Destin's BugFrag Trade

This will be a place where people can sell me BugFrags for cash.

Current Exchange Rate: 15z:1 BF (ex. 1,500z:100 BF; 3,000z:200 BF)

Current Want: 100 BF (1,500z) [02/14/17]
Hmmm. You know what, I'll happily sell you them. Jazz has been saying something about them "being useless" and I could use the spare cash. I've got 128 right now, so, by my math should be 1,920z.
-stephine Magi

Attached: 128 Bug Fragments
You would be correct. -- Destin Obscura

[Attached: 1,920z.]
Thank you. -- Destin Obscura.
Huh... this isn't exactly my normal fare, but... I guess this is ok?

If it's what you both want to do, I guess. Let's see here...

Destin Gets: 128 Frags, Loses 1920z

Stepthine Gets: 1920z, Loses 128 Frags

That was weird. I feel weird.

Have a good day.

And certainly thank you!
I have acquired some more funds. Anyone interested?
Hmmm. I know my navi is looking forward to getting an SP down the road, but right now...we could use the money. I have 135 Bugfragments and I'd be happy to sell them to you, I can assume you have an SP of your own right now and could use them more than I.
-Joseph Sine

Attached: 135 Bugfrags

*Asymptote.exe is currently undergoing...something...and is unable to be reached for comment*
I would be interested in the trade. Here you go. -- Destin Obscura

[Attached: 2,025z.]
Huh, I'm here for this again? Well whatever floats your boat.. and beats your drum right?

Destin gets: 135 Bugfrags, Loses: 2025z

Joseph gets: 2025z, Loses: 135 Bugfrags.

Yep that's still weird... have a good day. Weirdos.
Thank you. -- Destin Obscura