ShadowShoes NaviCust

Selling the ShadowShoes NaviCust for 500z to the first buyer to put up the money.

ShadowShoes [5]: Allows the Navi to move across fragile panels, such as Cracked and Glass, without breaking them.

-- Destin Obscura

[Attached: ShadowShoes NaviCust]
These ShadowShoes sound rather nice for someone like it's a bargain, so my operator can't object. Sold!

- SmogMan.EXE
Under-the-counter sales, what a steal!

Just kidding, enjoy yer shoes.

Destin GET: 500z
SmogMan GET: [ShadowShoes] NCP

- TempoMan.EXE
Thank you. Have a nice day.

-- Destin Obscura