Regular busting, hopefully

Pianissimo dropped onto the ground of SciLab net and stood up. More of the same, then, he thought, taking a few steps in a random direction. Feels kind of strange, Divinity not being here. Then again, I never did keep allies for very long.

((Waiting for RS.))
A column of crimson bolted down onto the netscape near Pianissimo and formed the shape of Red.
"Alright Myun! Let's-" Red started, but looked around frantically as she saw that her "adorable" little companion was not with her.
"Shin! Where's Myun?" Red cried desperately to her operator.
"She's sleeping, and she won't go with you until you encounter some viruses," Shin commented lamely, glaring at the Support Unit that had just beat him in a game of Minesweeper.
"Alright Pianissimo-san! Let's kick some virus butt!" Red proclaimed, pumping her fist into the air as she attempted to drag Pianissimo further into the net with her.

((Yeah, entry and battle 1 thinger))
It is a great battle all on glass... and there seems to be some random normal panels around the place, but you aren't on them, but some of the viruses are.

elecogreB:120(On normal panel)
starfishA:60(On normal panel)

Pianissimo: 160
Red: 190
Terrain: 90%glass, with random patches of Normal panels (If there is nothing next to your name saying "On normal panel", then you are on glass.)
"Slippery!" Red stammered as she tried to keep her balance on the ice.
"Well, let's just get rid of those two groups for now, Boomerang! ElecReel! Slot-in!" Shin ordered.
"Let's go Pianissimo-san! Myun! To me!" Red shouted as her companion blasted down from the PET onto the battlefield. She braced her boxing gloves in excitement.
"So I get to break stuff?" Myun asked.
"Later," Red commented as she took out the wooden sickle-like blade out of her basket. "TAKE THIS!" the red-caped wonder shouted as she sent the Boomerang flying through the air at the ElecOgres, attempting to shred them to bits.
"Help me for a bit Myun!" the crimson crusader ordered, Myun nodded and transferred a bit more power to Red. The wind navi held her palm out and aimed at the Starfish and sent a crackling wave of electricity at the opponents, aiming to fry them to a crisp.
"The normal panels should be open by now! Let's go!" Red suggested to Pianissimo as she blew herself towards the normal panel while attempting to dodge incoming attacks at the same time.

Turn Summary
1. Summon S.U.
2. Boomerang1 at ElecOgreB,A [60 Wood DMG x2 Elemental Weakness = 120 DMG]
3. Break ElecReel1 to StarfishA,B [100 Elec, Break DMG x2 Elemental Weakness = 200 Elec Break DMG]
4*. Gust powered dodge towards supposedly unoccupied Normal Panel that was previously occupied by ElecOgreB

S.U. Actions
*Add Break to ElecReel1
1. Dodge
Pianissimo's eyes narrowed when he saw the viruses. Two floating heads, two fire boxing...things... and two starfish. Is this the best this network has to offer? he said to himself. First priority was probably the Champu viruses, since the others were either slow or inaccurate. He drew up the chip selection and immediately picked out both non-sword aqua chips. These will take them down in seconds. Now...what to do about the rest... A well placed strike should take out one of the heads out, and most of what I have will waste the starfish. Hm...I think I'll just zap one from behind. Pianissimo selected the thunder chip.

The assassin navi watched as Red made her move. "Hm? When did you get one of those support things?" he asked, seeing the rabbit. How typical of her to go for something cute, too. At least she didn't hold back attacking the viruses in front of them. My turn, Pianissimo said to himself. Can't get too close to the starfish because that lightning hit probably broke the glass around there. Pianissimo settled for running a little bit closer and sending the ball of electricity at the closest starfish. Now then...using aqua chips on glass is normally a bad idea, but I don't see much choice. Pianissimo pointed his arm at the closer of the fire-boxers. His arm immediately morphed into something that looked like the end of a fire hose. Well there's something you don't see every day.

Pianissimo took aim and let loose, sending a small, but concentrated, burst of water at the champu. Looks like that's a patch of glass I won't be stepping on anytime soon, he said to himself, activating the aquaneedle chip. Three extremely thin needles appeared in his re-formed hand. Pianissimo took aim again, this time tapping the side of his helmet first, and threw the needles at the other champu. And now... Pianissimo ran up behind the closest of the ElecOgres, trying to avoid slipping by staying away from the splashes from his aqua chips but also trying to avoid getting hit. Once he was close enough, he jumped and brought his sword down, aiming a slash right down the middle of the floating head.

1. Thunder StarfishA: 40x2, elec, stun, homing
2. Bubbler ChampuB: 50x2, aqua, spread 1 (no designated target)
3. AquaNeedle ChampuA: 30x3x2 (120 total), aqua, accuracy enhanced by RedEyes
4. Dodge/get closer to ElecOgreA
5. Silencer ElecOgreA: 135
((It's about that time. What time you might ask? BUMP time.))
Red's boomerange missed one of it's targets, and the elecreel did the same, but almost showering the starfish in shards of glass. The silent's assassin's aqutic attacks managed to mostly hit their targets, the glass now much more slippery from the water left over from the bubbler. Saddly, the thunder missed, and is on it's way back. Red tired to get to a Normal panel, but it already had a virus in it. Pianissimo moved along the non wet Glass, and stabbed one of the corpses. After their attacks, The orge sent a electrical attack at red, missing, and the starfish fired a set of bubbles, which managed to hit.

elecogreB:120(On normal panel)
starfishA:60(On normal panel)

Pianissimo: 160
Red: 170
Terrain: 85%glass, 15% of it is wet, with random patches of Normal panels (If there is nothing next to your name saying "On normal panel", then you are on glass.) Some of the glass broke, and there is a line of mission panels near where StarfishB was.
"It's so slippery!" Red whined as she slid to a stop on the panels.
"We should break the panels," Myun muttered, aiming to break something.
"Gah! Let's attack that Starfish, Myun-chan! We'll take care of the ElecOgre later," the red-caped wonder stated as she whipped out a bazooka from her picnic basket. "MarkCannon Fire!" the crimson crusader yelled as she sent a powerful blast of energy at the Starfish from her firearm after the targeting vectors had locked onto the water virus. Myun charged up some energy in her fist and slid straight towards the virus, trying to avoid the missing panels and sent a powerful punch at the Starfish.
Red attempted yet again, to slide onto the normal panel. At the same time, Shin was sending her chips and the wind navi tried to avoid attacks as she was sliding towards the normal panel.
Red hoisted the bazooka over her shoulder again and aimed the barrel at the ElecOgre. The targeting vectors locked on, and the red-caped wonder pulled the trigger, sending a blast of destructive power flying through the air at the ElecOgre, attempting to harm it severely. The crimson crusader swirled wind around Pianissimo, attempting to boost the quickness of his attacks by speeding him up a bit. She then got into a defensive stance, ready to slide out of the way if need be.

Turn Summary
1. MarkCannon1 to StarfishA [70 DMG and high accuracy]
2. Sliding Dodge towards StarfishA's normal panel.
3. MarkCannon1 to ElecOgreB [70 DMG and high accuracy]
*Gust to Pianissimo, up the accuracy of his attacks by boosting the quickness?
4. Dodge

Myun's Actions
1* Break Attack to StarfishA [10 Break DMG]
Hm...maybe not so simple as I thought, Pianissimo thought to himself as he completely missed the surviving elecogre and slashed right where the other had been half a second before. Hm...this glass may cause problems after all. What to do about this...well, I didn't want to have to resort to doing something like this so soon, since the more you use certain tactics, the more the enemy might learn to watch out for it. Even if they are just viruses.

"Duke, permission to golf this guy?" Pianissimo asked, opening a line with his operator. "Golf? I'd say given the terrain, it would be more like basketball. I mean you've got a glass court, and you're technically throwing the target, not hitting it with a club. Besides, when did we start calling it golfing anyway?" Duke said, pulling out a few chips.
"When we first did it on a golf course, Duke. Just send the chips."
Duke slotted in three chips. "Here's the usual two. The third is so it will die even if this doesn't work." he said. Pianissimo glanced down at the chip data, displayed through the usual screen on the back of his hand. Areagrab, good. Rageclaw, good. Cannon... Pianissimo glanced back at the ElecOgre just in time to see it get blasted by Red's bazooka. Seriously, is there a portable hole in that basket or something? he thought, but didn't voice it. He did, however, make a mental note to find out eventually.

Pianissimo pointed one arm at the electric head, and it morphed into his own giant cannon. Steadying himself enough to aim properly, he let loose with a shot from it, though the recoil sent him sliding backwards across the glass. No problems yet, he thought, continuing to slide as he activated the areagrab chip. That's why I use this one, after all. Seconds later, Pianissimo vanished and landed silently behind the ElecOgre. Rule number one of fighting, don't let the enemy get behind you. Especially if they're an assassin. This one fails. Target information appeared in front of his eyes behind the helmet as usual, showing him exactly where to attack the floating head. Pianissimo's right arm suddenly grew long claws from the back as he thrust it at the floating head. Just as he grabbed the virus, he felt wind swirling around him. Clever, Red he said, using the wind to boost his movement as he moved to find a clear shot, jumped, and threw it at the patch of already broken glass.

1. Cannon ElecOgreB - 40 DMG
2. Sliding dodge
3. Areagrab behind ElecOgreB (dodge, boost accuracy of next attack)
4. Rageclaw ElecOgreB into missing panels - 40, I guess
5. Autododge
Teamwork ahoy! Red and Myun take out a starfish, commandeering its normal panel to boost the accuracy of their crippling blow to the elecogre. Pianissimo blasts it with a cannon, areagrabs behind it, and prepares to swipe right as Red tries to control the wind to boost his accuracy! She only succeeds in causing him to go flying away from the enemy, not before he slashes it to deletion however.
Whew. Lucky break.

ElecogreA: DELETED
ElecogreB: DELETED
StarfishA: DELETED
StarfishB: DELETED

Pianissimo: 160
Red: 170
Myun: 40

Red: 300z, 8 Bugfrags
Pianissimo: 250z, Firehit1
Wonderful Pianissimo said as he nearly missed yet again. At least the viruses were dead, though. "Come on, let's try to get off this glass before running into anything else," he said, beckoning for Red to follow as he walked towards the edge of the glass. "By the way, when did you get one of those support things? I thought that purple looney only gave out one after we fought."

((EDIT: Oh wait, to we have to actually request battles now? Yeah, I'm ready.))
"I found it in my reward pouch after digging through it for a while," Red explained. "Isnt' she adorable?" Red asked, hugging her Support Unit tightly who responede with a face.
"So, shall we move on?" Red asked Pianissimo?

((Argle, ready for battle 2 if LHH is.))
(Argle, Battle 2 coming, over.)


KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
BoomerA: 60 HP
BoomerB: 60 HP
Windbox: 100 HP

Pianissimo: 160
Red: 170
Myun: 40

"All right Pianissimo-san! We'll take care of the small fries while you can take care of the slow-moving objects!" Red yelled, stating what her actions were going to be. She then turned to her support unit. "I need some power for my next attack, 'kay?"
"Hey hey hey, let me give you some chips first," Shin commented, sending his navi two chips. "Alright, you get 'em girl."
"Myun lends her power..." Myun grunted, channeling a pink burst of energy to Red. The crimson crusader smirked as she sent her cape flowing back dramatically as she put her palm forward and charged a ball of electrical energy in the palm of her hand, Myun's power steadily covered the orb, converting the attack from yellow to pink as the lightning crackled menacingly.
"TAKE THIS YOU VIRUSES!" Red yelled, sending a volley of lightning bolts zig-zagging through the air right at the Kabutanks. The electricity shimmered through the netscape, crackling with what seemed like low menacing laughter as they converged on the Kabutanks, aiming to fry them to dust and nothingness.
The red-cape wonder flipped over to her next target, her hand burning ablaze as she dashed towards the Boomers and slammed her hand on the ground yelling "Flameline!" A row of towering flames shot up, roaring mightily over the tranquil peace of the net. The fire went higher and higher, reaching towards the designated viruses and soon attempted to envelop them in a burning cascade of flames that would possibly result in a pile of ash after it's worked was finished. Whether or not the viruses were defeated in that way was up to fate.
Myun kind of hopped around for a while, trying to avoid attacks while Red attempted to lay waste to the viruses.
"Errr... could do with some help," Shin suggested as he sent another chip in.
"What? You mean Pianissimo-san? Fine," Red grumbled, shaking her head at her netop's actions. After all, Pianissimo would be fine, right? Never hurts to help though. Water swirled around the red-caped wonder's hand, and she swept it across the front of her body, sending a calm-looking arc of water at the two other viruses, attempting to damage them in some way so as to help her busting partner. The wind navi got ready to dodge, swirling wind around her feet in case other attacks should come her way.

Turn Summary
1* Break Elecreel1 to Kabutanks [100 Elec Break DMG]
2. Flameline1 to Boomers [70 Fire DMG x2 = 140 Fire DMG]
3. Wideshot1 to DBLCUBE, Windbox [60 Aqua DMG]
4. Dodge
*Gust: Dodge

Myun's Actions
*Add Break to Elecreel1
1. Dodge
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The wind seemed to pick up slightly as Pianissimo stared down the latest batch of viruses. real terrain issues here he thought, surveying his surroundings. This should be a simple fight. The windbox might get in the way, though. Pianissimo took a step back, away from the battle. Seconds later, he started to sink into his own shadow until he seemed to drop right into the ground as though it were water. The shadow he had just fallen into faded from existance as well, leaving no trace of the assassin navi. That was, until he rose out of the ground again directly behind the windbox, katana drawn. He had no real purpose for doing so, save to get out of the way of the constantly blowing wind. Pianissimo thrust his katana at the motor of the windbox, attempting to disable it with a single strike.

Problem solved, Pianissimo thought, turning his eyes on the floating cube. Next target. Looks like I'll need battlechips after all, he said to himself, bringing up the usual chip selection. Firehit...why not? And also the widesword for good measure. Pianissimo selected the two chips, which experienced a slight delay in being sent for reasons Pianissimo was unsure of. It gave him a chance to plan his next move, though. When the chip data was sent, Pianissimo moved slightly to the side of the DBLCube to avoid getting hit by stray attacks from Red, then focused the chip data into his hand. It glowed slightly, then Pianissimo thrust it forward, sending a flaming fist flying at the cube. Now we just need it to take a falcon shape, nevermind. No we don't. Pianissimo shook his head. Where had that idea come from?

Turning to look at the remaining viruses, kabutanks, Pianissimo saw three familiar-looking lightning strikes. If I remember correctly, those were horribly inaccurate, he thought, sliding his hand across the surface of his katana. The blade glowed blue, and the cutting surface of it seemed to gain more breadth. Using raw speed to move almost beyond speeds the eye could track, Pianissimo positioned himself behind the trio of tanks and lashed out with his blade, tracing a line of destruction across them.

1. C&D prep to behind Windbox
2. Cloak and Dagger Windbox - 100, high accuracy
3. Firehit1 DBLCube - 60, fire
4. Dodge
5. Widesword Kabutanks - 80 each, wide
EHHH?! ANOTHER WIN?! We must up the ante a bit!

KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: DELETED
KabutankC: DELETED
Windbox: DELETED

Pianissimo: 160
Red: 170
Myun: 40

Pianissimo: Boomerang, 250z
Red: 500z, 9 Bugfrags
"AWWWWWWWWWWWRIGHT!" Red cheered as she attempted to hi-five Pianissimo. She then kinda hi-fived Myun, with more success, even though Myun's hands were covered with boxing gloves.
"Right, so shall we continue on?" Red asked her partner.

((Battle 3, if LHH wants it.))
Pianissimo brought his hand up to meet Red's in a high-five, though he showed a bit less enthusiasm as he did so. "I suppose we should continue," he said.

((Yarr, battle 3 time. Maybe I'll actually post in time more often.))
(Grar. Mod here.)


VolgearA: 80 HP
VolgearB: 80 HP
VolgearC: 80 HP
VolgearD: 80 HP
LarkA: 100 HP
LarkB: 100 HP
LarkC: 100 HP
LarkD: 100 HP

Pianissimo: 160
Red: 170
Myun: 60

-Looks like someone's being lazy with the virus choices today...-

((Yeah, they have 60 HP now, check the rules.))