Mission Request


I am the navi of Dharma Heart-Payne, who is the president of Heart-Payne Pharmaceuticals Inc. My friend VenusMan and I would like to request a mission. For a reward,cash will be fine. VenusMan should be requesting his own rewards shortly.

My talent is distributing chemical compounds but I am well suited for any kind of task. Thank you.

VenusMan here.
Phero has already explained what's up, so I'm just here to explain my reward. I'm looking for the BusterGuard battlechip. Don't know if I have a talent, but I'm good at growing plants and eating viruses. And posing nude.

Having researched previous mission requests from the requesting parties, we have some confidence that Ms. Heart-Payne is not frequently requested by name as a mission client. Why the party in question is attempting to contact Ms. Heart-Payne by GNA mission request as opposed to contacting her directly is unknown. Regardless, treating these as a special case, it seems reasonable to call your attention to those in the order they were submitted.

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I am specifically requesting Ms. Dharma Heart-Payne for her immediate assistance in gluing together a crack in my most recent business venture. I have heard a rumor that the little lady is currently attending BeeCon, for whatever reason. However, I am having the dangdest time trying to find her. Ms. Heart-Payne, if you happen to hear this, please help me out! I am in dire need of your assets to pull my fat out of the fryer. I will pay.

Bring your friends and I'll give them all Clusterbucket discounts!

THE General Bill N. Clusterbuck

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Ms. Heart-Payne:

I hope you will pay this message due notice. I am in need of your particular set of skills and assets. I believe that at this point, Clusterbuck will have sent you a message for a mission request. If so, please find me at Bronco Burgers, near Booth D-10 of BeeCon and listen to my request before turning his down. You will need at least one skilled associate, preferably with a handsome male Navi. If you have such capable associates, I can also reward them, from a list of available rewards [See Attachment]. Please note that for exceptionally rare stock, exceptional performance will be expected.

BusterGuard is among the listed rewards. Other listed rewards include Counter2, Magnum 1, and Synapse 1. The client has indicated only 1 of each is available. BusterGuard is specifically indicated as "exceptionally rare stock."

Although this is a strange case, Clusterbuck did not request anonymity, and the GNA is under no obligation to ensure the completion of his unaccepted mission. However, do keep in mind that if you do take both missions and the end-goals conflict, completion of one mission may mean "failure" of the other, and the client may withhold payment. We will leave in your hands how to deal with this. Please note that there is no "penalty" for failure of a mission beyond the desired rewards being withheld, unless agreed upon with the client.

Of course, either of you may also turn down both missions and we will list the next appropriate mission.
I don't want to disappoint anyone, so I'm sure Dharma will be fine if I accept both missions. I think VenusMan it's handsome enough... So we need to go to booth D-10 first? I will let Dharma know.

Thank you very much,
We shall accompany Phero and Dharma and assist them in completing these missions and being handsome. We will depart for the provided location soon.

We will consider both missions accepted then. Good luck. The clients will provide further details.

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