Combat Navi Test

A thin beam of light shot out of the sky, struck the ground, and then began to grow in width... The light then resolved into the huge and imposing form of Broadside.EXE. The Navi immediately began to move through the network at an appalingly slow pace...

"Hold on a second Broadside... Please remain where you are for a moment... I just remembered something." As instructed, Broadside came to a halt and stood completely still for a long moment and then... "Alright, I've made a few adjustments to your programming. Please refresh your data, and tell me how the modifications work for you."

As instructed, Broadside refreshed his core data... His leg components now incorporated jets and concealed rollers. "Enhanced mobility protocols installed. Clock speed increased 33%. No errors detected." He then looked at Jared... "My capabilities have increased. Thank you."

"Don't mention it. You should be able to move through the net much faster now. Give it a try." With a nod of acknowledgement, Broadside activated the new ground dash capability, and began cruising through the net at a decent clip instead of slogging through at a slow stomp...

((Battle #1))
Viruses attack! Two. Well, they're strong, but kinda slow in attacking.

ElecogreA: 120
ElecogreB: 120

Broadside: 100
Broadside began to slow his pace... this concerned Jared somewhat and promted him to speak "What's up?" Broadside immediately responded "Viruses detected.... 2 Elec Ogre types. Threat assesment: High. Requesting chip data support." Jared began thinking about the viruses... Elec Ogres huh? I've never seen one before and I don't know anything about them. Jared selected 4 battle chips and slotted them in while he spoke to Broadside..."I'll send you 4 chips to start off with... How does a pair of Shotguns, a Heatshot, and a Magnum sound for starters?" Broadside thought to himself... A Magnum? These virii are no match for that level of firepower... he loaded his weapons with the chip data and came to a complete stop a good distance away from the viruses. A port in the center torso opened to reveal a cannon, while 2 more cannons mounted in weapon pods on his back came to rest on his shoulders... His left arm, the weapon arm, swung upwards and leveled itself at the Elec Ogres, opening at the tip to reveal a very large cannon that began to glow red as it built a charge... Broadside locked onto his targets...

....and fired.

Broadside annouced his prescence with a barrage of cannon fire that sent a heatshot and 2 Shotgun blasts towards one of the Elec Ogres with a series of muzzle flashes... The enormous cannon barrel in his left arm glowed an angry red from within for a moment before it too fired with a thunderous sound and sent the deadly Magnum shell towards the second Elec Ogre...

1: Shotgun @ Elec Ogre A (50 Null + Spread)
2: Shotgun @ Elec Ogre A (50 Null + Spread)
3: Heatshot @ Elec Ogre A (40 Fire + Spread)
4: Magnum @ Elec Ogre B (140 Fire)
The first shot hits one and the second two. The firey attack ends the first one while the Magnum obliterates the second.

ElecogreA: DELETED!
ElecogreB: DELETED!

Broadside: 100

Rewards: 300z
Jared watched as Broadside methodically deleted the two ElecOgres from long range using overwhelming firepower with a stunned look... Overkill... much? Is... that... really a crater there... where the second Ogre used to be? Whoa... Broadside interrupted Jared's thoughts with a sit-rep... "Targets eliminated. Resuming patrol."

Jared decided it was time to explain a few things to his Navi... "Yeah, you did well but... Broadside... we need to talk about something called 'measured response.' When your target is weak, you do not need to use overwhelming ammounts of firepower to eliminate it like you did just now. Because you used massive quantities of firepower when it wasn't called for, you caused a fair ammount of damage to the area beneath the second Elec Ogre. That's called 'needless collateral damage,' and is completely unacceptable." A moment or two passed before Broadside responded with a simple "Acknowledged."

Jared sighed as he thought to himself: Sure, he responded, but did he listen?
Ozho walks a distence towards this massive armored navi. Ozho, with his burnt robe, charred hair, and a blastmark on his face, rasies his hand and goes "Hi".
Broadside turned to look at the source of the random greeting while silently sending a detailed assessment of the newcomer to Jared's screen Scanning... Class: Custom Navi. Element: Normal. Type: Normal. Damage: Light. Threat assesment: Unknown. Orders?

A picture of the Navi-in-question appeared on Jared's screen, prompting him to quickly stifle a laugh at Broadside's assessment of the Navi. Instead, he responded to Broadside with "Well, this guy has gone to the trouble to walk up to you and say 'hi.' You could at least respond to him."

Broadside silently confirmed Jared's instructions... Acknowledged. ...paused for a moment, and then spoke to the smaller Navi in a deep and resonant voice that was not actually loud "Identify yourself."

Jared slapped his forehead in total awe of his Navi's lack of tact while he thought with great sarcasm OH! For the love of.... Good job, Broadside... Why not ask for his license and registration data while you're at it! ......You need a personality...
"Is this some sort of guard navi or something" Ozho thinks to him self. He sighs, then says in a dull voice, "Names Ozho". Then a viewing screen appears next to Ozho, with Alexande wearing sunglasses on it. Alexander says "and the names Alexander, and who might you be?"
"....." A few moments pass... and still Broadside does not respond to either Ozho or his Net-op, Alexander... A screen appears next to Broadside, with Jared's face visible within, but the background is conspicuously blanked out... He begins speaking to the Navi and Net-op "I must apologize for my antisocial partner here. The name's Jared, and my partner here's called Broadside. He doesn't get out much..." Probably because he'd do more damage to the net than the viruses he's supposed to delete... "...but...--" Broadside interrupts his Net-Op "--I'm detecting a viral signature moving towards our location. Moving to engage possible targ--" who is then interrupted by Jared in turn, who began speaking to Alexander and Ozho while Broadside began to move away... "I hate to ask this of you, but would you two mind helping us for a little bit?"

((Team Battle #1))
Ozho starts to follow Broadside, while yawning. "Well, after what happened at Internet city, I think Ozho has been trying to blow off some steam. So it looks like a yes from him" Alexander says as Ozho arm shakes. " Also, if you know things about how to keep track of a navi's mental state, please keep track of his. I'm afriad that the impact of something I did has yet to fully effect him yet." Alexander says to Jared without Ozho hearing it.
Some viruses arrive for the strange pair. How well would they do working together?

KabutankA: 80
KabutankB: 80
KabutankC: 80
KabutankD: 80
ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
ElecOgre: 120

Broadside: 100
Ozho: 100
"Actually, yes I do know a bit about monitoring Navis, but I've got my hands full with monitoring Broadside. I'll setup a second monitoring program, have it record the data, and send it to your screen... one moment." Jared paused while performing the required setup... then he continued "There. You should see a small pop-up window with a representation of your Navi's current psychological status in it. It's different for each Navi, so there's no telling what you'll see. I hope that helps you... I have to get back to monitoring Broadside now, sorry." Jared absently pressed the 'record' button as he switched back to his Net-Op console...

...Broadside was just entering attack range of this targets when Jared spoke to him suddenly... "Alright, sending chip data." he said as he slotted in 2 Shotguns, a Magnum, a Cannon, and a Heatshot, for good measure. Broadside came to a complete halt, and anchored himself to the ground... The enormous shield on his right side swung itself around so that it was before Broadside instead of beside him, creating a solid metal wall between himself and incoming enemy fire...

Broadside loaded the Magnum data into his weapon arm, causing it to deploy the large square-barreled cannon once again... Only this time things were different... The back of the weapon arm opened to reveal a back-blast vent and an array of energy collection pylons which began to glow as they amassed a charge... Broadside pitched the arm upwards, aiming it at the Elec Ogre as the charge continued to build, causing the inside of the barrel to fade from red to yellow to white... Then, once the weapon had reached maximum charge, the cannon fired its shot at the Elec Ogre...

Strangely, the solid tower shield flickered when the cannon fired...

1: Use Tower Shield to guard against an incoming attack. (Just one attack...)
2: Charge Magnum.
3: Charge Magnum.
4: Fire Magnum @ ElecOgre, hoping to hit 2 of the nearby Kabutanks. (140 Fire + Hit 2 additional targets.)

((FYI: When Broadside fires a charged Magnum attack, it sounds much the same as a Siege Tank's Shockwave Cannon from Starcraft... At least, that's how I picture it.))
Some screens appear on Alexander's PET with various data that he can't understand. "Um, thanks" Alexander says, but he has almost no idea about what the data is really telling. In that small amount of time, Champu A is blasted by holy energy, and Ozho turns to Champ B and points at him. Alexander slots in the markcannon chip while Broadside was charging up his attack. A odd looking ball of energy appears in front of Ozho's finger, and seems to be pointing towards the same champ that Ozho is pointing to.

But before it could fire, Broadside's attack goes off and just startles both Ozho and Alexander, causing Ozho's hand to move and the shot firing at nothing. Alexander begins to remember some things as he chuckles at what just happened, but Ozho is kind of mad at that wasted shot, then is in shock as it arc back at the original target.

Ozho looks at where Broadside's attack hit, and all he can see is smoke. Alexander slots in a wideshot and a blue pentagram appears in front of Ozho. Ozho puts his hand on it, and a blue guillotine blade shots out of it right at one of the Kabutank that can be seen.

((1 Holy judgment Champu A 60
2 Markcannon1 Champu B 70
3 Wideshot one of the Kabutank that has not been most likely killed by the magnum shot 80 aqua))
The ElecOgre fires a coil of thunder, the energy ricocheting off the shield onto Ozho--but the overwhelming firepower that the two Navis unleash soon obliterate the entire crowd.

KabutankA: !DELETED!
KabutankB: !DELETED!
KabutankC: !DELETED!
KabutankD: !DELETED!
ChampuA: !DELETED!
ChampuB: !DELETED!
ElecOgre: !DELETED!

Broadside: 100
Ozho: 70

Broadside: 600 zenny
Ozho: Firehit1, 200 zenny
The thunder bolt sparks off of Broadside's shield as designed... but the shield itself begins to lose resolution in places... Then it hit the fan as the errors began to scroll across the screen... Error: Defensive Shield protocol failure. Error: Melee Combat protocol failure. Error: Motor Contol... and the list went on. Jared spoke in a tone that betrayed his dismay and frustration at how badly programmed this Navi really was... "That can't be good... Broadside, I'm shutting down all protocols and sub-routines for your right arm. You'll have to do without while I restructure your coding." As Jared finished speaking, the Shield, as well as Broadside's entire right arm, lost resolution and vanished. "Are you alright otherwise?" Broadside simply looked at where his arm used to be, then looked at Jared once again, and noded. "Good, then stay where you are while I work on getting your arm repaired."

Jared then switched frequencies to speak to Alexander while he worked frantically to fix Broadside's poor programming... "Hey, how's Ozho doing? He took a serious hit there..."

((Team Battle #2... without one arm. XD ))
"Well....I don't think the mental readings changed, Ozho, how you doing" Alexander goes. Both of Ozho's arms are twitching, and his hair is all sticking outward with electricity coursing between them" Just dandy..." Ozho said in a sarcastic voice. Alexander then asks "Is that a guard navi, and also about how old is it?"
Virus Attack!

StarfishA: 60
StarfishB: 60
StarfishC: 60
BoomerA: 60
BoomerB: 60
BoomerC: 60
Windbox: 100
DBLCube: 200 <R>

Broadside: 100 (RIght arm disabled?)
Ozho: 70

Battle 2 Fight!
Ozho looks at broadside, then the windbox, then broadside, then the windbox......figuring that the box could cause the shots to hit the wrong area with its wind, Ozho sighs as Alexander slots in a area grab chip and Ozho vanishes....

....and right next to the windbox. Alexander slots in a wideshot and a heatshot. And in seconds the box and whatever was on the other side of it has been most likely hit by a blue guilitein blade, Ozho moving to the other side of the box and fires the heatshot at it, also most likely hitting what was on the other side of it.

1 Areagrab next to the windbox
2 Wideshot box and hopefully hitting some of the starfish
3 Heatshot box and hopefully hitting a boomer))
Jared began to answer Alexander "Well, I don't really know that much about him yet, but--" only to be interrupted by Broadside "--Viral signatures detected." Jared sighed and sent Broadside all 5 of his ranged attack chips, knowing that he had nothing to fall back on if they failed....

"Scanning targets..." a flood of data scrolled across the workstation's #3 screen, detailing Virus names, types, elements, attack methods, and all sorts of other vital statistics... Jared did not notice the valuable data as he was concentrated on programming new sub-routines for Broadside's new and improved arm... "Engaging." Broadside suited actions to words as he fired a heatshot at a Boomer, hoping to score a double kill. He followed up this attack with a full-on broadside of double Shotguns from his shoulder cannons and a Magnum from his deployed weapon-arm (with the usual Shockwave effect) at the Double cube, hoping to simply blast it from the face of the net, but Broadside was careful not to hit his teleporting ally.

1: Heatshot @ Boomer A. Spread @ a second Boomer (40 Fire + Spread + Elemental Critical)
2: Shotgun @ DBL Cube. Careful not to hit ally. (40 Null + Spread)
3: Shotgun @ DBL Cube. Careful not to hit ally. (40 Null + Spread)
4: Magnum @ DBL Cube. (140 Fire + No Extra Hits)
Ozho warps next to the box to eliminate the disadvantage it put his aim at. His Wideshot struck both the box and the cube, while the heatshot finished off both Ozho's preivous target and a boomer. Broadside then torches another wood enemy before concentrating on the cube. Being watchful of his ally, he strikes it twice with dual Shotguns, then goes overkill with a mighty Magnum. The Starfish, seeing that things are taking a turn for the worst, resort to sneaky tactics. The boomer distracts Broadside by hitting him with an attack while the aquatic enemy turn on the one close by. Ozho is engulfed in a bubble and then placed in front of the viruses, as if he was a hostage.

StarfishA: 60
StarfishB: 60
StarfishC: 60
BoomerB: 60
Windbox: DELETED!

Broadside: 70 (Right arm disabled!)
Ozho: 50(trapped in bubble and in front of enemies)