I Demand Another Mission!

Rejoice, for my Dear Sister, Kabuki, will assist the common man once again in whatever task you think most befitting. As you have likely profiled by now, her key traits are her skills at the arts, her natural beauty, and her valorous belief in good that brooks no evil. She is well suited for any sort of task you may have, even if it is time consuming.

In return, we ask that you provide an SP core upon completion of the mission. It is a small price to pay for the time and efforts of an actor of my caliber, along with his similarly talented navi.

And yes, we have a partner who will be posting as well. I know nothing of him. I will allow him to speak to his own merits and name his own price.

-Hideyoshi Serioroshi
Frio here, this is the first time I'm requesting a mission. Let's see what you got for us. I'm ready to meet the lady of the hour. As for what I'm seeking? I think my operator would be content with a large sum of Zenny. Give us everything ya got!

Kabuki, Frio,

The attached mission appears to fit your parameters. Please reply if you accept or if you wish to request a different mission.

Quote ()

"I'm looking for two NetNavis unaffiliated with the NetPolice to take on an assignment on our behalf. Unfortunately, the details have to remain relatively scarce until you accept. I can't risk information on this operation leaking. Combat experience is not required; acting ability and experience in subterfuge may be useful, but ultimately there are many unknown factors. There is potential, unconfirmed danger associated with this mission: however, should you help accomplish it, the resources of the NetPolice should be sufficient to provide whatever compensation you require. In addition to this, although I cannot confirm it, there will likely be opportunities to earn further rewards in the course of the operation. I believe the potential earnings will offset the required secrecy and associated risk.

We appreciate your assistance in this matter."

-Mini.EXE, Officer of NetPolice Internal Affairs
We accept!

This is quite a vague mission request, I must say. Ordinarily I'd refuse, but it would be uncouth to leave the police twisting in the wind if they themselves are incapable of carrying out their responsibilities. I'll grace them with my navi's assistance. Plus... if they're promising bonus rewards, I suppose that helps incentive the deal. Please let us know where to report, quickly.

-Hideyoshi Serioroshi
Due to your acceptance, the employer has attached additional information and coordinates:

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"Your assistance is appreciated. Just to make sure there's no disagreement later, I can't promise there will be any bonus rewards, but it is quite probable. And, of course, the NetPolice will see to your requested payment on top of that.

I'm asking you to infiltrate a shady operation as contestants on a game show. I have gathered convincing evidence to implicate the Navi running this show, PeekingMan, in the theft of support program design schematics I developed. Needless to say, these schematics are highly classified NetPolice property and also represent a significant investment on our part. We do not believe the Navi to be Mafia affiliated, so the worst-case scenario is averted. Nonetheless, we need those schematics back. Please note that your primary goal is not to apprehend the Navi, but to retrieve the schematics. Nevertheless, we do expect your cooperation in an official debrief at the conclusion of your assignment.

Unfortunately, the information we have to prep you with is very slim. The game show PeekingMan hosts runs on encrypted UnderNet channels, and he appears to have extra firewalls against NetPolice intrusion. Due to this and a lack of available techhead manpower, we have been unable to tie down any particulars: the show's name, history, purpose, and mechanics are all mysteries. What we have been able to confirm is past contestants both prior to and following their participation, but only via message board IDs: as a result, we can confirm this does not appear to be explicitly dangerous to the contestants, but no further leads panned out.

We are seeking non-affiliated help because, due to the NetPolice-specific firewalls in place and his various other security measures, we strongly suspect PeekingMan has targeted defenses towards NetPolice agents and our roster, possibly including covert agents, may be compromised. As a result, only non-affiliated resources can be mobilized. Once you are in, you will need to avoid arousing any suspicion as to your true purpose for appearing on the show, and you should assume that if your status as a NetPolice asset is revealed, you may suffer expulsion or even retribution by the game master. Our previous monitoring of chatter on this topic, limited as it was, did suggest that anyone who appeared as a contestant had either deep UnderNet access or some method of breaking the encryption on the contestant call. You will need to adapt in the field.

While this is a game show, no ordinary game show would be run through these sorts of UnderNet channels. Please use caution as you proceed. You should not assume you will be able to reach me for communication once you are at the coordinates, so please feel free to follow up with any further questions you have if necessary here.


Further questions you post here will be forwarded to the client. If there are none, please proceed to the attached coordinates:

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PeekingMan, hm? Sounds like a shameless, ignoble person who partakes in the sort of obscene pastimes I could never condone. Kabuki will be happy to assist in thwarting his schemes. With the necessary level of caution, of course.

-Hideyoshi Serioroshi