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A dim pillar of green light appeared from a teleportation pad in the Science Labs network, which expanded briefly before receding to reveal the figure of Terra.EXE. The Navi walked out from the gleaming platform, giving the area a quick sweep before turning towards the telepad again. Crossing her arms, she waited patiently for her partner to come through the portal and start their session.

[Battle 1 - Waiting for Ally]
A beam of light cut through the sky like a blade descending from the heavens. It struck the earth with a sound like metal striking metal and sparks flew from the contact. As the light faded, an armored Navi stood upon the transporter platform. Durandal glanced around, quickly spotting his companion, and strolled down toward her.

"Hm," Durandal mused as he glanced around the area. "I do not believe that I have transversed this terrain before. Doth thou have experience with the beasts of this land?"
Terra crouched down on the hard metallic floor that encompassed the network, bringing out her hand towards the ground. Fingers brushed across the cold, hard terrain, and her senses immediately indicated its properties. Electrical attacks flow especially well, she noted. High tensile strength, not usually pierced except for terraform function. Overall, little function to this type.

".... Hm?" she turned when she heard Durandal's question. She stood back up, looking straight ahead. ".... No, I don't have any information at this time." Saying nothing more than that simple answer, she walked ahead slowly with her hands behind her, boots clanking on the metal. She made no attempt to motion her ally forwards, as she expected him to do that himself.

[Battle 1 - Ready]
Durandal nodded to himself, making a mental note to keep his eyes open for surprises. He followed after Terra, one hand resting lightly on his sword.

[Yes, battle 1 please...]
Terra and Durandal walked along the cold metal floor of the scilab. The dull, boring metal floors. Things got quickly boring for the two, till they saw a glimpse of white light not so far from their location. Approaching it in hopes of something new and interesting, they found that white light was coming out from the glass floor, exhibiting the colorful flow of data that goes on everyday beneath the scilab network.

Though the sight was nice and all, the navis decided to head back to their usual track. However, as expected, a group of viruses appeared out of nowhere, surrounding Terra and Durandal within the glassy floor. To make it worse, a handful of beetanks rolled in from afar and prepared their barrels for long-range combat!

-Glass (Surrounding!)-
ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP
ChampuD: 60 HP

-Metal / [[b]2[/b]] Movement Away-
BeetankA: 50 HP
BeetankB: 50 HP
BeetankC: 50 HP

Terrain: 40% Glass (center), 60% Metal (surrounding glass)

Terra.EXE: 150 HP (Glass)
Durandal: 150 HP (Glass)


Silence was all Terra had to offer, as her boots continued to clatter on the hard metal. She turned to the sides every now and then, her glazed-looking eyes surveying the place for viral activity and her hands placed behind her back. It seems that the location that we've jacked into is cleaned of viruses for the time being. Perhaps someone else had cleared it a little while ago, she thought to herself. Of course, it wouldn't be that way for long, as viruses repopulated all the time with unerring success.

Suddenly, she glimpsed something in the distance, something gleaming white. Her eyebrows peaked slightly in curiosity at the sight, and she walked towards it at a pace slightly faster than a brisk walk. Soon, she and her partner reached the place, and were rewarded with a beautiful display of a concealed datastream through a transparent floor. Colors of the rainbow and then some flashed before their eyes, indicating the myriad of data packets flowing through the stream. Further and further the stream went, until it disappeared out of sight.

Terra stared down at it for a while, feeling the course of information through the glass floor. A particularly large surge of data went through the stream, and she involuntarily shivered as the feeling of raw warmth traveled through her limbs. She felt that she could stay there for quite some time, but figuring Durandal would not be as interested, she turned around reluctantly to continue their journey. Of course, that was when she saw the groups of viruses ambushing them.

Her mind went into analysis mode, taking into account the ground. Reduction of average motor skill function and accuracy protocols through decrease in friction coefficient. Especially prone to shattering, shards can cause minor injury, her mind said. ... These surrounding viruses... I've met before, but not-

"Terra, those viruses in the back are Beetanks," Scarlet cut in, reading from her memory. "Their attack function is to fire explosives that can crack flooring. It might be a good idea to get off the glass."


Her eyes lingered down to the gleaming floor beneath her, blinking as the light filtered through her blue-green eyes. She was sad that she had to sacrifice the beautiful sight, but things had to be done. ".... Durandal, please stay close to me," she said slowly, focusing on the shining datastream under her feet. As the muscles in her hand tensed, she drew from the stream's energy and concentrated it into a single circular swirl under their feet.

Converting the data into terrain, she built up a circular layer of soil that spread through the glass underneath her and her ally. The natural earthen disc began to sprout some grass on the outer rim, but left the Champus' areas intact with glass. Meanwhile, Terra formed another disc of barren earth elsewhere on the battlefield: under the Beetanks. However, instead of leaving the soil dry, she put a little touch of mud, intending to trap the Beetanks before their attack, and perhaps even clog their barrels.

With that done, she focused on letting her feet carry her wherever the enemy wasn't. ".... RageClaw," she said, to which her operator responded with a "Roger," and transferred the chip data. This time, she thought that she felt like a little close-quarters combat, and did not form the rock fists as she had before. Instead, she directed the RageClaw's strength into her gloves, causing the emeralds embedded into their backs to glow red. Power flowed into her clenched fists as she prepared for a brawl.

Now, all she had to do was wait and take a defensive stance. She would try to see that nothing hit her, and then deliver an interrupting blow to one of the fighter viruses, hopefully sending it into another one of its kind as well.

[| [color=darkgreen]Terra.EXE[/color] |]
[1] Terraform: Yumland's Forests [Spliced Large Terrain]
-- Soil: Centred on Self/Durandal
-- Grass: Around Soil
-- Sand: Centred beside Beetank group
-- Mud: Around Sand, aim to trap Beetanks
[2] Dodge (+Soil Bonus)
[3] Counterattack: RageClaw1 @ Attacking Champu - Attacking Champu [Null 20 + Impact]
Durandal wandered in silence, following closely behind his partner. He was slightly surprised that he had yet to encounter a virus in SciLabs, but he supposed that the internal security would be better than that of the average terminal. Still, it was slightly boring and the lack of conversation only compounded on that fact. He opened his mouth to begin a casual talk when he noticed a flickering of light in the distance. Obviously, Terra noticed the sight as well because she began heading in that direction. Durandal followed.

They reached a section of transparent panels and Durandal gazed down at the floor and through it to see streams of data rushing to and fro. He frowned at the clear flooring, having not seen its like before. He was unsure as to whether or not it was safe to move on.

"Milady," Durandal asked silently. "Doth thou know the nature of this earth?"

"Hm," Katherine paused for a second. "I believe it to be glass terrain. Its not common in the areas we typically haunt. I believe it to be perfectly safe, though not ideally suited for combat. It has a tendency to shatter under high impact."

Durandal nodded. If he floor shattered beneath him, he would fall into the data stream and be swept away. He doubted his systems would be able to handle the influx of data and Katherine would no doubt be forced to forcibly eject him from the network. It would be an embarrassing setback, to say the least. He looked up at Terra, about to suggest they leave, when he caught sight of multiple viruses moving to surround the pair.

"Well," he said aloud. "Its about time."

The glanced around him, recognizing the viruses as similar to those he had recently bested. Of course, his former engagement had been a one on one affair and, from their encircling tactics, he doubted these viruses would be willing to even the odds. Worse yet, a second line of viruses that he didn't recognize were rumbling toward him. They looked to be tanks of some sort and Durandal glanced worriedly from their cannons to the glass floor beneath him.

"...Durandal, please stay close to me." He heard Terra say and glanced over at his companion.

It was then that the floor seemed to ripple. The glass turned murky, its radiant form shifting to soil surrounded by a ring of grass. Another ring within a ring, this time of sand and mud, sprung up beneath the approaching tanks. The Navi turned to his companion, a newfound respect showing on his face.

"Impressive," he said as he drew his blade.

He could already feel Katherine uploading a series of battlechips into his systems, the sudden surge of energy hitting him like a wave. He directed the force into his sword, the silver blade shimmering with an inner light. He started at the approaching Champu and waited, both hands gripping his sword tightly. He would wait for them to make the first move and answer with a counterblow of his own.

The first of the Champu moved toward them and Durandal raised his sword until its tip pointed at the sky above his head. He chopped down in a wicked vertical slice, his movements sending a crescent wave of force rippling through the air toward the first of the viruses. The razor-like wave held all the power of his blade, capable of bisecting one virus and continuing on to disembowel anyone unlucky enough to be standing in its path.

Durandal adjusted his stance, lifting the blade so it ran parallel to the ground with its hilt near his face. He strafed to his left, making sure to remain standing on the lose soil. He knew the Champu packed a fiery punch and would have the advantage in the deep grass, but he also didn't want to leave both himself and Terra vulnerable to whatever explosive power was lurking within the cannons of those tanks.

He reached the edge of the soil and paused. If the Champu attacked him, he would unleash the rest of the battlechip data lurking within his blade. He planned a deft thrust toward whichever virus attempted to attack him, releasing the pent up force within the blade to hurl the virus back across the battlefield.

1. Shotgun Sword Wave (50) to ChampuA with Spread (50) to whatever.
2. Strafing dodge to left
3. Counterthrust Sword Cannon (40 + Knockback) to attacking Champu
Noticing they were surrounded, the navis took quick action.

First, Terra used her specialty and rearranged the ground into something more natural, rings of soil, grass, sand, and then mud spinning outward from her location. Durandal used this opportunity to chain a nearby Champu with a rending shockwave, that managed to slice through another virus.

Both navis moved, wary of incoming virus attacks. The Beetanks struggled to position their cannons in the mud as the attacked Champus angrily warped toward the Navis, only to find they had moved out of the way. Terra used this chance to eliminate both Champus with a well-placed slap of one into the other.

Durandal decided that firing in the same direction was to their benefit, so as the Champus smacked against each other, they were also blasted into each other again with another shockwave.

A bomb from a beetank flew over their heads.

-Grass (Surrounding!)-
ChampuA: COMBO'D
ChampuB: COMBO'D
ChampuC: 60 HP
ChampuD: 60 HP

-Mud / [2] Movement Away-
BeetankA: 50 HP
BeetankB: 50 HP
BeetankC: 50 HP

Terrain: 15% Soil (center), 15% Grass (around Soil), 15% Sand (around Grass), 15% Mud (around Sand), 40% Metal (surrounding mud)

Terra.EXE: 150 HP (Soil)[Rageclaw 5/6]
Durandal: 150 HP (Soil)
A small smile appeared on Terra's face briefly as two of the four Champu were destroyed by her teamwork with Durandal. However, seeing the Beetank shell fly over her head, she crouched defensively, ready to leap out of its range. Thankfully, she saw the explosive go out of range, and her posture relaxed. She couldn't afford to be that relaxed, though; she had to do something about those tanks.

"I can see you're looking at those Beetanks."

"Mm," murmured Terra, looking at the rolling viruses.

"I'm sending in Pulsar and Shotgun," said Scarlet, with some accompanying button-pressing.

With the chip data sent to her systems, Terra turned to Durandal, who had been fending off the Champu with his fancy swordplay. "I'm going after the tanks," she said simply, and dashed off towards the Beetank group. Weaving past any of the Champu that tried to stop her, she arrived at the metal flooring beyond her circles of earth. She stopped in her tracks, skidding to a halt before the spherical tanks.

Terra looked down towards the metallic flooring, and stretched out her opened palm. Immediately, the ground began to warp and twist, forming a small pillar as if it was liquid. The pillar slowly formed a larger head at the top, which pulled some wires from beneath the metal floor into it. The head then started to form two barrels in front of it, and the pillar slowly dissolved into the head, leaving it to hover. Shortly after some beeps and sparks, a crude grey double-barreled cannon floated a few feet above the twisted metal floor.

Terra looked at the three viruses, and pointed her finger towards it. The cannon whirred to life in response, emitting a green laser beam that sweeped across the area. As soon as it locked onto a Beetank in front of another, it swiveled in the viruses' direction, and a large slug exited the first of its two barrels with a resounding bang. The swiveling continued as it tried to search for the last one with its sweeping laser. It quickly did. This time, instead of firing a Shotgun, it blasted a high pulse of energy that warped the air around it as it traveled through the air towards the Beetank.

[| [color=darkgreen]Terra.EXE[/color] |]
[1] Movement: Towards Beetanks
[2] Shotgun @ BeetankA/B/C [Null 50 + Spread1]
[3] Pulsar1 @ Remaining Beetank [Null 70 + Object-Activated Blast2]
"I'm going after the tanks," Terra said and dashed forward across the grassy terrain.

Durandal merely grunted in response. If it was as simple as that, then so be it. He would do his best to deal with the remaining Champu. He widened his stance, feet even with his shoulders, and held his sword at the ready. He narrowed his eyes as he waited for the two remaining boxers to approach.

"I'm sending you the RageClaw data," Katherine said.

Durandal nodded in response, the energy from the battlechip already moving through his system and into his sword. However, he did not yet activate the battlechip, preferring to wait his chance. He dropped his blade low, hoping to lure one of the viruses in with a feint. As the Champu neared, Durandal struck. He slashed with his blade in a diagonal chop, sword slicing through the air toward the virus. He followed the strike with a second slice and a third, hoping to cut down the Champu before it could connect with its flaming fists.

He moved toward the second virus, activating the RageClaw battlechip. Strength surged through him as he charged, his muscles tightening as they doubled in size. He raised the sword above his head and slammed it downward in a wicked overhead slash. With luck, he would bisect the virus before it could dodge.

Durandal's charge carried him past the virus and he spun on his heel, swinging the sword like a ball player so the flat of the blade was poised to smash into the Champu. His muscles tensed as he completed his swung. If the virus didn't dodge, the blade backed by Durandal's enhanced strength would send it hurling toward its companion and disrupt any counter attack made by the Champus.

1. Dance of Blades (20x3 Slashing DMG) to ChampuC
2. Rage Claw (40 Slashing DMG) to ChampuD
-- Swordplay Dodge
3. Rage Claw (20 Impact DMG) to ChampuD and ChampuC

((Not sure if Swordplay works off of SigAttks or not.))
After taking out some of their nearby adversaries, Terra made her intentions clear to her partner and set off towards the distant Beetanks. Both of the Champus saw her move and warped up to attack, but Durandal intercepted one with a swift triple slash that reduced the virus to data fragments. Terra ducked the second virus's inital jab but received a glancing blow on her left side as she passed by.

While Durandal continued dealing with the final Champu, Terra created a crude floating shotgun turret closer to the Beetanks. On her command, it unleashed a powerful blast that made contact with two of the tanks and instantly deleted them. The turret followed that up with a fast and deadly Pulsar attack which sailed through the air and smacked into the last Beetank before it could try to retaliate.

She had just enough time after that to turn around and witness Durandal smashing the other Champu down into the ground with a RageClaw. He followed it up with another smash that sent the virus flying until it hit the ground several yards away and practically shattered into junk data.

-Grass (Surrounding!)-
ChampuA: COMBO'D
ChampuB: COMBO'D

-Mud / [2] Movement Away-

Terrain: 15% Soil (center), 15% Grass (around Soil), 15% Sand (around Grass), 15% Mud (around Sand), 40% Metal (surrounding mud)

Battle 1 Complete!

Terra.EXE: 130 HP (Soil) Rewards: LilBomb, 450z, 1FXP
Durandal: 150 HP (Soil) Rewards: FireHit1, 450z, 1FXP
"Divide and conquer," Durandal said as he watched the final virus vanish.

"My thoughts exactly," Katherine agreed. "You both did well."

Durandal sheathed his sword and gathered up his half of the rewards to send them to Katherine. He paid close attention to the battlechip data. It would allow him to deliver a fiery punch much like the Champu themselves.

He wandered over toward Terra, noticed the slight singe on her clothing.

"Are thou injured?"

[Battle 2, please]
Looking at the floating turret, Terra let her hand down, and the turret fell down into the metal, dissolving into the terrain where it came from. Walking over to the Beetank remains, she crouched near the mud and looked down at the broken data pieces. Then, she stuck her hand into the dense mud, and extracted a small glowing sphere in her hand. The sphere glowed brightly for a moment before disappearing into the air. Scarlet examined the transferred data, and identified it.

"Little Bomb battlechip data. It's not the most powerful of offenses, but can be useful in other applications," said Scarlet, downloading it into her wireless folder setup.


She stood up and heard Durandal's comment. Looking down at the left side of her chest, she saw that some of her clothing had been singed, exposing some burnt skin underneath. She touched her side lightly, wincing at the contact. "Ah-.... I'm fine. Let's go," she said, standing straight and walking past Durandal slowly.

[Battle 2 - Ready]
The duo continued through the network for a bit, eventually running into a new group of viruses. They appeared to be grouped around a small computer terminal. One of the viruses was hitting the device with electricity projected from its arms, causing the terminal to glow brightly. This was apparently exciting to the diminutive viruses that watched from in front. The tank virus nearby, however, was less amused and more interested in the two Navis on approach.

Notifying the other viruses, they abandoned the terminal and turned to face the Navis. They didn't seem like much at first, until Durandal and Terra noticed the extra backup arriving from beyond the terminal.

-Near terminal-
BillyA: 80HP (Normal)
RattyA: 60HP (Normal)
RattyB: 60HP (Normal)
CatackA: 120HP (Normal)

-Approaching from beyond terminal-
BillyB: 80HP (Glass)
RattonC: 60HP (Glass)
CatackB: 120HP (Glass)

Terrain: 50% Normal, 25% Metal, 25% Glass

Terra.EXE: 130HP (Metal)
Durandal.EXE: 150HP (Metal)

Team Battle 2, Start!
Seeing the viruses, Terra adjusted into a battle position, and surveyed the battlefield. Her eyes went to the Catack, primarily on its tiny cannon turret on top. Figuring it would take a while for it to charge its weapon, she focused on the others: an electric-looking virus, and a couple of rodents. Not really having an idea of what to do, she stood in place, when her operator came into communication.

"That electric virus is a Billy, which shoots balls of lightning," chimed in Scarlet. "The rat is Ratty, it fires ground-based missiles. It's a pretty mobile virus, so you might want to eliminate it first. The last is a Catack, which I think you know how it attacks."

"... Ah," muttered Terra, nodding to herself. An idea emerged, and she mulled over it briefly before stating, "... Littlebomb."

A tap on Scarlet's holographic console, and Terra found herself holding a light brown sphere in her hand. Examining it revealed a small round button on the side, surrounded by a green indicator light. She turned to the viruses, and grasped the little ball tightly in her hand. Then, crouching down, she lightly pressed the button, and rolled the sphere towards the viruses on the floor. A beep sounded from the bomb as the indicator light turned red and it rolled across the floor.

Moments later, the explosive detonated with a deafening sound, and Terra dashed quickly towards the terminal near the viruses. Her movement was not in a straight line, as she also leapt to the sides every now and then to add an evasive aspect to her movement. "RageClaw," she requested. The result was evident quickly as a mass of rock gathered from the ground at Terra's side, which formed itself into her trademark floating rock-fist.

Then, stopping near the Ratty, she swept her hand in a scooping motion, commanding the hand to try and sweep up one of the Ratty and knock it into the other. As the small cloud of smoke from the explosive detonated earlier cleared, Terra's eyes scanned the area warily, not letting her guard down.

[| [color=darkgreen]Terra.EXE[/color] |]
[1] LilBomb @ Near-Terminal Group [Null 50 + Blast2]
[2] Zig-zag Closer to Ratty [Movement]
[3] RageClaw1 @ RattyA/B [Null 20 + Impact]
"More so soon?" Durandal muttered to himself. "And I was just beginning to enjoy the calm."

The Navi drew his sword, silvery blade reflecting the light from the sparks of electric current. His eyes took in the battlefield and the opponents arrayed against him and Terra. The immediate area was split into three distinct terrain types. His boots echoed hollowly against metallic plating while the viruses closest to him where standing on normal flooring. More crystalline glass reached into the distance behind some kind of electrical device. A group of viruses stood around the device, two rodents, a large tank and some form of yellow virus equipped with what looked like dual lances. The yellow virus was touching the device, energy arcing from the lances to the device and causing it to glow. A second group of viruses stood in the distance, but they were approaching quickly.

Durandal nodded to himself as he witnessed Terra lob a small explosive toward the device. She had the right of it. The two Navi would have to defeat the first group of viruses quickly if they didn't want to be overwhelmed.

"Milady, send me the Shotgun and the Shockwave, if it pleases thee." Durandal requested.

"Sure," Katherine responded. "You'll need to take out the first group before the approaching viruses can merge with them."

Durandal smiled as the familiar surge of energy washed over him. It was sometimes amazing how well he and Katherine understood each other. He directed the energy to his sword, an aura rising along the length of the blade. His eyes flicked from one virus to the next. He doubted the rodents would prove much of a challenge and the tank seemed formidable. His eyes fell on the sparks flying from the yellow virus' lances. If the virus could channel electricity, the metallic flooring would be more than dangerous. He decided to focus his efforts first on the electric virus and then on the large tank.

The Navi swept his sword forward in a wide arch, the aura swirling around the blade sailing toward the Billy in a razor sharp crescent. The bladed projectile soared over the battlefield, threatening to cleave the Billy in twain and continue on to wreak havoc among the lesser viruses.

As the crescent left his blade, Durandal was already on the move. He cut to his left, moving in a flanking maneuver in the hopes of catching the small group of viruses in a single line. Durandal thrust his sword into the ground as he ran, the blade cutting a shallow furrow in the panels beneath him. As he attained his position, Durandal clasped his sword in both hands and ripped it from the earth in an uppercut. A shockwave of energy rippled across the ground, heading straight toward the tank virus. If the other viruses were standing along the shockwave's path, they would no doubt be sent flying as well.

1. Shotgun (50 + Spread1) to BillyA
2. Maneuver to set up Shockwave
3. Shockwave (40 + Piercing + Line Attack) to CatackA
Terra initiated combat with a boom, rolling a LilBomb straight into the midst of the viruses crowded around the terminal. One of the Ratty viruses scurried away before the blast, but the rest were caught in a large explosion. Durandal followed the attack with one of his own, sending a crescent wave of energy at the Billy. It cleaved through the virus and clipped the injured Ratty as well, which was enough to finish both.

Strafing as she approached the terminal viruses, Terra now had a large rock-hand in tow. Lacking in options due to the first Ratty's demise, she instead sent the virus's partner flying into the Catack, disturbing it somewhat. Not long after, a shockwave passed through the ground courtesy of Durandal and tore through the Catack, leaving it in critical condition. Angered by being hit with flying mice and painful explosions, the virus made a desperate attempt to launch an attack.

The Catack's cannon made a loud yet dull thump as it sent a projectile straight into Durandal's chest. Meanwhile, the three viruses coming to assist arrived and stopped near the terminal.

-Near terminal-
RattyB: 40HP (Normal)
CatackA: 10HP (Normal)
BillyB: 80HP (Normal)
RattonC: 60HP (Normal)
CatackB: 120HP (Normal)

Terrain: 50% Normal, 25% Metal, 25% Glass

Terra.EXE: 130HP (Normal)
Durandal.EXE: 130HP (Metal)

Terra turned to her ally, as the Catack fired a shell straight at him. Seeing the armor on her ally mostly undamaged, Terra breathed a small sigh of relief. She turned back to the offending virus, and glared at it intensely. Clenching her fist, she sprinted to the side, circling the enemy group. All the time, she focused on the little tank that had its tiny commander sticking out the top.


As her operator transferred the new chip, Terra stopped her circular strafe at one particular point. She then whipped out her rock-hand, and added some nice claws to the ends of its fingers. Determined, she hurled the hunk of earth at the viral tank, its claws extended to full length. Once it had reached its destination, the claws clamped in, creating a vicegrip on whatever it had caught. With a heave, Terra lifted up the fist and brought it down towards a nearby Ratty.

At the same time, she had loaded the Shotgun chip to her left arm, but not in her usual fist-forming method. Instead, she had loaded it in the vanilla way, and formed a standard double-barreled cannon on her lower arm. Checking to make sure of its primed status, she pointed it at the Ratty she had targeted earlier, and fired a shot.

[| [color=darkgreen]Terra.EXE[/color] |]
[1] Circlestrafe Virus Group [Movement]
[2] RageClaw1 @ CatackA + RattyC [Null 20 + Impact]
[3] Shotgun @ RattyB/C [Null 50 + Spread1]
The impact from the tank's main cannon was enough to take Durandal off his feet. The Navi fell back a good three feet and landed heavily. He lay flat on his back, momentarily dazed. He shook his head, clearing away his dizziness, and slid his hand over his armor. It was mostly undamaged from the impact and he didn't believe that he had any internal injuries.

"Durandal!" Terra shouted.

The Navi raised his hand in a thumbs up in response and slowly pushed himself to his feet. He had somehow managed to keep his grip on his sword and now swung the blade back and forth as he surveyed the battlefield. Two of the viruses had been defeated while two more were injured. However, the reinforcements had arrived to bolster the original virus squadron. He and Terra had their work cut out for them.

Durandal watched Terra's movements, determining the targets of her wrath with little trouble. She was circling the virus group to maneuver herself near the wounded viruses. With luck, she would be able to remove them from the fight in short order. He nodded to himself. That left the reinforcements. He doubts that he had the arsenal to take out both the Billy and the Catack before they could counter him, but he knew he could disable one of them with little effort.

Flames sprouted from Durandal's pauldrons like an infernal cloak as Katherine inserted a single BattleChip. The flames followed the usual path of chip energy, swarming over his arms and wreathing his sword. His armor began to glow with the intense heat and the fire bathing his sword caused the silvery blade to turn a cherry red. Durandal charged.

The Navi broke his run as he neared the viruses, sidestepping into a strafe before bolting headlong toward the uninjured Catack. The flames left a fiery trail in the air as Durandal slashed down at the virus. The blade was positioned to cut deep, cleaving into the tank's main gun. The Navi spun to his side, circling the virus. A second sweep of the blade was designed to decapitate the miniature commander sticking out of the top of the vehicle.


1. Dodge
2. FireHit1 (60 Fire DMG + Impact) to CatackB
3. DOUBLE ATTACK! Firehit1 to CatackB