Rapid +1 for Sale

Hello there everyone. I am selling my Navi's Rapid +1 so that We can have some spare money for upgrades. And seeing as My navi isn't very Buster based, it won't be missed much.

I would like and offer of at least 1700, if you wish to give more I won't say no.

-Leo Umi

Bard.EXE in Standby
Ooh, I've been thinking about upgrading my Navi's buster, and this'd be perfect. Count me in!

-Sabrina Jetto
Of course! Going to be good to get the upgrades I want. Thanks!

-Leo Umi

Rapid +1
Alright, everything looks just fine. Just give me a second before I finalize this transaction...

Leo GETS: 1700z
Leo LOSES: [Rapid+1] NaviCust Part

Sabrina GETS: [Rapid+1] NaviCust Part
Sabrina LOSES: 1700z

Have a nice day.

Thanks! Hope the part works well for you.

-Leo Umi

Bard.EXE is in Standby.
I happen to have a Charge NCP for sale, if Leo isn't interested in getting rid of it...
1500z for it?

--Ceres Notara
Hello again all. I am here offering my Charge +1 and Attack +1 as well. My Navi and I did a bit of talking and never forsaw the buster being a large part of our combat stragety in the near or extended future. So I am here selling these parts to you! Same price as before, 1700. There is a slight chance of bargining it down but don't count on it much.

-Leo Umi
Consider that Attack+1 as good as bought!

-Sabrina Jetto
Ah! Good to see you bakc buying again! Well, here ya go.

Attack +1
Well, well, well. This seems fair.

Leo LOSE: Attack +1 NCP. GET: 1700z.
Sabrina LOSE: 1700z. GET: Attack +1 NCP.

Have a nice day.