Daisy.EXE VS Red.EXE

As the Navis jack in, their Net Operators are shown a 3-D model of the arena their Navis will be fighting in with various features labeled and highlighted as the presentation runs. At the end of the presentation, the environmental statistics for this arena are displayed for reference.

Quote (The Underworld)

The center of the arena itself is a flat, circular plane, with a few small walls and columns to use as cover, or as vantage points. The columns are simple rounded rectangles, standing up lengthwise about 8 feet in height. They are not secured to the floor and can be knocked over, unlike the few small walls. At the walls of the arena are four pits. The walls of the upper arena are covered in a large netting that allows it to be grabbed onto and clung to, but is otherwise un-noteworthy.

The pits surrounding the center of the arena drop down into a second, lower half of the arena that is exactly as wide as the first, but is much taller than the upper arena. Close to the edges of this 'underground' arena are four small, circular platforms; these send a navi flying directly upward to ground-level, and are placed below the four pits. They must be specifically triggered, however, and do not trigger when navis enter the lower arena by dropping from above.

At the far walls of the underground arena are four additional, angled boosters which catapult a navi up to one of four horizontal platforms on the walls of the lower arena; these four small platforms each have two hand grips on the wall next to them that will pull a navi to the next platform over, either to the left or right.

Upper Level: Normal (96%), Hole (4%)

Lower Level: Normal (88%), Spring Panel (4%), Booster Pad (8%)

Note: Hole Terrain means you can fall through it to reach the lower level. Hole Terrain cannot be changed.

Note 2: Breaking the panels of the upper level means creating holes Navis can fall to the lower level through. These are Broken Panels, and can either regenerate in a couple of tuyrns or be repaired/changed into something else, unlike Hole Terrain.


Hematite Column (300 HP) [4 ea. on upper level]
-- Can be knocked over, and rolled.
-- Can be stood upon.
-- Can be used for cover.
-- Too heavy to lift, throw, or send flying with microburst.

Hematite Barricade (150 HP) [4 ea. on upper level]
-- Can be used for cover.
-- Immovable

Hematite Cube (300 HP, extremely heavy) [4 ea. on lower level]
-- Tethered to the ceiling by ropes, which can be cut with a single slashing attack.
-- Can be stood upon, even while tethered.
-- Cannot be moved other than cutting them loose.
-- Immovable once on the ground, and may be used for cover.
-- Deal 100 Null Damage if they fall upon a Navi, and break instantly.

For Reference: The upper area is approximately 15 feet high. The lower area is approximately 45 feet high. The platforms on the lower level are 25 feet from the ground, as are the hanging cubes.

The Navis, on the other hand, appear on the upper level of the arena, a moderate distance from each other, and are not given any of the data their Operators received. The Navis would be given a few moments to themselves before the match actually began....
Red crashed down in a column of crimson light, her support unit appearing beside her, bouncing lazily around.

"Whoa! This place is huge!" Red gasped in awe, observing the battlefield.

"You're right. There are tons of obstacles, and even a lower level!" Shin commented, whistling at the setup. The tournament hosts really went all out on this one. He took another bite of his choco-banana as his navi observed the battlefield. He himself took some time to observe his own folder, and started arranging his chips in an easy to access order.

"Well, it looks like we can use a lot of these things to our advantage," the crimson crusader commented as she walked back to the area she jacked into. "So, see the guy we're up against yet?"

"No, but two battle seem up and ready, and there's a bunch of other people here too. Oh! Hey there's Leon! Hm, I wonder if Wes will show up soon?" Shin commented, his camera zooming in on the new competitors and the battles that were about to begin.

"Oh! So Junior-san is in this block too?" Red inquired, surprised.

"Yeah, he's against.... some other girl. Well we'll have to face one of them if we win this match," Shin reminded his navi.

"Ooh~ That'll be a tough battle! I hope we can win most of these rounds!" Red exclaimed cheerfully.

"Yeah, we'll just have to do our best!" Shin replied, finishing one chocolate banana and placing the stick it came on in the box. The three waited for their opponent.

"Daisy huh? I didn't hear much about her from Junior, but they seem a bit involved. I wonder what this Virgil guy's like?" Shin mused, checking out some BBSes.

[Red_Riding_Hood.exe: 210 HP]
[Myun.SP: 90 HP]
Virgil entered the room and headed straight to the terminal. Upon reaching it he jacks in Daisy and sees the 3-D hologram of the stage. Two floors, nice. From the looks of it we will probably have an advantage on the lower half of the field. But we mind as well see how things play out in the top before heading down below. Virgil figured, looking at the chips in his folder. After he was done he looked at his opponent.

"You can probably guess who I am, but I'm going to introduce myself anyway, name's Virgil." He told his opponent, extending his hand out for a shake. "Good luck to you, and may this end up being a great match." He told him.
In the battle field...

Daisy materializes on the other side of the field from Red, and looks around. "Wow, this place is spacious." She says, before spotting one of the holes in the arena. "I wonder what is down there." She said, Virgil responding "Apparently they made another level below this one where ya can fight. It's ceiling is also a great deal higher, but for now let's ignore the lower floor and stick to our initial plan." Daisy responded with an "Alright" and looked towards her opponents.
"Same to you," Shin said, taking Virgil's hand and giving it a good shake. His hidden camera zoomed in for a profile shot, and then took a shot at his navi. The tournament space was really getting crowded now, but Shin made sure to catch each and everyone of their profiles.

"Hm, Wes just walked in, so Soulman Junior is ready for his own action," Shin commented, breaking the handshake and walking back to his console.

"Wow! This block has really tough opponents!" Red exclaimed. "Will I be alright?"

"Sure, you will, now go introduce yourself," the ace advised before turning to Virgil. "Well Virgil, I'm Fujiwara Shin, let's make this a good fight," Shin greeted his opponent, giving him a thumbs up.

"Hi Miss! You must be Daisy! I'm Red_Riding_Hood.exe, but you can call me Red! Best of luck to both of us!" Red greeted Daisy cheerfully, extending out a hand.
Daisy look at her foe, and saw she had her hand randomly in the air. It took her a bit to realise that she probably wants to do a hand shake... but she was unsure if she was allowed to leave the area she jacked in at... So she decided to do a ranged shake. Blood bleed out of her hand, and she shaped it into a hand. She then floats it over to Red, and shouts "You too". After the shake is over, the blood snaps back to Daisy and wraps itself around her shoes.

"NO! Lets NOT make it a good fight! Lets make it an EPIC fight herr Fujiwara!" Virgil nearly shouted, returning the thumbs up at his opponent.
Red took the bloody hand and smile cheerfully, shaking Daisy's hand and waving back.

"I like your style! Alright, let's make this an EPIC fight, TO THE EXTREME. Ready Red?" Shin replied with enthusiasm, pumping his fist and flexing his muscles.

"Born ready!" the crimson crusader replied.

"All right! Let's start!" Shin called, fingers poised and ready.

[Battle Ready]
[Red_Riding_Hood.exe: 210 HP]
[Myun.SP: 90 HP]
A paper airplane sailed out of the glare of the spotlights. It descended in wide, lazy loops. When the plane had manoeuvred itself into the airspace above the centre of the arena, it suddenly changed shape into that of a sizeable speaker system. A cord shot up from the speaker's top and vanished into the lights. It presumably fixed itself to something, because the speaker fell only a few more feet before the cable snapped taunt.

"Hello," said the speaker as it pendulumed back and forth on the end of the cord. Red found the voice weirdly familiar — until she realized that it was Item, the NetPolice Navi she had aided during the Net War. True to his character, it took Item a few forced throat-clearings before it could muster its confidence.

"Hello!" Item called. "Hello and thank you for attending! Welcome to round one of the ONB tournament! Our current match pits—" The shape-shifting Navi paused here, as if preparing a document to read off of. It took Item a second to get over the quality of what it was meant to say. "—the flower of blood, Daisy, versus the caped crusader, Red Riding Hood! Best of luck to both our contestants!"

Item took a deep breath, and bellowed "Three! Two! One! FIGHT!"

Terrain: 96% Normal, 4% Hole

Daisy.EXE: 160 HP

RedRidingHood.EXE: 210 HP
Myun.SP: 90 HP

[[color=green]Tournament match one! Who will move on? HERE WE GO![/color]]
The battle had begun, and Red could feel her routines building up, this was it, this was the tournament, but what concerned her most at the moment was...

"Hey! It's Mr. Item! How have you been?" the crimson crusader called to her former ally, waving cheerfully to the variable form navi.

"Oh, it's Item, didn't expect to see him here," Shin commented with a tone of surprise.

"Whatever, hello, hello, goodbye. I have a match to fight," Myun grumbled to Item, dashing off toward Daisy in quick boxing steps.

"Ah! Wait Myun-chan! That's rude!" Red called, reaching her hand out to stop her support program, but the boxing bunny had already closed in on her target.

"Take... THIS!" the rabbit cried, leaping forward from her run and powerfully slamming her fist at Daisy. "I'm not done yet!" she continued, manipulating her ears and thrusting them forward, one after the other, in a furious attempt to knock her opponent down.

"Ok, now I'm done," Myun stated, bouncing back to the ground, and strafing diagonally backward. She then proceeded to sidestep any which way, trying to flit between any attacks the opponent might throw at her.

"Wow! Attack first will ya?" Red pouted, balling up her fists and leering across the battlefield.

"Now, now, she did what she thought what was right, and we can't blame her for it. So, how about that battle?" Shin suggested, taking three chips out of the folder.

"Sure! Hey Shin?" Red began as her operator sent in two chips first.

"Hm? What is it?" the ace replied, taking profile shots of the other operators of the first round. Oh, someone won because their opponent didn't show up? Weird," Shin mused, camera following Burt out of the battle arena.

"Do you think," the red-caped wonder took the Boomerang out of her picnic basket, "Myun would," gripping it lightly, the crimson crusader imbued the weapon with her power and pulled her arm back, "look good as," the boomerang was launched and Red completed her question, "a pair of bunny slippers?"

"Huh?" Shin gasped, a bit startled as he slotted in the next chip haphazardly, but dropped the other one he put in next. "What? Oh damn! Urgh," the ace swore, dropping on his knees as the Boomerang cut its path through the air of the battlefield, arcing toward Daisy from her left. Red subtly flicked the Treebomb toward the left of her opponent so as to implant it in the ground for her next attack. She reached into her picnic basket for a revolver, and fired once at the planted bomb, but found it was empty.

"Uh... Shin?" Red called worriedly, pulling the trigger multiple times but getting only clicks in response.

"Put yourself between the thing and your opponent. Augh, found it!" Shin yelled, taking hold of the Bubbler chip. "Slippery little devil... Here you go," the ace said, sending in the chip.

"Alright," the fairy-tale fighter replied, dashing quickly around the field, wary of the holes she might fall into if she wasn't careful, but she finally got into a good position, the Treebomb was, to her at least, between her and the enemy.

Smirking and then licking her lips, the red-cloaked warrior quickly took aim at the Treebomb and pulled the trigger of her pistol. With a loud 'BANG' a foaming blast of water churned toward the Treebomb and hit it? Red couldn't tell, and she hoped some of the water splashed onto her opponent as well. The operator, support program, and navi could vaguely make out a series of pointed wooden towers going toward something, but what? She would just have to wait.

"Look out!" Shin called, prompting Red to cartwheel sporadically to her left, possibly out of the way of an attack. Confused, the wind mistress blinked her eyes and fumed at her operator, "Hey! What was that for?"

"Just making sure! Oh no!" Shin called out, gasping and pointing in front of Red.

"Augh!" the red-caped wonder panicked, backflipping and twisting acrobatically in the air before landing down on the ground. Perking up, the navi shook her fist at her operator, "You tricked me! I think!" Sensing something amiss, the nature-loving child called on some wind under her feet, blasting herself to the right just in case there was another attack.

"You moved on your own just there," Shin pointed out, eating a choco-bannana.

"Shut up," Red pouted, glaring at the battlefield in front of her.

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Movement to get in Melee Range of Daisy
1. Attack Daisy [40 DMG]
*Rhythm Boxing to Daisy [2x10 DMG]
2. Dodge
3. Dodge

Red's Actions:
1. Boomerang1 at Daisy [60 Wood DMG +10(Bonus)+10(to one opponent)= 80 Wood DMG, mainly used for distraction]
2. Throw Treebomb1 at Daisy's left [60 Wood Attack + Ground Attack + Group Attack (Next Turn)](D)
3. Tactical Movement so Treebomb1 is between Red and Daisy.
4. Bubbler at Treebomb1, Splash to Daisy [50 Aqua DMG + Splash]
*Instigate Treebomb1 [60 Wood Attack + Ground Attack + Group Attack + Aqua Boost 30 + 10 (Bonus) = 100 DMG]©
5. Dodge
6. Dodge
*Gust: Dodge
"YA! TO THE EX-" Virgil shouted, quickly grabbing 4 chips from the folder and bringing them into the air. He efficiently slammed them into the PET one by one with the precision of a surgeon, the graze of gazelle... and for some reason the strength of an enraged hobo. Suddenly, Virgil's tone completely changed. Instead of the excited and loud voice he had before, it went to a cool, calm, and collective tone, and the words that now associate with the tone, were simply "Opening move, Knight to E-4."

People would be puzzled as to why Virgil just said an illegal opening chess move, but Daisy knew what it meant. With those three words, she knew what she had to do... and that was build her defenses then slam every single chip she is about to receive into her foe. Blood rushed out of her hands and into the air. Some of that red liquid of life simply formed a round plate, floating in front of Daisy Daisy to protect her from harm. The rest formed a sphere around her body, a few holes to see out of or fire if needed. But it was not going to be enough. She needed to activate one of her most powerful forms of protection, and all it would take would be saying three little words.

"Grand Blood Guard"

Only those three words softly escaped her lips, and with their escape more of her crimson blood flowed from her body. Sliding across her skin and cloths, it soon covered her completely save her eyes. Even if the bubble wasn't blocking views to Daisy and her opponent could see what Daisy had done... How would she know what it all meant?

How could Red, without seeing this occurrence before, know that Daisy was now close to being indestructible save three kinds of attacks.

It was upon the defense's completion, when the chips finally reached her systems that it was time for the next part of her plan. After the 4 chips were fully processed, Daisy began the assault upon Red and Myun. Daisy put her right arm trough the barrier, and a cylinder formed around it and extended a good foot from her hand. It's just a game, she isn't going to be destroyed by this. Daisy reminded herself, few moments before her first shot was fired out.


The next thing that could be seen was the appearance of an explosion in the 'barrel' and a cob of corn rocketing out. The tip madly blinking red as the corn like weapon flew trough the air. It collided with something then exploded in a blast of overly burnt and still flaming popcorn. After the apparent spectacle of the Corn of Death, all that remained of the corn-like projectile was... a small red orb? While one would not expect red orbs in their produce, there seemed to have been one in this piece. Without any warning, the orb rocketed towards whatever unlucky being was nearby...

...And then there was an explosion of blood.

The orb had exploded near its target, and showered the area in blood. It is unknown at this moment if the target had been affected by the bloody blast, but that didn't stop Daisy from firing another round of the bloody corn. She aimed where she thought Red would be, and repeated her last attack. The Corn of Death was ejected out of Daisy's blasting arm, and barrel rolled towards poor, sweet innocent Red. Like the last corn, this one detonated upon contact with something hard, maybe a small girl dressed in red or that deviously evil being known as the ground. All that remained was a second orb of red, that rocketed towards one of Daisy's opponents and exploded in a shower of blood yet again.

But that wasn't the end of Daisy's attack. The blood from the attack slithered across the ground back to Daisy and joined with her cylindrical arm. The whole thing started to twist and shape itself into a more curved object, a boomerang to be precise. With a great throw she sent it flying out. The Australian weapon now whirled trough the air at poor Red. The projectile whooshed past/rammed into Red, and continues along his path, most likely ramming into that dastardly bunny or slamming into the ground.

For the last of her assault, she formed a second boomerang out of blood, and looked at where Red was standing. With a great spin of her body, Daisy threw the deadly weapon at her opponent. The blood based device sliced trough the air, soaring towards Red and her bunny...

"It is now your move, Herr Fujiwara." was all Virgil said after everything that transpired.

((Passive: 1 hit shield
30 HP barrier

1 Grand Blood Guard: Shadow + self slow
2 Cornshot1 Red: 50 wood + trickshot spread 1
3 Cornshot1 Red: 50 wood + trickshot spread 1
4 Boomerange1 Red and Myun: 60 wood
5 Boomerange1 Red and Myun: 60 wood))
"O-oh, hey, Miss Red!" Item called in a clearly excited manner over the speaker system. It spent another moment babbling on about how happy it was to see her again before it got hold of itself. "N-no, I'm on the job! I'll talk to you afterwards, a-all right?"

Item took a deep breath — wait, Navi's didn't need to respire, did they? — and started with its play-by-play on everything that was going on below it.

"Daisy calls out her first move! Her signature blood transforms her into something completely different — that's a shadow effect if I've ever seen one! Only a select few attacks will be able to get at her now! I wonder if Red came prepared for this?

"Oh, Myun speeds forward and aims one jab, then another, then a flurry, at the bloodied Daisy! Each one passes right through her body without harming her in the slightest! The rabbit's ears come away splattered with blood...gross...!

"Uhh, meanwhile, Red is hurling chips like her programming depends on it! Out comes a Boomerang — but oh, it doesn't fare any better against Daisy than Myun's attacks did! Red puts down a...it looks to me like a Treebomb, and off she goes! I wonder what's she planning?

"Daisy is on the attack now! She's loading up some chips...the first is a Cornshot! It detonates on the ground just behind Red in a fountain of kernels! I don't think it hit her, but...yes, she was caught in the blast! Red is tossed along like a cork out of a burst pipe! She takes a second to gather herself, and brings out another chip. It's a Bubbler! She fires at the Treebomb seed, and — oh, it's an apocalypse of froth and sharpened stakes! They're tearing across the field toward Daisy's position — but still, they don't so much as slow her down!

"Daisy's lining up another chip now — another Cornshot. Red's gearing up to move — Daisy gets it off just a fraction of a second before her opponent can act! Oh, the Cornshot hits Red dead on! That one sure looked like it hurt...but no, she's on the move! Daisy switches to Boomerangs now. The first one misses Red entirely, but — it got Myun! It's nearly crushing that poor bunny! Somebody help — oh, uh, the second Boomerang goes right past Red's ear and spirals away!"

Item paused for a beat to catch up with itself.

"Thank you again for joining us for Daisy versus Red! This is going to be one good fight, folks!"

Terrain: 96% Normal, 4% Hole

Daisy.EXE: 160 HP [30 HP barrier; 1 hit shield!]

RedRidingHood.EXE: 110 HP
Myun.SP: 30 HP
"Agh!" Red cried, as most of her own attacks failed while the opponent was relatively successful in damaging her side. "Darnit! What is that thing? None of my attacks worked!"

"A Shadow effect? Well played Virgil, but..." Shin grinned, "Not good enough. Red initiate Plan R!" The operator called out, sending 4 chips into the PET.

"O-ok!" Red gulped, taking a deep breath as a ray of light beamed down upon her, healing some of her injuries. Glancing at Daisy, the red-caped wonder grinned, saying, "See ya!" before throwing a Minibomb down in front, blasting up a cloud of smoke that would surely obscure the vision of the opponents. Red quickly tossed some healing energy to Myun, who caught it and healed herself, before the two went their separate ways. The crimson crusader located the nearest column and dashed behind it, seeking cover from the fight.

Myun, on the other hand, felt like she needed to deal with those pesky defenses. It was in her nature to smash things, and a great target of that were things that were hard to break. It gave her a great feeling, destroying things like that. Thus, with quick boxing steps did the support unit go, reeling her fist back for a mighty blow. Aiming for that barrier, yes she did, with a mighty punch, she let loose on the defense. It wasn't over yet though, oh no. A one punch, two punch attacking the shield!

Satisfied with her actions, the bunny disappeared. Well no, not really, she just ran behind the closest barricade, safe and sound? But, she was prepared, in another step, behind a column she appeared! Oh what tales of woe, this might entail.

Meanwhile, our red-caped heroine was in a panic, but she'd soon be out of it, she assured herself. A soft, protective aura, fitting to her body, glowed around her as she activated the barrier chip. Now she had an extra layer of defense in addition to the Column. Just to get some edge back in the game though, Red planted a GrassSeed in the front, creating a medium area of Grass, where she felt the natural energy of her element healing the wounds inflicted by the last exchange of blows. The red-caped crusader quickly peeked over the side of column, checking to see if her opponent was attacking, and suddenly somersaulted backwards. The wind pushed her a bit further back, just in case though.

It was going to be a tough fight.

Red's Actions:
1. Minibomb [Create Smokescreen]
2. Recov50 to Myun [Heal 50 HP]
3. Run behind nearest Column
*Sunshiny Day [Passive Heal 15 HP]

Myun's actions:
*Run Myun Run: Movement to get in Melee Range of Daisy
1. Attack Daisy [40 DMG]
*Rhythm Boxing to Daisy [2x10 DMG]
2. Run behind nearest Barricade
3. Run behind nearest Column

Red's Actions Continued
4. Barrier1 [Create 10 HP Barrier]
5. GrassSeed in front [Create a Medium Size Grass Terrain in front]
6. Dodge
*Gust: Dodge
*Regen 5 due to being on Grass [30 HP healed in total]
It... worked? Even with the announcer saying what effect it was, it worked out in the end? Virgil asked his mind. Lately their plans haven't work out for the best... But that plan worked? His opponent must have heard from Item that Daisy was being protected by shadow... and yet he didn't send anything to counteract it. Virgil looked at Shin, and simply told him "I was expecting Murphy to slap me in the face and made that plan fail... So I have no idea if you didn't hear the announcer say the effect or you have something else planed." The scar'd netop looked at his screen and grabbed three chips. "Oh ya, Rook to E-1, king to B-2, and bishop to C-2" He stated, slotting in those three chips to Daisy.

Attack , run, trap? Does Virgil want me to run to the lower level? Daisy mused, but she had little time to think about it. Her opponent was going to go on the attack soon, and Daisy needed to act now.

With little attention, the blood from the last attacks returned to Daisy and reentered her body. All but a some, which slided up her feet and wrapped around the lower parts of her legs, parts of her arms, and her waist.

Daisy's hand began to ooze out her red liquid, and it was willed into yet another boomerang. She looked at Red, and chucked it. The weapon spun trough the air and curved towards the intended target.

She looked at the hole near her, and positioned her body to be facing away from it. She extended her hands straight out, and closed her eyes. Daisy uses the next chip in her arsenal, and a massive burst of air shot out of her hand. She did not prepare her body for the recoil of the attack, and she was sent flying right towards the hole. Using the blood that was on her body, she maneuvered her body to turn around and stop near the hole. The now flying bloodied Daisy dived into the opening in the ground and traveled to the lower part of the arena.

Daisy saw the lower part of the battle field, an was astonished by the size. She looked around as she floated towards the center. It was here that she will attack Red assuming she follows. She was going to fire daggers of blood to break any defenses that Red had. She was going to throw a simple seed near the little child in prep for her next attacks. This was Daisy's trap, one that will bring the battle closer to an end.

Of course, if Red doesn't come down here, Daisy will become a bit sad about her plan not working. That, and a bit lonely but mostly sad.

((Passives:Same as last turn
1 Boomerang1 Red and Myun: 60 wood
2 Airshot to propel self to hole
3 Go down hole and head to the center of the lower arena near the ceiling
4 Defense breaker: 3 hits of 20 aqua+break+impact on Red if she comes down to the lower arena
5 Grass seed near Red if she is down there))
Item was so busy being pleased with itself at having kept up with the last skirmish that it nearly missed the fight when it started up again.

"And Red's just thrown down what looks like a Minibomb! It's missed Daisy entirely, but I think the idea was to kick up a cloud of debris to mask her movements! I, uh, I seem to have lost sight of her — but wait, Myun's just appeared out of the cloud, and is aiming punches left and right at Daisy! An uppercut hits Daisy's shield and breaks it! But she leaps back...propelled on something like an Airshot, looks like. Myun's follow-up punches all miss, because the target isn't there anymore. But Myun doesn't have any idea where she is, because the Airshot just blasted the smokescreen back into the bunny's face. Daisy drops down one of the holes and — oh dear!"

The Navi had vanished into the cavernous space under the top level of the arena. Item could no longer see what she was doing. The huge loudspeaker trembled on its wire and spouted a protrusion that resembled a pair of binoculars. They were of the x-ray variety, allowing Item to see right through the floor and track Daisy's movements with his commentary. When Item realized that she was waiting on her opponent's next move before acting, it switched off the binoculars and reverted its attentions to the other Navi.

"Back with Red, now...she seems to be in much better shape, and she's put together some added defenses. As it stands now, neither combatant can directly attack one another...either Red's going to have to go to Daisy, or Daisy's going to have to come back up to meet Red on her own terms! I wonder how this will pan out?"

UPPER LEVEL: 76% Normal, 20% Grass, 4% Hole

RedRidingHood.EXE: 140 HP [10 HP barrier!] [behind column D]
Myun.SP: 80 HP [behind Column B]

Barricade A: 150 HP
Barricade B: 150 HP
Barricade C: 150 HP
Barricade D: 150 HP

Column A: 300 HP
Column B: 300 HP [Myun is behind this]
Column C: 300 HP
Column D: 300 HP [Red is behind this]

LOWER LEVEL: 100% Normal

Daisy.EXE: 160 HP [30 HP barrier; 1 hit shield!]

Cube A: All tethers intact
Cube B: All tethers intact
Cube C: All tethers intact
Cube D: All tethers intact
"Uh... where'd she go?" Red asked her operator as the recent events transpired.

"She seems to have gone underground," Shin commented, pulling up another screen displaying the arena sections.

"Eh? Then we can't attack each other?" Red pouted, a ray of healing energy descending down on her.

"Not directly it seems, well, meet up with Myun at the Barricade and try locating the hole closest to you. Use this, then be cautious," the ace advised, slotting in a single chip.

"Slow and steady wins the race, right?" the red-caped wonder recited, dashing to the nearest barricade. Myun, having thoughts along the same lines, joined up with her master at the same barricade.

"Boy, am I glad to see you again," the wind navi commented happily as they met up behind the barricade.

"Same here. So we're just waiting it out?" Myun inquired to the operator.

"Yeah, be on your toes though," Shin advised again, glancing over the battlefield.

"So a hole... hole... there's one!" the crimson crusader announced, spotting the nearest hole and pointing at it with her finger.

"Alright, let it rip!" her operator called.

"Right! One, two, THREE!" Red yelled, taking out a grenade, pulling the pin and slowly swinging her right arm in a circular motion, accelerating the motion faster and faster until the last word before she threw the explosive directly at the hole.

"Be careful now," the ace warned for the third time.

"We know, we know! You're not my mom!" Red retorted, a bit irritated at her operator's nagging.

"Aw~ But I really don't want you to get hurt again," Shin said with a sad face, getting a bit teary-eyed at his navi's harsh rebuke.

"I-idiot, I'm just saying you don't have to be that worried about me. Who do you think I am?" Red stuttered, flipping her hair coolly with the last statement.

"That's right, huh? Alright, your move," Shin commented.

"Yeah," the fairy-tale fighter murmured, watching her surroundings, ready to cartwheel out of the way of danger. Her support unit too, would do the best dashing she could to avoid any attacks. Wind picked up under Red's feet, ready to carry her out of the way if need be.

"Well now, what happens now will be a bit... interesting," Shin affirmed to himself, starting to eat his last choco-bannana.

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Movement behind BarricadeC

Red's Actions:
*Sunshiny Day: Heal 15 HP
1. Movement to behind BarricadeC
2. Take Aim at nearest hole
3. Minibomb at nearest hole [60 DMG +Blast1]
4. Dodge
5. Dodge
6. Dodge
*Gust: Dodge
*Regen 5 for being on Grass Panels? [30 HP total healed]

Myun's Actions:
1-3. Dodge
Stalemate... Virgil thought, looking at the events that had just transpired. His navi went to the lower area of the field to lay a trap, and Red seemed to stay up top. The rate things were going... this battle will become much longer then it needs to be.

Meanwhile, in the lower arena. Daisy has waited long enough. Red wasn't going to come down here, and so Daisy decided she would go back on the offense, but what actions will she take? After a bit of thinking, an idea dawned her... But she might not have all the pieces...

Virgil was looking at his PET when a text message appeared on the screen. It appeared to have been sent by his navi, probably so their opponents would not know about the conversation. He begins to read it.

Virgil, I never looked at the folder we are using, so could you tell me if it has some explosives and something that will allow me to move faster then I do after an airshot? I think I have an idea that might work but it needs those things.

Virgil raised his eyebrow at the question. Yes, the folder does have both of those, but what could his navi need them for? He could see how moving faster would be great right away, but the explosives? That was something he could not understand, at least until he thought of how the target could be kept still enough for the weapon to be effective. It was at that point a grin appeared on his face. Virgil now had a faint idea what his hard to destroy navi was plotting...

And he wanted to risk it all on it.

"Ja." Virgil responded, picking out a selection of chips. "I'll send you some now, and the rest when you most likely need it. Let me know if these won't help." The scared op told the bloodied navi, slotting in only three chips.

Daisy had processed at least the names of the chips, and after a few seconds of thought told her netop. "I think I can work with these for now." Then, she looked around at the four ways to get back to the upper levels. If that is the hole I came down at.... and Red was thereish before I came down here.... Then that hole is closer to her? Or is it that one? She thought, looking a bit quizzical at the four holes. Eventually she decides to go up one. She peeked her head out of the hole and took a glance of the arena. From her vantage point she could make out where Red was.

She moved herself further up, where a bit under her shoulders were above the ground. She extended her arm and pointed it at her small foe. With a lose, nearly inaudible whisper a spear of blood erupted out of her floating defenses. The projectile soared trough the air, slamming into some kind of object with enough force to rip trough even the hardest defenses.

Daisy followed up her first attack with another attack that is a bit more.... fire based. Flames began to form around her hand. Suddenly, the flames leaped from her hand and roared trough the air at a column. The flames collided against the tall piece of terrain, but that didn't stop it. The flames flowed around the column, roasting whatever happened to have been near the object at the time.

The next of the chips Daisy had received was the simple rageclaw. Upon the assaulting navi's activation of the chip, blood oozed from her hands. The glistening blood flowed around her hands, and finally hardened into makeshift gloves with claws attached to them. Daisy moved her fingers and hands to test the flexibility of the weapons, and was satisfied. Quickly, the blood wielding navi raised her arms in the air, look up, and started to ascend upwards with a relatively good velocity. However, the navi only made it roughly three feet before vanishing completely. It appears Daisy might have used the last of the three chips Virgil sent her, the Areagrab chip.

"Nya~" said the navi reappearing in mid air in front of poor Red,her arms still extended forward. With her momentum carrying her trough the air, will she be able to grab her small friend and embrace her in a manner that only true friends embrace? Will that not happen but instead she just manages to pin Red down to the ground with a series of grapples as per her plan? And why did Virgil cringe at the sounds of Daisy's feline like warcry?

((Passives: Same
1 Go to hole that is closet to Red's last known location and peek head above it.
2 Blood attack Red: 80 aqua + break + impact
3 Heatshot Colum: 40 fire + spread at Red
4 Areagrab to right in front of Red
5Try to pin Red to the ground by grappling her with Rageclaws.))
The next chain of events transpired so quickly that they knocked Item off kilter. It rushed to catch back up with what was happening.

"Daisy reappears through a hole! She and Red catch sight of one another in the same moment, and they launch their attacks! Daisy fires a spear of blood, which shoots along just a few inches from the ground! Red hurls a Minibomb! Daisy's attack gets there first, and Red's just able to leap out from behind that barricade before the blood completely pulverizes it! The Minibomb drops through the hole and explodes — I think one of Daisy's barriers took that for her.

But Daisy recovers from the damage, and throws a Heatshot toward the barricade! Red and Myun are off and running before it gets there. It engulfs the ruins of the barricade—Red runs across some grass, helping to restore her health, while Daisy—wait, where did she go!?"

Item took a second to disengage its x-ray vision attachment, just to make sure that he was seeing it right.

"Uhhh...Daisy appears to have...Areagrabbed over and...and...p-pinned Red to th-the g-ground. W-with a Rageclaw. Looks like the f-force of the i-impact broke Red's b-barrier and d-damaged D-daisy's...h-how will R-red get out of th-th-th-th-th-th...uhhhh..."

UPPER LEVEL: 86% Normal, 10% Grass [behind Barricade B], 4% Hole

RedRidingHood.EXE: 160 HP [Pinned by Daisy! 3 actions to escape, 1 action to get up!]
Myun.SP: 80 HP

Daisy.EXE: 160 HP [Pinning Red!] [10 HP barrier; both will regen at start of next turn!]

Barricade A: 150 HP
Barricade B: 150 HP
Barricade C: Destroyed!
Barricade D: 150 HP

Column A: 300 HP
Column B: 300 HP
Column C: 300 HP
Column D: 300 HP

LOWER LEVEL: 100% Normal

Cube A: All tethers intact
Cube B: All tethers intact
Cube C: All tethers intact
Cube D: All tethers intact
"Ngh!" Red cried as Daisy grappled her to the floor, making her subject to extreme close range combat. This... didn't bode well, so she thought.

"Shit! Red get up! Myun, you help her too!" Shin cursed as his opponent's navi effectively pinned his to the ground. The rabbit needed little convincing, her first instinct seeing her master in danger was to support her with all her power.

"Get a load of this!" Myun yelled, closing in on Daisy with quick boxing steps, each foot bounding over the battlefield, leaving shockwaves where they once stepped as the support program hurried to her master's side. Within another instant, her ear... fists... were pummeling their way at Daisy's defenses, as always.

Myun saw the need, the need for mighty smashing on Daisy, so the rabbit concentrated all her power into her right fist, pulled it back, and unleashed a devastating blow at the Aqua navi.

She could see this wasn't enough though, and quickly grabbed at Daisy's Rageclaw arm, struggling with all her might to pull the restraining arm off Red.

"Thanks Myun! Alright Shin! Get me something to get her off me!" Red called to her operator.

"Something to get you off? Can't you just, push her off or something?" Shin commented, tilting his sunglasses.

"Hmph, her stupid chest is too big, I'll need something with more leverage," the red-caped wonder pouted, subtly moving her leg inward toward herself.

"Alright then, how about this?" the self-proclaimed ace inquired, grinning confidently as he sent an Airshot chip to his navi.

"Perfect," Red murmured, licking her lips as she accessed the data and imbued it into her withdrawn foot. "Looks like you might be flying for a while," the crimson crusader commented to Daisy, planting her foot at the middle of her opponent's chest and letting out a small "He-yah!" before punting upward with her right foot at the proclaimed location and activating the powerful pushing properties of the Airshot chip, likely to send Daisy flying off the fairy-tale fighter.

"Come on, come on, we've got work to do," the wind mistress cooed to apparently nothing. However, gusts wrapped around the navi and helped lift her up to a standing postion as she braced herself and stretched her body, getting ready for the next steps.

"Got an idea?" Red asked her operator.

"How about with give her some candy and then stick it to her!?" Shin advised, sending three chips in.

"I like it," the red-caped wonder growled hungrily. First of all, she took out a Minibomb, and was going to do what she did best with them. Trick Tactics.

"Eat this!" Red hollered, sending the Minibomb flying at Daisy, hoping that the opponent would concentrate especially on it so she could prepare for her next move.

Whipping out a familiar metal canister from her bottomless picnic basket, the red-cloaked warrior grinned as she slammed the container in the ground, causing a flood of caramel to erupt from underneath Daisy's location, attempting to ensnare the watery female it its sticky grasp so Red could land a decent hit.

Vanishing in an instant, the crimson crusader warped behind her opponent and drew a small knife with a sharp, bamboo blade. Grinning mischievously, the wood navi imbued all her natural power into the blade and sent one sickening thrust at her opponent. After shivving the blade into something, Red pulled the blade out and twirled it dangerously before leaping back and swirling around in a graceful, dance-like motion to avoid any incoming attacks.

Myun kind of just, hung out. On Daisy's arm perhaps?

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run [Movement - Get in Melee Range of Daisy]
*Rhythm Boxing to Daisy [2x10 DMG]
1*. Break Attack to Daisy [40 Break DMG]
2-3. Help Red escape from Daisy

Red's Actions:
1. Imbue Airshot in foot and try to punt Daisy off [Microburst/Trying to Escape]
*Gust: Move self back up.
*Sunshiny Day [Heal 15]
2. Minibomb at Daisy [60 DMG + Blast 1](Distraction)
3. Caramel Stickiness at Daisy [Stunx3]
4. Areagrab behind Daisy [Teleport, Movement, Dodge, +1 Accuracy]
5. BambooKnife to Daisy [60 +10(Elemental Bonus) +10(Single Opponent) Wood Slashing DMG = 80 Wood Slashing Damage]
6. Dodge
So far so good.

The man in white thought. His navi has managed to pin her foe to the ground. In these next few moments the battle will most likely be decided. Virgil grabs three chips out of his folder and simply slots them in. No banter, no flashy movements, just simply placing the chips. "And now, for the 'befriending' of our navis." The man said, the sounds of explosions coming from his PET a few seconds later. A while later Virgil looks Shin in the eye, and asked in a quizzical tone "Er... think they are friends yet?"


Daisy was right where she wanted, right on top of little Red. She knew that this act would force them to engage each other, and with her defenses it will put Red at the disadvantage... That was if her defenses were complete. At the moment all she has left is part of a barrier, and for her plan to work she needed more then just that.

"Grand Blood Guard..." Daisy spoke softly, the blood in the arena reacting and sliding towards the navi like she was calling them. The blood oozed up Red and around Daisy, the rings of blood around her wrists and other parts of her body expanded until finally, it covered her completely. Her bubble of blood, looking much weaker then before, started to absorbed a fraction of the blood on Daisy. The strength and luster of this piece of defense grew and grew until it was back in it's original condition. Next on her list was the problem of her missing shield. Blood came from her free-flowing armor and floated in the air. Soon, the blob of blood shaped itself into a more tangible form for Daisy's protection. But right then, something popped into Daisy's head, and she began to wonder about something...

"Um, why is Item not talking correctly?" Daisy asked, rather unsure if that fact meant she was doing something wrong. While she wanted to figure this out before acting further, she didn't have the time to do so. She needed to execute the rest of her plan before Red does something, and she needed to do so fast. Quickly brining her train of thought back to the match in hand, the defensive navi placed her right hand on Red's chest. Then, a few words escaped her mouth, and she closed her eyes. "I'm sorry, but this is going to hurt." the words were, said moments before her assault begun. Daggers made of blood burst out of the palm of Daisy's hand. The speed almost breaking the sound barrier. If poor Red was hit by this powerful attack... Well, let just see what would have happened.

Diasy's hand was pushed upwards from the force of her first attack, and two small balls appeared in her hands. Daisy opened her eyes, and right when she heard Virgil say ' befriending' she attempted to slam them into Red's chest. The balls glowed as they struck something, and their true nature was reveled. The two balls... were bombs. With a great boom the bombs exploded, dirt and smoke filling the air. At the moment there was no telling if anyone was damaged by the blast...

During this time of smoky views, Daisy decided to use the last chip that was sent to her. The chip that was sent in the off chance the pinned target managed to damage poor, sweet, innocent Daisy. It was then that Daisy finally used the Recover 50 chip, and there was much rejoicing.

The cloud of smoke was disappearing... and the silhouette of Daisy could be seen. It appeared she was looking around.... then her head stopped moving and what appears to be her hand was raised to her... face? "Wait... what did she mean by stupid large chest?" Resonated from the navi's lips, as her mind tries to decipher what her opponent's remark meant.

((passives: same
1 Grand Blood Guard: shadow + selfslow
2 Defense Breaker Red! 3 hits of 20 Aqua+Break+Impact+Slashing
3Minibomb Red: 60 + Blast1
4Minibomb Red: 60 + Blast1
5 Recovery 50 self))
"S-s-s-s-shadow!" Item managed at last. It started to get back into the swing of things. "Daisy h-has gone into sh-shadow mode! A-and just in time, too: Myun comes dashing up and aims a flurry of punches at the enemy! The attacks break through both of Daisy's shields, but her shadow property leaves her unharmed!

"Here's Red, now, attempting to free herself. She aims an Airshot-enhanced kick at Daisy...but Red's foot passes right through the blood — oh, her leg must feel unpleasant now. Daisy launches her own attack, carving Red up with a shower of bloody knives!

"Red's trying to get back up — and she does! She...what just...oh, it's because Daisy's gone into shadow mode! She's become incorporeal! Red passes right through Daisy and is able to get back to her feet! Red throws down a Minibomb, which doesn't do much of anything other than make some noise and throw up some dust, and off she goes! Daisy lobs a pair of Minibombs of her own, but they both fly wide!

"Red shoots back with a Bambooknife, and — that looked like it hurt! The blade bypasses Daisy's shadow defences and leaves her with a gaping wound! Daisy uses a recovery chip to mitigate the damage just as her shadow effect begins to wear off!"

UPPER LEVEL: 86% Normal, 10% Grass [behind Barricade B], 4% Hole

RedRidingHood.EXE: 115 HP
Myun.SP: 80 HP

Daisy.EXE: 130 HP [both shields regen at start of next turn!]

Barricade A: 150 HP
Barricade B: 150 HP
Barricade C: Destroyed!
Barricade D: 150 HP

Column A: 300 HP
Column B: 300 HP
Column C: 300 HP
Column D: 300 HP

LOWER LEVEL: 100% Normal

Cube A: All tethers intact
Cube B: All tethers intact
Cube C: All tethers intact
Cube D: All tethers intact
"Aw- not this thing again," Red groaned as she herself was lifted up by the natural winds in the arena. She kind of didn't like the feeling of going through the Shadow molded Daisy either, it just felt... wrong.

As both combatants distanced themselves, not so far away, and bombs flew, Red knew what she had to do.

With a flick of her wrist, and the twirl of her knife, the crimson crusader hit the opponent while the effects of her opponent's defense wore off. She smirked as Item's play-by-play ended, but the fight was far from over.

"Put the guns on!" Red called, a coded request to her operator as she switched her wooden blade to her other hand and reached into her picnic basket. A single ray of sunshine lit the red-caped wonder's position as she narrowed her eyes at her opponent, who might've moved, but might've not, either way, this was going to hurt.

"Alright, alright, make it a good one," Shin commented, grinning as he sent in three chips. "Here we go!"

Chips recognized, the fairy-tale fighter got to work. The quick-draw wasn't as quick as she would've liked, but it would have to do.

Whipping out a .45 caliber revolver from the depths of her picnic basket, the red-cloaked warrior angled the barrel and took the shot. A highly powered burst of corn erupted from the tip of the firearm, spiraling wildly toward Daisy. The aim of this was, not to harm, but more of a defense-breaking maneuver. The intended flight path Red had angled the gun at was so that it would first hit the shield, if at all, and then ricochet upward, before peppering the barrier with explosive kernels.

With the shot fired, Red tossed the revolver aside and took the BambooKnife in her right hand, summoning a gust of wind to boost herself toward her opponent, if she was already close enough, but it would help the odds, certainly.

Myun too, thought it appropriate to dash to Daisy's location at the same time as her master. Charging her fist with pink energy, the rabbit pulled her right arm back, running toward Daisy's position with massive killing intent.

A slash and a punch. Shattering energy poured forth from Myun's fist while Red slashed viciously with her naturally powered knife. Both attacks intended for Daisy, a pincer attack that was unintended, but maybe it would work.

Catching each others eye, the duo worked clockwise, trying to dodge any attacks Daisy could pull while keeping their proximity to the enemy. Myun added two hits from her ears at Daisy as well, keeping up with the rhythm of the attack.

Thrusting forward, the red-caped warrior struck at her opponent once again with her BambooKnife, the sharp, spear-like tip glistening with the natural energy acquired when synchronized with a net navigator of the same element. A precise hit, but to what? Red pulled her knife out of whatever she struck and threw a Honeycomb in front of herself just in case Daisy decided to attack. Myun, in the meanwhile, decided to beat at Daisy with another punch.

Smirking, Red whisked out a Boomerang from her picnic basket. Stretching her throwing arm back, the red-caped wonder sent the wooden implement flying like a buzzsaw at her opponent. It was a great blow, a finishing blow, a blow intended to EJO Daisy for good. She wanted to win, and this is how she rolled.

Red's Actions:
*Sunshiny Day: Heal 15 HP to Self.
1. CornShot1 at Daisy (Try to hit twice) [50 Wood DMG +10(Elemental Bonus) +10 (Single Opponent) = 70 Wood DMG + Trick-Shot Spread 1](A/A)
*Gust: Movement to get in Melee range of Daisy
2. BambooKnife at Daisy [80 Wood Slashing DMG]
3. Dodge (Move around Daisy)
4. BambooKnife at Daisy [80 Wood Slashing DMG]
5. RiskyHoney1 [Counter for 5x10 +10 +10 Wood DMG]
6. Boomerang1 to Daisy [80 Wood DMG]

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Movement to get in Melee Range of Daisy after Red fires Cornshot
1*. Break Imbued attack at Daisy [40 Break DMG]
*Rhythm Boxing at Daisy [2x10 DMG]
2. Dodge (Move around Daisy)
3. Attack Daisy [40 DMG]