Blah Blah Blah Misson Request Blah Blah

Hi, I'm here to request a mission...which I'm sure you would've never guessed if I didn't say that, right? But, I've got kind of a specific reward request. You see, since my Navis became Chaos Net eligible, it's dawned on me that we could always use a stronger way to heal ourselves. So, I think I'd like to give my recovery chip a boost, by replacing it with a Recover150! We're fine with anything you throw at us, too, so give us whatever you need done!

Oh, and to help you out, here's the data for my Navis. Aside from appearance and some signature move tweaks, their power is identical, so I guess if you need a certain personality for a mission, you should probably say up front if there's one you really recommend. Just trying to help you out when picking a mission for us!

- Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: SplashManData.DAT, SplashLadyData.DAT
A television program, entitled "Showbizz's Beach Blowout," is currently looking for staff to help out with an event in Beach Net. They have included a Recovery150 in the list of rewards they are willing to offer. Please take a look at the job posting below:

Quote (Job Description)

Looking for motivated employees to help out with my high-rated Beach Blowout! Many positions are open. If you've been led here, you may just fit the bill for one of these prestigious openings! Please read the offer below.

Do you like water? Can you summon water on command? Are you themed around water and shooting out water? Then do we have the job for you! Beach Blowout is looking for candidates qualified to disperse massive amounts of water at the Beach Net party!

Job priorities will include:
-Keeping volleyball players hydrated.
-Keeping dancers hydrated.
-Providing liquid for a variety of ice and beverage items.
-Providing occasional maintenance to a water slide.
-Hosing indicated targets for various reasons.
-Wet tee shirts!
-Anything else we can think of that requires water.

You will be graded on a percentage scale of satisfaction and compensated based on points. The following scale represents our rewards system:
-100% or greater: Recov150
-75% or greater: Recov80
-50% or greater: Recov50
-Anything below: NOTHING

Have a blast working at our Beach Blowout!

Employer cannot guarantee that employee will have a blast and may not be held liable if the work seems demeaning, menial, over-demanding, or impossible in scope.

If you are interested, please respond to receive the coordinates.

-Global Network Admin
Well, we're definitely qualified for it...all right, sign us up!

- Sabrina Jetto
Thank you for responding. The proper coordinates for the area in Beach Net are attached. We wish you well.

-Global Network Admin

*coordinates attached*
And we're done. According to SplashLady, she finished at 101%, and I'm sure the requester will back her up on that. Recover150 us!

- Sabrina Jetto
From the sounds of the report, it sounds as though you really had to work your tail off to finish this one. Your reward will be Recov150, as requested.

*Recov150 attached*
*SplashLady receives 18 PhotoMan FXP*