SP Mission Request

Hi, I'd like to request a mission for a SP. I should be good for pretty much anything, but...well, after that one mission, I think it'd be smart to keep away from ElecTown if it's possible. Other than that, don't be afraid to give us something tough!

Electown? I'm sorry, but please do not belittle us into thinking that we would send a navi to a suicide mission.

Instead, your mission will be in the Yoka Net Area.

We received a scrambled message from an unknown source deep within the Yoka Network. We couldn't decode the whole message, but in simplicity, "SOS". We have in our record that you, SplashMan.EXE, has traveled to the far, uncharted end of the Yoka Network once. It wouldn't be too much trouble for you to venture back.

We will attach special programs that will aid you in this mission if you are to accept this mission.


((Modlocked by Goroke))
Yoka? That's pretty convenient, considering that's where my operator and I are right now. And it would be nice to go back to the uncharted part of Yoka's Net...okay! I accept!

Alright then. We have attached the raw message as well as our prototype NCP called "Ride Armor." The program will let your navi summon a military grade vehicle, but we didn't have time to add any combat capability. It will help get to the destination much faster, but keep in mind that you will most likely be noticed by viruses even more.

We will hope for the best, SplashMan.



  • RideArmor.NCP [NCP Cost: 20]

Well, SplashMan checked things out over where the signal came from. Turns out there was an Aqua-element NormalNavi experimenting with virus creation, and he lost control of his most powerful one, a huge shark that kept going "BLARGH!". It was rough, but we found it and deleted it. Don't worry about that Navi, though...he was doing it to try and come up with a virus that would hunt down and delete other viruses. But he was pretty shaken up by the whole thing, so I'm pretty sure he's putting his research on hold for a really long time...

Oh yeah, I'm returning that NCP you gave us at the beginning of the mission. You probably want it back, and we don't have the NaviCust space to use it any more, anyway.

-Sabrina Jetto

Is that so? That's quite an interesting turn of event. We will investigate the area our selves, but we are currently to busy, so we might have to withhold doing so for a while. As you have requested, we attached a SPbase data for your mission success. Hope that you put it to good use.



  • SPbase.dat


  • RideArmor.NCP