Rogue Moneyball

Tennisman entered the slot machine computer with Deuce and Fifteen in tow. The inside of the machine looked almost as flashy as the outside of it. Images on spinning reels decorated acted as an animated wallpaper for the scene making it hard to concentrate. The floor itself shifted between terrain types randomly, but thanks to Tennisman's new shoes, he wasn't fazed in the slightest.

"Where are we going and what are we doing?" Deuce asked.

"I dunno! Explore! See if there's viruses to bust!" Desmond answered, "Go go go!"

Tennisman let out a small groan as he complied and set off in search of anything of interest, though in this environment, everything seemed pretty eye-catching.

((Battle 1))
Blaring lights and spinning slots greeted TennisMan everywhere he looked inside the slot machine's network; even the road was flooded with light. His entrance led him shortly to a crossroads, with three viruses stepping up to challenge him from each of the available paths. A slot machine underneath him spun about, and landed on a red 7, changing the entire area to boiling lava panels!

Volcaner A: 150 HP [in front]
Volcaner B: 150 HP [to the left]
Volcaner C: 150 HP [to the right]

-- ALLIES --
TennisMan.EXE: 500 HP [FloatShoes]
Deuce.SP: 200 HP
Fifteen.SP: 100 HP [Flying]

100% Lava

Tennisman flinched, expecting to be burned, but his Floatshoes did an impeccable job at keeping him safe from harm. He lifted Deuce a little higher than normal to keep his support program away from the burning floor.

"What's up, Tennisman? Shoes working okay?" Desmond asked.

The navi nodded in silence.

"GOOD! They better work..." scowled Desmond.

With one less thing to worry about, Tennisman turned his full attention to the viruses surrounding him. Fifteen was way ahead of him, floating straight up into the air to get a better view of the fight as it unfolded and to just get out of harm's way.

"Airstorm. Moonblade." Tennisman said, locking eyes with the Volcaner directly in front of him, a plan already formulating in his head.

Lifting his foot up, he stamped it to the ground, instantly sapping the red glow from a large square of land beneath the viruses' feet. The blackened, rocky terrain fractured and shattered, breaking down more and more until it became a dune of pitch sand. Tennisman had no problem with his footing in the fine silt like he used to and prepared to attack.

Desmond had some trouble finding the chips but slotted them in eventually. Tennisman shifted his grip on Deuce and swept the racket inwards, drawing in spirals of air. Three small twisters picked up the only the finest flecks of igneous sand and transformed into ebony whirlwinds. A cloud of the dark dust surrounded the navi, shrouding him from view. The vacuum continued to draw in everything around him, leading into his next attack. Without warning, a thin circle bisected the cloud horizontally. Through the thin gap, Tennisman could see the edge of the remaining lava and made a dash for it. The cloud of soot collapsed in on itself with nothing left to sustain it.

A sudden whistle from on high heralded Fifteen's ruling, "Illegal use of fireworks. Two red cards. Further use is prohibited."

The program was quick to produce two red cards, one slightly larger than the other, and flicked them down at the viruses in precise throws one after the other. Tennisman realized that would draw the viruses' attention and proceeded to launch some attacks of his own. Lobbing a few spare balls into the air, Tennisman served them at the rest of the group.

Deuce - equip
Fifteen - Fly up (high alt)
1 - Court Change - Clay Court (large sand terrain)
2 - AirStorm VolcanerA, VolcanerB, VolcanerC (50 damage + pull) x2 from terrain
3 - MoonBlade VolcanerA, VolcanerB, VolcanerC (90 damage)
Fifteen - Attack VolcanerA + Buff (72 damage + disarm)
Fifteen - Attack VolcanerB (30 damage + disarm)
4 - dodge
5 - dodge
6 - dodge
Deuce - Attack VolcanerA (30 damage)
Deuce - Attack VolcanerB (30 damage)
Deuce - Attack VolcanerC (30 damage)
A powerful serve by TennisMan! Volcaners forfeited immediately on account of complete disintegration.

Volcaner A: DELETED
Volcaner B: DELETED
Volcaner C: DELETED

-- ALLIES --
TennisMan.EXE: 500 HP [FloatShoes]
Deuce.SP: 200 HP
Fifteen.SP: 100 HP [Flying]

50% Lava
50% Sand



[LavaCannon2] Battlechip, 1500z, 24 BugFrags
"Good start! Let's move on!" Desmond said.

Tennisman nodded and slipped away from the scene as quickly as he had arrived while the PET swept up all the valuables for him.

((Battle 2))
TennisMan seemed to slip away from the scene bit too quicker than he expected, finding himself at one of the stranded parts of NetVegas network. Surrounded by weathered, abandoned buildings, the navi and his SPs went along to find a group of viruses protecting a giant iron door. The viruses only gave TennisMan dirty looks as the navi passed by, showing signs of hostility and no more. However, when Fifteen drifted too close to the viruses, they snapped and immediately prepared to attack the trespassers, protecting the door with everything they had!

-Viral Bouncers-
DemonEyeA: 180 HP
BreakerA: 150 HP
IronGuard: 200 HP
BreakerB: 150 HP
DemonEyeB: 180 HP

60% Normal
20% Broken (Around the viruses)
20% Cracked (All over)

TennisMan.EXE: 500 HP
Deuce.SP: 200 HP
Fifteen.SP: 100 HP

"ILLEGAL START OF A MATCH! ILLEGAL START OF A MATCH!" Fifteen blurted out, zipping away from the viruses.

Tennisman and Deuce bolstered their defenses at the sight of the viruses, pausing only to question what the giant door behind them led to.

"What chips do you want?" Desmond asked.

There were five enemies and he wasn't sure he could delete all of them easily. He opted to focus on the DemonEyes and the Ironshield in the middle for now. A tentative plan formed in his mind as he shifted his foot, initiating a terrain change beneath his targets. The island of normal panels began to crack and tiny sprouts filled the gaps and replaced the plain, blank tiles with a small patch of nature.

"Magnum." Tennisman requested and shifted his stance once more. He visualized his targets from a different perspective and considered the angle at which he'd have to strike. Desmond slotted in the chip, allowing Tennisman to charge the data into his buster. One, he would have to strike the DemonEye on the right first. He took a step forward. Two, the Ironshield would be the next best target as he spread his shots across to the right side all the way to...

A small swirl of dust marked where he had been standing as he disappeared from view only to reappear directly overhead the viruses, crouching horizontally on the iron door.

...Three, the other DemonEye. Gravity took hold of him and he fell back down, spreading the Magnum blasts across the grassy field exactly as he had planned in his mind. Three pillars of fire exploded from his attacks as he touched down on his green landing zone. Fifteen was floating high above the action, but still wary of the Breakers as they could reach him by jumping. The support program charged up a large red card with his ears and launched it at one of the viruses, shouting, "IMPROPER CONDUCT! ASSAULTING THE REFEREE! RED CARD PENALTY!"

* - Deuce Team Passive - Share damage
Deuce - Equip
Fifteen - Fly up
1 - Reinforce + Rally Defense (7-hit shield)
Deuce - Overwrap (40 HP barrier)
2 - Court Change - Grass beneath viruses (Large grass terrain)
3 - Magnum Charge
4 - Magnum Charge
5 - Split Step overhead viruses (teleport)
Deuce - Split Step overhead viruses (teleport)
6 - Magnum DemonEyeA, IronGuard, DemonEyeB (120 + break + panel crack) x2 from terrain
Fifteen - Buffed Attack BreakerA (72 damage + Disarm)
Fifteen - Dodge
Transforming the area into a grassy playing field, Tennisman readied himself for attack, charging the Magnum's power. He reappeared above the battlefield, blasting two of the viruses with split-second artillery rounds without a second spared. The Breakers went for Tennisman and Fifteen each, but their airborne movement presented them with an easy get-out-of-damage card. In addition to that, one of the Breakers' wrecking balls was disarmed off the virus by Fifteen's red card, causing it to simply roll off to the side.

-Viral Bouncers-
BreakerA: 78 HP [disarmed]
IronGuard: DELETED
BreakerB: 150 HP
DemonEyeB: 180 HP

25% Grass
30% Normal
35% Broken (Around the viruses)
10% Cracked (All over)

TennisMan.EXE: 500 HP [7-hit shield] [above viruses]
Deuce.SP: 200 HP [40 HP barrier] [above viruses]
Fifteen.SP: 100 HP [hi-alt]