Go! Rydell.EXE!

(music continued!)
Rydell fell onto the sterile white tilework of the Scilab network, naturally landing on his feet. "Yo, Em! I'm in, babe!"

"Right. Just delete any viruses nearby, okay? They couldn't have gotten far." Camille's voice cracked through the private band. Rydell nodded silently, a pleased grin on his face. He spotted a group of viruses off in the distance, and ran at them full-out.

(battle one, doggs!)
Running towards the viruses, Rydell found them to be simple Metools, swinging their pickaxes above their heads, ready for a fight. They spot Rydell sprinting towards them and readied their weapons for a fight!

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP

Rydell.EXE: 100HP

-Obligatory Newbie Battle 1, Start!-
Rydell skidded to a stop, the corners of his mouth turned down in surprise. "Huh? Little Mets? What's the deal with this, Em?"

"I, uh... They were all I could find..." Camille blushed. "Let's just get rid of them... They look like they've gotten lost."

"Heh... Yeah, maybe. Well, it's their funeral." He lowered himself into an offensive stance, thumbing his nose at the basic viruses making angry motions in his direction. "You guys ready for a party?" The metools, of course, didn't have anything to say.

Camille opened her hand, staring down at the chips Samo had pushed on her. A Cannon, a Rageclaw, and a Shotgun... They were painfully basic, but they were more than what she'd had two minutes ago. These viruses were terribly basic, too. "Alright, Rydell, I'm going to send you some chips. Do you remember how to do all this?"

Rydell flipped his bangs with one hand. "Come on, gimme some credit! To me, it's like riding a bike. You can take the cat out of the jungle, et cetera."
Camille smiled. "Alright. Just don't get yourself killed." She slid the chips into their respective slots, watching the screen intently.
"You do know who you're talking to, right?"

"Anyway." Rydell took a simple step forward and lifted his left foot off the ground, his hands balled into fists and pressed against either hip, his knuckles facing the three lost viruses. He suddenly leaned forward and pushed his left hand out, palm straight, fingers together, his arm reaching full extension just as his left foot hit the ground. There was a loud retort, not quite like a gunshot, and the air rippled as the force of the blow traveled through the air. He then bolted toward another Metool, jumping into the air and kicking down at it as he passed overhead. There was another retort, but this time it was accompanied by a brief flash of light at his heel. The concussion lifted Rydell higher into the air, throwing off his equilibrium. He failed to land on his feet, but he hit the ground at a roll, and quickly spun around to see the results of his attack.

PASSIVE - Bassline (5 Drain, 1 DR): Current target is whichever Metool survives. If more than one survives, it's whoever has the least HP. If their HP is the same, it's alphabetical.
1 - Shotgun (50, Spread1) to MetoolA. Spread damage targeted at MetoolB.
2 - Cannon (40, Knockback) to MetoolC.
3 - Dodge
(( Summary should be done like: Cannon (40, Knockback) to MetoolC. Indicate damage number, effects and target. ))
(oh, doi. totally slipped my mind. thanks for reminding me.)
Rydell's confidence proved to be less than well-founded, as his Shotgun attack pulled left, completely missing its mark, and leaving a nice blast mark on a far panel. Fortunately, Cannon's fate was far more beneficial to him, causing its victim Metool to explode into harmless data fragments. One of its friends attempted to avenge it by pulling out its pickaxe and sending forth a 'mighty' shock wave, but the Navi managed to see it and act accordingly. By which he evaded it. Bassline then did its thing, doing slight damage to the offending Metool while healing him. Not that he especially needed it at the moment.

MetoolA: 35 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP

Rydell.EXE: 100 HP