Charge +1, Rapid +1 for Zenny and/or Chips

Hi, everyone. My name's Guy Tholmes. I guess I'm sort of a new Netbattler to the scene, though I've inherited a high-end Navi and PET from a distant relative, through some unusual circumstances.

Long story short, our new Navi doesn't have a lot of use for the Buster upgrades that came with it. The previous owner seems to have already pawned off the ATK+1, so that leaves us with the Charge and Rapid.

While we will accept pure Zenny as a buyout price for either one (and all prices are negotiable) my sister and I are more interested in BattleChips. We're willing to trade these NaviCust programs for any kind of unusual chips, the kind that are a cut above Heatshots, Cannons, Minibombs, and the like. Any Sword-class chip or other reusable melee chip, Areagrab, and RockCube are examples of chips we'd be happy to trade for.

In short, here's what we're looking for:


1200z + any chip

Desirable chip (negotiable and we are willing to throw in some extra Zenny on our side)

Thank you,
[ Guy Tholmes ]
((I'm in a battle and I don't trade much so I'm not entirely sure how this works but I'll trade you 1800z for your charge NCP))
[[ You should post IC. I don't know if you're allowed to do that in-battle or not, ask someone else. Once we've both said something like "attached: 1800z" the NPC will signal us to update our sigs ]]
Yo, 1800z for your Charge thing.

Sounds great!

To everyone else reading this: this means that for the other one, I'm mostly interested in chips and not Zenny.

Best of luck,
[ Rachel Tholmes ]

NCP: Charge+1
Unusual chips? Well, I have a BubbleStar1, which is pretty unusual, but not really my thing. Any way you'd trade your Rapid+1 for that and some cash?

-Sabrina Jetto
better offer came along. sorry my bad

Prices updated.

Sabrina, how much do you feel your BubbleStar is worth? I am interested in it.
sweet. ok i'll trade for 1500.


[attached 1500z]
Hmm...good question. It only does 20 damage, but it hits 3, traps them, and makes them weak to Elec attacks, so needless to say it's great for combos. But I don't think it's super-rare or anything...I'd say it's something like...1800z-2000z, maybe? That'd be about what a used Rapid+1 is, so how about a straight-up trade with the two?

-Sabrina Jetto
Hm, this was a little confusing to see what was happening, but I think I've got it.

Rachel LOSE: Charge +1 NCP. GET: 1500z.
Des LOSE: 1500z. GET: Charge +1 NCP.

I'll be back to handle Sabrina's in a bit.


got it. thx.

A straight trade... All right, that sounds good.

[Rachel Tholmes]

Attached: Rapid +1

-Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: BubbleStar1 Battlechip data
Oh. Wow. The excitement.

Rachel Gets: Bubblestar1

Sabrina Gets: Rapid+1 NCP

Done. Now I won't get yelled at anymore.