Search for viruses!

Nikko appeared on the net in a blue beam of light, very sleepy, even WITH the speed upgrade instaled.

"I can't have any rest?"
"You can keep on fighting."
"Ugh.....i hate you."

Nikko walked on, sleeply as she wanted to find some viruses to kill.

(battle1, anyone can join in for now.)
"Come on! Why are we in Electown Net shopping!? We should be virus battling! Fighting! Getting tough! Showing those Spikeys who is who!" Hitokiri yelled at his net op, Glenn. "I told you, we have to run an errand for Dad. He needs that new software for his computer and he wants me to get it. We can't virus bust all the time!" Glenn replied, yelling back. "Fine. Just hurry up so we can do some busting. I'm totally bor-" Hitokiri was interrupted as he ran into the back of a girl navi. "Look! You distracted me and made me run into this person! I hope your happy." Hitokiri said to Glenn. "My fault!? It was your fault! You should look where you are going!" Glenn replied, and Hitokiri crossed his arms, with an angry look on his face. "Look, I'm sorry about running into you. I wasn't paying attention." Hitokiri said to the navi.
Nikko quickly got up off the ground from being ran into by the other navi, as she talked, still in a sleepy tone of voice. " it, i am not in the mood for being run into by random navis and or viruses."
"*sigh* I know your tired Nikko, but please try and be nice. I'm Timmy, Nikko's operator."
"And as timmy just said my name i have no need to say it myself."
"Sorry about my Navi, she just had a big battle against a navi with a big group of others and she's a little grogy right now, as she just woke up, even with the speed upgrade that was just installed into her system. What are your names?" Timmy asked after all of what just happened.
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"Hi. I'm Hitokiri. I just wasn't paying attention is all. My net op is being kinda lame and won't let me go virus busting." "Hey! I heard that!" Glenn shouted back at Hitokiri. "So, do you like to virus bust as well, Tim?" Glenn asked. He wondered if Timmy may be a potential virus busting partner, and began to forget all about his errand.
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"Ya, we virus bust all the time, we like it and it's our main source of income."
"Ya, but I'M the one getting tossed around like a rag doll every now and again."
"Nikko, nothing like that has heppened......YET at least, so, wana go virus busting together? it would be a nice change of pace."
"Ya.....i'm starting to get a little bit bored just standing around here."

(Give us battle once Kuj posts.)
Hitokiri looked at Glenn. "You know you wanna, Glenn..." "Alright alright." He grinned. "Lets do it, Nikko!" He said, as his six swords immediately flew out of their scabbards, making a ring around his head. "I hope you can keep up!" Hitokiri said jokingly.
The duo encounter viruses of inferior status.

MetoolEXA: 70 HP
MetoolEXB: 70 HP
BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP

Nikko.exe: 160 HP
Hitokiri.exe: 150 HP

"Alright! Lets get this partay startayed!" A wide grin spread across Hitokiri's face. Glenn looked at the foes his nav had found, and knew just what to do. "Alright. We start this off.. with a Blade Wheel." he said and each of of swords above began to shine a magnificent white. Each one pointed outward, the middle one pointing at the Met. Slowly, they began to spin and spin and spin, increasing in speed after every time they spun 'round once. They stopped increasing, spinning at a fixed speed.

Hitokiri pointed at the Met, and as if there were six warriors holding the blades, spinning with them like the wind((OMG SPOILERS)). Then, it was as if those six warriors swung with all their might at the Metool, and returned to their usual resting spot above Hitokiri's head.

"Sword chip, Slot in!" Glenn said as one of Hitokiri's swords began to glow a white similar to Blade Wheel, but dimmer. And only one sword glowed. The blade was brought down infront of Hitokiri, and then moved at the enemy, as if somebody was carrying it into battle, taking a strong swing at the enemy, which turned out to be a Met, and jumped back, right back to Hitokiri, and then rising above his head.

"Woah. Thats new. Usually my blades just attack on my command. It's like they have a mind of their own..." He said, and many questions echoed in his mind. Finally, Hitokiri snapped out of his little trance, and got into a defensive stance((Hey! That rhymed!)). "Well, not like it's a bad thing or anything. Pretty cool, either way."

Blade Wheel to MetEXA = 70dmg
Sword to MetEXB = 80dmg
"Heh, send me what we need timmy."
"Here you go. Pheonixshot1 and Heatshot, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in both chips, a large red blaster appeared on her left paw while a longer and more thinner but matalic gun with holes in the side appeared on Nikko's right paw. Nikko then took aim at the two cacti's with her heatshot and as she did, she fired out a large blast of fire that quickly headed twords the virus, it was almost certain that the blast would delete CactiA, but if the splash would hit CactiB, was unsure. Nikko then brought up the large red blaster and then she looked at CactiB and both of the billies as she pointed the blaster up into the sky and as she released a great ball of flame into the air, the ball then quickly shaped it's self into a large bird with a long tail, the bird then took flight above the viruses and then it started a long fall into the ground, and as it hit the ground it exploded into a raging wild fire that was to try and burn the three viruses into a crisp. Nikko then looked at the flames and her ally as he want to work on the metools.

Heatshot----->CactiA, splash at cactiB (40X2 due to elemental weaknesses+splash)
Pheonixshot1---->CactiB, BillyA, BillyB (70, 140 to cacti, can hit three enemies)
Wel, Hitokiri's attacks managed to hit their targets, taking outthe two Mets. Nikko's attacks however, did not fair as well. She managed to take out one of the viruses with her heatshot, missing the second Cacty. Her Phoenixshot missed one as well. The last remaning virus attacked, but missed.
MetoolEXA: dead
MetoolEXB: dead
BillyA: dead
BillyB: dead
CactyA: Dead
CactyB: 70 HP

Nikko.exe: 160 HP
Hitokiri.exe: 150 HP
"Well, I'll clean up this mess. Send me the three break-through chips we have, Glenn." Hitokiri said. Glenn knew exactly what he meant, because this was a stratedgy they made up. It might be overkill, but atleast it will look cool. And he know, thats how Hitokiri liked to do things. Overkill. In went two Heatshots and a Shotgun, all appearing on Hitokiri's right arm, replacing his hand and in the shape of a triangle. Shotgun on top, and the Heatshots below. "I always like this part" he said, aiming his tri-gun((RIPOFF ALERT)) at the last Cacty.

"Ready.... aim... FIRE!" he bellowed, as the Shotgun first went off, then the whole triangle turned to the left, making the Heatshot the one on top, and then it fired off. Then, the next Heatshot rolled on top and fired at the Cacty. After that, all three guns were smoking, and dissapeared in a white flash. "It's like deadly fireworks!" Hitokiri said to himself. He may be a sword navi, but he loves guns.

Shotgun to CactyB = 50dmg
Heatshot to CactyB = 40dmg
Heatshot to CactyB = 40dmg
"Overkill? i'm game."
"Cannon, shotgun, shotgun, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in each of the chips, a large green cannon appeared on Nikko's right paw while a smaller yellow buster appeared on her left. Nikko then took aim at the remaining cacti and squeezed the trigger for all three of the blasts, the two shotgun blasts melded into one as it then combined with the cannon blast, createing a large white ball of energy headed twords the Cacti as Hitokiri fired upon the cacti just as well, this little cacti was not gonna survive these shots.

Cannon+shotgun+shotgun----->CactiB (140 total damage, splash from each shotgun)
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Eh, they Die.


Nikko: 150z
Hitokiri: 150z
Nikko picked up the meger rewards and turned to her new friend. "Ready for another round Hitokiri?" she said in a sassy tone of voice. "Because i'm just riled up now."

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