Navi Changing

I wanna change my navi...because all the navi I see around here is...well, Fire-types (And guess what my navi has?)

I wanna break out of the ordinary, so I was hoping to change my navi. And if I can't, can I request a element change into normal. (MOSTLY CHANGING MY NAVI >_<!)
Well, if your Op stays the same, I guess you can. I'm not sure if you'd get all of the Legacy stuff back, though. I'd say yes as its so early, but don't hold me to it.

Wait for another staff member's opinion on the Legacy items, but you are always allowed to change your characters.
I don't know...It just feels weird that all the navi I've seen is all fire type...This bread wants to break out of the ordinary :3...but then again, I love my navi right now...but all the attacks I planned for him is all based on fire. Well, I guess I can change the navi up a bit.
My navi is Wood, and PA's is Elec.

Of course, Druidman was pretty much the ONLY wood navi period for the LONGEST time.
I was thinking of two navis actually:
[li]A wood type navi. A humanoid tiger that utilizes in drunken fist. (Originally, he was suppose to have different drinks leading him to different style of fighting...but that can't be utilized since GMO can't let you change anything except the appearance TT^TT)
  • A Normal (Originally fire...but fire is the reason why I wanna break out) type navi/Recovery sub-type. A cooking/baking navi that utilizes in their cuisine to their work. (The idea is still in the "beta' form. Thinking of some crazy specs for it)
  • [/ol]
    Hmmm...Personally, I like the first Navi idea, but that's because I have a soft spot for drunk Navi...SaloonMan shall be missed. Anyway, the second idea seems cool too, with several unique Sig ideas coming to mind.
    Actually, there's nothing wrong with changing your style with sigattacks. GMOs can also change your weapon.
    I'm not sure if I'm gonna change the navi...I'll think about it after the event it finished ^^
    Err..."Styles" as in having a whole new set of sigatks per styles (I have three of em' in mind)


    Actually, I did something like that with my previous Navi. But we'll deal with that when the time comes.
    Err...For the cuisine type navi, Here's what I was thinkin' about.

    Baking Type
    Level 1: Knead: **** takes out a large table from thin air and sets it infront of him. With a snap of his finger, many core ingredients of baking appears on the table. With high speed, **** quickly mixes and kneads all ingredients together to create his Dough

    (Sets up for higher attacks/ 0 CD)

    Level 2: Virii-Pan!: **** takes his finished dough and takes out a mechanical oven from his apron. Violently setting it down, he gently slides the dough in for baking. After few minutes, the oven explodes and the bread randomly mimics one of his enemies, having their looks and features to the slightest details

    (Requires: Level 2 Kneading (Two actions of "Knead")
    1: Restores HP by 1/4 of the mimicked enemy (EX: Virii-Pan copies Met! (40 HP). **** uses Met Virii-Pan to restore 10 HP!)
    2: Deal half of the mimicked enemy's attack (EX: Virii-Pan copies Met! (10 Dmg). ****'s Pan uses shockwave! (5 Dmg))
    3: Defend with half of mimicked enemy's HP (EX: Virii-Pan copies Met! (40 HP). ****'s Pan blocks for **** (20 HP guard))
    4 CD)
    Cuisine Type
    Level 1: Ingredient Search: **** sends out many Mr.Progs into the main net to search for the right ingredients. The ingredients depends on what area-square they are sent on.

    (Sets up for higher attacks/ 0 CD)

    (Can search for:
    ACDC Area: Japanese Cuisine
    Electown: Street Food Cuisine
    Yoka: Chinese Cuisine
    Yumland: Indian Cuisine
    Netopia: English Cuisine)

    Level 2: Today's Special! * Star Cuisine! (It will range from * (<- 1 Star) to ***** (<- Five Star) level^^)
    **** gathers enough ingredients to cook up his foods. He throws all of his ingredients into the air and slices and dices them into fine pieces, not to mention cooking them with his flame thrower... As soon as he lands, the opponents sees that **** is holding up a covered dish on his/her hands. **** smiles and reveals the food instantly, unleashing it's mighty(and tasty~) powers.

    Today's Special food types:
    1: Bamboo Beef: Requires: Yoka ingredients or 1 Electown ingredient: **** reveals a typical Asian beef dish, which can be found in your nearest chinese buffet (TRY PANDA EXPRESS!).
    2: Fish Grill: Any 1 ingredients: **** reveals a pan grilled fish that seeps with oil and flavor
    3: Curry rice: 1 ACDC ingredients or 1 Yumland Ingredients: **** reveals a rice, full of super market currys on top of it.

    All of those ideas are beta...