Science And The Birds

VenusMan beamed down in the scientific area and looked around. "So why are we here..." he said as he took a few steps around to explore, "Doesn't really feel comfortable. But I suppose defeating viruses would make it more comfortable?" But as he said this he noticed a test tube standing in the middle of nowhere and quickly turned around. "Nope, not at all," he reacted to the discovery and quickly walked away from the location.

"We're just here 'cause we're there anyway," Satou said.

"Hrm," the Navi just replied with and shrugged. "As long as I don't come across anything creepy," he said and started to look for trouble. Hopefully the not creepy variant.

Ready for Battle 1
It was a bit difficult to get a gauge on exactly where in the SciLabs net Venus man was, but at least it was brightly lit, and the path was fairly clear. It was mostly metallic underfoot, but occasional thin strips of glowing solar panels made lines that moved more in the less the same direction that the trouble-seeker was heading. Scattered at odd intervals, an assortment of other pseudo scientific paraphernalia made up the most interesting features of the landscape, and they ranged the spectrum from archaic measuring tools to rapidly updating data displays, and anything else in between.

The way VenusMan was heading, the terrain had the occasional step up, and the further he went the more frequent these small step became, until they were becoming a more obvious hill, with a comfortable step up ever few metres. It was at about this point the a crackle off to the left would be likely to draw attention.

A few steps up and to the side, Venus man would be able to see what looked like a navi-sized bunsen burner, completely with small gas valve and a lit blue flame burning brightly at the top. A few more steps above it, a pair of bunnies were taking turns attempting to land their electric rings on the stack of the burner and each time one of them struck it or got close, the flame flickered.

Neither of them had noticed VenusMan approaching yet, but the same could not be said of the spiky Billy virus that dropped onto the panels directly ahead of of VenusMan from a higher raised gantry above, clashing its prongs together once with a crackle and crying something that sounded distinctly threatening at him in its unintelligible viral voice. On the same level as VenusMan himself, a fourth virus was being casually destructive to the area, though one could argue it was entirely accidental; an Eleball had taken up orbit around what looked like computer terminal that was mapping some kind of graph in real time. Unfortunately, the slow pulsing balls of electricity that spun about the virus as it circles continually struck the terminal, making it crackle and jitter.

-=Disrespecting the Equipment=-

EleBall: 80Hp [Metal][Out of melee range, to VenusMan's Right]
BunnyA: 50Hp [Metal][1 Full movement away, forward and left of VenusMan]
BunnyB: 50Hp [Solar][1 Full movement away, forward and left of VenusMan]
Billy: 80Hp [Solar][Just out of melee range, directly ahead of VenusMan]

-=Looking for Trouble=-

VenusMan: 100Hp [Metal]

-=Sciency Things=-

Over-Sized Bunsen-Burner: 70Hp [Left side, between VenusMan and the Bunnies][Heavy][Connected to Gas Tap][Set to Small Flame]
Gas Tap: 200Hp [Left side][HardBody][Anchored][Connected to Bunsen-Burner][Set to Open]
Connection Tube: 30Hp [Light][Connecting the tap with the burner]
Computer Terminal: 90Hp [Right side][Heavy]

Gantry: 150Hp [HardBody][Anchored][Counts as Metal Terrain]
Ladders: 100Hp [Anchored][1 Full Movement away, Far end of the field, on the extreme left and right sides][climbable to reach the gantry level]


70% Metal [The majority]
30% Solar [Lines running perpendicular to the steps, at irregular intervals, each only one panel wide, but several long]

-=Battle 1, Start!=-