Voulge opened his eyes to find his surroundings completely altered. Instead of fire and brimstone everywhere, a white sandy beach along a large crystal ocean unfolded in front of him. Splashlady was nowhere to be found and it didn't look as if there was any way to get return...

At least his support programs were brought along with him.




Voulge, Marius, and the rest of the gang was surprised and speechless at the sudden change in the scenery. The hellish network they were once on was now replaced with a scenic, beach paradise. Though their location was very nice and all, there was no sign of other navis or anyone else near their line of sight. "Err, despite the sudden change. I'm alright with this! The spa water moment ago and now this!"

Ignis and Licht looked to be enjoying the beach, but Voulge wasn't as he was too concerned of where he might be and the possible danger that might come. But before that, he needed to tell SplashLady about his safety first before he go on any further. "Marius. Where are we, exactly?"

The operator responded to his navi's question and looked through his PET, finding a big letter indicating where he might be. There was a small, awkward silence before Marius told Voulge where he was. "...Rogue Beach Network. Not the greatest place to be for a fire navi like yourself. I'll jack you out right away."

Before Marius could punch in the button to get Voulge into safety, the navi firmly stood his ground and shook his head as a sign of 'no'. "I'm fine. I would like to see how dangerous it can get." Though Voulge said this with confidence...He did have some room of doubt within his mind as he began to move into the beach network.

While Voulge walked along the serene beach, he felt as if he was being followed despite there being no one behind him on the open stretch of sand. He slowed his pace and felt a slight rumble and quickly realized his trackers were underground. Before he or his support programs could do anything about it, two Snakearm2 viruses burst from the sand as if to declare the presence before diving back down. As if that wasn't enough, two odd lumps surfaced from the sea just off-shore. It took a second to identify them as pufferfish-like Senbon2 viruses. None of the viruses were stupid enough to cluster together and spread out as far as possible, practically surrounding Voulge. God, what a beach.

Snakearm2A: 200 HP [sand]
Snakearm2B: 200 HP [sand]
Senbon2A: 160 HP [sea]
Senbon2B: 160 HP [sea]

Terrain: 80% Sand, 20% Sea

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP [sand]
Ignis.SP: 25 HP [sand]
Licht.SP: 40 HP [floatshoes] [sand]

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
"Ignis will occupy the SnakeArms. Voulge and Licht, take care of the Senbons."

Without a moment to lose, Marius already prepared how he was going to approach this battle and readied his chips. Voulge and his SPs immediately acted upon their operator's command, carrying out their usual procedure before they begin their battle. The spearman grabbed a handful of sand and began to compact them with both his hands, creating a pseudo-sand shield as his defense. "You just take whatever shit you can grab and make them into a shield...I always wondered how you can do that?", "...Well-", "Erp, who gives a crap." "..."

Voulge simply sighed at his SP's attitude and prepared a dagger, flipping it through his fingers with ease before he threw it straight down to the ground. He pushed the dagger all the way into the sand with his feet and closed his eyes to recite a passage to himself. "Bring down your heavenly judgement upon my adversary..." A silver rod sprouted out from the ground like a tree and a red crystal formed at the very tip. As soon as the crystal glimmered, the once blue sky began to darken and even turn red. "Use the meteor as a distraction while you ready your shot, Ignis. Voulge will continue as planned."

Ignis nodded and sprouted a pair of fire arms for his FireHit, following Marius' direction by timing his attack with the meteors. Voulge, on the other hand, began to walk on top of the sea with the help of Licht and approached the closest Senbon. "Abeo, Avaria-Lancea!" The navi's faithful spear was wrapped in flame for a short moment before it revealed its new form: a long javelin with a golden blade that is constantly electrified. As he was enclosing the distance between the Senbon, Voulge abruptly stopped from his track and used the momentum to throw the javelin straight forward. Relying on the chip's homing attribute, Voulge quickly turned around and carefully approached the other virus.

"One more time!"

Marius excitedly slotted one more chip into his PET, but there wasn't any notable differences he could see. The navi, however, realized the change and tugged the chain that connected himself to his spear to retrieve it back to his hands. Lancea still looked the same on its javelin form, but the gold spearhead was much longer and expelled much more electricity than before. Voulge spun the spear over his head and held it underhand over his shoulder to prepare another throw, locking the other Senbon tightly into his eyesight. He stretched his free arm forward to achieve the perfect balance and threw the javelin again in an arc towards the virus. Voulge didn't check to see if the attack was a hit, but he could see the definite explosion of electricity as the javelin came in contact with the sea.

"What is your next order." said Voulge as he retrieved the spear once again with the pull of the chain. "If things went well, Senbons will be no more and the SnakeArms would be seriously injured. However, we can never hope for the best." Marius pulled out one last chip from his folder and loaded it in, creating a small, bicolored cube in front of Voulge and immediately exploding into a bright laser straight into the sky.

* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
Licht: Mobility Junction [[b]Floatshoe[/b]]
1. Meteor12 [30+[color=red]15[/color] x 4 (3 Turns) / Targets Randomly / 100 HP Object]
Ignis: FireHit2 [90+[color=red]25[/color] / Impact / Double] @ SnakeArm2B
Licht: Move towards Senbon2A / On to the sea terrain
2. Arrow [100 ([b]x3 Elemental Weakness / Terrain) / Homing] @ Senbon2A
Ignis: FireHit2 [90+[color=red]25[/color] / Impact / Double] @ SnakeArm2A
Licht: Move towards Senbon2B
3. Dodge
4.Arrow2 [130 ([b]x3 Elemental Weakness / Terrain) / Homing] @ Senbon2B
5. DBLBEAM [40 Damage to all enemies /or/ 30 Heal to all allies / Random]
6. Dodge

Setting up his defenses and meteor rod, Voulge had his support program charge one of the SnakeArms with a blazing punch. It struck (115), burning the virus and causing even more damage as it tried to dive back through the glass terrain that had been generated beneath it (75). It somehow managed to stay alive as it crawled through to the adjacent panel and lunged at Ignis from behind. The poor support program was taken by surprise and EJO'd before it could unleash its second attack.

Meteors crashed down everywhere, converting more sand to glass, one hitting a Senbon's barrier. Apparently this variation could generate simple shields to protect themselves. One of them warded away a meteor but couldn't block the Arrow being sent towards it (300). It was deleted but not before it had launched a final volley of needles, all of which were avoided easily.

The second Senbon fired a rain of needles but they were avoided as well. Voulge countered with another, more powerful Arrow, but it was blocked off with fishy barrier. His DBLBEAM bathed the field in a red light, deleting the damaged Snakearm (40) and injuring the other Snakearm (40) that was right behind him. It was thrown off course by the sudden bright light, allowing him to avoid being ambushed as he just barely dove out of the way. The Senbon was also damaged with its shields taken down (40). The Snakearm was quick to reemerge behind the Meteor staff and snapped it in half with its powerful jaws.

Snakearm2A: DELETED
Snakearm2B: 160 HP [sand]
Senbon2B: 120 HP [sea]

Terrain: 60% Sand, 20% Sea, 15% Glass (3 random patches), 5% Broken

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP [sand] [floatshoes] [mobility junction] [2-hit shield]
Ignis.SP: EJO
Licht.SP: 40 HP [mobility junction]
Meteor12: DELETED
Voulge watched the SnakeArm quickly submerge back into the sand after it managed to destroy both the Meteor staff and the poor Ignis. While it left a bitter taste in his mouth, he and Marius knew very well that this was going to happen while he acted as a distraction for the SnakeArms. "Your actions will not be in vain." Voulge said as he briefly lowered his head in respect and immediately jumped into action.

"I'm still alive, asshole..." said Ignis as he materialized inside the P.E.T.

The spearman made sure to never stay in one place after he saw how the SnakeArms moved and attacked, but he also knew the Senbon would still be a threat. "We just need to take care of them one by one. Create a distraction and let these chips do its job." Marius understood exactly what his navi was thinking as he moved and slotted two chips. Voulge momentarily stopped and stabbed his Lancea through the sands, causing a small explosion to occur beneath the ground and cover the navi in a wall of sand.

The sands subsided and revealed three figures standing in the middle, their shapes heavily warped due to the intense heat. The figures immediately split away from one another, one approaching the Senbon, the other approaching the SnakeArm, and the last one simply stood his ground. Voulge, who was the one standing still, relied on the two decoys and prepared two more daggers.

He held the dagger that was decorated in yellow topaz and threw it right on the borderline between the sands and the sea. It came into contact with the ground and began to shine brightly in gold, shape shifting into a KillerEye virus that stared directly towards the Senbon. "Changing targets." Voulge had no control over the summoned virus and he only hoped that it would do its job as he began to move toward the SnakeArm.

"Approach with caution. You don't want to leave your back wide open for the nasty bite."

Voulge hovered just over the sands and zigzagged across, ready to react at the slightest change in the field. He also kicked up a handful of sand in the air as he moved; creating yet another sandy shield on his back in case the virus caught him unguarded. "Decimate!" As soon as he was in range, Voulge jumped up into the air and threw the Lancea towards the ground. It dug deep into the sands and immediately began to alter the terrain into molten lava.

Using the change of terrain to force the SnakeArm out in the open, Voulge quickly landed and threw the other summoning dagger near the virus. The dagger changed into a smiling red totem, beginning to laugh when it caught a sight of the virus. It closed its mouth and its wooden cheek began to expand, soon expelling a mouthful of hellfire on the SnakeArm and whatever that it could have been near it.

Licht: Move away from SnakeArm
1. Aestus Intrico [Illusion x2 / Decoy x2 / 4TCD]
2. Sensor [100 ([b]x3 Elemental / Terrain[/b]) / Stun / Beam / Attacks anything in front of it / 100 HP / ElecBody] towards Senbon2B
Licht: Approach SnakeArm
3. Dodge
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield] Behind Voulge
4. Vulcan Sarissa [Large-Area: Lava / 1TCD]
5. Totem2 [140+[color=red]15[/color]+Spread 2 /or/ 70 Heal / Changes When Hit / 100 HP Object] @ SnakeArm2B
6. Dodge

Aestus Intrico: USED
Vulcan Sarissa: USED
With the extra Voulges in play, the two remaining viruses weren't sure what to do. They each attacked their aggressors and realized that they had been fooled. The Senbon tried to attack again but was caught in the Sensor's beam before it could regenerate its needles from the previous attack. Now it was a showdown between the Snakearm and Voulge. The sand went molten and forced the virus to surface (50) heavily scorched and minorly disoriented, the Totem was able to finish it off in a fiery burst. Meanwhile, some zenny and new battlechip data had washed up onto what was left of the sandy shore.

Snakearm2A: DELETED
Snakearm2B: DELETED

Terrain: 20% Sand, 20% Sea, 15% Glass (3 random patches), 5% Broken, 40% Lava

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP [lava] [floatshoes] [mobility junction] [2-hit shield]
Ignis.SP: EJO
Licht.SP: 40 HP [mobility junction]
Meteor12: DELETED
Totem2: 100 HP
Sensor1: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 1800z + 36 bugfrags + AquaNeedle2
"The battle ended much better than I thought. I guess I should trust your guts once in a while."

Marius happily reaped all the rewards into his PET as he watched the zenny and the chip count get higher. Voulge plucked his spear out from the ground, reverting the desolate lava back to the sandy beach, and began to walk deeper into the net. "I wish to face one more adversary before we exit." said the navi as the small waves crashed against his feet. "...I see no problem with it. Just remember that escape is always an option." Voulge nodded his head and continued along the beach, able to enjoy the calm sea and the salty wind for a short moment.


Chip Exchange:
AquaNeedle2 IN / GutPunch OUT
Moving along the beach, feeling the salty breeze pass through his armor, cooling him a bit. With the absence of the foul-mouthed Ignis, it was kind of quiet, with only the rush of small waves and the whine of the winds to accompany him. Suddenly, he came across a sight rather strange to behold; six large rocks, arranged around a circle of grass. In the middle of the circle was a trumpet-shaped virus, crooning a lulling melody to an audience of a couple of Genin and upgraded Raingears, the Aquagears. They seemed to be enjoying the show, when one of the Genin spotted Voulge walking across the beach and alerted its comrades! Immediately, everyone scampered to find a hiding spot, except for the Tuby, which was oblivious to everything and continued to play its tune.

Tuby2: 150HP (Grass)
Genin2A: 140HP (Sand) (behind RockA)
Genin2B: 140HP (Sand) (behind RockB)
AquagearA: 160HP (Sand) (behind RockC)
AquagearB: 160HP (Sand) (behind RockF)

Large RockA: 147HP
Large RockB: 135HP
Large RockC: 101HP
Large RockD: 137HP
Large RockE: 182HP
Large RockF: 114HP

- 20% Sea (To Voulge's side)
- 60% Sand (The beach)
- 20% Grass (Inside the rock circle)

Voulge.EXE: 250HP (Sand)
Licht.SP: 40HP (Sand)

Voulge sheathed his Lancea out and stomped it end to the ground, kicking sands up in the air and immediately changed into a sand shield. "Feeling a little threatened?" said Marius with a sarcastic tone. "Very." replied with a dead dull tone, but it was meant to be sarcastic as well.

Licht fused with Voulge's greave, allowing the navi to float just inches above the sands and relieve him of the problems the terrain might have on the battle. "TankCannon and Pulsar." The operator followed the request and deftly slotted the chips in rapid succession. "Use it before they spread out more."

The Avaria-Lancea was instantly wrapped in a veil of flame when the chip was successfully downloaded, soon revealing a cannon-like gunlance on Voulge's hand. The navi lifted the artillery up with both his hands as he pointed the barrel towards the sky. His eyes shifted back and forth from the weapon's iron sight to the Tuby in the center of the rockcircle, carefully calculating his aim before he was ready.


With the pull of the trigger, the barrel exploded with such destructive force that its recoil sent Voulge back to the ground and had his feet dug into the sands. The gunlance lobbed a giant artillery shell in an arc, heading straight down at the Tuby and immediately detonated in contact.

The spear returned to its original form as Voulge got out of the sand and dashed towards the nearest rock. Pointing its tip forward like a jousting lance, the blade began to vibrate intensely and even started to create high-frequency pitches that resonated across the net. Voulge was careful while he approached the enemy territory and finally reached his destination, lunging the spear into the rock and causing it to momentarily explode with powerful airwaves.

"Now! Use this opportunity to strike!"

Marius was waiting for this very moment when he slotted in the Arrow chip. This caused Voulge's right gauntlet to shine in a bright golden light and create a Elebee to form on his palm. The navi flicked his wrist towards the Aquagear on his left, letting the Elebee fly off his hand, and plucked the spear out of the rock. Voulge could only watch as the virus zigzagged across the air, trying to adjust it self from the ocean's wind, and approached the other AquaGear.

He was exceptionally careful as he traversed around the rock circle, knowing fully well that the Genins were hiding behind the rocks somewhere. However, that wasn't the main concern he had in mind when he saw the potential dangers the AquaGears have towards him. As soon as he reached acceptable distance, Voulge stopped and dug his glowing right arm into the ground. The sands flashed in the same gold light and a sandy snake crawled out, perfectly camouflaged with the sands and slithered closer to the unsuspecting virus...

Marius was scurrying through his chip folder, trying see possible strategy he can use in the current battle. He looked concerned as his finger ran faster through the chips, "Knowing how dangerous this place can be, I'm sure few of them are gonna survive your attacks...Lets stay sharp!"

* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
Licht: Mobility Junction [FloatShoe]
1. TankCannon2 [120 /or/ [b]120+Blast2+Minus Acc.[/b] / Optional Fire] @ Tuby2 / Viruses within blast2 radius
Licht: Move towards Large RockA
2. Dodge
3. Pulsar2 [90 / [b]Object Triggered Splash 8[/b]] @ Large RockA / Tuby2 [Priority]
4. Arrow [100 ([b]x2 Elemental Weakness[/b]) / Homing] @ AquagearA
Licht: Move towards right side of the rock circle / Large RockF
5. Dodge
6.SnakeEgg2 [140 ([b]x2 Elemental Weakness[/b]) / Stun / Ground] @ AquagearB

Voulge's TankCannon blasted the Tuby (120) and took a large chunk out of one of the rocks(E 120), hitting nothing else in the vicinity. His Pulsar purposely struck the large rock(A 90) that one of the Genins was hiding behind in an attempt to finish off the Tuby, but the virus was fortunate enough to evade the splash. The Genin was not as fortunate (45) and countered with a spray of daggers. Voulge had a seriously hard time avoiding all of them but only two found their way into his sandy shield, crumbling it. The Aquagear was hunted down by Voulge's Elebee (200 damage) despite its best efforts to scoot away, but his tiny snake wasn't as fast or dedicated to the chase and its target was able to avoid being bitten. It retaliated with a tower of water that missed Voulge as he stepped out of the way.

Things seemed to be going decently for him until the Tuby began to play a mind-numbing tune that wreaked havoc with his self-control.

Tuby2: 30 HP [grass]
Genin2A: 95 HP [sand] [behind RockA]
Genin2B: 140 HP [sand] [behind RockB]
AquagearA: DELETED
AquagearB: 160 HP [sand] [behind RockD]

Large RockA: 57 HP
Large RockB: 135 HP
Large RockC: 101 HP
Large RockD: 137 HP
Large RockE: 62 HP
Large RockF: 114 HP

- 20% Sea (To Voulge's side)
- 60% Sand (The beach)
- 20% Grass (Inside the rock circle)

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP [sand] [floatshoes] [mobility junction] [confused]
Licht.SP: 40 HP [sand] [mobility junction]

Voulge's vision began to blur and his head felt lightheaded and pulsated with painful throbbing. As he tried to take a step forward, he felt his leg give away and nearly fell face first against the sands if it wasn't for his spear giving him support. The navi tried his best to keep his face and not give away his affliction to his enemy, but with the agonizing melody echoing through his ears, it wasn't easy.

While the navi had trouble keeping a straight face, Marius was cycling through pages after pages about his navi's status through his PET. He was able to find the reason behind Voulge's delusion, but he wasn't capable of fixing the problem through his PET. "...Voulge, I can't take out the error within you. You need to delete the Tuby if you want to regain your focus." said Marius as he bit his lips.

After getting back at his feet, Voulge's breathing became heavy and his movement was sluggish. "*Huff* It's difficult for me to continue like this, Marius...But I'll wait for your command." The spearman drew a small circle on the sand, causing it to explode as soon as the circle was complete, and created an incomplete sand shield. The confusion may have been the cause of this, but Voulge couldn't care less about it as he gritted his teeth to stay alert.

The operator took his navi's consideration and began to type a list of commands into his PET. As soon the command was complete, Licht dejunctioned from Voulge and altered its shape into a flat platform. "This is the best I can do right now. Hop on and I'll start sending in the chips." Even thought this seemed strange, Voulge really didn't have the time to complain as he quickly hopped onto Licht and began to move forward.

Knowing well that Voulge wouldn't be able to make the simplest function without any sort of trouble, Marius prepared three specific chips and loaded into the PET. A satellite materialized next to Voulge without his command to summon it, causing the navi to be confused and question what happened. "It's obvious that you can't even lift a finger without falling face first. Just rely on all these object chips to take care of the rest." Though Voulge wanted to finish battle by himself, his operator spoke the truth and he had to accept that it would be impossible. The spearman stood high and lifted his spear towards the Tuby, first turning his head towards the Lock-on and then to the virus again. "ATTACK!"

The turret-equipped satellite quickly rose up into the air, firing down on the viruses with volley of bullets while Voulge and Licht began to move into the rock circle. Even though it was Licht who was doing all the moving, Voulge had some control over his SP's movement and carefully approached the near center of the circle. "Set my enemies ablaze, Totem!" The platform stopped abruptly, almost sending Voulge flying away, and the navi stabbed the grassy terrain with his spear to summon the smiling totem. As the object began to let out a deep laugh, it twisted its head in a full circle to find any enemies near the vicinity. After finding the Genins hiding behind the rocks, and possibly the Tuby that survived the last attack, it shaped its mouth into a small hole and began to spray a powerful fire all over the place.

"Retreat, Licht."

The crystal platform flew back and got Voulge out of the rock circles. The navi got a clear view of the AquaGear, or at least where it's positioned, and prepared the next chip. "Final strike! It's o-..." Just when he thought it was over, the confusion inflicted from before seemed to get the best of him as he fell on his knees.

"Curses..." He tried to force himself back on the feet, but it was difficult...Voulge had no choice but to end this quickly before a virus take advantage of his problems. He quickly threw a chip imbued dagger to the ground and threw his Lancea up into the sky like a javelin. The dagger sunk into the sands and sprouted a metallic staff that began to glow red and bring down meteors all over the place. The Lancea, on the other hand, began to glow in bright gold as it began to descend down to the ground, homing directly down to the AquaGear.

* Phalanx Aspis [[b]1[/b]-hit Shield]
Licht: Change Form
1. Lock-On2 [15x6 / Lockon Per Hit / Omnishoe / Mobile / 80 HP] @ Tuby2 (x4) / Genin2B (x2)
Licht: Move into the rock circle from behind / LargeRockF(?)
2. Dodge
3. Totem2 [140+[color=red]15[/color]+Spread 2 /or/ 70 Heal / Changes When Hit / 3 Turns / 100 HP Object] @ Tuby2 / Genin2A/B
Licht: Back away
4. Dodge
5. Meteor12 [30+[color=red]15[/color] x 4 (3 Turns) / Targets Randomly / 100 HP Object]
6. Arrow2 [130 / Homing] @ AquaGearB

Unjunctioning with Voulge was a bad idea as the support program immediately fell victim to the Tuby's melody of confusion. The support program kind of drifted away on its own path into the sea as Voulge hallucinated climbing aboard and fluttered around like an airplane making the appropriate sputtering noises. However, he didn't imagine summoning his shield or his objects and they set to work deleting the viruses for him.

The Lock-On locked onto the Tuby (2 x 15), deleting it with two shots more than necessary. Two more shots aimed towards the Genin landed on the rock it was hiding behind, prompting the virus to counter with kunais (7 x 10). The Totem Voulge dropped blasted a wave of fire right trough the rock its target was hiding behind and incinerated the virus before it could react. The other Genin was too far away and could only watch as its ally got toasted. The Aquagear attempted to attack with an aquatower, but Voulge's evasive maneuvers kept him safe.
Two meteors from his meteor staff landed in the grass circle while two more hit the Aquagear (45) and the Genin (45). Again, the ninja retaliated with a flurry of kunais that peppered the staff but didn't take it down (7 x 10). His Arrow2 Lancea was thrown towards the Aquagear.

...But couldn't bypass the rock the virus was hiding behind. All that was left of its cover was a pebble after the attack landed (130). It quickly shuffled off to hide behind a bigger rock.

Genin2B: 95 HP [glass] [behind RockB]
AquagearA: DELETED
AquagearB: 115 HP [sand] [behind RockF]

Large RockA: DELETED
Large RockB: 105 HP
Large RockC: 101 HP
Large RockD: 7 HP
Large RockE: 62 HP
Large RockF: 114 HP

- 20% Sea (To Voulge's side)
- 45% Sand, 15% Glass (The beach)
- 10% Grass, 10% Normal (Inside the rock circle)

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP [1-hit shield] [sand]
Licht.SP: 40 HP [floatshoes] [sea]

Lock-On2: 10 HP [sand]
Totem2: 100 HP [sand]
Meteor12: 30 HP [sand]
"...Come back, Licht."

Voulge patiently waited for his SP to regain from his short delusion and proceeded to junction with it. The navi lifted his finger towards the sky to activate the meteor staff and swung his hand down to the ground to prompt the totem to burn down everything in its path. "Two more viruses...Let's finish this up." said Marius as he slotted a chip in.

Voulge nodded his head and teleported behind the AquaGear, holding a golden trident just above his shoulder and looking down on the virus with his sharp red eye. The navi hurled the trident straight towards the AquaGear and kneeled down to pound the ground with his fist. "Come forth and strike, Sensor!" An electric current began to spark from his gauntlet and surged down into the sands, immediately exploding in a tower of light and summoning the Sensor virus facing towards the AquaGear.

"We're going to finish this now! No second chance!" Marius was feeling excited about the battle as he loaded three more battle chip, heating Voulge's electric gauntlet into bright orange till it combusted into a dangerous fire. The navi gripped his hand into a fist and immediately threw a whipping straight to send a flying fist of flame right towards the AquaGear's general direction.

After throwing two devastating attack at one virus, Voulge was more than confident that it was finished and proceeded to the last Genin. He skillfully weaved through the rocks with the help of Licht and clicked his finger to prompt the Lock-on to open fire at the virus. Voulge traced the line of fire from his object to pinpoint the Genin's position and threw another straight punch to send a burning fist.

"Wait up. Place the remaining two chips on standby in case anything survived." Voulge took up his operator's warning and altered the Lancea's shape into a gunlance, loading it up with a red shell and prepared to react against any surviving viruses...

Licht: Mobility Junction [Float]
* Meteor12 [30+[color=red]15[/color] x 4 (3 Turns) / Targets Randomly / 100 HP Object]
* Totem2 [140+[color=red]15[/color]+Spread 2 /or/ 70 Heal / Changes When Hit / 3 Turns / 100 HP Object] @ LargeRock B/C
1. Retairius Triden [Teleport / Stun / Take Aim / 3TCD]
- Teleport behind AquaGear
- Stun AquaGear
2. Sensor [100 ([b]x2 Elemental Weakness[/b]) / Stun / Beam / Attacks anything in front of it / 100 HP / ElecBody] @ AquaGearB
*Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
3. FireHit2 [90+[color=red]25[/color] / Impact / Double] @ AquaGearB
Licht: Dodge
* Lock-On2 [15x6 / Lockon Per Hit / Omnishoe / Mobile / 80 HP] @ Genin2B
4. FireHit2 [90+[color=red]25[/color] / Impact / Double] @ Genin2B
5. LavaCannon [90+[color=red]25[/color] / +40 Damage On Lava Panels] @ Surviving Virus
6. LavaCannon [90+[color=red]25[/color] / +40 Damage On Lava Panels] @ Surviving Virus

Totem2: 2 Turns
Meteor12: 2 Turns
Retairius Triden: USED

Starting off, Voulge called Licht back to his side and reformed his floating boots and stuff. His object-things also started attacking, with rather unspectacular results, as the meteors hit basically nothing integral, just a couple of rocks. The Totem, on the other hand, did a nice job of causing massive burns in a certain Genin, deleting it on the spot. The AquaGear blasted Voulge with a tower of water, but that endeavor was fruitless as the warrior sped up to behind the virus, and proceeded to give it a taste of HIGH VOLTAGE.

AquagearA: DELETED
AquagearB: DELETED

Large RockA: DELETED
Large RockB: 75 HP
Large RockC: 101 HP
Large RockD: DELETED
Large RockE: 62 HP
Large RockF: 114 HP

- 20% Sea (To Voulge's side)
- 45% Sand, 15% Glass (The beach)
- 10% Grass, 10% Normal (Inside the rock circle)

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP [2-hit shield] [sand]
Licht.SP: 40 HP [floatshoes] [m-junction]

Lock-On2: 10 HP [sand]
Totem2: 100 HP [sand]
Meteor12: 30 HP [sand]


Rewards: 1800z, 38 BugFrags
"Let's continue."

Voulge left the destruction he created from the battle and slowly walked along the sandy beach. However, Licht stopped at its track in the middle as it was being fed with new updates, completely changing his abilities from head to toe. "...That was strange."

((Was 99% finished when the internet went derp. Lost more than half the RP writing and I'm too pissed off to write it again. Lazy post gogo))

Finding the row of viruses lined up in front of him, Voulge drew his Lancea in preparation for battle. His first move was to create a shield with whatever he could find and, at this point, the sand was the most preferable choice. Lifting the Lancea off the ground and dropping it in a quiet thump, a small, handful of sands jumped up and immediately formed into a circular shield. "Now, Licht. Let's begin." said Voulge as he waited for his SP to junction with him.



There was a short, awkward silence between the two as Licht didn't even try get near Voulge. The navi was slightly confused, but immediately found out what the problem was and only gave out an annoyed sigh because of it. "What seems to be the problem?" said Marius as he has yet to found out the problem. "The new update it received before affected it junction sequence as well...We won't be able to junction together anymore." Though this was quiet a shock to the operator, seeing how the majority of his strategy was now almost useless, Marius also gave out a sigh similar to Voulge's and simply scratched his head in small frustration. "Then we gotta make use of its new abilities then. Simple as that."

Licht spun its two bodies around like a turbine and began to generate a miniature green whirlwind of fire in the middle. Though it was a sight to behold, the SP immediately launched it towards the Bark as soon as it was ready. At first, the whirlwind looked normal, as normal as a green flame whirlwind should be, but its shape began to bend and flux before it was about to come in contact with the virus. "That must've been the Glitch Strike I added in...Hope it does its job and mess that virus up!" The operator quickly looked over the battle field and the viruses' position, drawing out the necessary chips to finish the battle as quickly as possible. "Sensor, Meteor12, AreaGrab, and Totem2!" He inserted all four chips in the same order as he yelled it out, all simultaneously downloaded into Voulge. "Make some hell, Voulge."

"Your Will Be Done."

Taking two daggers from his vest, Voulge struck the electricity imbued dagger to the sands to summon the Sensor facing directly towards the Bark. Seeing how three viruses was neatly lined up, this chip looked to be the most practical one to use. Before he was about to throw the other one, Voulge and Licht quickly backed away from where they stood in case the Skeetos began their attack. He immediately threw the other dagger near the Sensor and summoned the metal rod to cause havok across the battle field.

"Take out that Windbox. That's your primary concern as of right now."

Voulge took heed of his operator's suggestion and tried to approach the virus, which proved to be a little difficult with a powerful gust against him. So, he simply used his AreaGrab to teleport behind the stationary virus and summon the giggling totem to finish it off. "Immolate, Totem!" As his words took off, the totem began to breath out pure blue flames towards anything in front of it while Voulge shortly retreated to gain a better positioning. On the other hand, Licht continued it evasion and even prepared himself to blow away any pesky viruses that may come its way.

* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
Licht: Attack [10 / Glitch] @ Bark
1. Sensor [100 / Stun / Beam / Attacks anything in front of it / 100 HP / ElecBody]
Licht: Dodge
2. Dodge
3. Meteor12 [30+[color=red]15[/color] x 4 (3 Turns) (x2 Terrain Advantage) / Targets Randomly / 100 HP Object]
Licht: Dodge
4. AreaGrab [Teleport] behind Windbox
* Licht: Knockback any incoming enemy
5. Totem2 [140+[color=red]15[/color]+Spread 2 (x2 Terrain Advantage) /or/ 70 Heal / Changes When Hit / 3 Turns / 100 HP Object] @ Windbox
6. Dodge

Meteor12: 3 Turns
Totem2: 3 Turns
Raising up his shield just in time, Voulge managed to drive off a couple of Skeetos lunging at him before he retaliated with a heavy dose of Sensor Beam goodness, killing off four of the Skeeto as well as the WindBox. The Lark managed to dodge out of the Sensor's path, and fired a WideShot Voulge-ward. It did get hit by Licht's little itty-bitty attack, though, if that was any consolation. Woe be to Voulge, without Licht's floating skills, he was unable to dodge the Bark's attack in time, and took a powerful hit. (80x2 Aqua) Then, Voulge began to summon some stuff, Meteor, Totem, the like. The Meteor stuff didn't hit much, just a few grass places, and a stray Skeeto. The Totem, on the other hand, was much more devastating, killing off the Bark from earlier.

SkeetoD: 35HP
RareWindBox: DELETED

Terrain: 25% Grass, 35% Soil, 40% Sand

Voulge.EXE: 90 HP [0-hit Shield]
Licht.SP: 40 HP

Totem2: 100 HP [grass] [2turns]
Meteor12: 100 HP [sand] [2turns]
The blade of water hit Voulge hard, very hard. The moisture that was left on the navi's body immediately evaporated into steam as he began form the sand shield. "This was what I was afraid of...Voulge, lets thinks this first before we get any further and get into some serious danger."

Voulge only nodded his head in confirmation and stared down at the lone skeeto left in front of him. "This will be quick."

He clicked his finger to activate the Meteor and the Totem simultaneously, causing flames and embers to flutter all over the once-peaceful beach. Licht took the liberty to fire a small burst of wind towards the bug-virus, hopefully knocking it away and cause it to lose balance.

Voulge took this chance and began to swing his Lancea continuously in a wide swipe, each time leaving a trail of fire that grew bigger with each swing. Three blades of fire was created in the end with each one launched in small intervals, ready to slice the Skeeto in half.

The navi thought this was more than enough to take care of one virus, so he requested few chips in order to tend his wounds. "Can do." said Marius as he slotted three chips into his PET. A redfruit appeared somewhere within the battlefield, but Voulge didn't even bother looking for it as he launched a Elebee to find it and destroy it.

* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
* Meteor12 [30+[color=red]15[/color] x 4 (3 Turns) / Targets Randomly / 100 HP Object]
* Totem2 [140+[color=red]15[/color]+Spread 2 (x2 Terrain Advantage) /or/ 70 Heal / Changes When Hit / 3 Turns / 100 HP Object] @ SkeetoD
* Licht: Knockback SkeetoD
Licht: Dodge
1. Phoenixshot [70+[color=red]15[/color] / Wide] @ SkeetoD
Licht: Dodge
2. Phoenixshot [70+[color=red]15[/color] / Wide] @ SkeetoD
Licht: Dodge
3. Phoenixshot2 [90+[color=red]15[/color] / Wide] @ SkeetoD
4. RedFruit2 [Heals 140 when hit / Placed on a random spot]
5. Arrow [100 / Homing] @ RedFruit2
6. DBLBEAM [40 Damage to all enemies /or/ 30 Heal to all allies / Random]

Meteor12: 2 Turns
Totem2: 2 Turns