Back to back in the Scilab network

((Continued from looking around))

XIII came out of the entrance looking around again. They had made a few touch ups and scenery changes since he had been out of commission, but it still seemed warmly familiar to him. it might seem odd for a net navi, but he always had great enjoyment in technology, both in the real world and on the net. So he always enjoyed looking in on all the experiment they were performing (even if it meant getting caught by the security programs!).

"Hey Machman, you in yet. This is going to be fun!" He said, feeling more energized. Although if it was because of the things that were going on around him, or the anticipation of a battle that he couldn't tell the source.
Machman materializes out of the portal after XIII and checks out his new surroundings.

Nice scenery. This sure beats the bland no-man's land of ACDC net!

Machman catches up to XIII and walks at his side. He extends his arms up as he stretches and rolls his neck around to loosen up. His wings still orbit his torso as he casually walks along and he continues to take in the sights before turning back to XIII

It sure is going to be fun out here. If we encounter any viruses, feel free lead the charge. I will be right behind you!

Machman clenches his fists in anticipation and mentally prepares himself for a series battles ahead. Its show time in SciLab Net!

[XIII.EXE and Machman.EXE Status: ARMED and prepared for battle!]
"Hehe, leading the charge is what I do best, Machman." XIII said with a smirk. "I'll try to leave some for you by the time you catch up. I make no promises though."

He grinned, his left hand holding onto the nodachi at his hip just below the guard. It was odd to see a Navi carrying a sword molded after a katana, and an old style one at that. Usually when a navi had a sword, it was a laser styled one, replacing a hand or something on the arm, like out of a scifi-movie. But XIII always said he liked to have more mobility on the hand than jsut having it stuck to his arm, and whats more it was rustically understated, kind of like XIII himself in a way. It was suited to him, having an almost minimalist design, the only real decoration being the Kanji on the base of the blade, reading "Tsukiakari Ten'un" that seemed to glow in response to his will to fight.

However, things right now were quiet, save only for the distant noises of the scilab in full tilt.
"We have to be careful around here, Machman. It may look like its all peaceful, but viruses like to hide around corners. Those noises seem harmless enough, but they provide excellent cover for any noise a virus might make if its sneaking up." He remembered all too well one time when an electric based virus once got the drop on him by paralyzing him from behind. It then proceeded to give XIII a thorough beating, well that is, until the paralysis wore off. "Haha, man did I give it pay back for that one... oh sorry, got lost in my own thoughts. It happens sometimes."
Machman listens to XIII's words of caution and his wings start to move into position.

You obviously haven't seen me in combat. Speed is my specialty!

Machman then shifts his focus from showing off to the distant sounds of the net.

I'll keep your suggestions in mind. I'll cover our right side and our 6. You cover left and front.

Machman's head is now on a swivel, constantly scanning the the horizon for viruses and putting more concentration on smaller obstacles on the net floor.

[Bring on battle 1]

Machman.EXE 100HP
Virus Attack.

ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP
BoomerA: 60 HP
BoomerB: 60 HP
BoomerC: 60 HP

XIII.exe: 100 HP
Machman.exe: 100 HP

-Battle 1, Go!-
"Heh, speak of the devils. Tsukiakari Ten'un, lets get to work!" XIII said, drawing the large katana.

"Battle Routine, execute! Go get 'em XIII!" Kasumi yelled through the comlink. She had remained silent for a while, wanting XIII to have a better conversation with his new friend, but now was the time for action.

"See if you can use these! ShotGun Slot in! Heatshot, Slot in!" XIII's operator pulled the two chips out of her drawer and inserted them into the PET. XIII took aim with the shotgun, and fired at Champu A, with the splash trying to hit Boomer A. The blast was tremendous, but he wasn't done yet. his hand immediately changed to heatshot, and he fired at Champu B and Boomer B this time.

He flipped backwards again in an evasive manuver. "Ok Mach, I managed to save you some hits..."

Shotgun (50) Champu A, spread to Boomer A
Heatshot (40) Champu B, Spread to Champu B
Dodge (extra for sword type)
Cheer Machman
Machman sees the group of enemies and watches as XIII bombards the viruses with two gun chips.

Viruses Identified. Count 6. Permission to engage?

Mazer's calm voice pops into Machman's earpiece.

[Watch eachother's backs out there. Heatshot, Sword, and Boomerang chips uploaded. Engage!]

Machman prepares his own heatshot and aims towards a group of boomers. He lines up as the buster begins to heat up and glow.

Lets see how well a wood virus stacks up to a fire attack. See ya.

Machman fires the flame-laden projectile at the boomers; the projectile leaving a distinct trail of visually distorted heated air as it streaks towards the viruses. Without wasting any time, Machman's wings charge up and he boosts forward past XIII. Machman quickly examines the rest of the viruses, picking out a target. A Champu catches his eye; this one is on the outside ring of the group and is ripe for a good slashing.

Machman brings his right arm up towards his chest and it quickly turns into a glowing laser-like sword. He wips his arm back to his side and readies the blade as the spherical crystal (normally on the back of his hand) on the buster projecting the sword glows red.

Machman swoops down towards the Champu and zooms past it, slashing as he passes. He turns back towards the viruses, still moving backwards, and surveys the situation. His thrusters halt his backward momentum and rocket him back towards the viruses. Machman is now behind the group and closing fast.

[Machman, lets try out this Boomerang chip. Aim carefully and try to hit as many enemies as you can!]

Acknowleged. Continuing attack.

Machman closes in on the viruses and sees XIII just above the viruses heads. He is now taking evasive maneuvers and attempting to evade oncoming fire with his surprisingly impressive aerobatic skills. Machman brings his right arm back and prepares to throw the boomerang that materialized in his hand. He aims at the right side of the group and prepares to throw, planning that the boomerang will travel down the right side of the group, curve around, and make a return path through the left side of the group.

Machman throws the boomerang hard, propelling the boomerang in a perfectly horizontal spin. The boomerang, spinning so fast one could mistake it for a green disk, makes a humming/buzzing sound as it zips towards the viruses. The razor-sharp boomerang passes through the group and banks sharply as it turns to the left and flies straight back to Machman. Machman sees the boomerang rapidly approach and gets ready to catch it.

Boomerang approaching. Calculating spin rate... there!

Machman snatches the boomerang out of the air with his left hand, stopping the boomerang immediately. The boomerang dissolves and is absorbed into his body as the data returns to the PET. Machman breathes a sigh of relief.

[Whew. That could have ended badly for me. I can barely feel my left hand! Note to self: Do not attempt to catch boomerang when travelling in the opposite direction of the boomerang's approach. Bodily harm likely in this situation. Avoid when possible.]

Machman climbs and stays on the opposite side of the viruses than XIII, hoping to lessen the concentration of fire and increasing the possibility for evasion. Machman begins to swerve in the air irradically and shake off any possible target locks the viruses have.

Heatshot: BoomerB+C (80 damage Fire{Fire v. Wood} + splash)
Sword: ChampuC (80damage)
Boomerang + Untapped Power: All outer-most viruses {RP skill dependant: up to Mods discretion}(70 damage Wood)
((KT, you only get an extra dodge after you execute two Melee ranged attacks, which you did not do. Melee-range counts as Sword type chips and Burning Fingers and Goldion Hammers and such things as that.))
((Grim, Boomerang1 does 60 DMG and Sword does 80 DMG))
Everything but a Boomer dies.

BoomerA: 60 HP

XIII.exe: 100 HP
Machman.exe: 100 HP
(Edited the sword damage. The boomerang damage was 60+10 b/c of the Untapped Power ability used)

Machman peers down towards the viruses, only one remains.

[Finish it off, Machman.]

My pleasure!

Machman dives towards the lone Boomer and uploads the Sword battlechip data into his right arm. His lower arm and hand transforms into a blue cylinder; the hole in the center starts to glow cyan blue. Then a burst of energy erupts from the base and quickly focuses into a sharpened energy blade. Machman comes in low and fast, zooming straight towards the Boomer. He passes a few inches above the Boomer and slashes down at it as he passes.

Machman touches down and begins to slide to a halt as his hand changes from the energy sword to his standard buster. Small orange energy orbs begin to form near the end of the barrel as he finally stops and turns to face the boomer. He kneels on one knee and steadies the now glowing buster. He watches carefully for any movement, any indication that the virus may have survived the sword attack. He also tracks XIII's movements from the corner of his eye; he doesn't want to accidentally attack his teammate.

Sword: BoomerA (80 damage)
Charge Shot: BoomerA (32 damage) {If virus survived Sword attack}
((Sorry RevivedSin. I forgot I didn't do two melee attacks this time. Still getting used to the rules that were added while I was gone, but you already know that.))

XIII re-sheathed his sword, seemingly like he was allowing Machman to take out the Boomer. But he crouched over the sheathed weapon, his hand still on the handle and his other holding the saia, which was beginning to glow now.

"I can't let you take all the fun now can I?! Joint attack Machman! You hit him High, i'll go low!" He yelled, before flicking the tsuba with his thumb. The blade came out of the sheath with blinding speed of a battou draw, the sword literally erupting into flames as it sped towards the target.

Charge Attack (32, Sword, fire)


XIII.exe: 100 HP
Machman.exe: 100 HP

XIII Get: Firehit1
Machman Get: Boomerang1
FXP: 1 Static
2 for combo attacks
Machman lowers his buster as the glow ceases and watches XIII quickly dispatch the virus with his glowing battou. The virus is cleaved in half and explodes in a shower of data. Machman approaches XIII and picks up two battle chip data packets left behind by the viruses.

He hands one bits of data to XIII. Awesome busting skills, XIII! I have a feeling this little adventure is gonna be good! I haven't seen someone use a melee weapon like that in real life; only in some old movie files.

A window pops up in the air just above Machman. There is a little flash of static followed by Mazer's face appearing on the screen. Mazer is grinning kindly, excited about the perfect outcome of their first tandem battle.

[Great job Machman! That Boomerang chip worked incredibly well.]

Mazer notices XIII standing next to Machman.

[Oh, sorry. I never introduced myself! I'm Mazer. You have some wicked skills on the battlefield!]
((So wait, how are the points kept track of. I wasn't too clear on that aspect, its not well described in the friendship system, but its kind of important if we're going to do a soul cross eventually.))

XIII bows after sheathing his sword. "Thanks, and nice to meet you Mazer. well I was always a big fan of Akira Kurosawa movies, but I just train alot to get this kind of skill. I even train when I'm in the real world...." He said laughing, but then realized that what he said seemed kind of odd.

"...oh wait that right you probably wouldn't know. My operator has a special doll-like device hooked up to the Pet so I can move around in the real world as long as I'm hooked up."
A window suddenly appeared above XIII's head, showing smug looking girl with silvery hair, blue eyes. "Hahaaha! And who made this device you ask?! It was non other than I, Kasumi Misumaru, high school genius, programmer, and inventor extrodinare! No, no, no need to applaud..."
A sweatdrop went down XIII's head and he sighed, feeling very embarrassed. "This is my operator, I call her Remii. And as you can see, her ego is only dwarfed my her own insanity..."
Machman puts his right arm across his chest and bows his head politely.

I am named as Machman.EXE. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Misumaru.

[Hello, my name is Mazer Patrovski. I don't really seem to have as large a resume as yours, but I consider myself a tinker and recreational aircraft pilot. This "doll" you speak of sounds intriguing!]

Mazer puts his hand to his chin and tilts his head slightly in an inquisitive manner.

[I'm guessing it is a NetNavi controlled robotic body? Does it use holographic projectors to give the appearance of the Navi controlling the body? I am currently working on a PET-based projector of my own but I still have a lot of glitches to work out.]
Kasumi seemed a little surprised since he got most of that right. "wow, actually yes. Its modeled after those copy-bots Scilab is creating here. I had XIII sneak in and copy the incomplete prototype plans once..."

XIII rubbed the back of his head, laughing nervously, and his eyes darting around making sure no one else heard that.
"But..." Kasumi continued "I had to fill in all of the blanks myself, there were serious flaws with the battery and wireless transmission systems, and I only had enough parts to make a small sized one. Right now I'm tinkering with the design plans and fixing machines to earn money for parts to build a full sized wireless one."

"Hehe, actually, when dad found out that she copied the top secret plans, he didn't even get angry..." XIII said, smiling. "He's paying her a little on the side to help him out with any of the minor problems with the minor mechanisms. I think hes just being a doting father though..."
"Oh quiet you!" Kasumi yelled, annoyed. "That money is paying for our research, so be be happy with it. *to Mazar* Well if you want I might be able to make one for you, but it might not be cheap, since you'll be paying for new parts."

XIII was not listening. Something had just occurred to him. "You know Remii, there was something odd about that last fight. Those viruses were weak, but there were more of them than usual."
"Yeah I noticed too, XIII. But the alarm isn't going off, so I don't think a navi broke in or anything."
"But your forgetting something. We came in, and we had a pass code. That could have fooled the alarm if someone came in at approximately the same time."

the face on the screen was contorted in thought, Kasumi weighing the possibilities. "Well lets not jump to conclusions for now. Lets just go a little deeper, and if it looks any worse, we'll alert security. Machman, would you like to lead?"
[Thanks a lot Miss Misumaru. I don't know if I can afford one yet, but I will let you know if I can.]

Mazer turns to Machman.

[Alright. Back to business, Machman. Move out.]

Acknowledged. I'll take point, XIII.

Mazer's comm window closes with a little blip and Machman starts to walk deeper into ScilabNet. He turns back to XIII to make sure they wouldn't get separated.

(Requesting battle #2)
XIII's walking close behind him, his face still seeming relaxed, but his hand tightly gripping the hilt of his sword betrays his serious nature. He didn't want to let the enemy get the drop on them, thats for certain.

((Also ready for battle 2))
Virus Attack!

KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
KabutankD: 80 HP
ElecOgreA: 120 HP
ElecOgreB: 120 HP
ElecOgreC: 120 HP
ElecOgreD: 120 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

XIII.exe: 100 HP
Machman.exe: 100 HP

XIII stopped immediately, seeing the viruses appear. He was about to ready his sword but cursed loudly as he saw the ground. It was all metal.
"Machman, we've got a problem. I think we walked onto one of the testing areas, the ground's all metal. Those tanks are fine, but Those ElecOgres, they have electric attacks, and as you know, electricity and metal mix like fire and pure oxygen. Don't get hit, or it may be more painful than usual."

"XIII we have to take those guys out first. let Mach keep the tanks off your backs, the ElecOgres are your priority. Heatshot, Slot in!" Kasumi yelled, XIII's arm already changing to the fire element gun. He took a running leap forward into the air, and blasted at the ElecOgres, trying to at least catch two of them in one shot. He managed to land close and slashed twice with his sword, before leaping back to their side, zigzagging to avoid any fire.

Heatshot (40 + 5 fire element) to ElecOgreA, spread to ElecOgreB
Slash to ElecOgreA (8 dmg)
Slash to ElecOgreB (8 dmg)
Evade (Extra for consecutive melee attacks)