DNR vs. Capuchin

Logging into the area, DNR simply scratches his chin, stretching his legs out as he awaits for Capuchin. "She'll be fast, I can tell that.. but let's see if she can match my speed then..." DNR said, ready for action.
Capuchin quickly entered the area as well, doing a somersault in the air and landing with grace. "I'm ready whenever you are DNR. Lets see how this battle will fair out."
A Colosseum staff Navi appeared standing between the two Navis and off to one side. He began speaking... "Alright... The rules are simple: last Navi standing wins." He raised a hand and made a waving away gesture. "Now, don't worry, we have a safety mechanism in place to prevent deletion. We'll also be monitoring the fight just in case. So enjoy yourselves, 'kay?" The navi stepped back, looked at each one of the two in turn, then raised his arm above his head. "Ready...." He let his arm drop. "BEGIN!"

He jacked out of the arena, leaving the two to battle it out.


DNR: 240
Capuchin: 140

Terrain: Normal 100%
"I can't wait to see what they have in store." Capuchin chuckled as she moved into a more agile stance. She was very curious on what the doctor team would come up with.

"C-Careful Capu-chin..." Aida warned as she slotted in two chips, "Th-they are a bit high-gher in rank than us."

"Rank doesn't tell how strong you are." Capuchin insited as she swung her arms slightly behind her as if to give a stretch, yet instead caught two falling orbs of data in either hand. Tightly gripped by her fingers, she began the plan. Her athletic ability would come in handy for this kind of move. Her feet made a quick bolt from her area and began to dash around the arena in strange patterns. Zig zags, circles, straight and backwards, her feet clenched to the panels to change each movement. It would give DNR a bit of difficulty to try and get a good aim at her, so she hoped.

Her left hand's grip slightly weakened as her feet made a leap in the air and sent her in a spun. She twirled in the air for a moment and released the first orb, a lilbomb, straight at DNR.

Her feet made a small skid as they landed back on the panels once more and her free left hand kept the balance. The right hand clentched tightly to the minibomb as Capuchin quickly took the stance of a pitcher at a baseball game, and chucked the bomb at DNR's feet. Capuchin hoped that this way, she could maybe knock DNR over, that or give him some distraction for her next big attack.

"D-Don't stay in one place too long." Aida said to her monkey navi. "Keep you-our speed up!"

"Of course!" Capuchin cheeped as she did a front flip and then the strange array of moving patterns once more. "I think it's time for a new move." she announced as her right hand lifted into the air and summoned her pole. Her golden eye fixated on DNR's position and gave a glimmer as Capuchin believed she had locked on to his body. She gave a quick charge of her feet gaining the pole momentum before she launched it from her hands and sent it soaring straight over to the Doctor Navi.

"I call this one Speak No Evil!" She yelled out as she saw the burst from the pole meaning it hit. Yet it was still to early to determine it actually had hit DNR. Capuchin knew it was too early to leave to chance and began to prepare in case if he was going to counter. Her feet once again began to do the unpredictable movements on the floor letting the air and rhythm of her body be her guide.

1.Strange movements (dodge)
2.lilbomb (100x2)
3.Strange movements (Dodge)
4.Sig-Speak No Evil (60+silence)
5. strange movements (dodge)
"Well... now that this spar has officially started..." DNR said, walking around in a casual manner, smiling gently towards Capuchin "Let's start shall we?" DNR said as he bowed deeply, showing respect before he starts his attack. "Well DNR, what should we do for this encounter?" Polonius asked as he goes into his pockets, looking at his chips. "Let's see... Anesthesia... and MistConv for starters... oh and Defibrillator punch too Christine..."

"Got it..." Polonius said as he looked though his chips, pulling out the chips needed as he looked around as he set up the programs, curiously looking towards Aida with a red blush as he continues working on it.

Starting off with his hands gaining an electrical charge, his hands turning quickly into pointy sharp needles, DNR charged towards Capuchin, saying "I hope you get a nice dream from these, I love to start out things like this, hehehehhhh" with a smirk as he attempts to impale the monkey girl with his electric needles...

Standing back a few feet from Capuchin, his needle arms turned back into normal arms from the previous attack attempt. His right arm starts to have icy steam pouring around it, soon turning his entire hand into an ice version of itself. Taking what seems to be a martial arts pose, DNR lunges forth once again, stopping a foot before Capuchin as he punches and reels back, the ice sliding off his fingers towards the opponent.

"Speak no evil, see no evil, jumping too many times and you'll bumped your head! Your mother will call the doctor and the doctor will saaayyyy..." DNR stated, his right fist solidifying into an electric, metallic fist. "No more monkeys, jumping on the beeeeddd~" he said, rushing towards the monkey girl, hopefully to counter her Speak no Evil attack with a graceful ballerina dance to the side.

1. Anesthesia (40 + sleep)
2. Mistconv (100 + Impact)
Swordplay: Dodge
3. Defribilator Gauntlets (80)
DNR's Anestisia soars wide past Capuchin, who's dodging strategy seems to pay off. DNR has some fancy footwork, too, however, and runs past Capuchin's Lilbomb and smashes her with a full bodyblow of the MistConv. DNR tries to finish the fight quickly with a Defibrillator, but Capuchin recovers quickly enough to sweep to the side, and then hit DNR in the face with See No Evil. And then she dances some more.

DNR.EXE: 180 (Silenced)
Capuchin.EXE: 40
Terrain: 100% Normal
"Haaah" Capuchin panted as she managed to dodge a few of DNR's oncoming attacks. Yet she also took a heavy amount of damage from only one of his attacks meaning she'd have to be careful. On the bright side, she did get her main strike to work. "So much for you hitting me with another chip." the monkey navi announced to her opponent.

"O-oh my..." Aida said in a worried tone, "I hope th-that mister Polonius doesn't ta-take it so b-badly."

"AIDA! They are the enemy! We treat them as such!" Capuchin scolded with a loud cheep, "Besides...I have a feeling that this guy has more than chips to keep him well off. We need to be careful still."

"I don't suggest doing anything like running into the fray." Aida warned, "Yet I believe we need to take him down be-efore he strikes again."

"We need a distraction..." Capuchin whispered, "Something to keep his attention on while I can strike quickly."

"!!!" Aida gave out a gasp in a breakthrough, "C-Capuchin....you know moves that can outstand many....why n-not....show him wh-why your eyes are so spe-special..."

"...?.....Ooooooh! I get ya." Capuchin grinned as her feet began to grip the panels once more, letting the texture be felt upon her boot. "You have some chips lined up?"

"O-Of course." Aida chimed as she prepared them. "Trust me on this one. You go straight after him...NOW!"

"RIGHT!" Capuchin shouted back as she started to dash towards the opposing navi. First it was just her two feet, but slowly, her back arched forward more and more untill her hands touched the ground. By that time she went on a rapid dash on all fours. It gave her a bit of an advantage. In the time of actually being shot at or attacked, she could use her front or back limbs to steer her into another direction or leap over it. It was a nice move yet unable to be used most times when chips were being used since it needed all four limbs to properly become most agile.

Her golden eye began to glimmer a bit as she locked her sights onto DNR. It started as a small glint that could barley light a bulb, then gained more and more power. It quickly light up with a blinding beam of light that stared straight into the opponent's eyes.

"Nice work Cap-puchin." Aida complimented as she slotted in two chips. "Get ready, you go straight for him...though be aware, the attack may have done no effect. Don't get yourself caught in a trap.

"It's me were talking about." Capuchin cheeped as she charged straight at DNR and leapt over him while the chips formed two swords into her hands. Firesword and an airsword. She spun her body around to face at DNR's back, "I think I have it handled." Her tail became loose as she charged straight at the navi from the back. Her feet lost their firmness onto the panels and went into a slide, letting her skid right towards him and in attempt to go under his legs. Both sworded arms stretched out above her as she neared DNR's back. With one quick swoop of her arms she let them attempt to slash DNR and then rest at her sides.

The fire and air swords still had some more to give as soon as this was done so there was no using the four paw movement once more. She would have to use some other techniques to keep him off her tail. She began to plot her next attack as she let the heels of her boots dig into the panels and bring her to a complete stop.

"I wonder if that did the trick." Capuchin said silently.

"W-we need to w-wait and see I supp-ppose." Aida replied back as she slotted in a guard chip for good measure.

1. four paw movement (Dodge)
2. See no Evil (80+Blind)
3. firesword (80) 5 swings left
4. airsword (100) 8 swings left
5. guard
"You little--- Mmmh! Mmmhmhmhmhmhmhmmm!" DNR was about to say as he was afflicted by Capuchin's See no evil, jumping up and down exuberantly as Polonius watched on, curiously looking at the attack she just pulled off. "Hmm... N-nice m-m-maneuvering m-m-m-miss A-aida..." Polonius looked towards Aida with a smirk as he congratulated her for her interesting, not to mention entertaining move.

DNR, however, was throwing a rather bad fit at all this, all he could say is a very loud "Hmm!" towards Polonius, stamping his feet on the network grounds as he tried to get his attention. He kicked and screamed as loud as he could, but Polonius wouldn't look down... he seemed rather interested by his opponent's charm, a rather noticeable blush raised onto his cheeks. Noticing this, the black haired medical student hid his cheeks, looking down to see with his brown eyes DNR, whom was tossing and turning around on the floor, rolling around as if the new year was coming around quickly.

To the opponent, this would seem like a wildly stupid thing to do: kicking the air like a big baby, screaming inaudibly to the winds. But to Polonius and DNR, this was in actuality a battle technique, devised by the "Good old doctor" to prevent as many casualties as possible. DNR's mind, in its current state, dictated these words to himself as he rolled around the battle field "Hmhmhmhhmmmmm... So Capuchin has impeding moves does she? Well a similar battle technique to my own, I applaud that very much...".

Polonius meanwhile looked at DNR's frenzy, devising how to create communication between the two. He looked around at the PET's screen, looking at the applications for an idea. There as he watched, was the perfect program for this situation: Notepad it said in black, monochromic letters, Polonius pressing the corresponding button.

A paper and pen came down, falling from the sky towards the white haired one's head. He then raised his body from the rolling position, grabbing the pen and paper as he quickly scribbled the following:

DNR's writings

Polonius, looking at the words, quickly surmised what DNR desired and started activating those programs, flashing lights and little sounds coming from the PET as the data flowed into his navi.

DNR started his onslaught with a little bit of running, catching up more and more towards the fiery monkey. "Mmhmhmhmhmhmhhmhmhmmm!~" DNR said with a sing-song like voice as he jumped to the navi's side, aiming her butt with a smirk as a small reflex hammer came to his left arm. Keeping his momentum, he raised it as he attempted to hit the monkey's butt.

His next attack wasn't really an attack at all as he summoned a thunderpole, wrapping around his chest cavity as he smirked with a satisfying grin as he looked to his left arm, which was tingling with electrical energy. As the metal covered his hand, he clenched it, hitting himself deliberately on his flesh as the energy went straight towards him.

1. Rolling around at the speed of light~ (dodge)
2. Reflex Hammer (110 + stun)
3. Tongue depressing barrier (30 HP Barrier + 40 Points CONDITIONAL healing see sig for details)
4. Defribilator gauntlets A (Heals for 60 HP)
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While Capuchin was running around at the speed of light and preparing to flash DNR, the mad doctor was having toddler crisis. Thanks to his ferocious rolling, he managed to avoid being blinded by the glory of Capuchin's radiance.

As DNR stood, he readied his Reflex Hammer and aimed it at the bottom of Capuchin. Unfortunately she had managed to jump over his head as he was busy checking out her bottom, landing behind him. He quickly spun to try and hit her anyway but she parried it with the Firesword, which quickly was sent flying from her hand and landed several feet away with its blade stuck in the ground. Capuchin swiped with the remaining blade, and managed to take a large chunk out of DNR with it.

Capuchin took up a defensive position behind a guard, leaving DNR free to put up his barrier and shock himself back to health, while slowly regaining his ability to talk.


DNR.EXE: 140 (30HP Barrier)
Capuchin.EXE: 40 (Airsword[7] and Guard)

Flamesword[3] - Stuck in the ground a few feet away. [1 Action to claim]

Terrain: 100% Normal

"Ahhhhh...." DNR said as he cleaned out his throat, his voice returning to normal. He then eyed the firesword, lodged into the pavement a ways off from the two combatant. His face contorted into a devilish smirk as he sped off towards the weapon, moving around any obstacles that would come around.

Closer and closer the mad doctor came closer to the weapon, the flames fanning as the roar of the fire seemingly calling out for somebody to try and get it. DNR continued to try and get the sword, a few inches stood between him and the sword as he dramatically leaped towards it.

Turn splice!
1. Run and get to the sword!
2. Run and get to the sword!
"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo You DONT!" Capuchin cheeped as she dashed after DNR. "That guy is more kooky than I imagined...and great...now he's regaining his speech." The navi growled as she summoned her pole. Her hands let the weapon be lead in a few interesting motions as it was swung behind her back and above her head. Quickly, its length doubled, tripled then quadrupled in seconds.

"Hey DNR........THINKFAST!" She quickly eeped at him as she swung her pole right for him like a bat. That would keep him occupied for a moment. Maybe even fly him backwards or trip him if she was lucky enough. Though there was no time to waste, she had to get to the sword too. Letting her pole dissapear into tiny data bits, she stampeded on all fours after her beloved fire sword.

Turn Splice

1.pole strike (60)
2.attempt to get sword before DNR
As DNR took an early lead in the dash for the sword, Capuchin thought faster and used the opportunity to smack him around a bit, not only taking down his barrier but tripping him up enough that she managed to get to the sword first. Now what would she to do with her momentary victory...

Capuchin - Flamesword race victor!

[Status update in end of turn mod post]
Capuchin gave a happy cheep as she was reunited with her firesword. Her sights were now set on DNR. His barrier was now shattered an in little time he was regaining his speech. Only a matter of time....yet she had just knocked him down for a moment....and a moment was all that she needed. "Guess now's our chance." She whispered to her netop.

"Y-yes....take h-him down......" Aida stuttered yet felt somewhat bad about saying this. "I hope that Polonius do-doesn't thin-nk badly of us...."

"Psh! He was asking for it....literally....he invited us for a sparring....I think it doesn't matter." The monkey navi replied as she charged straight at DNR. Her legs dashed across the panels in a zigzag formation as she approached the figure of Capuchin's oponent. Her feet then lifted into the air with a jump. Soaring there for only a brief few seconds, Capuchin dove at DNR, hands first, letting both airsword and firesword dispose of her foe straight at the chest.

1.firesword (80) 4 swings left
2.airsword (100) 7 swings left
"...Well, that's some impressive weaponry you have there... maybe I should conjure some signature moves up sometime later..." DNR said scratching his chin. "Polonius... let's show her some real sword play...." He said with a smirk, Polonius agreeing as he started to slot in the chip.

The sword data started to work it's way through DNR's body, small visible veins of chip energy forming though his arms as his hands started lengthening, each forming into sword chips. As it finished out, DNR gave an eloquent look towards Capuchin, sensually licking the hilt areas of each with his tongues. Polonius simply rolled his eyes at this motion; even the med student thought that was too much of an attempt to freak her out. The navi then lunged forward, swinging his arms in a circular motion as he whirled towards the monkey girl, rubble from the earlier firesword incident picking up as the navi starts his flurry...

A couple of choice seconds later, the navi finished his whirling rounds, smirking again as he stumbled forwards "Whew... kinda worked myself a bit of a sweat..." he said, clearing some of his dripping sweat with the flat edge of his scalpel hands as his mouth started moving again. "Ahh... it's good to finally use these weapons... rather a while since I've used a sword weapon, how uncouth of me... and noww~....." the madman flashed a rather vile smile, rearing his arm back and then shot towards Capuchin, the scalpel-hand clenching and unwinding as it goes through the navi's area, the navi's footwork delicately showing as he continued his plight, making sure that if anything, he could avoid one of that kooky monkey's swords.

1. Sword (80) to Capuchin
2. Sword (80) to Capuchin
Swordplay: Dodge
Both navis readied themselves for the final strike with their respective swords, charging rather un-creatively at each other like some old Samurai film or something.

As Capuchin lept into the air for her two-sword dive attack, DNR began spinning his sword around like a madman. Unfortunately all that really served to do was scratch up the premium flooring of the coliseum and leave him wide open to Capuchin's attack, which pierced the poor doctor straight through. Unfortunately, her attack was overzealous and had left her wide open to his counter thrust, which pierced her straight through the belly.

They stood next to each other, impaled by each other's attacks. One could only wait in anticipation to see who's fighting spirit would prevail.


DNR.EXE: 1 (Sword and Sword)
Capuchin.EXE: 1 (Firesword and Airsword)

Terrain: 95% Normal
5% Cracked
Capuchin's stomach burned with horrible pain that made her hiss a bit and clentch her fangs together to hold back yelping.

"C-CAPUCHIN!" Aida gasped, "A-are you a-alright?"

"Y-yeah......" Capuchin grunted as she spat data out from her mouth. "Damn...but it's like....the times before."

The monkey navi's mind went back to the other times she was struck so badly in the stomach. It was always by that horrible navi, that damn navi that always seemed to have the upper hand on her. Could she ever beat him? Would she ever? frequently being made a fool by a single stab from his hand...the first time she wasn't prepared, the second time....she was ready for him....yet he he still caught her in his grasp and almost destroyed her for good.

"Drakkas..." She grunted as she arose once more. Her feet shook horribly as she regained her footing. "He stabs me harder than this...besides...being stabbed this many times...I'm kinda used to it now. Heh, perhaps the next time he aims at me...I won't even feel it...no..." Her legs quickly stopped shaking as they were planted firmly and locked into place. Her arms out infront of her and a grin upon her face while her golden eye glowed. She was ready.

"...I won't ever accept defeat again by Drakkas. If I can't win through a wound like this, then how can I ever face the B***** that has continuously done this to me again and again. I can't accept that...I WONT!" And with that she began to pull her swords apart from DNR, as they were still in the wound they had created.

The pain in her stomach still continued to sting horribly. Perhaps the injury Drakkas placed before was still being mended. Maybe it was just the new stab wound...or perhaps...It was the painful humility Capuchin faced many a time being struck like this. She held back the pain as she continued to pull her swords left and right. One would manage to cut the doctor at least. She poured all her determination into this.

Meanwhile, her swinging tail coiled around the handle of the scapel. It tightly hung onto it in hopes of keeping DNR's attack at bay. If she held onto it long enough, he'd probably not be able to pull it back out in time and she'd have a chance to wrap things up.

1. airsword (100) pull it across DNR's body
2. firesword (80) pull it across DNR's body
3. hold scapel sword with tail
4. airsword (100) pull it across DNR's body
5.firesword (80) pull it across DNR's body
"This has been quite the interesting little duel we've have... but I have to say that this little game will end quite soon, no matter the outcome of course..." DNR said with a nod as he bowed deeply towards Capuchin, smirking a bit.

Impaled against Lunar's sword, it seems like this navi's in quite a pickle. The navi gave quite a giggle as he flicked his hair, dropping his left hand as he said to Polonius "... Hi-Cannon Polonius..." while moving his head down.

Polonius nodded with a bit of a whimper as he picked up the Hi-cannon chip, slotting it in as he looked curiously to the battle, watching as DNR's head springed up to life, looking with a vile smile as his mouth curled, his sword quickly changing into a cannon as he lifted it up to the monkey girl's hand and fired, while saying in a rather high pitched scream "OMG POING BALNK!"

"Ah yes... we gotta be protected of course... Polonius if you please a quick guard for me..." he said, waving his scalpel arm towards him. Polonius nods and agrees, slotting in the chip as he looked at Aida, blushing again as he went back and viewing the action yet again, not saying anything.

A thinly viewed veil seemed to pop up on the doctor's persona, covering him in a clear somewhat visible field. With that in hand then, it was finally the doctor's turn to try his best at this fight. Swords in hand he then leaped forward towards Lunar, then gracefully moved aside, an attempt to fake her out as he went to her side, which led to his first sword strike.

His next attempt came up as he started circling around the freaked out monkey girl, which seemed more like a raging gorilla now than before. DNR took his time, nimbly somersaulting as he started talking to her "So... is this Drakkas like your old boy friend or something... teheee~... I've heard a bit about him... quite the nasty little man... you know... it's quite a shame really. You see... in a lot of the shows I've seen... there's for some reason a girl character that begrudgingly becomes, what I like to call, a faux action girl... tries her best, but just neeeeeeever gets away with it... ahh but now I'm just fooling around now... the delicate air of the battle... hehe~" he said with flair, jumping around as he then lunged forward yet again, lunging towards her with his sword.

No matter the outcome, the white haired boy simply spinned around with his scalpel arms, enjoying the battle's outcome.

1. Hi-Cannon (80) to Capuchin
2. Guard2
3. Sword (80) at Capuchin
4. Sword (80) at Capuchin
Special: Swordplay
As DNR made a quick exchange with Capuchin and readies his gun, Capuchin readied her own attack. The doctor raised his arm towards the monkey navi as she was raging on about Drakkas, aiming it at her hands. He began to pull the trigger, letting out a very obnoxious battlecry...

As grabbed his cannon arm with her tail ripped his chest to pieces just an instant before the cannon was fired.

Her blades were drenched in data. His blade was drenched in data. Both navis bodies were covered in damaged data. DNR's sword dissipated from Capuchin's belly, and his cannon disintegrated as well. He spat up a bit of data in a coughing spasm, fighting to stay upright and continue fighting. Unfortunately... his body didn't seem to want to cooperate, and seemingly refused to move. It took all he had to keep from collapsing to the ground in a heap, as he talked on about Drakkas and ex boyfriends and battle...

Capuchin released DNR's hand from her tail, and it fell softly against his side. Her swords were canceled, and data continued to bleed from the wound in her stomach. It was taking all she had to stay upright as well. Clearly this battle was a good test of both competitors' skills.

DNR would be EJO'd in a matter of seconds by the Coliseum's protection system.

WINNER: Capuchin


FXP Gained! Increase friendship by 10 for each character!

[You can write your own ending posts, if you'd like.]
Capuchin gave a relived smile on her face and let herself sit down on the ground beneath her. She panted heavily as her returned hands touched solid ground and let her head gaze up above in an attempt to gather more air. "Few....that took allot out...of me..." Her tail even drooped to the floor in exhaustion.

"O-oh wow..." Aida silently said, "W-we won....we a-actually won."

"What?....you thought....I'd loose or somethin?"

"N-No! Nothing like that....it's just....it's just st-still hard to take it all in....it was a pretty close call." The orange haired netop turned her attention towards Polonius and gave a happy smile. Even though she still stuttered she was becoming very friendly with others. "Thank you....for the wonder-erful match. I'm happy I c-could challenge someone as strong as you two are....isn't that right Capuchin?"

"My words are a bit different than yours Aida." The monkey navi spoke as she arose from her seat and approached the body of DNR. She staggered over to his frame and let herself stand straight over him, letting her head shade him from the light ahead. She looked at him with a smile and sweetly said, "Good battle...I find you to be a good opponent....buuuuut..." She lifted her left foot and dropped it straight at the doctor navi's head letting it rest there. "YOU ARE UNDER ME! YOU GOT THAT!?"

"GWAH!" Aida began to panick, "C-Capuchin!"


"C-C-CAPUCHIN! STOP IT!" Aida pleaded.

Although Capuchin kept going and going, soaking up her victory. "KAKAKAKAKAHAHAHAHAHA! This is where you'll be for a long time...UNDER MY FOOT! I am always one step ahead of ya! GOT IT?" She gave a toothy laugh at this, "KEKEKEKKE-AUGH!" Data began to spew from her stomach and she fell on the floor rolling in pain anime comedy style. "Neeergh.....I'm okay! I still kicked your butt! So I'm OK!"

"Oh Capuchin....your just making your injuries worse...." Aida sighed, "And your ego is getting worse to boot."
"huhhh... I lost.... heheh... I lost! Oh that was unforseenable! Ahahahaahahahahaah! That was great!" DNR said as he laid on the floor, data stained on his body as he squirmed a bit. "To be fair I DID kinda played around... one could say I probably gave you that fight! Ahahaahahahahahahaa--owwww, my head!" he said as the cocky Capuchin stepped on his head, screaming out her suprerior battle skills over him. "Yes yes, you won I lost, big F****** deal!"

"N-now now DNR..." Polonius said as he stepped down the platform, greeting Aida with a bow "Th-that w-as a good battle... v-very close..." he said as he started to blush, his stuttering increasing "I-I'm c-curious if you guys aren't too busy o-or something...maybe we can hang out or something, like more training for that upcoming battle..."

"OHooooo!" DNR said as he reappeared as a hologram besides Polonius, giving an egotistical smirk "This sounds delightful!"