Baked Bads

In a flash of blue and green light, the mermaid Navi entered the oven Cyberworld. It didn't really look any different from ElecTown's Net, for some reason. "You know, you'd expect an oven to be fiery or something...but I'm definitely getting some electrical vibes here. What's up with that?"

"It's an entirely electronic oven. Just input a few things, and it'll always cook things to a golden brown! Or so it's claimed. Though when it's not screwing up, it's actually lived up to the billing!" The oven's owner chipped in, providing an answer to SplashLady's question. "It uses cutting edge technology...I guess that's why those powerful viruses came over."

"That's...not exactly good news for us. But I'm sure we'll manage. C'mon, let's get busting!"

"Don't worry, Sabrina. I won't let a few Elec viruses scare me, so you don't have to get too cheery if you don't want to!" With a twirl of her trident, the aquatic fighter began her patrol, in search of things that surrendered cash, and occasionally chip data, after smacking them repeatedly.

(Searching for Battle #1)
As SplashLady warped into the network of the electronic oven, she was presented with some similarly-built network as the Electown network. However, this network, being used for heating food, naturally had something for that purpose. A gleaming roadway passed through the area, which was peppered with steaming furnace paneling everywhere the road didn't pass through. Her trip was not without a warm welcome, as a trio of flying viruses suddenly descended upon her in a sneak attack! Luckily, she managed to evade the first onslaught, but the viruses were as agile and turned around to flank her on three sides!

FighterPlane2: 210 HP (Front) (Above Metal)
Elewasp: 130 HP (Behind, diagonal left) (Above Solar)
Elewasp: 130 HP (Behind, diagonal right) (Above Solar)

SplashLady.EXE: 350 HP (Metal)

50% Metal (Roadway)
30% Solar (Borders of road)
20% Furnace (Edges of road)

One wouldn't think that bees and planes would be the kinds of viruses that would be attracted by an oven's cyberworld...but sure enough, there they were. "You know, for an oven, this place isn't really hot..."

"Like she said, it's more electricity based than just heat, so it sorta makes sense. But...electricity and you don't mix very well. That's...kind of a problem."

"Normally, yes. But aren't you forgetting something?"

"...Am I?"

"Remember why I was created?"

"...I really should, but nope."

"Sigh...fine, I'll remind you, then." SplashLady released her grip on her trident, which one would think would cause it to simply fall to the floor. Instead, it began to spin around her, and began to crackle with electricity. Before long, that electricity began to transfer over to her body, and giving her a yellow glow...


A lightning bolt struck where the aquatic Navi stood, which, in most instances, would be a death sentence. However, this time, it simply shed her of her usual watery appearance, granting her a sleeker, electrical-based design. Even her trident now sported just a single energy blade. "Remember now? I can use Crosses!"

"Oh, right...I knew that!" More puzzling to Sabrina was how her Navi activated all of that without any say-so on her part. At least, she THOUGHT she needed to approve Cross usage...not that it mattered, since she was fine with it. "So, VoltCross? Any reason you went with that?"

"Just felt like fighting fire with fire!"

"Sounds like a plan to me. But before we get to fighting..." A single chip had its data transferred. One with a highly decorated raccoon. "Battlechip, PickPocket! Slot in!"

A Bandcoon formed in front of SplashLady, and immediately curled up, prepared to roll over and swipe. However, it immediately noticed a problem; there was more than one kind of virus. It quickly unfurled, and looked at its summoner, confused. Quick as lightning, she fixed this problem by pointing her spear straight ahead at the lone FighterPlane. Now with some sort of direction, the thief pseudo-virus tucked itself in once again, and began to rapidly spin towards the flying virus. It didn't long for it to arrive, allowing it to speedily hook the green enemy with its long tail, grabbing what appeared to be some sort of data in the process. There was no time to see what it was, sadly, as before even the Navi could tell what it was, she found herself with a small amount of data in her, as it was slammed inside of her for its protection. "You know, that's actually kind of rude of it..." Unfortunately for her, the ally vanished before she could admonish it. "Now that that's settled, how should we-"

"Beat the tar out those things? Easy!" Easy in that it required exactly one more Battlechip to be inserted. Compared to the usual plans, that was a cinch. "First, we're going after the Elewasps! Battlechip, Boomerang! Slot in!"

The electrical spear tip suddenly short-circuited, as the newly electrified Navi's weapon acquired a wooden L-shaped end. She quickly spun around, gauging the locations of the stinging pair of viruses before they could try to move before elegantly flicking her boomerang-tipped staff, and subsequently shredding the vespid threat with the power of elemental advantage. Or at least that's how it ideally played out in her head. Truth be told, she wasn't entirely sure how it'd work, given the distance between the two targets. But that was why actually doing it instead of just thinking about it was the preferable option.

"And now that you're all charged up, I think that FighterPlane could use a nice jolt. Ready to give it a shock to its system?"

"...I know I'm in VoltCross, but that doesn't mean you have to use a ton of electrical puns..." Still, she got the message. With her inner workings now more closely resembling a power plant than an ocean, she applied her inner power to her spear, which quickly regained its energy tip, which, in fact, appeared to have much more electricity in it than usual, considering all of the sparks it was giving off. And it appeared that this was fully intentional, as all of they clustered into one large ball of lightning energy. With a great zapping noise, it was flung forward, devastatingly powerful if it managed to collide with its intended target. "Okay, now what?"

"Simple. These are still Rogue Net level viruses, after all. Evasive maneuvers!"

It was hard to argue with that one, even if she temporarily wasn't an Aqua Navi. As a result, SplashLady assumed a defensive stance, one that allowed her to scan her surroundings, and easily react to anything not good. Which stance is that? Well, that'd be telling.

[Order of Turn:
1-Activate VoltCross (Become Elec/Sword, +10 to Elec chips)
2-PickPocket chip on FighterPlane2 (steals reward data from one virus)
3-Boomerang1 chip attack on ElewaspA and ElewaspB (60, Wood)
3a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
3b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
4-Spark Cannon charge attack on FighterPlane2 (200, Elec, Spread 1)
Splashlady started out the battle fearlessly... by turning into an electric elemental. Hey, it works! She then summoned a Bandcoon to steal something from the Fighterplane, but it moved out of the way, not before dropping some cash, which the Bandcoon grabbed and sent to SplashLady, not that she would know about it for the moment.

The mermaid quickly transformed her spear into a hockey stick and sent it flying around the battlefield, the Elewasps swerving to avoid it... not really, one of them got hit full on and disappeared instantly, the ground below it seeming to shatter.

The FighterPlane charged Splashlady as she got her staff back, quickly charged it with immense power, and threw it straight ahead at the Fighterplane, decimating it instantly. Thank yoooou, metal panels.

The other Elewasp dived in for an attack, but Splashlady nimbly moved out of the way.

FighterPlane2: DECIMATED
Elewasp: DELETED
Elewasp: 130 HP (Behind, diagonal right) (Above Solar)

SplashLady.EXE: 350 HP [VoltCross](Metal)(+120z)

50% Metal (Roadway)
25% Solar (Borders of road)
20% Furnace (Edges of road)
5% Cracked (Small Patch near left border)
The fact an EleWasp managed to avoid the attack meant for it didn't really surprised the electric SplashLady; she already knew how quick they were. It did, however, provide for irritating mop-up duty. "All right Sabrina...let's finish this, quick!"

"Right! But don't rush, since I've got a feeling fixing this oven isn't going to be quite this easy." She glanced over at the oven's owners. "Right?"

"Yep, I definitely saw more than three viruses in there earlier."

"And I'd like to say right now...thank you for even trying this. After seeing that chain of events, I have a feeling you can do it!"

"Me too! I guess your father taught you pretty well, eh?"

"I guess..."

"Sabrina, focus!"

"Sorry!" Since SplashLady was in VoltCross, she might as well take advantage of the innate changes...this was the one time she really regretting not having any Elec chips. On the other hand, since she was more proficient in swords like this..."Here's an old standby! Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, AquaSword! Double slot in!"

Faster than the eye could see, the normally aquatic Navi adjusted her location to be right next to the EleWasp, feeling slightly more comfortable around it due to the element change. Her spear head had also changed into something more familiar; a wide blade that almost looked made of glass, filled with water and giving off a soft blue glow. All that was needed now...was to use the weapon. With an elegant twirl of what was now an extra long sword handle, she placed a perfectly vertical cut in front of her, with the viral vespid preferably in its path. A second slice was delivered immediately afterward, though it was a bit diagonal, allowing her to simultaneously perform a quick sidestep. A third slash appeared almost identical to the first, though it was intentionally done at a slight angle. Couldn't look TOO perfect, or else something horribly wrong might happen.

The final attack caused the spear to return to its 'normal' electrical tip. And while normally losing AquaSword was a time for grief, it actually gave SplashLady an idea on further obliteration of the lone enemy. She pointed the weapon towards it, then lunged forward to deliver what looked like a million different electrical stabs. In truth, most of them were simply for show; at most, a mere four would actually connect and damage the enemy. If it even existed at that point. "So, think we can safely say the battle's over?"

"Probably. But, you never know...maybe it got lucky. And I'm pretty sure being overly cautious is better than not being cautious enough. At least at a time like this."

Admittedly, the threat level wasn't quite as high now that she wouldn't take twice as much damage from a sting...but it'd still hurt, so the Navi prepared for evasive action, on the offbeat chance the EleWasp survived that onslaught.

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab chip to next to EleWaspB (teleports user)
2-AquaSword chip attack on EleWaspB (80, Aqua, Slashing, Wide Attack)
3-AquaSword chip attack on EleWaspB (80, Aqua, Slashing, Wide Attack)
3a-Swordplay subtype ability (free dodge)
4-AquaSword chip attack on EleWaspB (80, Aqua, Slashing, Wide Attack)
5-Thunder Spear sig attack on EleWaspB (20, Elec, Slashing, hits 4 times)
Teleporting over to the Elewasp, SplashLady took out an AquaSword, and got to hacking and slashing. Unfortunately, the Elewasp was a lot nimbler than she thought, and evaded two of her attacks. It then lunged at her with its stinger poised, but the Navi herself wasn't too bad at dodging either. Following up, another AquaSword cleave was in order, and an electrical follow-up caused the deletion of the virus.

FighterPlane2: DECIMATED
Elewasp A: DELETED
Elewasp B: DELETED

SplashLady.EXE: 350 HP [VoltCross](Solar)

50% Metal (Roadway)
25% Solar (Borders of road)
20% Furnace (Edges of road)
5% Cracked (Small Patch near left border)



[Arrow2] Battlechip, 900z (+120z - Pickpocket)
And thanks to knowing the EleBee family too well for her own good, SplashLady managed to easily prevail. And due to that prevailing, she regained her usual water-based appearance. And innards. "That wasn't too bad. Now let's see what we got for it!" Arrow chip. Somehow, she wasn't surprised. "Incoming chip data, but it's just Arrow..."

It wasn't their first Arrow. In fact, it wasn't even their first Arrow2. But a chip was a chip. Right? "Well, it's better than nothing. So, since there should be more viruses causing problems, let's move on!"

"Yes, please do!"

"I still can't get over the fact you deleted those things so quickly..."

"Roger!" And so, the aquatic Navi dived further into the cyberworld, searching for things that were making it less than 100%.

(Searching for Battle #2)
SplashLady ran into another group of viruses after a few minutes of walking over clanging metal panels. They weren't doing much in the way of intentionally causing problems, but they certainly weren't happy to see SplashLady either. Especially the virus that was on fire. Immediately after noticing the Navi, two insect viruses jumped out in front of the Vulgear looking much less intimidated. Aside from the trio, two disinterested looking Barks floated over and apparently prepared for battle. Their long faces made it hard to tell, though.

Vulgear: 160HP (Metal)
MagmackerA: 160HP (Normal, in front of Vulgear)
MagmackerB: 160HP (Metal, in front of Vulgear)
BarkA: 200HP (Normal)
BarkB: 200HP (Normal)

Terrain: 70% Metal (Most near SplashLady, random closer to viruses), 30% Normal

SplashLady.EXE: 350HP (Metal)

Rogue Battle 2 Start!
SplashLady felt somewhat comfortable in thinking that this wasn't the source of the oven's problem. "Pretty sure these aren't the viruses we're looking for...but they still look overall hostile. I think we oughta make sure they don't become a problem."

"That's...kinda obvious. But yeah, that's why we're here." Okay, which one of their chips in their incredible and amazing folder should they whip out first?...Well, actually, that probably wasn't the first think she should think about. What Navi did she think she had, SplashMan? "So, wanna use a cross? Those grasshopper looking things look pretty nasty..."

The Navi's response? A simple 90 degree turn of her trident, to point it at the enemies menacingly. Or about as menacingly as a mermaid Navi out of water and in an electrical oven could possibly look. "Not this time! We'll just need the two of us this time!"

"All right then..." Okay, NOW which one of their chips in...well, she knew the question already. After a moment of thinking, she elected for the one with a Pengi virus on it. "Let's handle the VulGear first, since it'll be easier than the others! Battlechip, IceWave! Slot in!"

A layer of frost appeared over the prongs of SplashLady's primary weapon, which found itself pointed towards the furnace virus rather quickly. The air in front of it became similarly cooled, until it began to solidify into a single large ice crystal. It only took a moment for it to form, which allowed it to quickly begin its undulation towards the fiery foe. She elected not to sit around and watch the duration of the attack, instead deciding to focus on other viruses. "So, what's next?"

"Hmm...well, I've got an idea on how to wipe out the..."...Magmackers? Really? Someone actually called a virus that? It almost sounded dirty. Good thing they didn't do anything suggestive. "Well, they're called Magmackers...yeah. But, it'll work better if we get rid of everything else first. So..." ...Well, Sabrina never could resist using a virus's own tricks against them. Especially when the virus in question was part of the Lark family. And now was a perfect opportunity to do it. "Battlechip, WideShot3! Battlechip, WideShot2! Slot in!"

In an instant, the trident donned a blue aura, signaling the arrival of watery death. However, it wasn't the watery death it was normally used for; it was too weak and widespread to be Water Splash. After a couple of twirls that were largely for show, and possibly to provide a minor distraction from the true nature of the attack, SplashLady slashed in front of her with her weapon, causing a water wave to appear in the air in front of her. Unsurprisingly, it traveled forth at a rapid speed, intended for none other than the very viruses that specialized in that type attack.

And to prove her own mastery of the technique, she nearly immediately released a second WideShot in the same manner. This one was slightly less powerful than the previous one, which would probably make it even more familiar to the enemies it sailed towards. "All right, now what's the plan for the Magmackers?...Magmackers? Really? If she encountered a Navi named that, she'd probably have a sudden urge to slap him with all of her might.

"It's a really great plan...because it's so simple!" It was so simple, only one battlechip inserting motion was required. And that was always nice. "Just sit back and watch! Battlechip, AquaDragon! Slot in!"

Even though she didn't need to do a thing with the upcoming chip data, the mermaid Navi decided to do something to try and distract the remaining enemies. Once again, she raised her preferred weapon, and began gathering water energy at its tip. She even utilized her own inner power to speed up the process, producing a highly concentrated area of water that looked like it could burst at any moment. It then began to flow, spiraling around its summoner's body, as though preparing to shield...or strike.

...And at that moment, something struck. However, it wasn't the obvious attack. Instead, a small pool of water formed in the battlefield, from which a mighty WaterDragon erupted with an equally mighty roar. Without further ado, it launched itself towards the viruses, leaving a trail of water as it slithered ahead. Her job to distract complete, SplashLady simply absorbed the water into her trident, for near future use if needed. "I know you said I didn't have to do anything, but I thought charging up Water Splash was a nice touch. Don't you think?"

"Yep, I thought it was pretty nice! Especially the part where you started having it spin around you. I'm sure they didn't have a clue what that was all about!" And now...some defensive measures, in the event of an emergency. "Oh, by the way, I'm sure you'd like a little something in case something's still, here! Battlechip, CurseShield! Slot in!"

Another usually dreaded virus arrived on the field to assist the Navi; this time, a Dominerd materialized in front of her, ready to shield whatever attack was thrown that way. Or shot. Or erupted. And just in case there was another attack after that, she was ready to sidestep it as needed. And if there was anything after that...well, she'd just have to hope she did a good job.

[Order of Turn:
1-IceWave1 chip attack on VulGear (80+25, Aqua)
2-WideShot3 chip attack on BarkA and BarkB (100+15, Aqua)
3-WideShot2 chip attack on BarkA and BarkB (80+15, Aqua)
3a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
3b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
4-AquaDragon chip attack on viruses (150+15, Aqua, attacks until 25% Sea terrain is created)
5-CurseShield1 chip on SplashLady (160, counters an attack)
SplashLady started the fight with an IceWave burst towards the Vulgear virus, attempting to take advantage of her offensive type. Unfortunately, the attack did not hit as the virus merely moved out of the way of the slow-moving snowflake. Her WideShot3 attack did not fare well either, with one of the viruses dodging the hit initially. However, the second, weaker WideShot2 hit both. Then, a raging AquaDragon was released towards the viruses. Two viruses met the wrath of the dragon, which, of course, deleted them. The Vulgear and Magmacker left executed a combination attack; the Vulgear opened its maw and caused a pillar of fire to erupt from beneath SplashLady, and the Magmacker fired a single bomb. The pillar was dodged, and the bomb fell short of her position. Her Dominerd-shield went unused.

Vulgear: 160HP (Metal)
MagmackerA: DELETED
MagmackerB: 160HP (Metal, in front of Vulgear)

Terrain: 70% Metal (Most near SplashLady, random closer to viruses), 30% Normal

SplashLady.EXE: 350HP (Metal) (CurseShield1)
Overall, SplashLady was pretty pleased with how things were going. Now they could shift to mop up duty and-


Er, hold that thought. "Sabrina? What's wrong?"

"I forgot to use PickPocket on one of the Barks before you deleted them...I can't believe I didn't remember to use it, and on a virus that gives out a chip we'd really use, too..."

"Don't worry about it! Say, want to use it anyway? I'm sure FlameLine would raise some eyebrows if you put it up for trade."

"I guess, but it's still no WideShot2..." ...Still, she couldn't argue with her Navi's logic. Which meant a virus chip was going straight into the PET's chip insertion slot. Which meant...well, the rest would be obvious in a couple of seconds. "Battlechip, PickPocket! Slot in!"

A Bandcoon promptly materialized in front of the mermaid Navi, fidgeting a bit as it looked around. It soon received orders by way of a trident pointing, signaling that the furnace would be its next target. It curled up into a ball, began spinning rapidly, then raced forward at an improbable speed for something that moved by rolling. In fact, it appeared to roll by the VulGear without doing anything at all...or so it seemed at first, until its long tail suddenly reached out to grab some data from the flaming opponent. It then flung the data into the Navi before departing the battlefield, presumably for no reason whatsoever. After all, it was only in existence for one attack. "Well, I'm full of data I can't decode yet, so let's get to ending this fight!"

"Sure!" Hmm...rummaging through her chips, Sabrina couldn't find anything that seemed to scream 'Use me, I'll tear those viruses apart!'. Then she remembered something; her Navi could attack without chips. And after SplashLady's previous water show..."You know, you've got all that water energy already...maybe you should use it!"

Maybe indeed. Moving her Dominerd assistant to the side, the aquatic fighter simply pointed her trident forward, immediately triggering the might that had been locked up in it. A steady torrent of water gushed from the middle prong, rushing with a might that even the WaterDragon from before would be forced to bow to. Not even the metal that the hostile programming stood on could withstand that type of force, much less the enemies themselves.

SplashLady, however, wasn't entirely satisfied with it. She gathered her inner water channeling ability once more, causing two streams of water to rise from each side of her, eventually pooling in mid-air above her. Again, she pointed forward with her main weapon, though this time she appeared to signaling for an attack towards the rear. And such was the case, as an equally tremendous water blast shot forward like a cannon, this time toward the burning foe in back. And that would probably do the trick...but she was still somehow displeased with the aquatic assault. As such, she began yet another similar attack. However, this one seemed to come together much more slowly than the previous two. To alleviate the obvious problem this created, the CurseShield floated back in front of her for a bit, to allow its creator to build her virus shattering move without fear. Once the charging was complete, a simple touch with her free hand prompted it to move back to the side for a moment, as a third strike of water-based death jetted towards the enemy, just as powerful as its previous two incarnations. That final strike seemed to finally satisfy the Navi, who moved her Dominerd ally back in front of her for protection. Though hopefully, that protection would be completely unnecessary.

[Order of Turn:
1-PickPocket chip on VulGear (steals reward data from one virus)
2-Water Splash charge attack on MagmackerB (200, Aqua, Spread 1)
2a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
2b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
3-Water Splash charge attack on VulGear (200, Aqua, Spread 1)
4-Buster charge
5-Buster charge
6-Water Splash charge attack on MagmackerB (200, Aqua, Spread 1)]
Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. Explosive charge shot saves the day. Oh wait, yeah, one of the viruses did try to attack. But it failed, and got chomped by the Dominerd. Good times~

Vulgear: DELETED
MagmackerA: DELETED
MagmackerB: DELETED

Terrain: 70% Metal (Most near SplashLady, random closer to viruses), 30% Normal

SplashLady.EXE: 350HP (Metal) (+FlameLine2)



[WideShot2] Battlechip, [FlameLine2] Battlechip, 1800z
Satisfaction. The only way to feel after literally washing away your enemies. As she started analyzing the Bandcoon acquired data, she walked over to where the VulGear had been, and accessed the rest of her rewards. "Good news!"

"Well, that's the kind of news I prefer. What?"

"First off, PickPocket worked to perfection. I finished decoding the data it got, and it's chip data! I can't completely pinpoint what it is, since I've never seen it before, but it's similar to WaterLine, so I'm guessing FlameLine! And for the regular stuff? WideShot2!"

"Sweet! Can't really argue with two chips in one battle, even if one's something we'll never use!"

"Huh...that's very interesting."

And Sabrina found it interesting that something was interesting. "Hmm?" Her mom's friend was checking something about the oven. "Something happen with the oven?"

"Yes, actually...the readings from it are normalizing."

"...So, those viruses WERE the ones messing it up?"

"No, it was doing it before you deleted them. I think it has something to do with all that water your Navi created...aha! That's what was wrong with it! Its cyberworld must've been overheating, and all the water cooled it off!"

"Makes sense! What do you think, SplashLady?"

The mermaid Navi took a look around, noticing that all the water was starting to steam. "You know, I never really noticed until now, but it's actually really hot in here...which makes sense, but it's even hotter than you'd think an oven cyberworld would be."

"Well, I guess that about wraps it up, then!"

"Not quite...I don't think it's a permanent solution. But it should work for now, and we've made enough that we won't need it again for a while."


"...What now?"

"Well, I don't think I told you, but there was an event that was going to happen pretty soon in ACDC Area, and it looked like something that might be interesting, so I signed up for it. So if all my attacks cooled this place off for a little bit, I wanna go do that."

"You know, I'd really like it if you cleared stuff like this with me first...not like I'd say no. But, whatever. We can do that, and come back here later to take care of the problem once and for all! So let's jack out so you can do your event. At least, I'm pretty sure you can't get to the main Net from there..."

"Nope, it's a closed cyberworld. So I'm jacking out!" And in a flash of light, both the Navi and the goods she acquired were gone.