Mission Request

Yo! Name's Beatnik and I'm bored. You guys always have something for folks to do, don'tcha? Do me a favour and hook me up with a mission.
((Am lazy, pretend I'm GNA))

We do always have missions lined up for people, yes, and we have a few laying around that you could do. However, we offer different missions for different types of rewards. If you could specify what form of reward you want, we would be happy to provide you with a mission.

Picky, aint'cha? Well, I dunno, whatever you've got sittin' around. Somethin' that'll set me up with some extra scratch, or maybe a new chip or two.
Alright, that'll do.

We have a request from SciLabs here that should suit you well enough. They've been asked to clean up after a recent incident but are lacking in some of the tools necessary to do the job. We've managed to acquire them, so all we need for you to do is make a delivery.

Do you accept?

Yeah, sure, why not? Sounds like a caker, but at least it's work. Lemme know where I gotta go.
You'll be going to the SciLab Server Gateway. The coordinates are attached to this message.

<Attachment 2443>

Once you're there, look for a navi calling Bastion. He pretty much runs things over there, so he'll see to it that the package gets in the right hands.

<Attachment 2444>

Good luck.


-2443: Gateway_coord.dat
-2444: RepairPkg.7z
That one coulda ended nasty, but the job's done. Now you guys just gotta hold up your end of it and we'll all be square.
We've confirmed that the package has been received. Good work.


[Attached: 1000z]

((Okay, I'll be honest, I have no idea what your reward was supposed to be anymore, so I hope this is right.))