Vegas Bonds

In her usual light beam, SplashLady arrived at her destination, and took a look around; as it turned out, the usual bright lights and cheer of NetVegas were a bit at odds with the gloom and doom atmosphere of Chaos Net. "This isn't anything like when I was with PhotoMan..."

"Yeah, it's definitely Chaos Net, that's for sure. Considering this area's normally supposed to be one big eye catcher, it's kinda creepy when there're viruses here that can wipe out a non-battle Navi without breaking a sweat..."

"That's Chaos Net for you..." The Navi started walking forward, but seemed a tad apprehensive. "You know, now that I think about it, this might've been a bad idea...we've never actually fought here, have we?"

"It's not too late to back out, but...well, we're already here. Might as well check it out, right? Besides, no matter what we fight, I know we've faced harder stuff!"

"...Yeah, you're right. I'm just letting the atmosphere get to me! Okay, SplashLady, pull it together!" Her steps became more confident, as she journeyed in search of foes to mercilessly slaughter in the name of schoolwork...

(Searching for Battle #1)
Venturing out into the glamour, the gleam, the chaos that was NetVegas in the deepest darks. Splashlady would soon find herself standing face to face(to face to face) with a pack of viruses. On what could almost be called a disco dance floor of miss matched, scattered panels of several types just all over the place ahead. Making for an interesting layout, against a probably merciless trio of viruses, but then, Disco was never nice to anyone, though to make matters more interesting, there was a particularly glowy, dark crystal hovering above the field acting as discoball.

Elemperor3 A: 260HP [Sand]
Elemperor3 B: 260HP [Sand]
Heaviest: 175HP [Solar]

10% Metal
10% Ice
10% Solar
40% Sand
30% Snow

SplashLady: 500HP [Snow]
Blub.SP: 70HP [Snow]


—Chaos Battle 1, Start!—
And, there they were. Her opponents. It was actually a bit of a relief to SplashLady to see that she'd at least fought these type of viruses before, especially since none of them were Elec element. "All right, this is manageable! Let's go ahead and get this..." ...She trailed off, noticing that something was slightly off. "...Sabrina, there's only three viruses here, right?"


"Then why am I feeling something up against my leg right now...?"

"I think you know already, but, well...just look for yourself..."

The mermaid Navi looked down, and sure enough, a certain jellyfish looking creature was rubbing on her legs like a cat. "Blub!" The SP happily looked up at the Navi, having pulled off one of its classic tagalongs. "You really shouldn't do could get seriously hurt. I think after we jack out I'm going try something to fix that a bit...but, you're here, and it's too late to send you back, so don't leave my side, okay?" Blub had slightly different plans, though, as it used a pair of tentacles to latch onto the Navi's shoulders, and pulled itself up to receive a piggyback ride. "...Okay, I guess that works, too. It's a good thing you're light! Now, don't let go of me, and I'll try to make this quick! "

Despite the space beneath her being a more solid form, decidedly liquid water rose from SplashLady's feet, soon swirling around her. Pointing her trident at the dumbbell virus, it gathered in front of her, before tearing forward in an attempt to smash it in a single display of water based might. The SP looked on, amazed that its owner was capable of such a strong move. After all, normally it was away from the action, either tucked away in the PET napping, or trying to avoid any and all enemy attacks. This was a new way of looking at a battle for it, and one it fully intended to take advantage of.

"Let's see...those Elemperor are on sand, which makes wind stronger. I bet I'll get lots of points if we take advantage of that! BattleChip, WindRacket! Slot in!"

The Navi's weapon of choice appeared to grow a fin, which then rapidly expanded into some sort of fan-like apparatus. Despite having to run for two, she seemed unaffected by Blub's presence, as she raced over various areas to reach the magic lamp twins, singlehandedly flipped her weapon, and performed a powerful swipe with the air based weapon. With any luck, it'd send them flying off their native terrain, as well as knocking them for quite a loop.

"Now let's take advantage of them being dazed! BattleChip, TwinFang3! Slot in!"

As her trident became normal, SplashLady raised her free arm, which soon sported large white spikes on either side. After a moment of aiming, they rocketed forward, propelled by an unseen force, each one all set to impale a turbaned virus for the glory of dentin everywhere. Despite being completely inanimate, one could almost hear them cry 'Death to the toothless ones!'

"Let's get in one more attack, then we can stop and reassess things! BattleChip, WaterLine2! Slot in!"

Without moving her arm, an Aquagear likeness formed over the mermaid Navi's unoccupied hand. With a silent roar, it created a reservoir deep below the ground, which then rose from the depths and emerged as a trio of geysers, preferably beneath, none of them actually had feet...bases, perhaps, in the case of the Elemperor, and since Heaviest were just giant dumbbells with faces, they could just get rusted for all she cared. She glanced over at the jellyfish, noticing that it was watching the aquatic assault with child-like enthusiasm. Hmm, maybe she didn't give her SP enough time outside the PET...

[Order of Turn:

0a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
0b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
1-Water Splash charge attack on Heaviest (200, Aqua, Break)
2-WindRacket chip attack on Elemperor3A and Elemperor3B (100, A, Gust, Northwind and Microburst on hit)
3-TwinFang3 chip attack on Elemperor3A and Elemperor3B (130, A)
4-WaterLine2 chip attack on Elemperor3A, Elemperor3B, and Heaviest (130+15, Aqua, B, Ground Attack)

1-Climb up on SplashLady's back
Bursting down the Heaviest with one of her charge shots was easy for SplashLady, as she did just that. [-200] The Elmperors went for a double attack [-75x2/Sand10%] before SplashLady charged into them head-on, swinging her WindRacket at them for huge amounts of damage! [-200x2/Normal10%] The TwinFang released afterwards executed the two nicely. [-130x2]

Elemperor3 A: DELETED
Elemperor3 B: DELETED
Heaviest: DELETED

10% Metal
10% Ice
10% Solar
40% Sand
10% Normal
20% Snow

SplashLady: 350HP [Sand]
Blub.SP: 70HP [On SplashLady]


Chaos Battle 1, Victory!!
Rewards: [Shake3] Battlechip, 2500z, 35 BugFrags

Open PMD? Y/N
"Well, that wasn't so bad!" With a gentle twirling of her trident, SplashLady's battle processes shut off, now no longer needed since the fight proved remarkably easy. "The sand flares stung, though..."

"Yeah, I bet they, what'd we get? Bet we got some nice stuff, seeing as how NetVegas is kinda known for that!"

"All right, let's see..." As the mermaid Navi accessed the main chunks of data, her SP got to work on absorbing some of the smaller bits, which apparently consisted of it sticking a tentacle or two up to act as lightning rods for them. "...Wow, that's...a lot of cash, considering. Oh, and we got a chip. Experience tells me it's Shake's top version!"

Data for Shake3 popped up on Sabrina's PET screen, along with her money total raised by a not insignificant margin. "...Seriously? We got all that? And we haven't even touched the Mystery Data yet!"

"Looks like it. Wonder what's in it?"

"That's the all-important question. But don't open it just yet..." Please, oh please, let her have one...yes! Score! "Phew, still had one! Here's an Untrap, so you don't get ambushed!"

"Greatly appreciated!" SplashLady's hands glowed softly, as she began to access the purple crystal before her...

(Opening Purple Mystery Data; Untrap SubChip used)
Using the Untrap to prevent any mishaps, SplashLady decoded the crystal, which unlocked itself to reveal...

[PMD: 12500z]
SplashLady's eyebrow instantly rose, as it became clear that there was a LOT of money inside the purple diamond. "No awesome chips or anything, but uh...I don't think you'll be too upset about it!"

"...Whoa!" One thing the operator wasn't quite expecting was for her money total to virtually double, especially considering how much she already had. "Yeah, I, uh, I'm pretty happy with that!"

"So, wanna keep going, or do you think that one battle was enough?"

"You totally aced the fight, and you even kept Blub safe. I don't think there's anywhere to go but down from here..."

"Yeah, you're probably right. So, should I jack out?"

"If you want to, sure!"

"Will do, then! C'mon, Blub!" The jellyfish raced over and hopped into the waiting Navi's arms, allowing them to both exit at once.