.)Rampant Growth Force to Turquoise. (1WoodX80+Slashing)
4.)Entangling Heat Force to Turquoise. (30Wood+50FireX2Terrain)
5.)Encroaching Earth Force to Turquoise. (50Norm+30Wood+Break)
6.)Sanctified Recovery Force to Turquoise. (60Wood+Drain)
While Turquoise was having a fashion/identity crisis and getting treatment from the sun itself (+15 HP to Red), DruidMan had found this area's boss monster! With an overcompensating sword in hand, DruidMan cut the air, sending a surge of wind crashing into the Wall-In-Log's-Clothing. It began to topple, but upon seeing this, Turquoise pulled herself together and rolled out from behind the collapsing barricade (Wall-In-Log's-ClothingC falls over).

"Excellent evasion!" shouted the Electopian Whiplash Lily Judge.

Resolved to avenge her namesake color, Turquoise loaded a Cornshot into a pistol and fired it, while, unfortunately, DruidMan's arm was swallowed by a honey coated defense of BEEEES. Of course, things are never that straightforward. Turquoise's shot went wide left of her intended target and ended up crashing into a far-off tree, leaving DruidMan unscathed and covered in honey. Tasty, but sticky.

"Awful aim!" jeered the Electopian Whiplash Lily Judge.

With that plan gone awry, Turquoise assembled a Barrier around herself for some quick defense. DruidMan had other plans, though, as he invoked the power of his Rampant Growth Force that his godly luck stat had restored earlier. Nature had already exacted its revenge on him before, so this time the attack went off without a hitch, turning the blades of grass around Turquoise into real blades, shredding her Barrier to pieces and dealing some good damage in the process. As an aftereffect, the new grass DruidMan had summoned rebounded off the already existing grass, sending the plants to overtake what little soil was left and start climbing up the trees of the arena.

"Brutal botany!" roared the Electopian Whiplash Lily Judge.

DruidMan's offense was far from over, but if Turquoise had any say in the matter, she wouldn't be the target anymore. She dashed behind the nearest Boulderbark Stump as DruidMan powered up his Entangling Heat Force spell. This proved more than effective, as even though DruidMan's strike hit the stump dead on and the grass around it only intensified the flames, what resulted was no more than a slight char on the unmoving wood (50 damage to Boulderbark StumpA).

"Absolute arbor!" cheered the Electopian Whiplash Lily Judge.

With her defenses well-established, Turquoise returned to the offensive, loading a Heatshot as DruidMan prepared his next spell. Unflinching at the ground ahead splitting in two at the invocation of the Encroaching Earth Force, she fired, striking DruidMan's arm and vaporizing his honeyed defense before dealing a solid hit to the spellcasting Navi (80 damage to DruidMan). The ground-based attack spell marched on all the while, but it found itself completely at the mercy of the Boulderbark Stump's deep-woven roots, which held the ground together and rendered the technique useless.

"Fantastic fire!" announced the Electopian Whiplash Lily Judge.

To finish off, DruidMan called upon his Sanctified Recovery Force. The natural energy arced and bounded towards Turquoise, but much like its brethren, found itself no match for the age-endowed strength of the mighty stump and able to only syphon a small amount of energy from the wood (10 damage to Boulderbark StumpA, +5 HP to DruidMan). Rather than capitalize on this, Turquoise threw a GrassSeed, making sure that whatever wasn't already overrun by grass was given a thick layer of lush turf.

"Gratuitous gra-Mpph!" grunted the Electopian Whiplash Lily Judge as a wad of grass grew up from its mouth.

DruidMan.exe: 265 HP (On a charred patch of Soil, about 10 feet away from Turquoise, KILLED THE UMPIRE x1)

Turquoise.exe: 80 HP (On the Grass behind Boulderbark StumpA, about 10 ffet away from DruidMan, GAGGED THE UMPIRE x1)

Terrain: 2% Soil (Under DruidMan, In front of Boulderbark StumpA), 98% GRASS EVERYWHERE (Center, Skyvine Exhibit, Propeller Fruit Tree Branch, Thick Vegetation)


--Boulderbark Stumps (On ground level, evenly spaced around arena)--
Boulderbark Stump A: 240 HP (Turquoise hiding behind this)
Boulderbark Stump B: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump C: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump D: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump E: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump F: 300 HP

Glitchfruit Tree A: 50 HP (Growing out of Thick Vegetation on the arena's far wall)
Glitchfruit Tree B: 50 HP (Toppled on the ground next to the Electopian Whiplash Lily)
Glitchfruit Tree C: 1 HP (Lying on the ground)

--Walls-in-Log's Clothing (All an equal distance from each other and the Electopian Whiplash Lily)--
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing A: RAMPAGING TREEBOMB'D
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing B: 75 HP
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing C: 75 HP (Toppled, lying flat on the ground)
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing D: 75 HP

Propeller Fruit x8: 10 HP each (on upper level, evenly spaced around arena in Propeller Fruit Tree Branches)

Electopian Whiplash Lily/Judge?: 100 HP (On ground level, in center of arena, REVIVED THROUGH THE POWER OF CARAMEL, GAGGED THROUGH THE POWER OF GRASS)

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Fortunately for Turquoise, the Boulderback Stump provided a more than ample defense against Druidman's attacks, she would have to invest in such an object at a later date, but with the sun shining above and another, refreshing green light washing over her, the blue battler would have to take action.

"What's the plan?" Turquoise inquired cheerfully, chip by chip being slotted into the PET as Shin devised a strategy.

"We're going to hit him with all we got at the moment, so be prepared for a powerful attack," Shin whispered to Turquoise, getting a better grip on the situation and his navi's new personality. He sent a recently, poorly sketched diagram to his navi that explained his plan in the simplest form possible.

"Excellent, I believe this barrier will provide me the necessary protection needed to execute this plan flawlessly," Turquoise nodded, the spherical barrier that had protected her just moments before from the brunt of Druidman's shredding grass attack forming once again.

"Alright then, execute plan..." Shin started, realizing he hadn't actually come up with a good name for this plan, and just decided to wing it, "Delta!"

"Roger that!" the palette-swapped navi responded, confirming Druidman's position before crouching down and...

...launching into the air.

The properties of the wind subtype boosted the fairy-tale fighter high above the Druid's supposed position, giving her a tactical view of the arena, and giving other combatants a tactical view of her undergarments.

This also presented the danger of crashing headfirst into the Skyvine Exhibit, but they had a backup plan for that.

Reaching out with her left arm toward the Skyvine Exhibit, Turquoise formed the shape of a Cannondumb's head onto her hand. Smirking, she blasted a round at the Exhibit, moving her away from the crashing hazard, but still a good distance above Druidman's position.

As she disengaged the Cannondumb head, the color-changed navi twirled her BambooKnife back out of her picnic basket, where it had been hiding all along since Red attempted to shank Druidman in the back. After confirming her opponent's position, the wind navi leaned back, head toward the ground, and pointed the knife in Druidman's direction.


Turquoise suddenly shot toward Druidman's position at a speed unnatural for those just starting to fall, her BambooKnife gleaming brilliantly as she speeded toward her opponent.

The cause for this sudden acceleration? Turquoise had simple imbued more power into an Airshot round and fired it in front of her, the recoil strong enough to send her flying back toward the enemy, which she was doing right now.

After a few moments, Turquoise felt her Knife come in contact with something. Not waiting to stick around to see what it was, she let go of the knife, and the Bazooka used to fire the amped Airshot, and landed on the ground before locating the next Boulderback Stump and dashing furiously behind it.

All she could do now is wait, the grass terrain soothing her injuries with their natural aroma.

*Sunshiny Day: Heal 15 to Turquoise
1. Recov50 [Heal 50 to Turquoise]
2. Barrier [Generate 10 HP Barrier]
3. LEAP INTO THE AIR ABOVE DRUIDMAN [Airstep to gain High Altitude]
4. Cannon to position self away from Skyvine Exhibit [40 DMG + Knockback]
*Point Bamboosword at Druidman
5. Gust amped Airshot1 behind Turquoise to accelerate toward Druidman and shiv him in the face or something [Microburst + Knockback to Red/ 85 Wood Slashing DMG + ??? Fall Damage to Druidman]
6. Dash behind nearest Boulderback stump
*Regenerate 5 on Grass Terrain
Druidman wasted no time. Forgoing even a five foot adjustment, he quickly prepared the last of his spells for the day, which contained a few more tricks. Swinging his gargantuan sword around his head, dark clouds began to form in the air, making a thick carpet of cumulonimbus around him. "Verbal component: DRIVING STORM FORCE!" he bellowed into the heavens as a white hot bolt of feral electricity tumbled downwards, skewing the air itself and leaving the faint smell of ozone behind. Rustling around through the cabbage of grass, leaves, and branches of what was left of the greenhouse, Druidman found a few long, sharp pikes and quickly speared them up and over the stump, with luck raining straight down on Turquoise's head.

With a quick downwards chop, a blazing green slice of energy erupted from the edge of Druidman's Buster Blade, twirling about it's axis like a top, but mowing a quick path through the foliage as it looped back around the makeshift cover bonus that his opponent had managed to dive behind. Druidman heard a satisfying blast as the energy struck something, though whether it was Turquoise or the log itself depended entirely on his attack roll.

Now Druidman took off. He quickly ran around the perimiter of stump, taking a double movement action to do so. As he rounded the corner and looked around the stump, he saw a blue-green blur blast upwards. "Curses!" Druidman yelled, "She's on the move! Must be an Air Elemental!" he added, amending his earlier assumptions about her. "Cunning! But at least she's off of this magical healing grass for now! I'll have to take this moment to strike hard and fast, dude!" Druidman just hoped that Dodecahedron, the God of d20s, was on his side tonight.

Druidman reached down and picked up a broken off piece of the stump that Turquoise had previously been hiding behind. Using one of the few dwindling spells left to him, he muttered, "Shivering Frost Force." and watched as a beautiful crystalline pattern blossomed around the wood, forming a perfect latticework of ice that coated it and shaped it into a worthwhile club. Of course, a club did him little good when his opponent was in the air, but this spell was just to powerful to pass up on. Knowing he was taking a -4 penalty, Druidman nevertheless hurled the club up into the updraft left behind by Turquoise, which, with luck and good rolls, would strike her down in a winter flurry.

Now Druidman spied a quick decent, though by design or due to his attacks, he could only guess at. Regardless, a quick Spot check revealed to him that a knife was clenched tightly in her hand. Druidman shook his head. "Silly girl." he yelled upward, "Don't you know attacking me like that only provokes an Attack of Opportunity? By making a movement action through my range of attack and passing into a threatened five foot square, I can take a simple attack of opportunity, granting me a quick and decisive blow to you before you can even get close to me. I admire your determination, but walking into an attack like that is a poor tactical choice." The words he spoke literally flew from his mouth, condensing into an orange beam of energy that fired straight upwards into the path of Turquoise's plummeting attack. Of course, Druidman naturally had forgotten a few details of Attacks of Opportunity, and so he somehow popped out of existence for a moment, only to reappear a few feet away, on the other side of the stump that he has been standing on previously. "Huh?" he added, noting that he was somehow back where he started: the one bald patch of earth left.

Now grasping at magical straws, Druidman cast the last spell he could think of. He sure hoped it would help him now. A faint wind rippled across the expansive plain and clouds, perhaps left over from the storm, began to move across the skyline, as well. Now, it was clear, that Druidman's magical storm was far from over. The breeze became a wind, the wind became a gust, the gust became a gale. Huge blasts of air made the grass whip around frantically under the strain; chunks of fallen plant matter began to gain lift and move, hopping across the ground and bouncing about. Druidman lifted his sword, and twirled it around his head like a giant propeller, focusing the winds around him. "Razor Tornado Force!" he bellowed over the sound of the wind, and around him, a massive tornado formed, lurching forwards lazily, blasting chunks of debris around it violently, reaching across the field and pushing towards the outside of the arena.

1.)Driving Storm Force to Turquoise. (60Elec, 40Wood)
2.)Boomerang1 Battlechip to Turquoise. (60Wood)
3.)Tactical Movement: Towards Turqouise, beyond Boulderbark Stump A.
4.)Shivering Frost Force to Turquoise. (10Wood, 40Aqua, Freeze)
5.)Complicated Math Force to Turquoise. (8Normal, Stun, Tactical Movement: Back to Soil Terrain)
6.)Razor Tornado Force to Turquoise. (30Wood, 30Normal, Microburst into Thick Vegetation)
"Mrgffghrglhrmmph!" grunted the Electopian Whiplash Lily Judge, who still had a particularly large patch of grass gagging it. This is about all the Electopian Whiplash Lily Judge would have to say during this exchange of blows, so garbled text may be inserted as needed.

Turquoise began healing copiously, from a combination of a Recov50, her sunlight, and the grass's natural healing properties, and boy howdy, was it a good thing she did (+70 HP to Turquoise). DruidMan called forth the most violent fury of nature, and down came Driving Storm Force in way of a fierce lightning bolt that crashed straight down on the poor girl. To top that off, DruidMan pulled a splintered wood spear off the ground and threw it over the stump, striking Turquoise dead on once more (100 damage to Turquoise).

Reeling from the blow, Turquoise set up a Barrier as fast as she could, and DruidMan in turn threw a Boomerang to destroy it... Or, rather, attempt to. Whether it be to bad aim or just bad luck, the Boomerang went very far off its intended target, eventually slamming into a far off tree before disintegrating, leaving Turquioise and her Barrier largely untouched as she further partook in the healing of the grass underneath her feet (+5 HP to Turquoise).

Sick and tired of that damned stump getting in his way, DruidMan strafed around it quickly to get a good position on Turquoise. Unfortunately for him, Turquoise opted to use her Windy abilities and jumped high up into the air, leaving DruidMan to feel like some kind of terrestrial loser.

The sheer power of Turquoise's jump left behind an updraft of air, and DruidMan thought to take advantage of that. DruidMan summoned forth a frozen wood bludgeon through his Shivering Frost Force and tossed the club into the updraft. It went rocketing upwards as hoped, but at this point, Turquoise was probably better considered a pinball than a Navi. With an assist from a Cannon, the young girl performed an impressive kick-jump off the Skyvine Exhibit, sending her flying off in another direction as the frozen log crashed into the flora with little effect.

Turquoise's aerial stunts weren't done with that, though, as she readied an Airshot and BambooKnife to convert herself into some sort of rocket-powered javelin or something. With a bang, the gun fired, and the blue battler absolutely tore through the air, reaching DruidMan's position in the blink of an eye and slamming straight into his chest with BambooKnife pointing forward. The sheer power of the collision was enough to shear Turquoise's Barrier right off her body, and send DruidMan careening into the Thick Vegetation, which, while it began weaving its vines around him, acted as a good enough cushion to save him some extra damage (85 damage, Microbursted into Thick Vegetation to DruidMan; Barrier lost to Turquoise). With her Barrier gone and both competitors a little hazy in the mind from the collision, DruidMan half-mindedly fired his Complicated Math Force beam, which somehow managed to hit the now defenseless Turquiose (8 damage, Stun to Turquoise).

In a break of the usual trend throughout this battle, there was still yet some action to be had in the end. Turquoise tried to make for the nearest Boulderbark Stump, but the recoil from the collision still ailed her enough to slow her down for just a moment. DruidMan, quickly getting tied down by the Thick Vegetation, launched one last spell in way of Razor Tornado Force as a response. The wind itself ended up missing the mark a little, but a stray log from a broken Wall-In-Log's-Clothing got caught up in the funnel before flying out and striking Turquoise, sending her flying off and crashing into the thick body of a Propeller Fruit Tree before the Stun that plagued her took hold (30 damage to Turquoise).

DruidMan.exe: 180 HP (Trapped in Thick Vegetation, about 25 feet away from Turquoise, KILLED THE UMPIRE x1)

Turquoise.exe: 22 HP (Stunned x1, On the Grass in front of a Propeller Fruit Tree, about 25 feet away from DruidMan, GAGGED THE UMPIRE x1)

Terrain: 2% Soil (Under DruidMan, In front of Boulderbark StumpA), 98% GRASS EVERYWHERE (Center, Skyvine Exhibit, Propeller Fruit Tree Branch, Thick Vegetation)


--Boulderbark Stumps (On ground level, evenly spaced around arena)--
Boulderbark Stump A: 240 HP
Boulderbark Stump B: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump C: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump D: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump E: 300 HP
Boulderbark Stump F: 300 HP

Glitchfruit Tree A: 50 HP (Growing out of Thick Vegetation on the arena's far wall)
Glitchfruit Tree B: 50 HP (Toppled on the ground next to the Electopian Whiplash Lily)
Glitchfruit Tree C: 1 HP (Lying on the ground)

--Walls-in-Log's Clothing (All an equal distance from each other and the Electopian Whiplash Lily)--
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing A: RAMPAGING TREEBOMB'D
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing B: 75 HP
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing C: 75 HP (Toppled, lying flat on the ground)
Wall-in-Log's-Clothing D: 75 HP

Propeller Fruit x8: 10 HP each (on upper level, evenly spaced around arena in Propeller Fruit Tree Branches)

Electopian Whiplash Lily/Judge?: 100 HP (On ground level, in center of arena, REVIVED THROUGH THE POWER OF CARAMEL, GAGGED THROUGH THE POWER OF GRASS)

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"Ngh," Turquoise winced as the debilitating effects of Druidman's stream of speech took hold of her. Thankfully, her opponent was of the same position, what with those plants she blasted him into. Nature really was on her side, the blue-chromed navi thought merrily as sunlight shined down upon her.

"You okay?" Shin asked, a little concerned, but still having fun.

"Quite alright, I'll need a Rageclaw, some firepower, and some defense soon though," Turquoise replied merrily, the effects of Druidman's Complicated Math Force wearing off.

"Righto! One Rageclaw, coming right up!" the self-proclaimed ace hummed, sending the requested chip into the PET before browsing through his folder to fulfill the next set of requests.

Sighing, Turquoise grimaced as her right arm mutated into a gigantic bear's claw. Tightly gripping the BambooKnife that served her so well during this battle, she took one look at Druidman...

...and sent the BambooKnife flying through the air at his face. The fairy-tale fighter had hurled the BambooKnife with herculean effort with the assistance of the Rageclaw, thus the current result of it flying through the air. Just thought it would be nice if you knew how it was thrown.

Moving on, the blue battle accessed another chip in her repertoire. It was familiar, so she instantly whipped out the pistol signature to her gun attacks. Taking no more aim that positioning the barrel right at her opponent's body, Turquoise fired, smart-bomb tipped kernels of corn exploding out of her firearm as they attempted to give Druidman and good beating, more than once. After the initial impact, there would surely be a reaction from the smart-bomb, sending another explosion to her enemy to give Turquoise more of a chance.

With that, Turquoise resumed her tactics of guerrilla warfare, racing behind the nearest Boulderback Stump and anchoring herself there for the moment. A refreshing wave of green light washed over her, healing some more wounds as she rested behind her guardian stump.

"That felt better, let's get up to speed after this, eh?" Turquoise commented to Shin, Honeycombs surrounding her figure as she leaned against the surface of the stump. Bees buzzed furiously within the shield created by the RiskyHoney defense, ready to launch whenever it was broken.

"Sure, whether we win or lose, we'll still have had some fun," Shin replied, flipping his sunglasses back over his eyes and adjusting them firmly over the crest of his nose.

"Mm Hm," Turquoise nodded, content to hide behind the Boulderback stump and take in the scent of nature.

*Sunshiny Day [Heal 15 to Turquoise]
2. Rageclaw throw BambooKnife at Druidman [85 Wood Slashing DMG + 20 Impact?]
3. Cornshot1 to Druidman (Try to hit twice) [75 Wood DMG + Trick Shot Spread1]
4. Dash behind nearest Boulderback Stump
5. Recov50 [Heal 50 to Turquoise]
6. RiskyHoney1 [Block one hit and counter for 5x10 +25 Wood DMG]
*Regen 5 from Grass Terrain