Selling navicust parts

i an selling my charge+1, attack+1 and my rapid+1. anyone want to buy these from me? i am also willing to trade for an HP+50 navicust part.
I am interested in the Charge+ and Attack+ programs, but I find that I am a bit short on zenny. Perhaps I could sweeten the deal with a few battlechips? I am prepared to offer 500 zenny plus a cactiball and rageclaw for both. Please feel free to provide a counter-offer should this be inadequate.

-Suien Matsumoto

Attached: Zenny balance and chip folder
i'm sorry but...i can't sell my navicust parts for that little zenny and you realy don't have any chips i would want.

*Nikko.exe is curently trying to rip some seedbats a new one*
Hmm... would you consider it if I bumped the zenny amount to 1000 and swapped the rageclaw with a sword?

no sorry....i need zenny only. i'm only selling these for a total of 3000z or more.
i'm now willing to sell my charge+1, attack+1 and rapid+1 for 2500z each, chips that add up to 2500z or a combo of chips and zenny.

ugh.....chip.....otaku.....this is his navi speaking.
any takers? i'm takeing off 1000z for all three, so a combined total of 1500z in chips or zenny would be nice right now, i need the money.


[Zenny Balance.DAT]

tell me what you want, do you want a charge+1, a rapid+1 or a attack+1? i would also like to see your chip folder too please.
I'll take the attack program. It'll benefit both my attacks and charge attacks at once!

yea!!...i dont know which one does wat o-o;;

Attack +1 <===> 1500z

[Zenny Balance.DAT]


The trade will now commence. Sit tight for a second...

Timmy =====> Attack +1
KoF&T =====> 1500z

Timmy recieves 1500z and KoF&T recieves an Attack +1. A straight trade, a done deal.

Appreciate it with my heart

sweet! thx~

no problem, i need money for upgrades for my navi, Nikko. say....would you like to virus busting together some time?
Yo Timmy, how ya been? I think I'd buy your charge+1 for 1500. seems like a good deal to me.

- Sieg

No two timing on me, sister! Move your scrawny ass to the Colosseum and lets get started on this event already!

- Valkyrie
I'd like to buy your rapid for 1.5k.

i am sorry sieg, Valkyrie and rien, i am ready to trade off the charge+1 and rapid+1 to someone else right now.......and Valkyrie.......we are currently in a's turning ugly right now. anyways......sorry guys.

*Nikko.exe is curently being blasted to death by a couple of robots*

I hate these progs i got stuck with.