Gunner and Divinity

Gunner landed gracefully on the Net floor with only the light click of boots on tile. "Back here again... Let's not try to steal anything this time, alright?"
"Doing so at the moment could land us in trouble." Swift tried to be as vague as possible, knowing that Area was well within earshot.
"Alright... Just remember we're here to bust. You get all starry-eyed when you see something worth taking."
"Heh heh... Alright, make way. I think Divinity's coming through."
A bright flash came from the sky as Divinity flew downwards. Not landing on the ground, she floated a bit above it while flapping her wings slowly. "I suggest we start moving, Gunner. Prepare the chips, Area," said Divinity while looking at Gunner, "We've got an interesting partner." Area remained quiet, but soft sounds were made by the chips gently getting tapped against the table's surface. "Let's get going, Divinity," Area said and then looked at Swift, "I hope you're strong enough. Me and Divinity are defensive so focus on power." Divinity nodded at this comment and then held her hand out towards Gunner. "Let us proceed," she whispered and brought a small gust of wind on the ground as she flapped her wings once again before landing on the ground.
Swift chuckled as he withdrew his collection of chips from the holster on his belt. "That should work out well; Gunner and I are mainly centered around offense. And I assure you, we're strong enough to handle this area. Gunner, you ready?"
"Yeah." Gunner drew his black steel revolver from his own holster with one hand, clasping Divinity's outstretched hand with the other. The weapon had come into his hand much more quickly than usual -- More swiftly, he thought with some amusement. However, this could just be because of his recent upgrades. "Shall we?" He remarked, a mischevious smile on his face.
"A clever remark," snarled Area at Swift after hearing him make a pun, not caring if it was intended or not, about her name. She gently tapped a chip against the table a little bit impatient and looked at the screen of her PET. Divinity looked upwards at Area's face and nodded. Turning back to Gunner, Divinity started to speak to him. "Any ideas you may have now will be wiped away after we start fighting," she muttered in regards to seeing the grin on his face, "I'm also charmed that you'd like to hold my hand, but I'm capable of taking care of myself." Taking her hand back, she muttered a few last words to him, "See it as a hand shake for introduction." Slowly Divinity started to walk forwards while thinking a bit, "Quite a hand grip he has... Shouldn't be a hard time here..." "Coming?" shouted Divinity as she continued to walk forwards.

Area, on the other hand, continued to look at the screen of the PET while also keeping Swift in her eyes. "A team is not just one person, but two... Let's see if his operating skills are good enough," she thought while thinking of her old Navi, "Because a rookie has no place on the Net..."

(( I say we're ready for some hawt viruses. ))
Virus Attack!

ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
ChampuC: 60
ElecogreA: 120
ElecogreB: 120
ElecogreC: 120

Gunner: 140
Divinity: 100

Batttle 1 Start!
I think I've offended her... Gunner walked a few paces behind Divinity, lost in a haze of confusion. She's reading way much into this. I try to make a good first impression and she naturally assumes I have some ulterior motive... Why are women always like this? He nearly groaned in frustration. Soon, though, a small troupe of virii approached and his bubble of quiet reverie burst. I'll just have to show her that I don't have any funny ideas! Chip data filed neatly into a corner of his mind, and he grinned in anticipation. "Who will be the first to go...? Oh, I know. Flameline!" He idly tossed his revolver from his left hand -- his dominant hand -- to his right. No sooner had the infernal-looking gun left his hand than a strange flame erupted in midair half an inch above his palm. It was a dark yellow in the very center, fading into a bloody red and finally pitch black at the flame's outermost reach. He bowed his head for a short moment, gathering his thoughts. He had never used this weapon before, and he needed to concentrate if he was to use it to its fullest extent.

He began to run at the virii, the flame in his hand growing in length and scorching the ground as he neared the creatures. Five feet from a full collision, he leapt. His legs carried him well above the flattened floating heads of the boxer virii. Long before he reached the apex of his leap, he swept his hand in an arc, finally releasing the flame in his hand. It raced towards the virii in a blazing arch. He landed nimbly on his feet and spun to face the virii that remained. There may still have been Champu in the number; he didn't care. Next up was the Wideshot... He tossed the revolver into the air, catching it with his teeth. This weapon would take both hands. The weapon in question was a plain bazooka of spartan design; its only embellishment was a bladed crown engraved into the handle, the same crest that appeared on every weapon he drew. It was stange, he supposed, since the Swift family emblem was a winged crown of very similar design. He pulled the trigger and the contraption let fly with a growing half-moon of pressurized water. If this hit, it wouldn't finish off the viruses, but it'd weaken them considerably, making them ready for his next attack.

His next attack.

It was back to the revolver, at last. He spat it back into his left hand, running his tongue over his teeth to get rid of the taste of heavily cured leather. A muted tingle ran across his tongue, followed by the salty flavor of blood. He shut his mouth with a start. He hadn't known his teeth were that sharp. No matter, though. He aimed and pulled the trigger, his revolver making a much louder retort than most would expect. Not him, though; these were Shotgun rounds. And with luck, these very rounds would completely finish off the enemy ranks. One fell swoop. He had never accomplished that before. He trained the gun on a different virus, his finger tensing on the trigger. Then again... Area and Divinity were here with him, to gain chips, zenny, and experience. They would gain none of those if he dominated every battle as he had almost done. He lowered his weapon, watching for an attack instead.
Cursor Ability!
Chip "Flameline1" Accuracy UP!
1. Flameline1 to ChampuA, B, and C (70, [A])
2. Wideshot to ElecOgreA, B, and C (80, [A])
3. Shotgun to ElecOgreA (50, [A], splash to ElecogreB(?))
4. Dodge(?)
"A group of six. Shouldn't be too hard," Divinity said as she looked at the opponents. Raising her shields to the same height of her chest, in a defensive position, she faced Area and spoke to her. "I hope Swift and Gunner will focus on the offense. I doubt I'll be any good here," she said while Area picked some chips to attack with. "Do what I do at school. Go with the flow," said Area as she kept the first chip close to slot-in port of the PET, "Move along his movements and it will go well. Now... Execute the battle programming." "Will do," whispered Divinity as she spread her arms to the sides. Closing her eyes slowly she started to generate energy from within her core which slowly crawled through her body towards her shields. Radiating with a transparent white energy, she took her shields back to her chest and opened her eyes again. "I'm ready, send the chips," spoke Divinity and noticed Gunner moving his feet to run as wind swept up along the movements. "Quickly!" Divinity shouted and started to run behind Gunner, following him with her arms spread and the shields held out towards the enemies.

Her feet moving swiftly, she saw Gunner jump up in front of her but continued to run for the enemies now instead of following her teammate. Seeing the wind flowing around the flame Gunner was holding, she figured he'd attack soon with it. "First chip. Cannon," said Area as she slotted the chip in, "Cross attack maneuver. Execute." Slamming her hands together, Divinity sent the chip data towards her shields which reacted to the energy by curving slightly and forming a gun barrel. Waiting for Gunner's attack, she fired at the same enemies as Gunner at the same time he did. The shields quickly took their original form and she took her hands from each other and noticed Gunner coming downwards again from the flow of the wind passing by him. Raising her left shield horizontally, she made Gunner land on it with his feet so if any viruses would attack they'd hit herself.

Knowing he'd attack again, she sensed wind moving as Gunner threw up his revolver and was now sure of the following strike. A new object filled the air close to Gunner and figured it was a different weapon. Area noticed it as well and reacted to it by slotting in a chip as well. "Next chip. Shotgun," whispered Area as she was completely focused on the battle. She wanted to learn how to fight as a team again as she once did all the time with her ex-boyfriend Hal Belfast. Divinity sent the shotgun data to her right shield as the left one was occupied by Gunner already. The shield curved all the way around her hand to form a gun barrel. Waiting again for the strike of Gunner, she fired a blast of energy at the ElecOgre group at the same time as her 'passenger'. Noticing the attack of Gunner was an aquatic one by the small drops of water falling on the ground, she grinned a bit and thought, "Elemental attacks. I could use some of those myself too."

The shield gun remaining the same form, she felt another chip coming. Looking a bit shocked, she spoke to Area, "Another attack? What about defense?" "Look at the things we threw at the enemies. We won't need defense this time," replied Area softly and looked at the chip that was now in the PET, "Last chip. Cannon." Divinity closed her eyes with a smile and made the movements of her body and right arm be guided by Gunner. Feeling wind flow around the two fighters, she aimed at the same group and fired. This time, the shield immediately shifted back to its original form and Area spoke a few words, "A good battle..." Keeping Gunner on her shield, Divinity kept her eyes towards the group of viruses to see if anything or anyone survived their combined strikes. "Good," whispered Divinity, "Indeed..."

1. Cannon [40, Single] @ Champu Group
2. Shotgun [50, Splash] @ ElecOgre Group
3. Cannon [40, Single] @ ElecOgre Group
The Champu are all taken out by Gunner's dead aim Flameline. He then showers the ogres with the Wideshot, making them snarl. He blasts one with a shotgun to finish it off. Divinity then makes sure there aren't any left by letting loose with the projectiles.

ElecogreA: DELETED!
ElecogreB: DELETED!
ElecogreC: DELETED!

Gunner: 140
Divinity: 100

Rewards: 500z each, Firehit1 to Gunner
Still having Gunner on her left shield, she didn't mind the weight pressing upon her as she was created to withstand large amounts of strength and power. She walked over to the remains of the viruses, still carrying Gunner along, and knelt down close to the data bits. Divinity took her part of the loot and then noticed the data of the fallen Champu viruses formed into the shape of the chip data. "Let's get it," said Area softly as she switched her sight from her bank account to the screen. "That wouldn't be justified. Gunner did more in the battle," said Divinity, "We've got our share already. We mustn't be greedy." Still knelt on the ground, she lifted her head slightly to look at the shield above her head which had Gunner and spoke to him. "You gonna get off now?" she said with a small smile on her face.
Gunner was replacing his weapon in its holster when the ground beneath him gave a sudden lurch. He looked down to find Divinity, kneeling over the scraps of data the virii had left and inexplicably carrying him on her shield. She posed the obvious question, and Gunner leapt from the metal plate with a slight laugh.
"Sorry about that... It hadn't occured to me that I had landed on your shield." Swift chuckled. Gunner knew how much of an idiot he must have looked, but didn't quite care. This team busting run was going really well... This was the first time that the viruses had been deleted before they could get a hit in, whether he was with another navi or not. He bent down to gather the spoils -- Divinity had generously left him a Firehit chip -- and stood with a smile. "Shall we press on?"
Virus Attack!

MarkcannonA: 60
MarkcannonB: 60
MarkcannonC: 60
StarfishA: 60
StarfishB: 60
StarfishC: 60
StarfishD: 60
DBLCubeA: 200 <R>
DBLCubeB: 200 <R>

Gunner: 140
Divinity: 100

Battle 2 Start!
"Press on...? Indeed!" said Divinity with a grin on her face as she flung her right arm out towards the enemies in front of them. "We've got visitors," she muttered as Area inserted a chip quickly. Taking a few steps towards the enemies, she turned her head to look at Gunner over her shoulder and spoke to him. "Focus on the non-cubic enemies. I'll distract the cubes. Surely no problem for you?" She whispered the last part while being sure he could hear it. A small smile came on her face and she turned her face back to the enemies.

"Area. Executing the flight program." "We'll take the flying ones on their own plane of existence. The air," Area spoke, looking at Swift to see if he could hear her or not. Turning her eyes back to the screen, she nodded and Divinity held her hands out to the sides while spreading her wings to the fullest. She jumped into the air while and flapped a few times with her wings to acquire a good position above the ground. Slowly she managed to stay in the air by merely floating by a gust of wind flowing underneath her feet.

Holding out her hands to both cube viruses, she glanced at Gunner quickly to see if he had started attacking already. A few flashes came from the ground, causing wind to move away from it while giving away the location of things for Divinity. Looking at the wind flowing up slowly, she noticed cubic boxes floating in mid-air and quickly pointed her hands at each of them. "Retribution shall be swift. Battle programs, on." The shields started to radiate with a pure white energy as they immediately curled into the form of a gun barrel on each hand. Knowing she had slot in one battle chip, Area slotted in the other Cannon chip as well to follow the first one.

While the data of the first chip was already in the right shield, the other stream of data ended up in the left shield a bit later. Aiming at the cubes, she fired the first blast from her right hand to them. Seeing the energy blast push the wind before her aside, she sensed a shrieking sound from the wind flowing. Quickly following the first blast, she sent another blast after it to the other cube virus. Slightly moving backwards from the impact of the execution, as she was still flying, and her elegant skirt moved through the wind.

1. Go sky high/Fly upwards
*Gust - Remain in the air
2. Cannon [40, Single] @ DBLCubeA
3. Cannon [40, Single] @ DBLCubeB
Swift filed through the chips in his hand. The Flameline and the Wideshot would be indispensible in defeating these viruses... And his less powerful chips would clean up after them. Swift eyed his selection again for a brief moment before singling out three chips -- that was all he would need, since Divinity had the cubes covered for now. The viruses here were much easier than in Electown... Even though Divinity was slightly weaker than Ergo, they had not once managed to clear out an entire rank of viruses in such a short amount of time. That said, Area and Divinity were incredibly skillful... Somehow, Swift expected that Area had a great deal of experience on the Net. The corners of his mouth turned up in a smile. This was going to be fun.

A familiar ball of flame appeared in Gunner's palm. He hadn't even drawn his weapon yet, as he had been expecting this as well. However, using the same chips over and over became very boring after a short time. "Let's try something a little different." Before, he had used the Flameline like a bucket of water, sweeping it out at his foes. To tell the truth, he had just wanted to see what would happen. These chips were versatile... However, he knew its real purpose. He kneeled and pressed the ball of flame to the ground. It slide home with a brief flash of light, and Gunner willed it to reappear under the starfish viruses.

After an achingly drawn-out moment, the land beneath the starfish bechame a churning inferno. The ground glowed red with heat and little dancing flamelets appeared around the viruses. Suddenly, the heat intensified. The rough form of a blunt-nosed snake leapt from the tiles, opening its jaws as it arced through the viruses. Whoever the beast might have hit, though, they hadn't been swallowed; that was only a sort of aesthetic edit he had thought was worth a try. It had worked well enough. He silently made his thanks to the old Doctor, lost in the recesses of memory, who had first researched elements and passed over a resistance system, likely in a bout of forgetfulness. If he had remembered that tidbit, his attacks wouldn't have done much. Out came the revolver once more, releasing the all-too-familiar sound of crackling thunder with the pull of a trigger. Now he was using lightning against starfish. Maybe that would redeem him to the spectre of the good Doctor.

The next chip came in... "The Wideshot!?" He had had quite enough of water chips for now, especially the Wideshot; he still hadn't come up with a comfortable method of use. The bazooka was unwieldy, and the revolver would leave him soaked. "Swift, are you sure?"

"It's the only way to get rid of them all in one swoop. You'll just have to bite the bullet."

Bite the bullet, he thought. What an appropriate term. Very well. Bite the bullet it was. He pulled the trigger. By now, it had become an almost subconscious motion. However, the solid wall of cold water that came at him was enough to break the rut he had gotten into. He pivoted one one foot, shielding his face with an arm... The results were less than impressive. Still, he had managed to avoid getting soaked to the bone; one pant leg was bone-dry, and so was his hair. is shirt... Well, it was tight anyway. If it clung, he didn't feel it. Gunner stood at the ready, waiting for a virus to attack, when --

"Gunner. Try using your sig."

"But it's useless. Divinity might get hit, anyway." Gunner had liked using it, but it had soon outlived its practicality. It was only a gatling gun, after all.

"No, I bought a Process Edit, remember? Just look at the virus, then do whatever you do when you activate a sig. Trust me on this."

"Alright..." Gunner was skeptical. However, he had nothing to lose. He fixed the first cube he saw with a hard stare, and let the power flow through his veins.... Nothing seemed to happen, though. "Swift --"

"Just wait. It doesn't work like your old sig."
1. Flameline1 to Starfish A, B, and C (70, [A])
2. Zapring to StarfishD (40x2, [A]) [Stun?]
3. Wideshot to Markcannons A, B, and C (80, [A])
4. Hawkeye to DBLCubeB [5 damage a turn] [Stun for 2 actions]
Divinity flies high and blasts both cubes once, changing their hue to blue. The Flameline rips through two Starfish and a Markcannon. A third is taken out by Gunner's elec attack. The the wideshot hits the remaining cannons. He then nails a cube, switching it back to red but slowing it up. The other cube heals itself and its ally.

MarkcannonA: DELETED!
MarkcannonB: DELETED!
MarkcannonC: DELETED!
StarfishA: DELETED!
StarfishB: DELETED!
StarfishC: 60
StarfishD: DELETED!
DBLCubeA: 170 <B>
DBLCubeB: 165 <R>

Gunner: 140
Divinity: 100
"Hah, didn't even bend a fender," said Divinity as she remained in the air, flapping her wings to remain in the air. The gust of wind below her feet had flown away and she had to remain in the air on her own strength now. "Yeah, but look," started Area, "We're not done yet. Analyze the surroundings. I heard Swift say something about a Process Edit, so he has used a Signature Program. But there are no visible effects, even though one of the cubes has less health data... Our target!" Divinity flapped her wings slowly, trying to get higher steadily to make a dive at her enemies eventually and spoke to Area with a calm tone, "Got a weapon for me?" "Of course I do," replied Area with a grin, "Sword chip. Executed." Raising her right shield above her head, she made the data flow the the shield immediately as the chip got slotted in. The energy around the shield started to distort slightly while changing form into that of a chainsaw. The newly grown blades of the shield started to spin around immediately with a high speed and Divinity grinned slightly as she stared at the target, air flowing up from the movement of her chainsaw. "Perish," she muttered as she spread her wings completely and glided in a high speed towards the target.

"Strike one!" she shouted as she sped directly towards the target, making a quick turn to pass by it while holding her shield out towards the cube in an attempt to slice it horizontally. "Strike two!" she shouted as she made a flip in the air, flying over the virus. When she felt she was directly above the virus, she spun around while trying to slash it vertically over the upper side. Continuing her flight she ended on her original position again, grinning at the enemies while the shield still spun with the razor sharp energy. "And now for an encore!" Making a quick spin with her body to the right, while pressing her wings to her back to make her fall slightly, she tossed the shield at the aquatic virus back on the ground. Sending a gust of wind after it to make it fly swiftly to its target by flapping her wings once, she landed on the ground softly while holding her right hand out towards the shield to let it return after the strike.

1. Sword [80, Single] @ DBLCubeB
2. Sword [80, Single] @ DBLCubeB
3. Sword [80, Single] @ StarfishC
*Gust : Last Sword strike ranged
((Sorry, dood. Had it mostway complete, then realized I was running late for the bus to Edmonton. This is my third or so attempt. -braces self for world-shaking interruption-))

Gunner readied his weapon as he watched Divinity swoop on their foes from the corner of his eye, shield in hand.
"Looks like she has the box and the starfish handled. We just need to finish the other box." Swift fingered the chips in his hand, knowing that these would put a quick end to the last cube.
"Alright, then. I'm ready."
"You can drop your gun for now." Swift slid the gun into its leather home as chip data filed neatly into his mind. Turning the first chip over in his head, inspecting the different facets of its programming, he could tell that it was designed for a melee strike, or close to it. He hadn't been designed for melee chips... But then again, he thought with a smile, I wasn't designed to use guns either. He activated the chip and his glove caught fire. After a moment of suprise, he flexed his hand experimentally. The fire didn't hurt, and it didn't look like the glove was getting so much as a scorch mark. It looked like something that would only damage the cube if he punched it. Fair enough. He started at the cube in a dead run. "I must admit, I prefer using guns." A leap carried him into the air, flying at the cube with fist held at the ready. "But this is fun too." He passed the virus in midair, striking at it with the fiery fist. The glove of flames dissapeared as soon as he had taken the swing. Looked like it was one-use, hit or not.

Just like a bullet.

He hit the ground with a quick somersault as he drew his weapon. Two rounds, now. All he would need. The cube didn't look very pissed off, though, despite Gunner's earlier attack. Maybe he hadn't hit it. He focussed on the weapon in his hand, trying to get into the right mindset. It was tough, switvhing between two completely different fighting styles, but that was a navi's trademark. Versatility. And he, a navi (at least in legal terms,) had to strive to perfect that. He raised the revolver, felt the brand of the bladed crown pressing into his hand. One shot. The round was powerful enough to kick up dust around its path. Another shot, and yet another. That did it... He was done for now. He watched as a bladed shield spun into the starfish. Now, it looked like Divinity was too.
The first Shotgun round gets more accuracy.
I used my Cursor ability, see?
1. Firehit to DBLCubeA (60, [A])
2-3. Shotguns to DBLCubeA (50, [A])
4. Cannon to DBLCubeA (40, [A])
Divinity swoops down and begins hacking away at the Cube, before leaving it extremly weakened to kill off the last starfish. Then, for some odd reason, the cube just falls apart. Gunner then rushes forward, punching the last cube before shooting it three times to effectively delete it.

MarkcannonA: DELETED!
MarkcannonB: DELETED!
MarkcannonC: DELETED!
StarfishA: DELETED!
StarfishB: DELETED!
StarfishC: DELETED!
StarfishD: DELETED!

Gunner: 140
Divinity: 100

Rewards: 400zeach, DBLBeam to Divinity, Bubstar1 to Gunner
"HEY DUDES!" Druidman yelled as he ran up, friendly like. Turning to Divinity, he did a double take. Steve neglected to mention that the navi he was looking for was a girl. And a pretty one at that. Righting himself, Druidman said nervously, "Um, your operator kindly offered me a place in your busting group, dude and dudette." Turning to Gunner, he nodded. "She said that she figured you wouldn't mind. My name is Druidman, by the way, man. What's yours?" he asked both navis with a curious look on his face.
Gunner smiled at this new navi's outgoing manner. Swift came close to laughing out loud, but instead settled for a muted snrk. The denizen took on a relaxed position, folding his hands behind his head as he greeted this newcomer. "Hey, man. It's no big deal; In fact, it's great! Now that there are three of us, we can practically take down hordes of viruses. I'm Gunner, a Cursor type." Gunner liked him already. He was refreshing, and down to earth. After a double-take at Divinity and a short period in which he was practically staring at her "endowments," that had become very clear. He didn't blame Druidman; Divinity was very attractive. But he had a sense that falling in love with her would be like falling in love with a marble statue...
"I didn't think he'd come so soon already," muttered Area as she saw the newcomer on the screen of her PET. The introduction of the so-called Druidman was enough to have doubts about his fighting techniques and she started to wonder if it was a good choice to notify him of her presence in SciLabs Net. Still having her back turned towards him and facing the piles of data that remained after the enemies, she caught her shield that flew back to her after the ranged sword strike. Slowly turning around, she looked at Druidman and spoke to him calmly. "The name is Divinity, I'm a Wind type," Divinity said to introduce herself as she picked up the chip data a DBLCube had left behind after geting deleted, "Your presence will do us well in the coming battles, Druidman." Slowly walking over towards him, she tilted her head sideways to look at his face properly and then nodded slightly. "Interesting design," she muttered softly and turned her face towards Gunner with a grin, "At least more colorful than a certain someone else in the group." Not waiting for a reply, she patted Gunner gently on his head and giggled slightly. Area stared at the screen, making sure she wouldn't miss anything, and glared at Druidman while wondering if his presence had to do with Divinity actually giggling. "Either way," muttered Area and then raised her voice so the three Navis could hear her, "Let's continue to fight viruses." Divinity nodded to this command, holding her hand to her mouth while still giggling a bit.