Difficulter Water

As always, Rogue Yoka seemed eerily devoid of activity. As SplashLady began stepping away from where she had entered, however, it would be impossible to tell just from her body language. "Woo, back in Yoka! This really is my favorite area. Sharo and Beach Areas are nice in their own ways, but...nothing tops this place!"

"I wouldn't say no to some hot spring soaking myself, but I know you know the drill. Be careful out there!"

"Of course, Sabrina. When am I not?" Before her operator could answer with anything other than 'never', the mermaid Navi started her usual virus search with a bit more speed than normal, in the hopes of getting into a battle quickly.

(Searching for Battle #1)
Didn't take long for SplashLady to begin her venture into the Yoka Rogue network, and find some enemies to spar with. A vast expanse of water spread over the ground, with a rather large chunk of ice floating in the middle, looking a bit out of place. The chunk of ice turned around to reveal a virus! Mechanical mouth, with blue substance inside of it. Flanked by two more of its kind, it eyed the mermaid Navi with hostility.

AquaGearA: 160HP [Ice]
AquaGearB: 160HP
AquaGearC: 160HP

Terrain: 85% Sea, 15% Ice (a large chunk in the middle)

SplashLady.EXE: 350HP

And so the solo run began. SplashLady took a good look at her latest foes, breathing a small sigh of relief that it was an upgraded form of something they had fought before. But...there was one thing about them she couldn't remember. "Hey, Sabrina! I forget...how much do these things move?"

"Well, they...uh..." ...Crap, she was drawing blanks. "...Great, now I can't remember either. But, we should be okay. We've faced lots worse!"

"Right, but...I'm still not 100% comfortable with these guys. Can we try to end this on the fast side?"

"Sure! Okay, let's see...here! Let's try a twofer, and try to catch them by surprise!A" Not one, but two chips began to be transferred over to the Netopian girl's Navi. "Battlechip, WaterLine! Battlechip, LilCloud! Double slot in!"

The mermaid Navi's spear tip glowed blue for a moment, before she flipped it over, and stabbed it into the water. As soon as she did so, bubbles began to form from the depths, as water from deep below the surface rose, forming into three geysers that shot straight up, each one capable of severely denting a virus with its own, albeit probably weaker, trick. However, the eruptions then did something that no RainGear, AquaGear or any Gear virus could hope to do: as the fountains passed above the Aqua viruses, their water began to seemingly spontaneously evaporate, then condense to form a cloud. This cloud then completed the science lesson on states of matter by raining down upon those that dared remain beneath it. The aquatic assault finally complete, SplashLady lifted her glorified semi-sharp stick, to try and see what she had wrought. Unfortunately, that very water she had used in her obliteration attempt made it nearly impossible to see if she had. "Well, if these were just regular RainGear, I'd be pretty confident right now. But these are Rogue Net viruses...I think we should do something else, to try and make sure they stay gone!"

"I'm on it!" Hmm...according to her PET, it was 85% Sea terrain, and 15% Ice. Which made Sabrina wonder...if a certain chip couldn't change 25% itself, did it keep attacking forever until the viruses were gone? Well, it was worth finding out the hard way. After all, what did they have to lose? "Battlechip, AquaDragon! Slot in!"

A WaterDragon emerged from a blue pot that had appeared next to the Aqua Navi's feet, and looked at the three fellow viruses. There was no room for error on this occasion...its master desired it to erase them from existence. It seemingly retreated into its ceramic home, but then suddenly erupted from the water to one side of the AquaGear group, beginning its attempt to slam into them with a mighty roar.

As her temporary virus companion attempted to perform mop-up duty, SplashLady herself viewed the situation carefully, ready to try and avoid counterattacks if her fail-safe safely failed.

[Order of Turn:
1-WaterLine1 chip attack on AquaGearA, AquaGearB, and AquaGearC (80+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
2-LilCloud chip attack on AquaGearA, AquaGearB, and AquaGearC (70+15, Aqua, lasts for 2 turns) (Aqua Boost)
3-AquaDragon chip attack on AquaGear group (150+15, Aqua, attacks until it creates 25% Sea terrain) (Aqua Boost)
At first, SplashLady took great care to blast the AquaGears into oblivion with a proper and good WaterLine. Two 'Gears were victims. The other one blasted the mermaid with whatever it got, but its attack was pathetically slow against the rapid movements of SplashLady. The LilCloud didn't make things much easier either, deleting one Gear and weakening another. However, the AquaDragon summoned later did nothing to help SplashLady. It took a single glance at the expanse of the waters and shook its head, diving back into the pot and disappearing promptly.

AquaGearB: 65HP
AquaGearC: 75HP

Terrain: 85% Sea, 15% Ice (a large chunk in the middle)

SplashLady.EXE: 350HP
LilCloud: Aqua 85, 3-Enemy (1 Turn Left)
As the WaterDragon essentially decided to say 'Nope, don't feel like it, I'm going back to bed', SplashLady couldn't help but feel a twinge of disappointment, realizing why it had done so. "Uh, wow. Just wow. Didn't see that one coming."

"...Yeah..." Well, that didn't work. But were they out of options? Not by a long shot. "Oh well, not like we don't have a ton of other stuff we can use." Now, which of that other stuff were they going to use...maybe some non-Aqua stuff would be nice, after the total AquaDragon failure. "Get ready to warp, SplashLady! Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, MoonBlade! Double slot in!"

Before any of the AquaGear could so much as blink (if they even could blink), the mermaid Navi disappeared from where she stood, with no indication of where she might have gone, or why. However, this all changed when, as quickly as she vanished, she once again became existant on the battlefield, right behind the virus pair...with one slight change. Her spear now possessed sharp, dagger-like extensions at each end, a stark contrast from the single dulled tip it normally 'boasted'. Now able to use it to attack directly...SLICE! SplashLady gave her weapon a good spin, every degree of which contained potential cutting death for the two viruses. Unfortunately, there was only enough power in the chip for one complete rotation, with the razor-like kunai fading away afterwards, whether the Navi liked it or not. "Well, MoonBlade's out of juice. Anything else?"

"Yeah, get back a bit! We're going to do one more thing!"

And so, the Aqua Navi partly submerged into the water, allowing her to quickly swim backwards towards safer ground without having to run or burn time getting too far below the surface. Too bad it also meant she could get WaterLine'd on a moment's notice if she wasn't careful about it. Luckily, there wasn't too much time to worry about that, as after only a few seconds she was standing atop the drink once again. "Okay, now what's that other thing?"

"This!" Bam! Another chip into Sabrina's PET. "Battlechip, Shake! Slot in!"

A white spark suddenly appeared in SplashLady's left hand, which she promptly tossed towards the AquaGears...side. However, it was not an intentional miss, as upon landing, the spark suddenly expanded into a faced dumbbell, which began to move in the direction of the water viruses with enough force to shatter many a defense. Not that they had defenses that needed to be shattered. "That it?"

"That it! But like always, keep an eye out, just in case!"

That went without saying. And so, the mermaid Navi's feet began to get a bit happy, just in case the combination of knives, a Heavy virus, and rain couldn't pick off a couple of weakened viruses.

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab chip to behind AquaGearB and AquaGearC (teleports user)
2-MoonBlade1 chip attack on AquaGearB and AquaGearC (90, Slashing)
4-Shake1 chip attack on AquaGearB and AquaGearC (90, Break, attacks on second turn with halved accuracy)
With the rain falling on one 'Gear and the Moonblade's sharpity sharp sharpness rending another in half, the viruses were doomed to die. At least they didn't die alone, right?


Terrain: 85% Sea, 15% Ice (a large chunk in the middle)

SplashLady.EXE: 350HP


Rewards: 1200z
As soon as the final AquaGear was shredded into pieces, SplashLady turned her back to the reward data, even as she accessed and transferred it over. Without a word, but with an expression of focus, she began to search for more viruses.

"Uh...SplashLady?" There was sudden real life blinking as Sabrina tried to process what she saw. "What you just did was cool and everything, but why'd you do it?"

"Dunno. Just seemed awesome at the time!" With that particular cover blown, the Navi shifted back into a less dramatic, happier mood, as she looked out for near-future foes.

(searching for Battle #2)
Moving further across the seas, SplashLady came across a small panel island of sorts, with a few viruses taking a bit of a rest on it. A couple of upgraded Lark viruses, along with some happy-faced Cloudy-er were relaxing on the small place, when one of the Cloudy spotted the mermaid Navi, and alerted its comrades!

(All on Island)
CloudierA: 140HP
CloudierB: 140HP
BarkA: 200HP
BarkB: 200HP

Terrain: 70% Sea, 30% Normal (Island)

SplashLady.EXE: 350HP

Ah, lovely. Another small group of viruses that wanted to kill. She probably would've just let them be if they returned the favor, but...actually, come to think of it, that's what happened in Hades, too. They were just hanging out, having a good time, and then "OH SNAP NAVIS MUST KILL". It made SplashLady wonder exactly why that was, especially since she knew not all viruses were like that. "Guess we better get started..."

"Okay! ...Are you okay? You sound kinda down all of a sudden."

"No, I'm fine...just thinking about something. C'mon, we've got viruses to beat, and I don't have all day!" Well, technically she did, but that wasn't the point.

"If you say so!" Sabrina wasn't entirely convinced, but they could talk about it later. "I think we can try three chips at once, so long as one's AreaGrab! Use it to try and beat the Bark, okay?" BAM BAM BAM! "Battlechip, AreaGrab! Blizzard! WaterLine! Triple slot in!"

To aid the short ranged ice chip, the mermaid Navi found herself vanishing from the water, en route to the first bit of solid terrain she felt beneath her feet since jacking in, the patch of Normal terrain where the viruses were making their last stand. As she reappeared, each end of her spear glowed in a different color: the spearhead itself glowed as white as snow, while the butt of the weapon was the same shade as the ocean she had previously stood on. She began with the front end, pointing the colder end towards the manta rays, which caused frozen energy to burst forth. Instead of simply moving forward, however, the arctic winds spread out from its point of origin, widening in its attempt to encompass as much space as it possibly good. Or at least enough to freeze two Bark.

With the solid part of the assault complete, SplashLady flipped over her spear, to allow the blue energy to do its thing. However, it didn't attack directly. Instead, water formed down below, where ice had suddenly formed from the previous Blizzard. As had happened in the previous fight, geysers suddenly erupted from this newly created water, with ice chunks differentiating it from the attack before.

Her weapon now depleted of energy, the Aqua Navi began to step back for evasive maneuvers. However, before she did so, she decided to perform one final attack, one that involved pointing her spear one more time, this time at the Cloudier. Water mysteriously began to rise from the pool that consisted most of the arena, and, seemingly possessed by an unseeable force, selflessly dedicated itself to flying straight towards the umbrella holding clouds, as though it were some gigantic watery missile. Granted, it wasn't part of her operator's plan, but it probably wouldn't hurt anything. At least she wouldn't get shouted at or anything.

And so, her attacking duties fulfilled, SplashLady made a slight retreat in earnest, desiring not to be slammed by water in anyway herself.

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab chip to behind Bark group (teleports user)
2-Blizzard chip attack on BarkA and BarkB (100+15, Aqua, creates Ice terrain) (Aqua Boost)
3-WaterLine1 chip attack on BarkA and BarkB (80+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
3a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
3b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
4-Water Splash charge attack on CloudyB (200, Aqua, Spread 1)
The Barks immediately launched their attacks without delay, only to have their Wideshots pass through a large chunk of thin air. They were quickly dispatched by a Blizzard-WaterLine combination, but the Bark's accompaniments were quick to react as well, sending a torrent of needle-sharp rains on the mermaid Navi. (80) She managed to dodge one of the clouds created by the Cloudier, but her watery missile veered a bit off course and hit a raincloud instead, leaving two of the viruses still alive.

CloudierA: 140HP (Raincloud 1 Turn Left)
CloudierB: 140HP (Raincloud 1 Turn Left)

Terrain: 70% Sea, 20% Normal, 10% Ice (Island)

SplashLady.EXE: 270HP
Bleck, got hit by rain. She shouldn't have expected anything less from Rogue Net viruses. Shaking it off, SplashLady decided not to linger around an area that could see a repeat performance, and so she fled to another part of the battlefield with clearer weather. Fortunately, being able to effortlessly walk on water and ice made the retreat nice and easy on her, and nothing more than an ordinary mad scramble. "Haa...haa...I'm a swimmer, not a runner..."

"...Then swim next time? I mean, you DO realize that the majority of the area is liquid water, right?" But she digressed. A lot. But not usually in battles. And so, a single chip uncerimoniously made its way into Sabrina's PET. "Anyway, let's heal you up! Battlechip, Recover120! Slot in!"

Pink energy surrounded the mermaid Navi, as the effects of needle rain were removed from her body. Every last trace. No traces of water remained on her...aside from the traces associated from being an Aqua elemental Navi. "You know, that wasn't really necessary. But thanks anyway! So, how should we defeat these things?"

"Hmm...oh, I know! No need for chips this time, just use Water Splash!"

"...Huh?" One, two. Two Cloudier. Nope, she didn't miscount. "I know it's possible for me to delete them both in one shot, but is it really all that smart to bank on it?"

"Hellooo, you can use it more than once! You'll just have to charge it up the second time! So have fun!~"

...That sounded a lot like her trying to be a lazy operator. But then again, compared to other operators she'd seen in action, Sabrina was more hands-on than most. So maybe she did deserve a short break. With her operator's actions justified in her mind, SplashLady turned her undivided attention towards the umbrella wielding viruses...and her spear to her feet. Almost immediately, water began to form upwards, eventually curving and surrounding her in a swirl. This wasn't kept for long, however, as the liquid assault shot forward, towards one of the faced clouds.

But this presented a problem she wasn't used to. This time, she wanted to perform the action a second time in a short period of time, but a single use usually exhausted her ability to fully control water. This gave her no choice but to begin to absorb the very surface she stood on, to recharge her aquatic energy. Several slightly anxious seconds passed as it flowed through her, building up her power once again. However, just as suddenly as the water blasting had stopped, twin spirals of water circled the mermaid Navi, creating a double helix shape. Above her head, they merged into one large, almost beam-like projection, which blasted forward with the other Cloudier as its primary target.

Oh yeah. No matter how often she used it, it just never felt old.

[Order of Turn:
1-Get away from paths of Cloudiers' clouds
2-Recover120 chip on SplashLady (120, Recovery)
2a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
2b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
3-Water Splash charge attack on CloudierB (200, Aqua, Spread 1)
4-Unpassive buster charge
5-Nonpassive buster charge
6-Water Splash charge attack on CloudierA (200, Aqua, Spread 1)]
SplashLady got healed up, courtesy of a worrywart operator, before blasting off another powerful shot at the Cloudier. Unfortunately, it seemed they were quite agile, betraying their happy-go-lucky facades. However, they could not escape the second burst, which they did not expect.

CloudierA: DELETED
CloudierB: DELETED

Terrain: 70% Sea, 20% Normal, 10% Ice (Island)

SplashLady.EXE: 350HP


- [MedCloud] Battlechip
- 1300z
And...success. It was a good thing she was spot on with that second Water Splash, though...but no point in worrying about that when all the viruses were down and out. And so, SplashLady ventured back to the island, where all the remaining data had gathered into one nice package, and accessed it. "Hmm...this is a pretty big data packet for four viruses...there must be chip data!"

Sabrina's PET confirmed this, as a Cloudier's picture appeared on its screen while chip specs popped up. "Battlechip, MediumCloud! Woo!"

"Not another WideShot2? I'm a little disappointed...but only a little!" LilCloud was pretty nice, so its upgraded form wasn't exactly chopped liver. "I guess I should move on now, right?"

"Yup! We're going as deep as we possibly can this time, so be really careful, okay?"

"Got it. I'm off!" Deciding to do what she did best, the mermaid Navi jumped into the water, and began a leisurely swim along the surface as she proceeded deeper into the Net. Still, her eyes were peeled for anything that might ruin her fun.

(searching for Battle #3)
Moving into the Yoka Rogue network, SplashLady found that the waters she was travelling on were getting a lot warmer than normal. It would be pleasant to soak in, but not for now. Now, she had some viruses to deal with. A few puppet-things floated threateningly near her position, and behind them, some Handy were relaxing on a shore.

Handy2A: 120HP [Normal]
Handy2B: 120HP [Normal]
WingerA: 180HP [Onsen]
WingerB: 180HP [Onsen]
WingerC: 180HP [Onsen]

Terrain: 90% Onsen, 10% Normal (Shoreline)

SplashLady.EXE: 350HP [Onsen]

Ugh, Winger. Just looking at them made SplashLady cringe. The Handy2 were probably simple enough, though. But...those Winger...ugh. "This is gonna be a real pain, isn't it...?"

"Yep, sure is...huh?" BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP! Ooh, mail. From...the inn?. "SplashLady, I'll be with you in a sec. The inn just sent me an e-mail, and it looks sorta important." And so, Sabrina opened the electronic letter, and began to read it.

From: Yoka Inn Head of Staff
To: Ms. Sabrina Jetto
Subject: New Staff Member

We are pleased to announce to our extended stay guests that we have hired a new chef! Mrs. Josephine Jetto has come all the way from Netopia in order to provide a new, exotic Netopian flavor to our menus. During her stay, she will be learning about Electopian food, and to keep an eye on her daughter, who is already staying with us. We are pleased to introduce you to the newest member of the Yoka Inn family, and we hope you will enjoy her food as much as we already have!

-Kasumi Sakurai
Yoka Inn Head of Staff



"...Sabrina? Are you with me?" The mermaid Navi looked back at the mini-floating screen, only to see her operator completely and utterly paralyzed. "...Sabrina?!"

"......I don't believe it..." The Netopian girl looked on at the e-mail, completely and utterly dumbfounded by what she was reading. "...SplashLady, are you good to go?"

"Good to go?! I'm right in front of a virus group! Of course I'm not good to go!"

"Well, I need to head to Yoka, and fast. So do you think you can get far enough to way from them to jack out?"

SplashLady took one more good look at the group. Neither were that fast when it came to raw speed. And she did have a trump card on them; she could swim. Rather well, as a matter of fact. "...I think so. I'll try!" And so, leaping backwards into the water, she started to move through the hot spring, trying to avoid having to spend the time battling those viruses.

[Order of Turn:
[Flee Successful]

For one more time over the course of the day, a Navi whose name began with 'Splash' arrived in Rogue Yoka. This one, however, was decidedly more masculine. "I'm in! And I'm starting the recording program!"

"Hang on a sec, I-" Oh shoot, red blinking light in the corner of the screen. Too late to do anything beforehand. "...Ahem! Sabrina Jetto, Grade 11. Mr. White's Virus Busting class homework assignment: Perform a chip combination of at least 3 in a single battle. Support chips do not count towards the 3 chips. Chosen Net for assignment: Yoka Net, part of Electopia's Net, Rogue level. Starting...now!"

"...Oh, sorry! Spaced out for a sec!" Having completely wrecked any hint of professionalism the recording might otherwise have, SplashMan started to walk into the Net, on the prowl for anything that could potentially be used for grading purposes.

(Searching for Battle #1)
And just as SplashMan teleported down into Rogue Yoka, he found a welcome wagon already set out for him to welcome him... welcomingly. A trio of starfish floated out beyond the telepad that he was standing on, ready to burst forth with their bubblebobble.

Starfish2A: 180HP (sea)
Starfish2B: 180HP (sea)
Starfish2C: 180HP (sea)

Terrain: 80% Sea, 20% Normal (Telepad)

SplashMan.EXE: 350HP (normal)

"Battle found! Sabrina's NetNavi, SplashMan, preparing to battle!" Attempting to look slightly more intimidating, the aforementioned Navi leaned forward slightly, his eyes clearly showing anger. Anger he was making up, since he didn't exactly have any malice towards the Starfish. However, had he remembered what the BubbleStar chip did, it might have been a bit more genuine. "Ready to receive Battlechips!"

"Commencing Battlechip slot in!" Ugh, talking like this was a royal pain, but Sabrina knew her teacher would take off points if they weren't formal about the whole thing. "Preparing to get a better angle at the viruses! Battlechip, AreaGrab! Slot in!"

Expecting as much, the Aqua Navi quickly initiated the teleportation chip, allowing him to warp from his current spot to a more pleasing position on the battlefield. One where their potentially ridiculous combo might be. Come to think of it, they hadn't said a word about exactly what that combo was going to be. Hopefully it was something intuitive, and that he wouldn't have to move around like a crazy Navi for. But to prevent any surprise spoilage, he remained silent on the matter.

"Commencing Battlechip...combo!..." ...Quick, think of a combo! Uh...got it! "Battlechip Combo, Great...Yo-Yo...Blade Storm!" Great Yo-Yo Blade Storm. Oh yeah, THAT was going to catch on. "Battlechip, Yo-Yo! Slot in!"

SplashMan's arm became similar to a mechanized lobster claw, containing bladed terror for all who crossed it. However...

"Battlechip, AquaSword! Slot in!"

...Make that blue bladed terror.

"Battlechip, WideSword! Slot in!"

...Blue, wide-bladed terror?

"Battlechip, MoonBlade! Slot in!"

...By now, SplashMan was ceasing all attempts to guess exactly what was inside his right hand, instead completely focusing on firing the possible doom into the crowd of Starfish. Admittedly, at this point it simply involved pointed the Yo-Yo apparatus towards them and releasing whatever trigger it had. However, as soon as he had done so, the Navi closed his eyes, choosing to not view whatever carnage came out of his arm, its aim already determined beforehand. He just couldn't bear to watch, just in case it turned into complete and utter disaster. And even if it did turn out awesome, he could always look at the replay before Sabrina turned it it. However, this didn't prevent him from hearing the sound of swords tearing whatever got in their way. Also admittedly, it could be just the air for all he knew.

As suddenly as the attack was launched, the Aqua Navi could feel it return to whence it came, causing him to open his eyes...

"Precautionary defense! Battlechip, IronShield! Slot in!"

...Revealing absolutely nothing him, as the tower shield blocked all visual access to the enemy trio, temporarily leaving it up to his imagination if anything even remained back there...

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab chip to spot where all three StarFish2 are lined up (teleports user)
2-5-MoonBlade1, AquaSword, WideSword, Yo-Yo1 grand combo (90, Slashing, hits up to 3; 80+15, Aqua, Slashing, hits up to 3; 80, Slashing, hits up to 3; 40x3 to one, 40x2, blocks frontal projectiles, lowers evasion) (Exact effects of combo: ????)
6-IronShield1 chip on SplashMan (2-hit shield)]
The innocent looking Starfish viruses waited as Sabrina sent chips to her Navi for a "combo" of sorts. It started with an AreaGrab staright up to the viruses. Afterwards, SplashMan himself appeared unsure of what he held in his hand as his operator transferred several sharp objects to his right hand. Finally, he prepared to release whatever abomination his operator had created. And lo and behold, as SplashMan threw the "combo" attack he closed his eyes and missed an... interesting sight.

As it would happen, the Great Yo-Yo Blade Storm was simply a mashup of all the chips that had been inserted. It was to be expected considering how all the weapons had been crushed in the Navi's hand. The yo-yo flew forward flaunting a WideSword and an AquaSword on opposite sides with... an assortment of MoonBlades sticking out at random points on the disk. It was a frightening thing, and suffice to say the Starfish were not pleased to see it coming. As it flew into the viruses' midst the Great Yo-Yo Blade Storm practically rained down pointy and slashy death. After the fact, no one could say exactly what had done what, but...

Wow, that was awesome.

Starfish2A: 60HP (Sea)
Starfish2B: 30HP (Sea)
Starfish2C: 80HP (Sea)

Terrain: 80% Sea, 20% Normal (Telepad)

SplashMan.EXE: 350HP (IronShield1: 2/2 hits) (Sea)