Mission: Lock and Key

When Eidolon would port into the private address given to her, she would discover that the coordinates led to a rather interestingly decorated homepage. An expansive white-walled room spread itself before Eidolon's eyes. Tasteful furniture was laid out to fill the room, fit to a modern minimalist style, in the form of a few tall chairs, a coffee table, and a shelf with several books on it. The centerpiece of the room was a larger wooden table, with a swivel chair behind it, turned backwards. It seemed that someone was sitting in it.

Eidolon heard some clanking noises from below, which would be seen to be a tiny little man, most probably an SP. Its body was deformed into one of those cutesy characters one would normally see in a cartoon on TV, having a gigantic head supported by an impossibly small body. It was dressed in a labcoat and pants, wore a comical-looking pair of glasses, and held a rather large clipboard of some sort. Holding the clipboard up, it seemed the clipboard was actually a display, which showed some text.

"Please have a seat," it said, and the tiny SP gestured to a seat near the large table.
Eidolon did not so much beam into the homepage as drift vaguely downward, manifesting in midair and materializing as she descended. Before her full patchwork form could finish loading she activated Natural.GMO, assuming its more lifelike and formal-looking form. Living, hazel eyes swept across the room as she landed, taking in the homepage that looked like what she thought some humans might think of as an example of a sitting room. Or, at the very least, humans who were not her netop. Andrew probably wouldn't know guest-friendly if it blew up in his face.

For a moment, she found herself too occupied with the room itself to notice the cartoony scientist-looking program, or the clipboard with which it was addressing her. Once she did, she responded "Oh! Of course," in her best impression of surprise, then took a seat as requested.
The little scientist SP seemed contented as Eidolon took a seat in her chair, running up with stumpy little legs to leap up onto the table in front of her. Holding up its clipboard, it jotted down something onto it with a little pen, though it was probably not writing on paper. For a good ten seconds or so, the room was awkwardly quiet, with only the scribbling of the little SP's pen breaking the silence. After that, it suddenly stood at attention, walking over to the chair and leaning towards whoever was sitting there.

"P汚・h・4、 Q簫i%粕拭J・ッc鮎ヌ 亠 サル&ッ虍\ナGャヘ}q ソ撈v=ロ・;h嫋イ ャ(oル.bg'ソ婦差」xG_・・q固xp,・!啝, ヘ詠。^ア゙ Q・ ル幕d縹7Hタ・猩."

As it did so, some bizarre sound filled the room quite suddenly, which sounded like some kind of high- and low-pitched warbling and static mixed together in an incomprehensible varying tone. Eidolon heard the sound as pure gibberish, but after a couple of seconds of listening to it, it seemed to have some sort of pattern to it, akin to someone talking. She then realized that it was coming from whoever or whatever was in the chair in front of her. All the while, the SP that she had met was scribbling on the clipboard.

[color=white]"^ス\スG}VC EテO#O」E缺&^藤勣ケWウ Os^K[+\kォVァヨ噺惴要ョv! SV沁糟aニ怦Eヌ・厭マ60鈔シ稻綰Y.ャス ャglGv9{喞 ヌ)絖ニ ロナ稜O%リ%・朗 tHャH憮コpォケ/・縄呈 ・・."[/color]

After a bit, the "talking" stopped, and the SP turned to Eidolon. Quietly, it waddled over to her, and placed the clipboard in front of her, sliding it on the table. Some scribbles were written on it.

"Target location is SciLab Rogue, sector SCL-B602-R. Please have this Support Program escort you there. Your mission is to obtain, by any means necessary, three crypto-key data files from three Navigators, designated as Sculptor.EXE, Painter.EXE, and Breath.EXE. The SP will contain a special tweaked battlechip that will aid you in this mission. Support Program possession lock will temporarily be passed on to your Navigator signature for the duration of this mission or your existence, whichever terminates first. Godspeed."

After a bit, the SP leapt off the table, and stood at attention near Eidolon. Its statistics were then immediately transmitted to her PET.

Quote ()

Decrypt.SP - Lv. 20
Element: Elec
Subtype: Variable

HP: 120
Damage: 15
Actions: 2
Second Chance
Chip Preset - Pickpocket+

Appearance: Very short, at around 2 feet tall, Decrypt looks like a super-deformed little man with black hair and fair skin, dressed in labcoat, shirt and pants, as well as a comically large pair of glasses. Decrypt carries around an oversized clipboard that has variable uses. Mostly it is used to bash enemies over the head, but it also displays text for communication, in lieu of actual speech.

Damage: 0
Accuracy: A
Description: Directly siphons valuable data from a target entity.
Duration: Reusable until discarded.
Element: Null
Special: The accuracy of this attack is entirely unaffected by any factors, either from RP or system conditions.
Eidolon read patiently as the discordant mix of pitched noise and static was transcribed, or at least she assumed it was being transcribed, on the support program's notepad. She noted her mission objective was to retrieve three data files of some sort, but no description of the navis holding them was given aside from their names.

"Andrew, were you paying attention to that?" she asked over a private line as she finished reading. "Are any of these navis familiar to you?"

"Huh? Of course I was paying attention," Andrew answered. "But no, they're not. They sound like they'd be fairly basic models designed for, well, exactly what they sound like, but other than that I don't know. I'm sure your new SP friend does, though."

"Right," Eidolon said, glancing down at it. The scribbles on the notepad said that control of it had been transferred to her, so it was worth a shot. "Lead the way, I suppose."
Decrypt nodded curtly, and wrote something down on its clipboard. Shortly after, it walked over to the entrance of the homepage, and transferred some data into it from its clipboard. Immediately, the entrance shifted its color to a deep red for a couple of seconds, then changed into its original glowing yellow. The little SP turned to Eidolon, and beckoned her to follow along, jumping quickly into the teleporter.