Greetings! I am Kabuki.EXE, sworn sister of Hideyoshi Serioroshi. I search for an adventure, by way of which I may provide assistance to others in need. I want to spread joy and become a hero of HELP~FUL~NESS!

In my noble party:
-Myself, Kabuki.EXE, a navi well-versed in the art of kabuki theater and eager to seek glory in everything that I do!
-My operator and sworn brother, Hideyoshi, a young man with great curiosity and a passion for new experiences!
-My fellow navi, Divina.EXE, the goddess incarnate who wishes to spread the message of joy throughout the net!
-Her operator, Hikari, the devout and faithful priestess of Divina, equally united in that drive to spread Divina's message!

As great as I make us sound, we don't have a lot of combat experience. But I will accept any sort of challenge! Glory is to be found everywhere in this world!

For my reward, I ask only for zenny! Unfortunately, even heroes need living expenses... I will let my friend propose her own reward.
Hello, I am Divina, goddess of happiness and light, and I hereby request to join in on this most noble quest. I do have one limitation, however: any and all portions of the mission occurring in the Net must be in an Electopian based location. Hikari has a very old PET, and it has problems processing foreign areas.

As for a reward, I suppose I'll ask for a donation of money as well, for I imagine that it would be easier on you if we requested the same thing.

I hope to hear of our mission soon!

- Divina.EXE
Greetings Kabuki, and greetings Divina! We apologise for the delay in responding to your request, but regrettably, client requests clearly specifying a solely Electopian domain have been rather few. While many of the cases we handle are such, of course, it is less common to find one that confirms directly that it is so, and we do handle a very wide variety of requests from all over the world, after all. This request, however, arrived only this morning, and may be of interest to you both:

Quote ()

My heart is just one heart; my voice just one voice. In the people there is power, if they are stirred and rallied, united. Yet I am but one voice, in the vastness of the net. If I am to move the hearts and minds of the people here, I cannot do it with just my heart alone; I need more hearts; more voices to be raised, more hands to be lifted.

Where one voice cries out and is drowned in the thrum and clamour of the faceless system, several may rise up and swell to become a chorus that can no longer be silenced. Today the chorus must be raised in the Yoka networks. The establishment seeks to silence forever the voices of a brave many who struck back against them, recently, and only by the strength of the people, together, may they be preserved. We will not allow the twisted rules of self-serving structure to silence the voices of those who would stand against. Not today, and not ever! Together, we must do whatever it takes to bring the people to our cause, whatever the cost to ourselves. Please, all who would listen, add your voices to mine, and together we will make a difference.


The request was submitted under the operator name of Jane Doe, and requests that all communication be handled directly through their NetNavi, one Uprising.Exe. They noted that, due to limited means, they could only offer direct payment in zenny for any volunteer's time, however, we believe that fits in with your requests?

Please let us know if this mission is acceptable, and we can forward your the relevant contact details. If not, we will endeavour to find another for you both.

-Global Network Admin
I like your style! This mission sounds bold and worthy! I cannot wait to achieve glory, whatever the cause may be... Hopefully it is one worthy of a hero!

Please inform the employer that I accept.

I don't see any reason to turn it sign us up!

- Divina.EXE
Very good. The poster will be informed of your acceptance, and requested that volunteers assemble at the attached coordinates. Best of luck to you both.

-Global Network Admin

ATTCH: Coordinates.Dat