Difficult Water

In the ever so cliche beam of light, SplashMan arrived upon Rogue Yoka, and started looking around. "...Regular Yoka, only really creepy! Yep, definitely Rogue Yoka!"

"Well yeah, you should remember from when SplashLady was here. So, ready to get down to business?"

"Yep!" Not wanting to waste time, the Aqua Navi started moving into the Net, on the prowl for...pretty much anything other than the ground.

(Searching for Battle #1)
As SplashMan walked along the creepy emptiness of Rogue Yoka, he was illuminated by a small circle of light, enough to see whatever's in front of him for a good distance, but no more. Shadows crept across the unseen parts of SplashMan's vision. Then, he came across the Lark.

The Lark viruses looked a lot more different than that of the normal Net's usual happy little manta ray virus. This type hovered in silence, threatening the Aqua Navi with their.. threatening-ness. Whatever. They were hovering over a not-too-small bed of water, and SplashMan found himself in a puddle of similar size. Home territory for both.

BarkA: 200HP
BarkB: 200HP
BarkC: 200HP
BarkD: 200HP

Terrain: 30% Normal, 60% Sea (Spreading out from both SplashMan and Bark)

SplashMan.EXE: 300HP

And his first opponents in a long time...upgraded Lark. Well, back to the grind. "It's been a while since I've had to bust...I'm a little nervous!"

"Don't worry about it! Just focus on the enemy, and it'll all come back in no time!" Not a ton of time to chat before they started...Rogue Net viruses were too strong to chance it. Now, for a good ol' fashioned combo they were both already familiar with. "Ready? Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, Blizzard! Double slot in!"

SplashMan warped from his present location, to another spot better suited for a close ranged attack...right behind the Bark quadruplets. In addition, he now had, for lack of a better term, an air conditioner vent for a right hand. Without delay, he extended that arm, allowing the unit to blast an ice-cold chill in front, spreading its frigid winds throughout its limited reach. Still, it had enough room to blast all four Aqua viruses if he had done everything correctly.

"All right, this next chip is new, but it shouldn't be too different. Just use it like AquaSword, I guess!" Sabrina took a glance at her newest chip for a split second before sending it over to her Navi; it was just some Navi holding a fan. And according to its description that she read earlier, that fan was a fan of DOOM. "Battlechip, WindRacket! Slot in!"

The vent vanished from the Aqua Navi's hand, and was replaced with...a different fan. Did that mean they were throwing their cautions to the wind? ...Quickly trying to erase that from his mind, SplashMan reared back, trying to come up with a stroke that'd hit as many Bark as possible. And then...SMACK! He lunged forward, swinging his racket with all of his might. As he did so, a mighty gust of wind erupted from the paper thin weapon, one that could send even the most anchored virus a distance backwards. Once he was done, he let the fan fade, to make room for his hand. He had to admit, he was surprised WindRacket packed that kind of punch.

But, he was pretty sure that wasn't a big enough attack to get them all. There was at least one left after the wind attack...he should probably change that. SplashMan raised his cannons, pointing them straight at the one he definitely could not have hit with WindRacket. Gathering the Aqua power leftover from Blizzard (and other previously used water attacks), he quickly acquired the water power he needed, using it to fire an astoundingly powerful blast towards the potentially extremely unlucky Bark.

"Good job, SplashMan!" The Netopian operator looked through her chips, eventually finding one that could be handy. "Let's ease up a little, and see what's left! Battlechip, IronShield! Slot in!"

A large, towering shield formed in front of the aquatic Navi, who started wondering how he was supposed to see if anything remained when a giant barrier was between him and the opponents. Oh well, he'd know if any remained if WideShots started hitting the shield.

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab to behind Bark group (teleports user)
2-Blizzard chip attack on BarkA, BarkB, BarkC, and BarkD (100+15, Aqua, creates Ice terrain, increased freezing chance on Sea/Ice terrain)
3-WindRacket chip attack on BarkA, BarkB, and BarkC (100, Gust, Microburst and Northwind on hit)
3a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
3b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
4-Water Splash charge attack on BarkD (160, Aqua)
5-IronShield1 chip on SplashMan (2-hit shield)
6-Dodge if IronShield is broken]
The Teleportation caught the Barks in a surprise, finding themselves almost frozen shut by the blast of the chilly wind. The virus on the far right side was able to evade the attack, only able to watch as his fellow viruses was deleted with the swing of the WindRacket. SplashMan fired the blast of high pressured water against the Bark, heavily wounding it, and hid behind the Ironshield that was able to fend off the wounded virus's attack.

BarkD: 40 HP

Terrain: 30% Normal, 35% Sea (Spreading out from both SplashMan and Bark), 25% Ice

SplashMan.EXE: 300HP [1-Hit Shield]
One WideShot blasted the shield, causing SplashMan to sigh. Here comes the onslaught...but then, nothing else. He peaked over the shield, and was shocked to see just one Bark floating around. "Wow, that actually worked!"

"I don't really get why you're so surprised when stuff works nowadays...you're a good fighter! Deal with it!" Sabrina smiled, proud of her Navi...as she put a bunch of chips she thought she'd have to use away. "Anyway, you can handle that yourself. Just start buster shooting!"

"Roger!" The Aqua Navi extended his right arm again, as it gained the shape...of a horribly generic buster. He took extra careful aim at the upgraded manta, not wanting to feel the humiliation of missing a cakewalk of an attack like this...then let loose, firing a steady stream of generic looking buster attacks at the sole remaining virus. Sure, only one had to hit to ensure victory, but he wasn't taking any chances in Rogue Net. Once his buster was on the verge of overheating from the sheer volume of the attacks, he set it down, allowing his normal arm to form once again. After all, he was pretty confident that at least one of those shots had turned the Bark into bits. "All right, that should do the trick!"

[Order of Turn:
1-Take aim on BarkD
2-Buster shot on BarkD (40)
3-Buster shot on BarkD (40)
3a-Buster shot on BarkD (40) (Gatling Attack)
4-Buster shot on BarkD (40)
5-Buster shot on BarkD (40)
6-Buster shot on BarkD (40)]
Bang bang bang. SplashMan had his buster, and he wasn't afraid to use it, turning the last Bark into chips. Heh, I made a funny.


Terrain: 30% Normal, 35% Sea (Spreading out from both SplashMan and Bark), 25% Ice

SplashMan.EXE: 300HP [1-Hit Shield]

Rogue 1 - Victory!!
- 900z
- [WideShot2] Battlechip
Happy that he managed to fell his enemies without so much as a scratch on him, SplashMan dispelled his shield, then moved in for data transferral. "Hmm...not too much cash for Rogue Net! ......."

"Eh?" That was odd...SplashMan didn't usually go quiet that suddenly. "Something wrong?"

"Well...we got chip data..."

"...Really?" Bark was the only virus type they fought in that battle, which meant..."Woohoo! WideShot2!" And one folder swap later, it was officially able to be used by them. "And that's why Yoka rocks! Well, I'm all pumped to keep going! How about you, SplashMan?"

"Yeah! Maybe we can get something even more awesome!" Knowing how Rogue Nets worked by now, he wasn't completely confident in that statement...but that didn't mean they couldn't try and get plenty of cash in the process. Thus, he moved along further into the Net, watching out for any possible ambushes. Or non-ambushes, for that matter.

(Searching for Battle #2)
As SplashMan moved on, he looked out for ambushes or non-ambushes. Some tried to have a look at the short water Navi, and simply laughed off the threat in their own snickering stutter. The Rogues were mysterious places these days, you could never know if you're in the middle of a crowd or just hot air. Wasn't too long before SplashMan found some more viruses to play with, however, as he came across some knights in blue armor, whirling their blades around in a show-off routine. They stepped up to the plate, and invited the water Navi to come up as well. The 'plate' was something like a round disk that floated on top of a shallow-looking pool that seemed slightly out of place, but the Swordy didn't seem to care.

Swordy-A2 A: 160HP
Swordy-A2 B: 160HP
Swordy-A2 C: 160HP
Swordy-A2 D: 160HP

Terrain: 50% Normal (Disk), 50% Sea (Pool)

SplashMan: 300HP [Sea]

All right, time for more battling! Up this time, some Swordy of the same element as himself. So, after all the times he had used AquaSword in his existance, he finally got to meet the virus that gave it out. "Well, here we go!"

"Kinda weird, huh? We've used AquaSword so much, but this is the first time we've ever actually seen the virus that hands it out. At least, I THINK that's what you get AquaSword from." After a moment of thinking about the actual battle, Sabrina elected to hold off on sending chip data. "Before we really start, do you think you could pick one off from a distance?"

"I'll try!" Pretty sure he was within firing range of the aquatic knights, the Navi lowered his cannons once more, calling upon every past time he had ever used an Aqua attack to infuse their insides with water. Needless to say, that didn't take very long. After quickly deciding on a virus to assault, he let loose a massive torrent of water, capable of putting any of his battlechips to shame, and of decimating even a Swordy of that caliber in a single hit. Once his dreaded Water Splash was complete, he made his way onto the disk to get a bit closer to the enemy. He felt uneasy about it, but having battled plenty of that general virus type before, he knew enough that distance didn't matter when the enemy had plenty of AreaGrab.

"All right, let's start with something else that can beat one of them with just a touch!" The first chip they'd ever earned in a Rogue Net, as well as the first one here in Yoka, was transferred without delay. "Battlechip, Arrow2! Slot in!"

An EleWasp virus formed in front of SplashMan, who, with a wave of his arm, allowed it to fly forward, and target an Aqua-elemental Swordy. As it drew near, the virus extended its stinger, took aim, and furiously dove towards one of its brethren, determined to give it a highly effecting zapping.

As she watched the electrical vespid charge, the Netopian girl started thinking about how to avoid any of those painful swords each Swordy carried. ...And then it hit her. Why not match them stroke for stroke? Pulling out a chip which picture looked identical to the viruses they were fighting, she slammed it in, reasonably confident in her Navi's ability to use it. After all, it wasn't like he was out of practice with it. "Fight swords with swords, SplashMan! Battlechip, AquaSword! Slot in!"

The watery blade took shape on the Aqua Navi's hand, who then proceeded to...not rush his enemies. After all, they had to get near to attack him, which gave him an opening of his own, or at least block the assault with his own weapon. Even if they went with the LongSword approach, it was a simple matter to take a step or two towards them and counterslice. Still, he was outnumbered...he'd have to be careful not to do anything too risky. And so, he waited patiently for the knights to draw near, hoping to give them a taste of their own medicine.

[Order of Turn:
0a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
0b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
1-Water Splash charge attack on Swordy-A2C (160, Aqua)
2-Get on the disk
3-Arrow2 chip attack on Swordy-A2B (130, Elec, Homing)
4-AquaSword chip attack on any Swordy-A2 that attacks (80+15, Aqua, Slashing) (Aqua Boost)
5-AquaSword chip attack on any Swordy-A2 that attacks (80+15, Aqua, Slashing) (Aqua Boost)
6-AquaSword chip attack on any Swordy-A2 that attacks (80+15, Aqua, Slashing) (Aqua Boost)]
SplashMan wasn't taking the honourable path of whatever, and took a pot shot at one of the Swordy, taking it by surprise and deleting it. He then stepped up to the disk and prepared some ass-whooping. The Swordy bum-rushed him as he released the bee-virus to delete yet another one of the knights. Hack-slice-twang. One of SplashMan's strokes were met by a Swordy's parry, whereas the other took the advantage and struck SplashMan clear across the torso! (60) Not happy about this, SplashMan whirled around in a double stroke of AquaSword, deleting the Swordy before they could get another hit in.

Swordy-A2 A: DELETED
Swordy-A2 B: DELETED
Swordy-A2 C: DELETED
Swordy-A2 D: DELETED

Terrain: 50% Normal (Disk), 50% Sea (Pool)

SplashMan: 240HP [Disk]

Rogue 2 - Victory!!
- 1440z
Well, that was quick. It was a safe bet to say that no one expected SplashMan to delete those Swordy that fast...especially SplashMan. "W-Wow...I guess I really am getting better..."

"Told ya! Now go on, get the data! I wanna see if we've got a second AquaSword!"

The Aqua Navi walked over and transferred the remaining data from the aquatic knights. No chip data, though; the data size was too small for it. "Nope, just cash! I don't think we can complain too hard, though!"

"Nah, I wasn't expecting it, to be honest. So, shall we keep going?" Before any answer could be made, Sabrina took out an odd looking chip and inserted it into her PET, which healed her Navi a bit.

After receiving the healing, SplashMan looked around, before proceeding further. "Yep, we're going in! But I wanna know...how did you know we wouldn't get a chip just then?"

"Woman's intuition! You wouldn't understand!"

"Right..." He was fairly sure that translated to 'I guessed and got lucky', but decided to not bring it to attention, and continued deeper into the Net.

(searching for Battle #3; one MiniEnergyPack used)
SplashMan traveled along the Rogue Yoka, finding the same old puddles of water here and there. Before the navi realized, the area because awfully cloudy with a near chance of rain. He tried to ignore the change of weather, but not so much when a few virus came raining down on him...

CloudierA: 140 HP
CloudierB: 140 HP
CloudierC: 140 HP
Starfish2A: 180 HP
Starfish2B: 180 HP

Terrain: 40% Sea, 60% Normal

SplashMan: 290 HP

The Net never ceased to amaze SplashMan. It was raining, of all things. RAINING. He didn't mind, of course. After all, what kind of Aqua Navi didn't like water? ...Those clouds making it, though...something was weird about them. Wait a sec, were they carrying umbrellas? And had faces? Ah, crud...looked like he'd found himself another battle. "Here comes company, Sabrina!"

"Yep! And don't forget those Starfish in front of you!"

"Huh?" The tank Navi returned his gaze groundwards, only to notice a pair starfish-like viruses stare back. Ah, double crud. "Er, so, how are we going to delete these guys?"

"Well, according to Dad's virus notes, the Starfish can't move, and just blow bubbles. So if we get close and wail on them before they can realize what's going on, I think you can beat them without taking damage!" 180 HP was a lot to take down, but with a little luck and some strategy..."Here we go! Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, MoonBlade! Double slot in!"

The Aqua Navi completely and utterly disappeared in a flash, and reappeared right behind the Starfish twins in an attempt to catch them off guard, aided by the fact that unlike many Navis, he was able to remain completely still afterwards. He didn't even have to breathe, much less move. In addition, his right hand now held a single, large kunai. After a split second of focusing the attack, he spun furiously, hoping to shred up the viruses' HP...and maybe even any bubble counterattacks. The attack, however, didn't last long, only lasting one rotation before SplashMan came to a screeching halt, and the knife faded from his grasp.

And now...for the other half of the attack. AquaSword would be nice, but...eh, Sabrina wanted to savor the fact they just sliced up the exact virus it pictured with it earlier. Instead, she went to her second newest chip. "Keep it up! Battlechip, WindRacket! Slot in!"

The Navi's hand completely faded this time, unable to simply hold this weapon. And so, a large fan was created in its stead, which was reared back for attacking. Naturally, that's exactly what it was done for, as the chip attack was swung forth, able to completely and utterly send the Starfish flying back from point blank range, just in case an attack hadn't been able to connect with either.

Despite all the effort, the Cloudier had yet to be targeted. That should probably be changed quickly. "Okay, so those things are in the air...so this'll be perfect! Battlechip, Arrow2! Slot in!"

A large stinging insect formed above SplashMan, crackling with electrical energy. If it chose to attack him, he was most likely doomed...but instead of attacking the Navi, it chose to attack one of the cloud viruses, being the result of a battlechip, and not...whatever created viruses in the Net. Its target locked, it raised its stinger, and darted forward, wishing for nothing more than to pierce the umbrella wielder's very core.

SplashMan watched it, before noting that either way, there were at least two viruses left. He could probably reduce that number further by himself, but...maybe it'd be better to just hide until the attacks temporarily stopped. Thus, locating the nearest spot he could jump in, he made a dash for the Sea panel area, hoping to take a dive into the water before being attacked himself...by rain and bubbles.

...Yeesh, the Net made no sense sometimes.

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab chip to behind Starfish2 (teleports user)
2-MoonBlade1 chip attack on Starfish2A and Starfish2B (90, Slashing) (2 targets = B accuracy)
3-WindRacket chip attack on Starfish2A and Starfish2B (100, Gust, Microburst and Northwind upon hit)
4-Arrow2 chip attack on CloudierC (130, Elec, Homing)
5-Run to the nearest convenient Sea panel
The Starfish was obviously surprised when the clunky SplashMan immediately appeared behind them, and it didn't help when they were cut by the spinning kunai. Even when they were about to counter with their bubbles, they were met with an untimely swing of the WindRacket. The initial attack only destroyed one virus, but all the bubble attacks thrown by the virus was directed the other way with the powerful gust. Oh, the irony! The poor surviving Starfish found himself caught by his own attack!

Just as when SplashMan directed his attack towards the Cloudier viruses above, he was showered with the painful barrage of needle like rains. As soon as the Elewasp was summoned, which easily took out one of the cloud viruses, the navi dived towards the pool of water to evade any more attacks!

CloudierA: 140 HP [Attacking! 2 Turns]
CloudierB: 140 HP [Attacking! 2 Turns]
CloudierC: DELETED
Starfish2A: DELETED
Starfish2B: 90 HP [Bubble Trapped!]

Terrain: 40% Sea, 60% Normal

SplashMan: 210 HP [Submerged]
Not particually desiring to linger underwater longer than he had to (for once), SplashMan surfaced, knowing he should react quickly to that trapped Starfish virus. "Okay, Sabrina! I'll handle this one myself!"

"Nope! I think we should try out a couple of new chips!" Okay, the first one wasn't entirely new, no matter how you looked at it. But they had yet to use it, and it was a quick, accurate attack. Perfect for finishing viruses. "Okay, first up...Battlechip, Bubble-V! Slot in!"

It started off like something they'd done plenty of times before, as the Aqua Navi's hand became a striped, blue and silver, hose-like nozzle. And like the previous times, smaller bubbles surrounded by one larger one was fired from it towards the virus in question. But that was where the similarities ended. There were more secondary bubbles than before, and were off more to the side than normal. In addition, all of those bubbles were slightly larger than an ordinary Bubbler. Even the bubbly explosion was different; instead of the bubbles circling the target to move forward, they only seemed to move around 135 degrees from the front, going off diagonally in a V pattern. ...That might explain the name, come to think of it. Or so the Navi thought. At least the actual mechanics of the gun weren't any different, so unless he was trying to direct that spread, it'd just be business as usual.

"Okay, question before I give you more stuff. Do you wanna sit back and heal, or go ahead and try to beat the Cloudier? Your call this time!"

The water tank Navi turned towards the water vapor, and with surprisingly little hesitation, pointed his shooting hand towards the pair of Aqua viruses. "Let's finish them now, before I can get attacked again!"

"Gotcha!" And that meant testing out another upgraded version of a chip they used a lot...in this case, probably the chip they used most, period. Indeed, the classic WideShot would hopefully be the cause of more virus deletion. But this time, only two of the three chips contained blue-colored Lark; the third featured the more yellow Bark virus. "Battlechip, WideShot! Battlechip, WideShot2! Triple slot in!"

SplashMan's hand became wider, as it formed a gun resembling a Lark's enlarged mouth. As usual, he needed simply aim the device, then gush forth the elongated waves of water at the umbrella'd clouds. The final WideShot, however, seemed to be more concentrated with water. It was pretty clear that that was the V2 attack...and naturally, the Aqua Navi found it beautiful. "Wow, that WideShot2 felt even better to use than a regular one! I hope we'll find some more some day!"

But for now, he was a bit more worried about not getting deleted from leftover rain clouds. And so, he dipped back into the water he stood on, which should prevent further damage...should.

[Order of Turn:
2-Bubble-V chip attack on Starfish2B (80+15, Aqua, Spread 2) (Aqua Boost)
3-WideShot1 chip attack on CloudierA and CloudierB (60+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
4-WideShot1 chip attack on CloudierA and CloudierB (60+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
5-WideShot2 chip attack on CloudierA and CloudierB (80+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
Starting off, SplashMan emerged from the water's surface, deleting the remaining Starfish easily with an upgraded Bubble chip. The Cloudier went up to her and kept unleashing the barrage of needle-like rain. (80) Unfortunately, they were quickly removed from the plane of existence with the power of WIDESHOT SPAM.

CloudierA: DELETED
CloudierB: DELETED
CloudierC: DELETED
Starfish2A: DELETED
Starfish2B: DELETED

Terrain: 40% Sea, 60% Normal

SplashMan: 130 HP [Submerged]

Rogue 3 - Victory!!
Rewards: 2000z
As soon as he submerged into the water once again, SplashMan rose once more, and headed for the remaining data. He knew he didn't have to, he just liked doing it. "Sending the data over! No chips in it, though."

"Again? Darn!" Sabrina did like that increased zenny total, however. But then again, that's not entirely what they were there for. "Oh well, keep going! I can patch you up to full HP before you probably have to take any more hits, so no need to worry about that!"

A soothing sensation covered the Navi's body, as a subchip eased the damage from some of the rain. "Okay, I'll keep going!" And that's precisely what he did, making sure to keep an eye out for...things. Whatever those things were.

(Searching for Battle #4; 1 MiniEnergyPack SubChip used)
SplashMan moved further into the Rogue Yoka network in search of viruses to knock heads with. The water seemed to creep in everywhere now, enveloping the entire landscape in a pool of shallow-looking water. It was probably much deeper if one looked, however. The water Navi didn't take too long to find some viruses. A few Spooky were playing around with a few paper-doll Wingers, which seemed quite annoyed at the Spooky's insistent tongue-lashing. They seemed to be fighting over a piece of shiny data, which could be easily identified as a gleaming mystery data diamond. SplashMan's footfalls in the water alerted them to his presence, prompting them to stop their playtime and get ready for some busting time!

Spooky2A: 80HP
Spooky2B: 80HP
Spooky2C: 80HP
WingerA: 180HP
WingerB: 180HP
WingerC: 180HP

Green MD: 30HP

Terrain: 100% Sea

SplashMan.EXE: 180HP

Hmm, looked like this newest group wasn't as watery as the previous ones he had run into. And those Winger...it was foggy, but he could recall SplashLady getting zapped good by them in NetFrica. And this time he was standing on water...that couldn't be good. "Um, Sabrina. I don't want to sound like a wuss or anything, but I kinda think running might be the best thing to do right now..."

The aforementioned operator took a good look at the group of viruses. The Spooky weren't anything special, but those Winger...that did NOT go over well in NetFrica. But still, it was hard to just run off without even trying. "Tell you what, SplashMan. We're going to fight. But! If things head south in a hurry, we'll am-scray. How does that sound?"

"Okay, okay!" The Aqua Navi looked nervously at the virus group, wishing he was doing pretty much anything but just standing there. "Just hurry!"

"Will do!" As thought previously, the Spooky weren't the scariest viruses, but they could heal others, which wouldn't help against the puppets. Best to try and take them out quickly. "I know those Winger are dangerous, but let's try and wipe out the others first. That way we won't have to worry about them getting healed mid-battle! Battlechip, WaterLine! Slot in!"

SplashMan's right hand, like so many times before, engaged in a transformation; this time, it became similar to a Raingear virus. He pointed his newly shaped arm towards the ghostly foes, causing the false virus to open its mouth, causing nothing to be expelled from it; however, that was not its purpose. Instead, geysers erupted from the water beneath the battle's undead participants, rising skyward as anything in their way surely would feel the wrath of Aqua power.

Now for those Winger. Hmm...well, there was, uh...shoot, there was that, but she didn't really want to use it so much in a short period of time, since they were starting to get overreliant on it...but desperate times called for desperate measures, and this wasn't the time to get cute with their tactics. "Let's try and beat the others at their own game! Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, Blizzard! Double slot in!"

The water tank Navi extended his arm again, as he disappeared from where he stood. A moment later, he appeared once again behind the bizarre puppet viruses, his hand resembling some sort of vent. With a WHIRR, a blast of ice blew forth from it, frigid enough to solidify almost anything exposed to it. Fortunately, it wasn't the most concentrated of attacks, and was wide enough to hit a group of Winger with ease...whether or not it actually did tended to be an entirely different story.

"Okay, good! Now let's get to avoiding whatever comes your way!"

Didn't have to tell him twice. SplashMan immediately started moving away from the viruses as quickly as he could, to make sure he had some room to avoid incoming attacks. Tongues, electrical shocks...he didn't really want to experience either...

"Oh, and just in case..." One more chip had been saved for use, and Sabrina picked then to use it. "Battlechip, Recover120! Slot in!"

The Aqua Navi glowed for a moment, as his code was rewritten to not have the damage of the previous battle. However, he didn't even stop to enjoy this fact, instead trying to ensure that no Spooky or Winger could touch him.

[Order of Turn:
1-WaterLine1 chip attack on Spooky2A, Spooky2B, and Spooky2C (80+15, Aqua)
2-AreaGrab chip attack to behind Winger group (teleports user)
3-Blizzard chip attack on WingerA, WingerB, and WingerC (100+15, Aqua, creates Ice terrain, increased freezing chance on Sea terrain)
5-Recover120 chip on SplashMan (120, Recovery)
SplashMan attempted to first disable the virus healers, conjuring up pillars of water underneath them. One of the viruses was caught in the initial gush of water, deleting it. Of the other two, one teleported away before the attack and the other narrowly dodged it, sticking its tongue out at SplashMan mischievously. The other Spooky had teleported behind SplashMan, and proceeded to take a lick at him. The Navi teleported away with AreaGrab moments beforehand, causing the virus to miss just like SplashMan had.

At the end of his short teleport, SplashMan unleashed a blizzard of frigid ice, causing the sea panels it hit to freeze and freezing two of the Wingers as well. The third drew back on its string to avoid the attack and countered with a fierce storm of electricity. Fearing for his digital life, SplashMan dove backwards desperately and escaped the attack unharmed save for a bit of a tingly sensation in his feet. After failing to hit with its attack, the only mobile Winger drew up its string well out of attack range. Sabrina took the opportunity to heal her Navi.

The mystery data seemed to be doing okay for the moment; the viruses had temporarily about forgotten it when SplashMan arrived.

Spooky2A: 80HP
Spooky2C: 80HP
WingerA: 65HP (Frozen)
WingerB: 65HP (Frozen)
WingerC: 180HP (Too high up to attack)

Green MD: 30HP

Terrain: 90% Sea, 10% Ice

SplashMan.EXE: 300HP