Need a Mission

Requesting a mission for myself. I'll do anything. I'm a navi actress with several years experience, specializing in horror/suspense films, but with some practice in other genres as well. Contrary to my name, I'm not especially well suited for slaying anything right now, because I lost most of my weapons in the latest transfer between owners, but I'll give anything a shot.

If it is a mission to kill anything, make sure that it's set in a dermatologist's office and that the target can be killed using only ordinary dermatology tools. I'm working on a new story about a man who loves other people's skin, so he becomes a dermatologist, but once people come to his office and they're seated, he blinds him with that laser dermatologist's use and then... Can you blind someone with a hair removal laser? I don't actually know yet.

Please ignore my operator, Gordon. For my reward, I'd like more sword chips... maybe a knife or two? Some people like a long blade, but the knife is so iconic and feels a lot better going in...

Good day, Slay,

While we don't have a mission for you, after listing your name in our database an interested party appeared. They wish to make use of your particular experience in their recent project. They would like to meet you in the vicinity of Beach Street, close to the hospital. If you could include a picture of your Operator it will make it easier for them to identify you as they only know you. They're not running on a tight schedule, but it would still be beneficial to them if you meet them as soon as possible.

-Global Network Administration


Make a topic at Beach Street and I'll get to you.

Okay... That's weird. But it's fine. I mean, if they know me, they know that a beach isn't my typical locale, nor Gordon's... but they're the boss. Actually, maybe they've seen me in "Deathguard" or "Deathguard 2: Returning to Duty." I would say "Sandcrab" and "Sandcrab 2," but I'm happier if they don't know I played in those ones. Whatever, I'll learn why they want me when Gordon meets up with them. I've attached a picture.


*Photo.DAT attached*

((Opening topic soon))
We accomplished just the basics of what they gave us to do. I think they'll give us some kind of reward. Can you transfer payment now? Thanks.

We apologize for the delay in your payment. Your contact person was impossible to get in touch with until now. In his own words, he was busy with the 'Lingerie Convention'. But because we got in touch with him, we also managed to get the payment from him.
Slay receives 1x BambooKnife + 1000z

We have also received an additional gift specifically for you, as BrassiereMan's apology for the delay. His message was: "I'm sure you would look great in this. Wear it and remember me." We'll leave it up to you what to do with it.
Slay receives 1x black frilly bra

-Global Network Administration