HP+50 for sale!

This BBS looks sorta dusty...oh well. Anyway, I'd like to sell off my HP+50, like the topic says. I dunno exactly what to sell it, so...first reasonable offer gets it!

- Sabrina Jetto
I'd be willing to pay 3000 for it, if you'd take it. I think it's a fair price for the program second-hand, based on what the store usually does, and my navi's always looking to acquire more HP +.

-Rania Firebrand

((3000z attached))
Like I said, first reasonable offer gets it!

- Sabrina Jetto
Yep, it's been a while. And the last deal here...was for that exact same HP+50. Oi.

Rania GET: HP+50 NCP
Sabrina GET: 3000z

Have a nice day or something, ladies.

- TempoMan.EXE