Slay and BoltMan Looking for Work

I'm still waiting for the GNA to issue me a reward for my other mission, but until then, can I get started on some other work? Idle minds... You know?

You might know already, but I'm a horror and slasher genre actress. The partner I'm bringing along for this one is a big guy named BoltMan. I don't really know what he does, but the point is that we're both kinda scary looking, so maybe don't put us with kids. My operator is a script writer who's still trying to get off of his feet. He's also kinda scary looking. Rodney, the other operator, is pretty normal looking, though. So that's sort of whatever.

Anything good for scary looking people? I still don't have that much to fight with yet, just FYI. On that note, I'd like to receive some zenny for this mission so I can start powering up. I'll let BoltMan post what he wants. Thanks.

As you've probably guessed from the name, electricity's my specialty. I suppose I'm not terribly picky as to what kind of mission I long as it's nothing demeaning. And my reward? Some Elec element chips would be nice. I'll leave it to you as to what ones.

- BoltMan.EXE
Greetings Slay and BoltMan,

We appologise for the delay regarding your previous mission, Slay; regrettably, we are still awaiting proper confirmation of your previous mission completion, however, given that the rest of your record remains in good standing outside of that, it is most likely a clerical matter that should clear in short order, and we are willing to issue you with further work in the meantime.

As BoltMan's record is relatively light, we might recommend one of our entry-level postings at this time. The following request appears to fit your needed specifications; please advise us if you both find it suitable.

Quote ()

This is a volunteer request, seeking navigators from any and all walks of life to participate in a short series of experiments and tests. The study will go towards research into navigator development, and the concept of emergent personal identity as it applies to navis. The focus group will comprise of between eight to ten navigators, ideally without active support programs. All volunteers will be compensated substantially for their time an input (Both zenny and battlechips are available as payment, other forms of compensation are negotiable), and full confidentiality is assured if so desired. Details of the study location are attached for GNA office use.


Thus far, six of the client's requested slots have been filled by other navigators, so if you both wish to participate, that will fill out his minimum compliment. Please advise if this is suitable.

-Global Network Administration
That's fine. I'm sure it will come through eventually. That mission sounds fine, though. I'm told my personality's not great, probably not the kind that you'd normally study, but, whatever, right?

Just point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Fine, whatever. Let's do it.

- BoltMan.EXE
Very well,

The client indicated that volunteers should link directly to the following coordinates, and requested that any volunteers possessing support programs should keep them inactive or restrict them to remain in their associated PET before arrival. Our records indicate that this shouldn't be a concern for either of you, however. Please follow the attached link.

-Global Network Administration

Attch: Location.DAT
We've completed the mission and we were both rewarded, but I'd say don't let that guy give out any more missions. We were lured into what was either an elaborate murder trap or otherwise a very convincing illusion of an elaborate murder trap. I'm still not sure whether it was real or not, but it was definitely screwed up. I really just suggest you don't let him put up more missions. And if you don't hear from some of the other navis who took this mission earlier... assuming that there really were others besides me and BoltMan who took this mission earlier... you should do some kind of investigation into that.

This is quite a serious charge, miss Slay. While we understand that some missions may not be simple or comfortable experiences, if you truly suspect some wrong doing or foul play from this mission poster, we will of course look into it, however the individual who posted your mission has a long record in good standing. It is true that most missions offered by this particular poster are settled on site and most navis eschew reporting back to the GNA directly after completion, but this is the case for many mission posters, and not unusual.

We thank you for your concern towards others and will investigate this matter fully. If there are any further details of your complaint that you would like to furnish us with, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

-Global Network Administration