Scientific Nonsense

Eternalis shortly materialized in an empty room, which was another gateway into the actual Net, in this case, the SciLab Net. Because there wasn't much to look at in the room, he immediately headed for the exit portal into the Net.

After reappearing in another portal, Eternalis walked out to the SciLab Network. The open space was much larger than that of the earlier net, but a bit less colorful, since it was a laboratory net, not a town net.Wow. Sure is different from the ACDC Net I was just in.
Well, not really. It's also a network, no big deal about it, Harke replied.
Well, how about that unwnvrs.dat file? How does that work in getting me a mission here?
I dunno, actually. The BBS said to download it for accepting the mission. Try opening it or something.
Sure, why not.

OPENING > ./Downloads/unwnvrs.dat
PROGRESS > ||||||||| 90%
((This mission is Modlocked by Goroke))

When the download was complete, the mission data opened automatically in front of Eternalis. It was a holographic screen briefing the navi with slideshows, report data, and etc. All the pictures shown was either too blurry or showed small parts of the virus. In the end, everything disappeared from the screen and a single message appeared.

"The virus you are to track down has been sighted in the northern SciLab area. Attempt to seize the virus for examination, however, use force if it is necessary."

The screen disappeared, leaving Eternalis to begin his mission!
The screen disappeared, leaving Eternalis to begin his mission.

North SciLab... That would be SciLab 2, right?
The map says it is.
Okay, off I go, then!

Eternalis began walking in the northern direction, as directed by the data file. As he walked, he noticed that the virii in SciLab were different than those in the ACDC Area.

So the virii are different as well as the area...
They're probably influenced by the area and adapted to it.
So in the virus world, evolution exists?
Of course, they probably didn't originate from a single bit. Someone probably programmed some sentience into them in the first place.
Probably some lunatic. Oh look, there's the portal to the northern area.
Huh. No virii ambushes. Weird.

Looking forward to his new mission, Eternalis jumped headfirst into the portal and reappeared, also headfirst, through the other portal. As a result, he fell face first onto the cyberfloor.

Not a word.
As soon as Eternalis rose from the floor, the first thing he saw was a group of champus looking down at the navi. It seems like Eternalis entered the virii's territory, and they're not going to let you go so easily. They clinched their fist and prepared for battle!

ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 100 HP

Hey, new virii! Mayhap they are the ones we are hunting for! exclaimed Eternalis.
Riiiiiight. Okay. Database info says they're Champus. 60HP, fire-based. Attacks with a teleport punch to the face, Harke replied.
Okay, teleport... punch?
No joke. Oh well, here's your chip thing. Shotgun, slot in! Harke said as he slotted in a Shotgun chip into his PET.
Time to bust!

Eternalis' left hand began to shimmer in a dim light as a shotgun barrel appeared in its place. He held the barrel in his right hand, aimed at one of the Champus and fired off a shot, which induced a recoil towards his left arm and pushed him backwards, after which the shotgun barrel disappeared in a flash.

Then, standing up, he held out his right arm, a bluish gleam took its place there, and he tensed his arm and concentrated on one of the other Champus, attempting to manipulate its inherent water data. Then, a clear shield of water assimilated itself in front of the arm, reminiscent of the manipulated water data.

Shotgun to ChampuA (50, Spread1)
Aquatic Influence to ChampuB (40, 1-Hit Shield)
Dodge Reserved
Eternalis shot straight to the Champu's forehead with his precise aiming, nearly destroying the virus. Then, navi's watery attack instantly doused the Champu and deleted it. Everything looked like it was going well, until the one Champu who wasn't hit at all suddenly appeared in front of Eternalis and threw a powerful straight. Thankfully, the shield created not so long ago was able to stop the blow, giving the navi the chance to dodge the second strike.

ChampuA: 10 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 100 HP [Shield Destroyed!]
Urgh! That was a close one! Eternalis said as the shield he created was smashed by one of the Champus, terrifyingly close to his face, unfortunately. Or perhaps fortunately, from another point of view.

These guys are tough!
I second that. Finish these guys off and it's home free. Er, I think. Never mind. Cannon, RageClaw, Guard1, slot in! Harke said as he slotted in the three chips into his PET chip slot.
I see. Time to bust some more!

The Cannon chip immediately materialized on Eternalis' left arm. He aimed at the weakened Champu, held the cannon with his right hand, and fired the deleting shot. The Cannon immediately disappeared from sight after the attack, replaced by large, overbearing bear claws. (no pun intended)

Shifting his attention to the unaggressed Champu, Eternalis lunged towards the fire virus and slashed at it with all his might focused into the bear claws that he possessed in his left hand, which then vanished in a dim shine.

Then, anticipating another teleport punch, Eternalis activated his Guard1 chip, inducing the appearance of a large yellow shield shadowing the body of the blue Navi, protecting him from the next attack that was soon to come.

Cannon to ChampuA (40, Knockback)
RageClaw to ChampuC (40, Slashing)
Guard1 to Self (Reflect Max 60)
The weakened champu was instantly destroyed by the cannon and the other was slashed deep by the Rageclaw. The surviving Champu mustered all his strength to at least land a hit to the navi worked and it didn't at the same time. The guard chip laid by Eternalis successfully deflected one of the punches, but it lefts the navi wide open for the next swing. In the end, the Champu was able to hit the navi and Eternalis got a big bad bruise on his cheek...

ChampuC: 10

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 90 HP
(( Oh yeah, I'm not very sure how to use my custom weapon. So I'll just use a couple of busters. ))

Guh! That hurt!
First blood!
Well, actually there is no blood. Also, no more chips.
Hey. On your arm. There. Oooo. A buster.
Eternalis examined his left arm, and suddenly, it transformed itself into another form, a small cannon-shaped weapon! Or a buster.
Yes! So I'll just charge this up...

Eternalis' buster began to glow a bright blue for a brief moment. As it did, he held the buster with his right arm, knelt down and aimed directly at the Champu, which was conveniently hovering(?) near him after throwing the earlier swing. Then, the buster finished its warm-up and proceeded to fire a couple of regular, uncharged buster shots towards the battered virus.

Taste BOOM!

2 regular buster shots ( 2 Attack x 2 Rapid x 2 x 2 attacks = 16)
Dodge Reservation
((Your normal buster can also utilize your custom weapon. So you can RP your post so Eternalis attacks with his Ice Longsword))

The buster made a quick one-two against the Champu, promptly deleting the virus on the site. The body disintegrated, except its pair of glove that transformed into something else. The glove glowed in dark orange and bursted into flame, revealing the loot of the battle.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 90 HP

100z + [FireHit1] Battlechip
Eternalis examined the remains of the virii and promptly discovered the shiny that it concealed.

YEAH! New chip! I'm gonna do a dance! Eternalis yelled as he began to do some kind of strange dance routine. Good thing SciLab 2 isn't much of a popular place.
So. What kind of chip did we get anyway?
Hmmm, looks like something called FireHit1.
Oh, that's a chip that can throw a fire punch from a distance.
Hey! I leveled up! More dancing opportunities to relish!
Uh... sure. Go dance.
.... Hey, weren't we supposed to take the virus for examination?
Oh yeah. That chip might be what we can take, since, well, not much is left of those Champus.
We don't even know if those Champus were the ones we were looking for.

(( Stumped here. ))
Eternalis danced and danced through the network till he encountered another set of virus. This time was the Boomer virus, glaring at the navi while brandishing its sharp boomerang. Now or never! It's time to bust out the new chip!

BoomerA: 60
BoomerB: 60
BoomerC: 60
BoomerA: 60

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 90 HP

What? You are interrupting my dancing, cretin.
Those virii over there look kind of pissed. Maybe you danced into their territory or something.
Ah. It seems so.
Eh. Lemme look them up before you go off and kill. Okay...

Booting up the Virus Database program built into his PET, Harke did a visual search for the information on the newly discovered virii.

Ah. These are quite the annoying ones. Boomers, null-element, 60HP. Attacks by firing a metal boomerang, which returns to it, obviously.
Wait, 60HP? That means.. we can use the new chip! Yeah!
You read my mind. Now go bust! FireHit1, slot in!

Eternalis faced the strange Boomers and took a fighting stance to ready himself for the ensuing struggle. His right arm gleamed with a blue incandescence, which disappeared, revealing a large boxing glove, similar to that used by the aggressive Champu.

Impressive... Now let's see what this baby can do!

Focusing his attention to one of the Boomers, he fixed his sight on the virus and concentrated his energy into the glove. Suddenly, the glove burst into flames, indicating that it was activated and ready to fire a punch to kick virii ass. He swung the fist with the mightiest bellow he could muster into the cybernetic space, aiming for the Boomer.

The glove promptly disappeared with the same flash of light it came with and Eternalis began to prepare for his next attack. His right hand, freed from the glove, began to tense up and glowed with a shine, now very familiar to him.

The hand moved in the direction of another Boomer, and he began to concentrate, focusing on the water data of the virus. Then, a wall of water appeared in front of the navi, serving its purpose as a temporary shield to protect him from an attack.

Then, he readied his body behind the shield and surveyed the surroundings for any possible counterattacks from his opponents.

1. FireHit1: BoomerA = 60, Fire
2. Aquatic Influence: BoomerB = 40, Aqua, 1-Hit Shield
3. Reserved for Dodging
Eternalis showcased his new chip against the Boomer virus, which turned out very nice. Even though the navi thought the virus would be a null element, it burned into ashes the instant the fiery fist came in contact, dealing much more damage than it would. The next watery attack worked well, dealing a hefty damage on the other Boomer.

The viruses realized that they needed to be offensive or else they would be deleted. One, in fear, threw the boomerang in an arcing angle, but the navi foresaw this attack and easily dodged it, letting his shield be of use a little longer.

BoomerB: 20
BoomerC: 60
BoomerD: 60

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 90 HP [Shield: 1-Hit]
Eternalis watched the virii

Awesome! That chip was spectacular!
Nothing short of spectacular from yours truly. Eternalis replied with laughter.
Don't get too cocky, now. We still gotta finish off the rest of the crew.
Well, I'm sorry. Chips coming along. Shotgun, Cannon, slot in! exclaimed Harke as he pulled out a Shotgun chip and a Cannon chip and inserted them into his PET once more.
Now, let's try out that Spread attribute to full effect!
Gotcha. Let's rumble!

The shotgun appeared in a gleam of blue as it always did, on Eternalis' left arm. By now he had gotten used to the same old firearm, and instinctively dropped to his knee.

Before he fired, though, he did something else. He extended his right arm towards the injured Boomer and used his Gust ability to command a wind to blow in a direction which would drive the wounded virus towards the other Boomers. Then, he immediately aimed at the injured Boomer with his Shotgun and fired a nearly deafening shot at the poor virus. The shotgun, now used to its current limit, disappeared. A large cannon took its place as weaponry, ready to fire.

As he was already in a firing position, he shifted his attention to one of the other undamaged virii and charged up the Cannon. It glowed with a yellow light before firing off a powerful shot towards the Boomer.


Free: Gust to drive BoomerB closer to BoomerC and BoomerD
1. Shotgun to BoomerB (hopefully spread to C & D) (50, Spread1)
2. Cannon to BoomerC (40, Knockback)
3. Reserved Dodge


BoomerB: 20
BoomerC: 60
BoomerD: 60

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 90 HP [Shield: 1-Hit]
((If you didn't know. Shotgun could only spread to one enemy, hence Spread1. If it was Spread20, that means the attack can spread to 20 people XD))

The gust blew the wounded virus closer to its ally, making it more prone for Eternalis' shotgun to hit both of them. They attempted to stop the navi by firing a Boomerang, but the shield absorbed the attack and gave the navi the shot with his weapon. The shotgun shredded the wounded virus with the barrage of bullets and most were able to spread to the next virus. Quickly, Eternalis took the shot with his cannon and deleted the third Boomer before it could react to the first attack.

BoomerD: 60

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 90 HP [Shield: DESTROYED]
(( Ah. I thought the Spread number meant the area where it spreads. And lol Spread20. ))

Only one left. Let's finish what we started, shall we?
I think this should do the job nicely. RageClaw, Guard1, slot in! Harke said as he slotted in the appropriate chips. Oh, but don't forget your buster, now.
I see your strategy. Okay, let's go!

Eternalis' right hand was replaced by the oversized bear claws in a bright shine of light as he lunged forward at the remaining Boomer virus. His weapons screamed as they cut the air towards the virus.

Then, as he was still near the virus, he changed his left arm into the small buster and charged it up for a quick blast of energy to deliver a crippling shot towards the Boomer.

Then, as he finished his attack, he activated the Guard chip on his right arm, whose claws dissipated in a flash of blue light, just as all weapons of its type do. The large shield once again protected Eternalis from attacks by the virus.

1. RageClaw to BoomerD (40, Slashing)
2. Normal Buster to BoomerD (2x2x2 = 8)
3. Guard1 to Self (Reflect, max 60)

BoomerD: 60

Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 90 HP
((You do know your Rageclaw can be used multiple times. You can also use it to throw your enemies around.))

In an instant, Eternalis landed a quick swipe with his claw and fired his buster. It all so happened so fast, the virus couldn't help but to fire it's boomerang in retaliation. Fortunately, the navi already prepared it's Guard and defeated the virus horde!


Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 90 HP

(( orlynao. huh ))

The Boomer exploded in a ball of fire as Eternalis watched. He jumped around in happiness.

Oh yeah! We kicked virii ass!
Oh, congrats. So....
So, what?
Are you gonna do that creepy dance again?
You do know that is so old.
(( bumpmeep ))