SciLab: First Run

<<< From Science Labs: UnderSub Apartments <<<

A swirling wave of energy began to compose itself on the network as Recon appeared in a new environment. Still a little woozy after the last battle, he looked around.

This is a little different, he inquired out loud.

That's right, we're in a different network, Steve commentent. How did the training go?

Training? Recon was confused.

Steve checked the PET. Unfortunately, he hadn't put the education tool into Recon's stasis plan.

That's going to annoy me, Steve growled. Two weeks of missed education.

TWO WEEKS? Recon stammered. Why was I out for so long?!

Another time. Did the new weapon download properly? Steve asked.

What weapon? Recon wondered out loud. He felt his back to check. Left side sniper, check. Right side...

Recon checked his right side. It looked just like the Cannon he'd fired a couple of times in battle. That's it? he asked.

It's not much right now, Steve agreed. When your process banks open up to me, I can restore that to its former glory. Until then, that's all it is, a glorified Cannon.

Does it have a name? Recon asked.

Of course. That's a dumbed-down version of your old D-01 rocket launcher, Steve explained. The proper ammunition has the power to pierce defenses, but these rounds won't. Now go and battle already, I need some diagnostic data for Nick's laptop.

Feeling like a science experiment, Recon began to move.

[[[Requesting Battle #1]]]
RANDOM FACT: Wood panels are the only elemental panels in the MMBN universe that stay on the field to aid Wood-types. In most games, Lava and Sea panels disappear after a short time, and Magnet panels do not aid Elec-types, but they don't hinder either.
With new toys at his expense, Recon traveled around the Scilab network until he came across a bundled group of viruses. Three bunny viruses were circling around something, not identifiable at Recon's angle, but soon recognized the navi's presence and began to charge up their electric ears!

-On Metal-
BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP

Terrain: 60% Solar, 40% Metal

Recon.EXE: 100 HP [Solar]

Recon looked down and noticed a very light path was glowing on the ground. Tracking it far into the distance, Recon wondered where it lead to. He'd didn't have long to think about it before a buzzing noise broke his concentration. Turning to the source of the sound, his gaze fell upon three new virii.

We've got company, Recon reported. Some weird electric virii with large feet and two stems sticking up.

Steve had to process this for a second. Sounds like Bunnys. Their attacks fly rather quickly, so you'd better start moving, he advised.

Recon began his lap running again. A moving target was harder to hit than a stationary one, and Recon didn't feel like taking damage this time. As he ran, he noticed the panels below him were slightly glowing; not as bright as the path he'd seen earlier, but glowing nonetheless.

This glowing stuff isn't going to be a problem, is it? he asked.

No. Those are Solar panels. They recharge Electrical-based programs and boost the power of Wood-style attacks, but that's all, Steve replied.

Okay. Taking solace in this fact, Recon requested his first two chips. Requesting Guard and Cannon, he inquired of his operator.

As Steve loaded the chips into the PET, he took another look at the screen. As he looked at the enemy, they confirmed his first guess on their identity; there were indeed Bunnys. The ground they stood on was different to the Solar panels Recon was running on, but he couldn't get a good look at them from the distance.

Recon, see if you can get a closer look at terrain the Bunnys are on as you advance forward, he asked.

As the battlechips began their manifestation, the Mettaur-oriented shield quickly stretched itself out and Recon deployed it as soon as it was ready. The Shotgun reappeared in the exact same styling it had as all the other times, and came to exist as Recon's right arm.

The EAAS, which had been dormant until now, decided to kick in and do its job. Sliding out from the headpiece and over his eyes, it once again began altering his vision.

Select your target, it requested.

Recon thought about this. Aim for the middle one, and see if you can catch another one in its wake.

The vision quickly flashed random cursors as it determined its angle. Deciding on the two Bunnies on the left, it calculated its course. Targets selected and Shotgun modification applied, it confirmed.

Still running, Recon used the motion to add some extra strength to the shot, thrusting his arm forward as the force inside accelerated out at the same time. The shot exploded forth from his buster and immediately took to flight.


[R1] R/P: Evade first fire / stay in motion.
[R2] B/C: Guard1 [Up to 60 Dmg + Reflect] {Equipped}
[R3] B/C: Shotgun [50 Dmg + Spread1 + [i]Seeking[/i]] @ BunnyB => BunnyA

Recon: 100 / 100 HP
[##] S-99
[#] D-01
TECHNOLOGY: Printers use CMY+B for printing images. Images can be recorded in either CMY or RGB. Either pattern has to be matted out onto a printer's spool, which then decides the inks to apply. Neither CMY or RGB allocate black, so the printer has to decide for itself when black is better to use than a CMY mix. Weird.
Recon's first move to stay in motion proved to be the right move when two of the Bunny virus fired their electric chakram straight at where the navi once stood. The other virus was smart enough to save its charge and attack at the right moment, but it couldn't foresee the Guard chip and suffered from its own zapring. The shotgun hit its mark, but its stray slugs only grazed over the other Bunny on the side.

-On Metal-
BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyC: 40 HP

Terrain: 60% Solar, 40% Metal

Recon.EXE: 100 HP [Solar] [Guard Destroyed]
Taking solace in the fact that his body was yet to be scathed, Recon continued his run around the surviving Bunnys, beginning to form a loop as he continued to keep his distance.

That's good, keep it up, Steve encouraged. One down, two to go.

As Recon continued his pass, he was able to get a closer look at the area the Bunnies were in; namely, the panels they were standing on. A silver surface reflected their reflection, and they looked pretty solid.

They're standing on solid silver panels, he reported. You can even see the Bunny's reflection on them.

Steve ran this image through his head. There was only one panel he could think of that fitted the description. Geez, those are Metal panels, he yelped. They amplify the power of electrical programs.

Recon was not pleased to hear this information. Electrical programs. Like Bunny virii, he stated bluntly. Cannon please, he requested.

Sending Cannon and Shield. Don't know how effective it will be against the side effects of electricity, but use it anyway, he concluded as he uploaded the chip into the PET's data banks, along with the defensive program. Once they were ready, Steve activated the "process/send" command and the information was on its way.

On the other side, Recon watched the shield form. It was very ingenius that his defense was comparable to a circular board. It didn't look like it would protect against anything, but thanks to previous experience, he knew better. The cannon was the more interesting part, however. As it shifted into place, Recon looked at it, then at the launcher strapped to his back. The first halves looked so similar, and yet, he was told they would serve different functions. He couldn't wait to try it out.

Focusing back on the battle at hand, Recon aimed his sights at the second Bunny. It had taken damage from its own fire, thanks to the Guard defense used earlier, and the Cannon was now capable of taking it out in a single shot.

As he continued to run, the red sights fell onto the Bunny, locking into place. In yet another strange twist, the usual voice that assisted his choice had become silent. Recon was sure there was a reason for it, but it really didn't matter right now. Using the adjusted angle to increase the accuracy, he blasted the repulsive cannonfire towards the crippled virus.


[R1] RPA: Continue running / orbit Bunnys
[R2] NCP: Shield [1-hit] [Deploy]
[R3] B/C: Cannon [40 dmg + Knockback + [i]Seeking[/i]] @ BunnyC

Recon: 100 HP / 100
[No Sigs in Cooldown]
Recon continued his movement around the Bunnies, but the viruses learned their lessons and quietly waited for the right moment. The moment Recon stopped for a brief second to activate his shield, the viruses fired their zaprings in a one-two combo that destroyed the defense and shocked up the navi to the core. This, however, didn't stop the navi from continuing his attack as the Cannon blasted the wounded Bunny apart.

-On Metal-
BunnyA: 50 HP

Terrain: 60% Solar, 40% Metal

Recon.EXE: 90 HP [Metal] [Shield Destroyed] [Stun: -1 Action]
Recon was beginning to learn the true value of teamwork the hard way. A co-ordinated attack sent two disks of airborne electricity his way, and while the Shield took care of one, he was completely defenseless for the second. As the energy pulsated through him, he noticed his body wasn't moving like it normally would, as if he'd been heavily injured.

Can't seem to move properly, he struggled to say to Steve.

Steve had already analysed the situation and withdrew the newest addition to the folder. That's the side effect I was talking about, he replied. Your systems will momentarily return to normal, just give them a few seconds to reset. As he placed the chip into the PET, he heard a sound come from outside the hallway. A loud crash, followed by running footsteps.

Back on the net, Recon finished transmitting the new battlechip data. The integration on the new layout reminded him of the Rageclaw, but instead of three blades shooting out, only one rather thick one emerged from the end of his arm. Slicing it through the air, it was quick, easy to use, and felt... deadly.

Good, your systems are back to normal, Steve replied. I think you can figure the rest out.

The Bunny wasn't too far away. Somehow, Recon had managed to find his way onto the same metal field as his enemy. Not a good idea, largely due to its amplifying effects. This was going to be interesting.

As he ran towards his enemy, he noticed that the EAAS wasn't directing his moves again. This worried Recon a little, as he wasn't sure whether it was due to him doing the right thing, or because it was basic training, or worse, it had malfuntioned. Regardless, as he closed the distance between himself and his foe, he drew him arm back and swung the sword full-force at the remaining virus.


[R1] ===: Stunned
[R2] RPA: Slide along metal panels to Bunny
[R3] B/C: Sword [80 dmg + Slashing]

Recon: 90 / 100 HP

[Sigs in Cooldown]
Recon suffered from temporary paralysis from the Bunny's attack, but the virus stood there to briefly to catch its breath rather than taking advantage of its stunned opponent. Before it realized, Recon snapped out of it and began his mad dash towards his last target with the Sword. In hesitation, the Bunny fired its Zapring, but it was a futile effort when the navi took the attack head on and diced the virus in half.

-On Metal-

Terrain: 60% Solar, 40% Metal

Recon.EXE: 70 HP [Metal]

100z + [Zapring1] BattlechipZapRing1
Damage: 40 + Stun 1
Accuracy: A
Description: Shoots electricity in a ring shape to stun an enemy in their tracks.
Duration: Once
Element: Elec
Recon stopped and turned around. A perfect slice rendered the Bunny out of action and made him the victor. Watching the core fragment, he recovered the antennae from the debris and sent it through upload to Steve. Are you able to use this? he asked.

Blank chip in, a few finger swipes and pushes, and a new ZapRing1 battlechip came out. Sure can. Say hello to your first... well, not really first... elemental battlechip, he replied.

Turning his attention back to the dimly-lit path, Recon began following it into the network.


GET ZENNY: 100 (630 => 730)
GET BATTLECHIP: Zapring1 [40 Dmg + Stun1] {A}

Recon: 70 / 100 HP

Recon didn't travel too far till the warm-lit solar panels disappeared with the dull metal floor. He could see Mr.Progs running back and forth, carrying important scientific data throughout the network from one point to another. However, one unfortunate Prog found himself ambushed by a group of viruses, preying for the data it was holding onto...It seems like they haven't realize Recon's presence. Perfect!

RattyA: 60 HP
RattyB: 60 HP
CannonGuardA: 60 HP
CannonGuardB: 60 HP

Mr.Prog: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Recon.EXE: 70 HP

Recon looked at the situation in front of him. With all the attention focused on the lone Prog, Recon hadn't been spotted. This was his chance. Shotgun, he whispered to his operator. He hid his arm behind his back as the chip manifested itself into the navi, making as little of a commotion as possible.

Rattys and CannonGuards. This spells trouble, Steve informed him. Both have high hit-ratios, so if you're going to help that Prog, expect to take some fire.

Understood, Recon replied. Taking his aim on the two towers, Recon re-evaluated his battle plan. It was quite likely that the spread could hit both CannonGuards, as they were mostly immobile, whereas the Rattys looked like they could move at any second. They were going to need more attention than the Cannons, but eliminating one virus at a time would be the only way to pull off a successive rescue.

Just like old times, Steve sighed in an almost nostalgic fashion. Get to it.

The sight locked, and Recon fired the shotgun at the first tower. Now that he had their attention, it was time for a more defensive tact. Guard please, he requested as he made his way towards the Mr Prog.

Uploading the chip once again, Steve reminded his partner of the flaw in his plan. You do realise there's four of them and only one of you, right? he questioned as the Guard appeared in front of Recon. That thing's only good for one hit. After that, it's all on you.

I know, he replied. It looks like I can take more damage than the other guy though.

Just be ready, Steve reported before turning back to the chip folder for his next selection.

Attempting to be interference for the defending side, Recon threw himself in front of the mysterious "Mr Prog".


[R1] Shotgun [50 dmg + Spread1] @ CannonGuardA => CannonGuardB
[R2] Guard1 [<60 dmg + Reflect1]
[R3] Dodge / Move in front of Mr Prog

Recon: 70 / 100 HP
[Sigs in Cooldown]
The shotgun strayed true as the bullets bore through the CannonGuard's unprotected back and turned the viruses' attention towards Recon. Bravely putting himself within the enemy fire, the navi was able to deflect one of the Ratty's homing bomb, but took a single shot from the CannonGuard's accurate fire head on.

The teary eyed Mr. Prog frantically bowed its head in thanks and quickly ran off into a safe distance by taking the chance Recon has given.

RattyA: 10 HP
RattyB: 60 HP
CannonGuardA: 10 HP
CannonGuardB: 10 HP

Mr.Prog: 50 HP [Safe]

Terrain: 100% Metal

Recon.EXE: 55 HP [Guard Destroyed]
With Mr Prog safe for the minute, Recon quickly re-evaluated his battle plan. The Cannons were now heavily damaged, but the Ratty that had attacked him had burned a hole in his strategy: the Rattys were far more powerful. Taking them out would be most beneficial for his health.

Shield, please, he requested.

You know, you can access that yourself, don't you? Steve asked.

I can? As he played around with the idea, the Shield generated in front of him and attached itself to his arm. That's convenient. Does that mean I can call out the Guard shield too?

No, that's different, Steve replied.

How? Recon wondered.

I'll explain later, get back to the battle at hand, he blunty ordered.

Recon took inventory of the remaining virii. There were still four of them, but three had taken serious damage and were critically injured. The Ratty was now Recon's main concern. Grabbing the rocket launcher on his back and pulling it forward, Recon harnessed it on his shoulder and held it steady with his right arm. The aiming system once again began its assisting, bearing down on the mobile rat. Getting a lock, Recon planted his feet down hard and stood firm as the blast of the attack shot out of the tube and hurtled towards its foe.

Recon began to jump to the left, and then to the right, almost swivelling as he landed, quickly throwing himself back in the direction in which he'd come.

What ARE you doing? a disturbed Steve asked.

If it works, I'll call it my "No Owies dance", Recon laughed as he continued to "dance".

Steve shook his head in a mix of disbelief and embarrassment.


[R1] NCP: Shield [1-Hit] [Deployed]
[R2] S/A: D-01 Rocket Launcher [40 Dmg] => RattyA
[R3] RPA: Evade return fire

Recon: 55 / 100 HP
[Sigs In Cooldown]
[<<] D-01

[[[OoC: Do I have to specify Recon's passive ability every round to have use of it, or is it just taken for granted?]]]
[Try to mention it when you do use it, it's easier for the mod to remember.]

As Recon deployed his Shield program, the Ratty continued their relentless assault, firing their little homing missiles without fail. One rodent, however, got in the path of Recon's rocket launcher, and was subsequently deleted, while the other's missile rebounded off of his shield. His dance later on, however embarrassing, proved to be useful, as he dodged the Canodumbs' shots easily.

RattyB: 60 HP
CannonGuardA: 10 HP
CannonGuardB: 10 HP

Mr.Prog: 50 HP [Safe]

Terrain: 100% Metal

Recon.EXE: 55 HP [Shield Destroyed]
And then there were three. As the Ratty disintegrated, Recon's Shield did the same, having burnt out from the remaining Ratty's reply. Ignoring the more imminent threat, Recon turned his attention back to the two towers.

Stop changing targets, you'll get yourself overwhelmed, Steve ordered.

Not bothering to reply to Steve's undermining of his objectives, Recon finished his dance and began dashing to the right, keeping an eye out for potential attacks. It was still a fair fight, and Recon needed to stay alert if he was going to swing the battle in favour of himself. Cannon, he requested.

Of course; I'm just your chip folder, what do I know... he muttered sarcastically as he slotted the Cannon into the PET and began the upload procedure. Cut that out, at least his battle skills are coming back online, he criticized himself.

The Cannon took shape and locked into place as Recon lined up the closest CannonGuard. The tower was still stationary, but that didn't guarantee a hit. He continued to move aside as the targeting took its time locking onto a still object.

That took forever, he complained as the scope finally came to rest on the target's firing station. Releasing the charge, a nice collection of code-altering hurtyness flew towards the enemy. Not wasting any time, Recon continued to move right, to become in line with the enemy.

Something must have caught Recon's attention, because without any delay Recon suddenly grounded his feet, curled his back and threw his body back in the direction in which he came. Not sure what triggered such a reaction, or how he'd performed said action, the navi landed gracefully on both feet and looked back at where he'd been to see if the instinctual reaction was justified.


[R1] RPA: Dodge next barrage of fire
[R2] B/C: Cannon [40 Dmg + Knockback] @ CannonGuardB
[R3] RPA: ...Backflip?

Recon: 55 / 100 HP
[Sigs In Cooldown]
[>~] D-01
The next hail of fire came as expected, with the Cannon Guards recharged for another shot. Unfortunately, the damaged state of the turrets caused one of their targeting systems to misfire. The other shot was dodged easily, and its exposed muzzle fired upon with an excellent Cannon blast. The remaining Ratty continued to fire its missile, but Recon's skills allowed him to backflip to dodge it and... land smack in front of it again. D'oh!

RattyB: 60 HP
CannonGuardA: 10 HP
CannonGuardB: DELETED

Rattymissile: 50HP [Homing in!]

Mr.Prog: 50 HP [Safe]

Terrain: 100% Metal

Recon.EXE: 55 HP
[[[OoC: If anybody would like to read this and let me know how to better RP the following, please PM me on how you would've done better.]]]

Recon's instinct to evacuate was right; having missed him the first time, the newly established Rattymissile had turned around and was heading his way. It didn't look like any of his remaining long-range weapons had enough firepower to take it out. Recon really only had one choice.

Sword, quick! he yelled as it flew towards him. The sharp blade replaced his fingers as it slid out, read for battle. Immediately pulling it back as it solidified, he began running towards the missile. As he closed the distance, his targeting system attempted to lock onto the moving target, but the red circles were having a hard time fixating on the rapidly approaching object.

You need my help, the EAAS alerted, and as a few visual style changes flashed across his vizor, the circles closed together to confirm its projected attack destination. It looked different this time around; it was projecting a melee-type attack, not the usual shot-type, and had to adjust accordingly.

Here goes nothing, Recon stated before beginning his assault. As the navi and missile met, Recon swiped through the air at the missile's projected location, hoping to slice it in half. No time for stopping though, as his gaze met the Ratty responsible for the attack and continued to bear down on it, strafing left and right as he did so.

Just die already! he yelled as he again thrust the blade forward, attempting to reduce the virus count to one.


[R1] B/C: Sword [80 Dmg + Slashing] [#####<] @ RattyMissile
[R2] RPA: Dodge / Move forward
[R3] B/C: Sword [80 Dmg + Slashing] [####<~] @ RattyB

Recon: 55 / 100 HP
[Sigs in Cooldown]
[#>] D-01