need assistance?

i would like to see if you had anything that someone like me can do.......i would like to try and make up for last time....

*nikko.exe is curently fighting in yoka*
Why sure, good citizen! You see, I'm holding a publicity event for the Netpolice right now that just so happens to be in Yoka, and your navi would be perfect to help out! I read in your navi's Netpolice info file that she's a slender female, right? We could definitely use another of those for our event. Just get there and you'll be instructed on what you have to do.

You'll want to take this backstage pass to get in. I doubt they'll let you back there without it.

*GET: Backstage pass*

Good luck, and go forth, Nikko! For great justice! Succeed in your endeavor and there's a new .GMO waiting for you!

-Officer DimensionMan
all right then, once nikko finishes up her virus battle, she'll be right over.
i'm here to pick up my reward dimensionman, sorry for the mess that was left behind after the battle.

*Nikko.exe is crently sleeping in her PET*
DimensionMan's a little busy with things at the moment, harumpumpum but I'll be happy to give you your reward, sir and ma'am.

*Receive 1 blank .GMO*

I hope the whole thing wasn't too much trouble for you yourself, harumpumpum. We never intended to put you, a civilian, into the line of fire like that. I assure you that there was no prior anticipation of the event... Although that's not exactly reassuring in itself, harumpumpum.

-Officer BrassMan
No problem, at least my navi is not afraid of dogs anymore, heavy weaponry takes that place, anyways, thanks for the blank GMO file.

*Nikko.exe is curently fighting*

*Blank GMO. file received*